tagNon-EroticThese Wolves Alone Ch. 04

These Wolves Alone Ch. 04


Ever been in one of those situations where someone is telling you something and all you can think is How stupid do you think I am? Why even waste your breath telling me this stupid ass bullshit? But something, somewhere, somehow you know that it's the absolute truth?

Well this was like that. All I thought was: This is complete and utter bull. But something inside me clenched, and it seemed like every gap was closed, and every question I've ever had about my life was answered.

"What the hell kind of bullshit is that?" I asked, almost screaming the question. I whirled around to face this girl I've known, practically, since I was born, who said we're...wolves?

"Real bullshit, Devin; you're turning sixteen, you're anger keeps rising, and your body temperature is too. Just like all the cliché books and movies. You're becoming one of them, just like I'm one of them."

"You're...You're a..." I stuttered. She was a what, a wolf? Is that what she was saying? My brain didn't comprehend this. She's saying she's a wolf and I'm just supposed to believe that, really?

"I'm a wolf, Devin, just like you. Just like our parents. They were Alphas, they lead a pack. We, me and you as well as other wolf descendants, turn for the first time on our sixteenth birthday. That's why you haven't changed yet.

"How could I not know I was... am... a wolf? Who doesn't know something like that about themselves?" I was angry and frustrated and my voice just kept rising. It took all my will power not to turn and break something.

"Remember when I said your Uncle didn't tell you? Whoever is your closest living relative by your sixteenth birthday, tells you who you are. In your case he didn't, couldn't. So I'm telling you, because you need to know and no one else knows, really. Our parents are dead and we really have no one else... except each other, now."

Each other. What about Maria and Dorian, my newest family... Jonathon and what about Maggie? I sighed. Wait, didn't she say she ran away form her Aunt's house? How could she say we had no one else when that was only true for me? I have no one; no parents, no siblings, no one.

"What about your Aunt? You have her."

She sighed and dropped her head. "After I ran away a lot of things happened... and one of those things was my Aunt having a heart attack. I heard it on the police scanner in my house—it's my connection to the outside world—a couple days after I had ran away. I didn't even go to her memorial, I stayed hidden."

"Oh," was all I could say. I guess it was true; we really didn't have anyone else.

"It's getting dark, we should finish this tomorrow, let's make our way back." As quick as a flash, a white wolf stood before me, it had one black paw and began running, quickly, back the way we had come.

I gasped. Was that Jessie? Was that, I guess, her wolf form? Beautiful, just as in human form; I thought. I shook my head and followed the white wolf. Unlike the way to the clearing, I stumbled on the path back to Jessie's little shack, stunned by what I had just seen.

As we approached the little brown, wooden, shack, she shifted again, and Jessie was standing in front of the door. Just as before, I was shocked.

Would I ever get used to her doing that? What about when I become a wolf, how would it feel? Would it hurt? I thought for a moment. Maybe I should ask these questions to the actual wolf of us two. I walked through the door to find her standing over the little stove in the small kitchen space, something boiling in water in her only pot.

"How do you get the stove to work with no power out here? And how do you always have water?" Those were the questions I wanted to ask the first time I was here.

"Wood: burns, heats, voila. And as for water there is a running creek about a four-minute walk, one and a half-minute run, from here. Boil the water and use it for whatever I need. So I know it's, mostly, clean; from boiling it." She smiled, knowing how smart she was and proud she was able to live on her own...or rather, survive.

"Does it hurt?" I asked. I wasn't scared of the pain, but if it was who you are, a part of you, it shouldn't hurt you, should it?

"No," she replied, knowing exactly what I was talking about, "it seems strange at first but after a while you won't want to leave your wolf form at all."

"Then why not stay there, if you like it so much." It didn't seem that hard to understand.

"'Excessive time in one's wolf form results in living permanently as the wolf until the time you die.' No more seeing people, no shelter but the woods, no more eating cooked meat—assuming you like cooked meat—no more human perks. Although most would prefer to be a wolf, most die in a very short time. Being a domesticated human doesn't give you a whole lot of advantage—if any—after being thrown into the wild with no training or no real experience. I'd say it's better to live longer, with short times being a wolf and living your life as a human."

"Sounds like you're quoting a book..." Well of course, then her opinion, obviously. Jessie was always opinionated.

"No, just what my aunt told me after my first change. All the different things that came with it I guess." She shrugged and put a bowl on my lap.

"What's this," I asked, looking down at it...it looked strange.

"It's supper, I hope you like rabbit stew."

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