tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 14

They Are A-OK Ch. 14


When Eric summoned me for what I assumed was to be a repeat performance I figured he had really enjoyed the little reward session after the lecture hall test. I knew for sure that I had enjoyed it. When that guy gives a reward he goes all out. Besides sucking the bird perch as Eric playfully refers to it is a fun time. He is a very playful and sometimes even silly lover. Laughter is almost always a part of sex with him. When I got the message to report to him at the house I was glad I had taken a day off from sex after my afternoon and evening with Dante.

Friday night I arrived at the appointed place, one of the upstairs bedrooms of the AOK house at exactly eight. Instead of Eric I found Craig waiting for me. Even though I didn't really mind the substitution I was taken off guard. I also feared that I was being set up again.

"Get naked and get on the bed," Craig said after we had exchanged a proper greeting.

His tone was very official and clearly there could be no argument. I stripped crawled into the bed and lay there waiting for his next move or command. He went to a drawer and pulled out a box. I discovered that the box contain fur covered hand cuffs and manacles. I wanted to object as he began to put me in the equivalent of four point restraints. But I remained silent as he cuffed my wrists to the head board and my ankles to previously unnoticed rings at the foot of the bed. I was immobilized with my body in an x shape. I conjured up an image from some class of an anatomy drawing by Da Vinci. Craig leaned over my face as I lay there completely helpless. He smiled and told me to have fun. Then he kissed me and left the room.

A few minutes later Eric came into the room. He was wearing nothing but his hawk tattoo. As he climbed onto the bed I tried to ask him about what was going on. However, he stopped me by bringing his finger to his lips in the universal gesture for silence. He set next to me and began to gently fondle balls as he spoke.

"I am pleased that you arrived promptly. Tonight we have a very special evening planned. We have a lesson for you. It is one I am sure you will find very exciting."

I was growing hard despite my trepidation over the situation. I assumed that since I had been rendered helpless things were going to be done to me. I was not at all sure that I would find the things exciting. Since I had not been invited to do so I did not speak. But I am sure that my face conveyed my anxiety anyway.

As my cock grew to full erection he continued, "No doubt you associate being bound with danger or perhaps pain. The first time almost everyone fears what may happen. But pain and bondage are but one set of conditions. Bondage is often most fun when it is done to bring pleasure to the captive. "

I was surprised when he slid down and took my cock into his mouth. He sucked me for a couple of minutes before climbing off the bed. Next he took photos of me from several different angles including standing over me. When the photo session was complete he left me alone again.

My next visitor was Randy Aber, Jason's guide and lover. Since I knew that Randy was as exclusive as possible with Jason I was surprised that he would be participating in pleasuring me. He was nude and his uncut cock looked more like a piece of shriveled skin hanging over his tiny balls than a sex organ. Without a word he climbed onto the bed and straddled my chest. He told me to open my mouth and then put his flaccid cock in my mouth. The handsome muscular Canadian spoke to me in French as he began to pump my mouth with his tiny soft cock. Two semesters of French gave me barely a clue to the meaning of his words as I felt his organ growing in my mouth. I had to admit that Eric had been right about the excitement though. I did what I could to stimulate Randy using my tongue and lips. Being unable to move limited what I could do.

When he was fully erect he pulled his dick from my mouth and began to shimmy down my body. The metamorphosis of his cock was startling. Where I had previous seen no more than a piece of skin was a proud erect cock. His deep reddish-purple cock head was fully emerged from its shroud. The veins had become prominent and seemed to be pulsating along the six inch shaft. He put his hands on my chest to brace himself as he lifted his ass over and past my hard cock. When he settled back down our erect members met like the sabers of two swordsmen. He rubbed the length of his meat along my shaft and again spoke in French. I wanted to respond in kind but I thought that the only phrase that came to mind was most certainly inappropriate. It was a line from some French textbook dialogue; excusez-moi, je doivent aller à la bibliothèque maintenant. All I knew was that it something to do with going to the library. That definitely was not what I wanted to do at that moment.

As he climbed off of me he said, "Je suis désolé que je n'aie pas le temps au va te faire foutre correctement."

I could only smile since I didn't know if he was calling me a shit head or declaring his love for me. For me one can say anything in French and it sounds hot. I didn't have a lot of time to worry about the meaning. Jason came flying into the room with his hard cock swinging.

"My turn Frenchie, décollez," He said.

"No, no, mon amour. I shall watch you as you no doubt were watching me," Randy insisted.

I wondered how many people were at the moment watching the show.

"Suit yourself, lover," Jason said in a flippant tone.

As he crawled onto the bed asked, "What the fuck was he saying?"

"My French is not that good but I think the horny gay shit wants to fuck you babe," Before taking my balls into his mouth.

He sucked and licked me from the base of my erect cock to my asshole for several minutes while I moaned and Randy masturbated.

Jason released my nuts from his lips and beckoned Randy, "Come here you hot little Canadian fuck!"

As Randy approached the bed, Jason added, "Sorry mon amour, but his ass is off limits for now. Can't risk you cumming Johnny boy! But I have an idea that I think will please you, baby. Squat over his face and let him lick your tight fuck hole while I suck your sweet hockey stick."

As Randy climbed onto the bed it seemed like his throbbing pole and proud maple leaf were taunting me. He carefully put one foot under each of my armpits while facing toward Jason. When he squatted down his powerful thigh muscles bulged impressively. He held himself above me rubbing his tiny smooth balls in my face. I kissed and licked the little eggs as Jason repositioned himself. He was on his knees between my widely stretched legs. Randy moved slightly and presented his clean shaven winking asshole to me. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick his rosebud as Jason bent down and took the Canadian's cock into his mouth.

Randy moaned and I think cursed in French as Jason sucked his cock and I licked his seemingly very sensitive asshole. I could feel Jason's cock poking me and his belly press into my own raging hard on. I began to wonder how long it would be before I was allowed to cum. Those thoughts quickly dissipated as Randy's excitement grew. He pressed his ass down so that my lips were on his warm flesh. Despite the difficulty I was having breathing I managed to tongue fuck him as he enjoyed his lover's blowjob. The three of us were rocking together driving rapidly toward a wild clmax.

"Merde foutue sainte," Randy cried out as I felt his ass clinching above my face.

I was grateful when Randy moved to my side allowing me to breath normally again. Jason had one more surprise for me before the couple left me. He pounced on me and began humping his cock into mine. Then he pressed his lips to my lips and used his tongue to force a mouthful of cum past my lips. He had been holding Randy's jism in his cheeks. He used his tongue to swab the musky seed around my mouth for a few seconds before giving me a chance to swallow. As they were leaving Jason told me he was off to fuck some Canadian ass.

I was aching for release at that point. But it didn't seem like it would be happening very soon. I was left alone unable to even rub my cock on something. The wait seemed interminable. After what seemed to me to be hours but in reality turned out to be less than thirty minutes I cried out to whoever might be listening.

"Come on guys, please! This is too much torture."

Dom came in the room and shook his head as he watched me struggle hopelessly against the restraints.

"Would you please shut the fuck up? I do not want to have a repeat of the doctor's office," He said in a very serious tone.

I froze completely at the thought of having to take another beating from my friend. Funny thing was my concern was for him not me. He moved to my bedside and continued in a soft tone barely above a whisper.

"Man, don't let this be the first test you screw up. You are lucky I was the only one listening. Here is the deal. You got some time to go yet. No matter what they do to you don't; fucking cum, John."

"How the fuck am I going to keep from doing that with guys coming in here sucking my cock and stuff?" I asked plaintively.

I never got an answer. My next visitor arrived preventing Dom from saying anything.

"Hello, brother Dominic. Is there a problem?" A tall handsome man I didn't remember ever seeing before asked.

"Welcome brother Adam. It is good to see you. There certainly are no problems on such a glorious occasion," Dom answered extending his hand.

It was a rather odd sight to witness the exchange of a formal brotherhood greeting. As everyone who had come in the room that day was they too were stark naked. That fact and my laying on the bed shackled hand and foot seemed to have no bearing on the formality of the required greeting. Whoever the new arrival was he was a very imposing presence. His body that was covered everywhere but his crotch in a light coat of dark fur was nearly flawless. He had chiseled good looks that would have made him the perfect candidate to be in a Marlboro Man commercial. From what I could see his eyes were as dark as his short cropped hair. His four or five inch soft cut cock hung casually to the left of a pair of impressively hefty balls. I wasn't sure if it was from the horniness brought on by my situation or the man himself, but I wanted him so bad at that moment it was painful. My cock which had begun to go limp immediately sprung back to full erection.

"Pledge, this is brother Adam Donaldson. His is a distinguished alumnus who has come today especially to see you."

"Hello pledge. It is very good to meet you," He said as he placed his hand on my shackled hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I regret that I can not offer a proper greeting under the circumstances John."

"Welcome, brother Adam, I am honored that you are visiting me," I replied sincerely in the way of a formal greeting.

Dom's introduction of the man had made it clear that Adam was an important member of the brotherhood. Dom tried to excuse himself as the man stood quietly looking me over.

"Please stay Dominic. You may as well watch up close as from the other room."

Dom took a seat and I laid there silently watching Adam as he looked me over. Though he could have certainly passed for thirty, his bearing was that of an older more mature man. I was certain he was more likely around forty. When I asked Dom a few days later I was told that Adam had recently celebrated his forty-fifth birthday. Though I judged him to be around six-two or so, standing over me he appeared much taller.

"Do you know who I am, John?" He asked as if I should know.

"I am sorry sir, other than your name I do not know anything about you."

He smiled at my honest response as he began to explain some things.

"I suppose there is no reason that you should yet. I seldom meet with pledges so there was no need for anyone to talk about me. When I was a student I served as president of the brotherhood. I now serve as the brotherhood alumni president. I am also honored to be the brotherhood's chancellor."

I had read about the position. But since it was not a position that was always filled I did not know if there was a current chancellor. From what I understood the holder of the office was something like a supreme commander. I didn't know if I was expected to acknowledge the honor of his visiting me as a pledge or remain silent.

"It is of course a very joyous occasion that brings me here. Your mentors and guides and others that know you in the brotherhood have determined that you are ready for the first plateau. To my knowledge no other pledge in our history has achieved that so quickly."

First plateau was the step that all pledges must achieve by graduation in order to ascend to full membership. Achieving it meant that I was essentially no longer a pledge though I would have to wait for full status for the day I graduated with Jason and Jerry. I was grinning and my heart was pounding as Adam continued.

"I have been told of some of your extraordinary accomplishments John. I want you to know that if you excel anywhere near as well as a full brother as you have as a pledge you are guaranteed a very bright future."

"Thank you sir. I am honored that you would come to visit me on this day," I said. Though I wasn't sure what he meant by a bright future, I was sure something good was coming my way. Of course at that moment it was the more immediate future that concerned me. I wondered if he was the one that had dibs on my ass.

"It is my pleasure," He said as he began to caress my chest.

His touch was thrilling and I could not contain my excitement. I sighed and moaned as he gently teased my nipples with his experienced fingers. I desperately wanted to have a free hand to fondle his enticing cock and ball sack. His next words made me wonder if he could read my mind.

"John, I know it is frustrating to be unable to participate. But you must complete this last day of testing to prove your true worthiness to stand atop the first plateau," He said as he bent and kissed my forehead.

Then he went to the drawer where the cuffs had been stored and retrieved an object. When he turned back toward me I realized the cylindrical object was a vibrating dildo. I was glad to see it was not the huge variety intended for a female pussy. I assumed that he planned to fuck me with the shinny device and was at least glad it was slender. But I was worried that I would not be able to control my orgasm. He pushed a small switch and it began to buzz. When he returned to the bed he ran the tip of the buzzing vibrating cylinder along the underside of my rigid cock. The cuffs grabbed my ankles and wrists as I squirmed while struggling to maintain composure.

"Are you afraid of something, John?" He asked as he ran the vibrator all over my cock.

The vibrations seemed to be shooting from my cock all through my body.

"I do not know if I have the ability to hold off my release for long enough to pass today's ordeal of ascension," I replied using the proper term for what I had just learned was the ritual of the day.

"If you are as your brothers believe truly ready then you will find the will within yourself to succeed today. If not then your day will come at another time. But from what I have been told and observed I believe you are ready. "

He lifted my balls and touched the vibrator to the supersensitive spot at the base of my scrotum. I cried out. My wail was a combination of pure pleasure and fear of failure. Knowing that Adam had come because he thought I was special made the idea of failure intolerable. I tried to think of anything not sexual as he moved the vibrating little spear all around the area. When he spread my ass cheeks and slid it into the crack between my buttocks I feared he was going to shove it into my unlubricated asshole. To my surprise he just nestled it in between my ass cheeks. He pressed the side against my sphincter and left it there vibrating against my anus. I felt as if he had attached electrodes to my insides.

"Oh god," I moaned between pants.

He was not finished with his tests however. He took my twitching cock in his hand and began to gently stroke me. I thought my situation was hopeless. I was certain that I could not prove myself to the sexy man. There was no way anyone could control their orgasm in the face of such stimulation. I tried to think of anything but his thumb smearing my precum over my cockhead and the vibrator sending ways of pure excitement into my core. Then it suddenly stopped. He let go of my wildly jerking dick and quickly pulled the vibrator from my ass crack.

As he turned off the shinny cylinder and set it aside I noticed for the first time that Adam's cock had become fully aroused. I had been far too busy fighting my body's reaction to notice his. His cock which I had thought was incredibly attractive flaccid was magnificent when erect. It stood pointing out and skyward. I was certain it was over nine and maybe as much as ten inches in length. Though not as thick as either Kyle's or Brock's it had ample girth. In fact it seemed almost perfectly proportioned. I stared at his large well defined mushroom and the drip of precum oozing from its eyelike hole. I ached to touch and suck his amazing Cyclops serpent. His veins the biggest of which seemed to be visibly pulsating with his heart beat added character to his stunning cock.

"I knew you could do it, John," He said softly as he climbed onto the bed.

I remembered Dom was in the room and looked over at him. He smiled as he jerked off while watching Adam move into position. He put a knee firmly in each of my arm pits as he sat on my chest. He rubbed his cock on my face.

"I am going to reward you by giving you my cum and then taking yours, John," He moaned.

As he stroked his cock in my face he allowed me to lick his delicious mushroom. However, he denied my attempts to take his cock in my mouth. Even with the denial I was deliriously happy to have the amazing snake on my face, lips and tongue. When he ejaculated I held my mouth open in a vain attempt to capture all of his offering. When he was done spraying his load I had droplets of his cum in my hair and all over my forehead and face. He called for Dom to grab the camera. I was photographed from all sides with Adam's cum bath dripping off my face and his cock slowly shrinking against my chin.

When he was satisfied with the picture taking Adam asked Dom to get lubricant. I felt Dom coating my cock with the cool slippery fluid. Then Adam lifted up so Dom could lubricate his ass. When he was thoroughly filled with lube and Dom had stretched him out a bit with his fingers, Adam moved back and Dom guided my cock into the chancellor's asshole. Adam set down fully impaling himself of my rod. There wasn't a hint of a grimace on his face as he looked down at me.

"Sir, am I free to cum or is this just another test?" I managed to ask as he began bouncing up and down on my cock.

"This is not a test nor is your day complete. There are more tests to come, but this is only for our pleasure. I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me, John," He moaned in response

He rode me for only another minute or two before my cock erupted. He sat down and pressed his ass on my cock as my seed splashed into his rectum. He smiled at me as he continued to fuck me with his hot ass until my dick went limp. I was left laying on the bed panting while Dom ate my cum from Adam's ass. They ended up laying beside me in the sixty-nine position while sucking each other to a near mutual orgasm. Adam told me that he would see me later when he left. Dom stayed in bed with me. He cuddled up next to me once we were alone and whispered in my ear.

"Fuck,man, that was unbelievable. You got it made John if he is on your side. I have never seen him take a new guys dick up the ass. I owe you a big thanks too. I have wanted to get my lips on his cock since the first time I saw it. Thanks to you being such a hot shot I got that and his mouth on my dick too. Fuck he is one amazing cock sucker!"

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