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They Are A-OK


The most exclusive fraternity at the small Midwestern college I attended was Alpha-Theta-Kappa (ΑΘΚ), more commonly called the A-OKs. The interesting thing was it was not money, prestige or any of the usual things that got young men noticed by frats that made A-OK so exclusive. In fact no one outside of the fraternity knew anything about the admission criteria. Despite the fact that they could not offer themselves for membership and the chance of being nominated was slim it seemed every guy with any ambition at all wanted to be an A-OK member.

Personally I was too worried about the transition from home to college life to really care about frats or anything else I considered to be outside the world of academics. I had never been away from home and suddenly found myself several states and hundreds of miles from all that was familiar. Added to that my girlfriend of three years, the only person I had ever had sex with, was going to a different college over a thousand miles away. There was also the pressure of maintaining my dual scholarships since my parents could not afford college tuition. I had earned a half-academic, half-swim team scholarship which provided full funding. In addition I was given a job in the athletic department that would provide spending money. To maintain that sweet deal I had to keep a minimum B plus average and do well enough to make the swim team. At nineteen all of this seemed a great deal of pressure.

The college did its best to help freshmen become successful college students and go on to lead successful lives. There were tutors and organized study groups for all classes. There were professional and peer counselors. Seminars that covered everything from note taking to coping with long distance romances were offered. One of the most unique of the success initiatives was the assignment of an upper-class mentor to every incoming freshman. Though I didn't know it at the time, my mentor would soon change my life.

Troy Allen Phelps was a junior majoring in philosophy with the goal of going on to law school. He had a perfect 4.0 GPA through his first two years of college. He was a great guy that I took an instant liking to the first day I met him. It helped that he was a jock like me. We had both been multisport letterman in high school. Whereas I had settled on swimming for my college sport, soccer had been Troy's best game. He was one of the stars on the previous year's conference championship team. It meant very little to me when he mentioned being a member of AOK at our getting to know each other session.

Though I knew that Troy was required to offer me mentoring as part of his course load that semester, I really believed he cared about my success. Since it wasn't mandatory to be a mentor, I figured that only people really interested in helping others would be involved, especially considering that it was only one semester worth of credit for a whole year commitment. I was certain the budding friendship I felt went both ways. That friendship and the mentor program were tested big time after fall break.

Though it was a financial struggle my mom really wanted me to come home for the fall break and Thanksgiving dinner. I was happy to have the time away form school and studies and long daily swim team practices. Truth was at that point almost the only social activity I had was meeting with Troy and occasionally horsing around with my roommate, Sam. My joy at being home was short lived. After devoting a day and a half to family time I finally got out to see my girlfriend on Friday. I of course had sex on my mind having gone without since two nights before we left for separate colleges. When I suggested a ride out to our old make out spot she seemed as eager as me for a little back seat wrestling.

For about an hour it was like old times in the back seat of my parents huge old Buick. We made out and petted. She sucked my cock and then slipped her panties off and set in my lap. We had found that position worked best in the car. Since it was too cold to screw on a blanket outside, the car's backseat was our only choice. She was on the pill and since neither of us ever had another partner we were both safe. I always loved cumming inside her. Afterward while we were cuddling she dropped her bombshell.

"Tommy, I have to tell you something."

"What baby?"

"Tonight was for old time sake. I met a guy at school that I really like. We have been sort of dating, but haven't done anything yet. I would never cheat on you, so we need to.."

"Damn, fuck, I don't believe this! I love you, Chrissy! Please don't," I began to beg not wanting her to finish her sentence.

"Johnny, baby, you had to know that we couldn't stay together all through college. Aren't there any girls you have thought about at school?"

"No, you are the only one I think about that way," I answered truthfully.

"Well I bet if you lifted your head outta the books and opened your eyes you would see lots of girls looking at you. They always were in high school you know."

"I don't care about other girls, Chrissy."

"You should! We both deserve to experience life. You were the best thing I ever knew in this little town, but I want to try new things. Please understand."

"I don't think I can understand. But what the hell, go ahead be a college slut and start fucking around. Just don't think you are going to get to change your mind and have me back after you go let some jerks use your pussy," I said more out of hurt than anger.

She slapped me as tears welled up in her eyes. The sting on my cheek actually felt good.

"Damn it Johnny why do you have to be a fucking jerk and ruin everything we had?"

"I am not the one wants to fuck other people, Chrissy."

"Damn you! I am sorry this hurts. I didn't do anything on purpose. It is lonely at school away from you. He isn't a jerk that just wants what he can get. Oh god! I told him about you and how I feel about you and he still was nice to me. We haven't even kissed for real. I told him I wouldn't as long as I was with you. Now I guess that was stupid. I fucking hate you! Take me home!"

"Chrissy, I am sorry. I don't want it to be like this. It just makes me nuts to think of you with someone else and not my girlfriend any more. I really do love you!"

"I know Johnny, but I also know that even if I blow this guy off and agree to stay with you there will be another guy or a girl for you. I never even looked at other guys when we were together, but I just can't do this being so far apart. Please don't hate me."

We had one last long deep kiss and warm embrace. After I took her home I cried myself to sleep. The next time we talked she told me that she had done the same thing. Though we had sex again that next summer we both knew it was just a summer fling. It was nice being a couple again but love had been replaced by a comfortable friendship. The sex was good but lacked the passion of our earlier time together. The things we had learned from other lovers along the way did spice things up. But that is a different story.

When I got back to school the first thing I did was seek out Troy. It took me awhile to locate him. He was not in his dorm room or the offices of the mentor program. I checked the student union and the dining hall. I even went to his frat house which was an all but forbidden thing for a non-member to do. The nice student who answered the door told me that Troy was not in the house before gently admonishing me for intruding on the house. Finally, I remembered something Troy had said about a special soccer practice. I went to the field and discovered that I had just missed him. One of the guys who served as a team manager told that he was probably still in the locker room.

Normally, I wouldn't chase a guy into a locker room. However, I didn't want to miss him again as I really needed to talk. Besides being a swim team member it wasn't that odd for me to be in the locker room. It happened that the swim and soccer teams used the same locker room. The indoor and outdoor pools were part of the same athletic complex as the soccer fields. There were about ten guys, most of whom had showered and were getting ready to leave in the room when I came in. I passed a guy I knew from class who was wearing only a towel. To my surprise he whipped off the towel and snapped it in the air about an inch from me apparently trying to catch my ass. I wasn't in the mood for horseplay but seeing the size of the guys cock stopped me in my tracks.

"Hey swim boy, what's up?" He asked as he stood there completely naked.

"Nothing, man, just thinking about getting some laps in while I can have the pool to myself," I replied as I tried not to stare at his impressive cock.

Being a jock for so long I was used to being in locker rooms and seeing guys naked. But this guy had what could only be called a horse cock. I got the impression his fat snake was not completely flaccid even though it was hanging down over his ball sack. I was sure he was at least ten inches long and could only guess how much more it might grow.

"I think you are shit out of luck, John. Pool is full of cunt; synchronized swimming practice or some shit. Of course I doubt that they would mind you joining them in your tight Speedo," He said with an odd look in his eyes. "I am sure the ones that aren't lesbians love those bulges."

"I guess I will skip it then."

"Suit yourself. I guess I will see you in class tomorrow then," He said as he walked off without bothering to rewrap his towel.

For some reason I snuck a quick look at his ass. Fucker had buns of steel as did my mentor who I found down a row of lockers having a very animated conversation with one of his teammates. Both of them were all but naked. Troy had nothing but a jockstrap on which is how I saw his buns. The other guy was wearing purple boxer briefs that clung to what I was sure was a hard cock pressed against his body. He was about 6'3" and his body was rippled with muscle. Troy heard me and turned to see who was coming up behind him.

"Hey John, you got practice too?" He asked casually.

"I was thinking of getting some laps in but the pool is apparently in use. By the way I was hoping you might have some time to talk later," I said as Troy's friend started to get dressed.

"Of course; by the way this is my teammate and frat brother Dominic Evans. Dom this is my mentee and good friend John Campanelli."

"Good to meet you, John," Dom said extending his hand and dropping his jeans to the floor in the process.

I mumbled something about it being nice to meet him as I noticed the head of his cock peeking out of his elastic waistband. He was definitely erect. As many guys as I had seen naked I wasn't used to seeing other cocks hard. I was surprised that I was so intrigued.

"John, I have to get a shower, but if you want to wait around I am free after that," Troy said as Dom bent down to pull his pants up.

I agreed and Troy peeled off his jock and threw it in the bottom of his locker. Troy's cock was about the same size as mine which I always thought of as average at somewhere between six or seven inches hard. Like Dom, Troy was at least semi-erect. I didn't know if it was because besides the three of us there wasn't anyone else in the area or what, but Troy didn't seem the least bit concerned as he walked off to the shower with his cock pointing straight out. Dom finished dressing and again offered his hand and told me that it was nice to meet me. With him fully clothed I was not too flustered to return the pleasantries. He left and was soon followed to the door by the last few guys.

I felt a little odd sitting alone on a locker room bench. It conjured up creepy images of some old pervert stalking the college jocks to get a look at them after they came out of the shower. When Troy return he was wearing a towel around his waist and his hair was still dripping water. As a joke he shook his head causing a light rain shower to pelt me. Before I got too wet he whipped off the towel and began to dry his hair. Sitting their on the bench I suddenly found myself with his fully erect cock just inches from my face. Fascinated and knowing he could not see me with the towel over his head, I took the opportunity to visually inspect his hard on. I practically had to fight myself to keep from making it a hands on inspection. When he tossed the towel aside I quickly looked away hoping I wasn't caught.

"Don't worry, John, its ok to look," he said not making any attempt to cover up his aroused tool.

"Where I come from only queers look, Troy," I said innocently.

"Bull shit, buddy. I bet you been ogled plenty in locker rooms."


"You aren't going to sit there and tell me that you never looked before?"

"Well I may have glanced, but shit I never had a hard cock in my face like this before. Curiosity got to me I guess."

"Well like I said nothing wrong with that. It is just you and me here, if you want to examine it closer or whatever that is ok too."

"What are you saying?"

He just reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times and then hefted his large ball sack up as if showing it off.

"I just meant since you never had the chance before, if you wanted to take a closer look I don't mind," He finally answered and put a hand on my shoulder.

"A..um..c.c.can I touch you?" I asked shaking nervously.

"Sure, just be gentle, John."

I tentatively touched the tip of my finger to his cock head. It felt like and unlike touching my own. The actual texture and feel was the same, but I had never touched a cock and not felt both ends of the deal. I moved my finger lower tracing a big vein and his cock twitched and jumped. I pulled my hand away.

"Its ok John, don't stop," He said softly as he looked down into my eyes.

My heart was pounding with exhilaration as I took his shaft in my hand and slowly ran my palm along the silky smooth covering of his steel rod. The tips of my fingers grazed his balls when I reached the base of his shaft. Instinctively I lightly teased his scrotum with my finger tips before sliding my hand back up his shaft.

"Oh that feels nice John," He sighed.

I knew we were crossing a line and felt like I should flee. But I couldn't move and I didn't want to let go of his cock. I squeezed it gently and a tiny bead of thick, translucent liquid formed on his pee hole. I smeared it over his cock head with my thumb eliciting a moan from my mentor.


I liked hearing his murmurs and sighs and began jerking his cock hoping to increase his pleasure. Internally, I was struggling. There was a mental battle ragging between the part of me that said I was doing something queer and the part of me that was enjoying playing with my friends cock. His moans grew deeper and louder and my cock began to respond. I had to reach between my legs and adjust my confined cock as I continued stroking Troy's quivering cock.

"Take yours out," Troy groaned.

As if hypnotized I let go of his cock and quickly opened my pants. I shoved my pants and underwear down just enough to free my erection. I looked back up to see Troy was staring at my hard cock and grinning. I went back to stroking his meat. My mind was racing and emotions were ragging. One second I was terrified, another ashamed, but mostly I was excited and energized. Troy spit into his hand and rubbed it on his cock head as I continued jerking him off. His saliva made my hand slide more easily along his silky shaft.

"Oh god!" Was all I heard as he began to spray my face with his cum.

When I hesitated he begged me not to stop. I pumped his shaft in my fist until it started to deflate and my face was dripping with semen.

"Oh fuck, that was good," He said as he dropped to his knees between my legs.

The next thing I knew my cock was in his mouth. I knew we were going deep into queer behavior and fear mixed with raw lust. He was only the second person to put his mouth on my cock and I was feeling woozy from the intense pleasure. He was a far better cock sucker than Chrissy. I was amazed at the way he was making me feel. I felt the rising tide and knew I needed to warn him so I didn't cum, in his mouth.

"Troy, I am going to cum," I managed to say between pants and moans.

I was surprised the he didn't pull his mouth off my cock. Instead he sucked with increased vigor. My cock exploded sending ribbons of cum down his throat. I nearly fell off the bench and onto the floor as he continued to milk my cock through my orgasm.

"Holy shit, I fucking never felt anything that good!" I practically roared.

"Glad you liked it," He said with a big grin as he looked up at me.

"Oh fuck I did, but now I need to talk to you about more shit."

"I figured you would. Here wipe up," He said handing me his discarded towel.

As I did my best to wipe the drying cum off my face he got dressed. I ended up having to go to the sinks to get cleaned up enough to be seen in public. When I was done, he suggested that we go to his room to talk. He had a single so we would have privacy there. Even though I was a bit nervous about being alone with him, I figured privacy was best considering what we wee likely to be talking about. We didn't say much as we walked across the campus. I was too busy thinking about what had just happened. Since I didn't know anything about Troy's past sexual experiences I wondered if his silence was due to our having crossed into new territory. I couldn't conceive of my jock friend being gay. I knew he had a fucking knockout girlfriend. Since he had told me that they had been dating since the beginning of his second year, I was sure that they were fucking. It just didn't add up that a guy that looked like he did; who was a major stud athlete and had one of the hottest chicks on campus could be queer.

I was reminded how popular Troy was as we made our way from the athletic complex to the upper class dorm area. It seemed like half the student body stopped him to talk. Of course he politely introduced me to each one which served to prolong the conversation. By the time we got into his room and behind closed doors I was pretty agitated. "Wow, man relax. I promise I don't bite. Oh wait you know that," He said with a wink.

I was pretty sure he was trying to lighten the tension with a joke. However, I was not in the mood for laughing. I was confused and had no idea what might happen next. All my life sexual things had fit into neat boxes. I had been certain only queers touched other guy's cocks and queers didn't like sex with chicks. But at that moment I was totally unsure of anything that I had known. I wasn't queer yet I had enjoyed both fondling another guy's cock and having a guy suck my cock. Enjoying Troy blowing me I could accept, since it was obvious that a mouth was a mouth. Liking playing with his dick and having cum sprayed in my face was inexplicable. My only thought was it had to do with being so upset over Chrissy. As far as I knew Troy didn't have any excuse for any of it.

"John, are you pissed at me?" He asked as I paced around the small room.

"No, I mean I don't think so, not really. I am just oh fuck. Troy, are you queer?" I blurted out.

"You have seen the chick I am sleeping with at least twice a week. What do you think?"

"I don't know what the fuck to think. You encouraged me to play with your dick and obviously liked it. Then you gave me a blow job that you also seemed to like. Fuck, you sure as hell must have had some practice to be that good."

"Sit down and I will try to explain some things to you," He said patiently. "Maybe we can work on some of those homophobic rigid ideas you have too."

I sat down on his bed and he pulled his desk chair over so that he was sitting facing me. He looked into my eyes, as if trying to decide on his words. Less than a foot separated our knees. When he leaned forward his face was less than a yard from my face.

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