tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 08

They Just Click Ch. 08


Jake saw a building that he thought would make a good addition to his library and reached to take his old camera out of its bag to snap a picture. He slipped the strap around his neck and was about to focus when he heard Erikah gasp slightly.

"What?" he asked simply as he saw the look on her face.

"Where did you get that camera?" she asked, hoping the question sounded the way she intended it to. She couldn't help but stare at it.

"This old thing? I found it in a pawn shop while I was in college. Why do you ask?" He was a little embarrassed when he thought about what type of camera might be in her bag.

"Jake, we need to find you a new camera," she said with a smile. "For two reasons," she quickly added hoping she didn't sound too pretentious. "First, that camera is worth a lot of money. There weren't many like it made. Second, a new one would take much better pictures and if we're going to use them as a selling tool for your new business, we need the best pictures we can get."

Jake was about to rebuff her comments a little when it hit him. She had said we. Then another thought hit him, could she be feeling the same things about him as he was about her? "We? Does that mean you want to help me get things going?" he said almost feeling teenish.

"I will do anything I can to help you hun," Erikah said with a smile that could melt an iceberg as she rested her hand on his arm. "Here, try mine. I'll show you how to use it," she said as she pulled her camera out of its bag.

Jake wasn't sure as she handed him her camera. "A Nikon D3 hu? You don't mess around do you," he said with a wink knowing this was definitely her territory.

"Nothing but the best my dear," she said with a wink as she slipped the strap over his neck. "Now, here's how this bad boy works ...." she said and showed him the basics of the camera.

Jake knew she was right about his old camera as soon as he looked into the display and saw the picture of the building. "I hope you aren't expecting this back to soon," he said with a smile as they started to walk again.

Through out the day Erikah showed him some different techniques, some he had known about form his class in college but had never used, some new.


When they got back to her studio, Erikah showed Jake around a little. When they got to her office, Erikah excused herself for a moment, telling Jake to feel free to look around. Jake wondered around the studio taking in the beauty of Erikah photos.

He walked into a side room and flipped on the switch. He saw some portfolios on the table and glanced through them. He opened another and his jaw dropped slightly. Erikah's soft hand suddenly laid on his stopping him from looking at any more of the portfolio.

"Not yet," she said with a grin as she felt a little color burn in her cheeks.

He jumped a little at her touch and at her voice. He hadn't heard her enter the room. "Sorry, I didn't hear you come in," he said before bending slightly and kissing her softly on the lips. A soft sigh left both of them as they smiled at each other. He couldn't help but wonder about the pictures she didn't want him to see.

"Hungry?" he asked simply as his hands fell to her hips, hers resting on his chest.

"Let's get some take out. I want to see how we did today," she said with a smile.

They spent the better part of the evening in front of her computer looking at and editing the pictures they had both taken. "I think we need a date to go camera shopping. Even for an amateur like me, I can see the difference," he said with a smile.

The portfolio though seemed to stay in his mind. From the brief glimpse he had of the pictures, the woman in lingerie, the artistry of the photograph, everything about it was beautiful. Yet there was something about her that seemed familiar, he couldn't quite put his finger on why that was.

He tried to let it go, but the images kept popping into his mind causing him to start running through the different women he had met or seen. He wanted to place the body with a face but no matter whom he thought of it never seemed to fit.

"Jake? ... Where'd you drift off to?" he heard, Erikah's voice pulling him back to reality.

"I'm sorry, just thinking about something," he said as he felt the color run to his cheeks. "What were you asking me hun?"

"The picture ... what do you think?" Erikah said with a bit of a laugh.

The picture he thought to himself, his mind immediately went back to the portfolio, the photo of a beautiful leggy woman dressed in a sexy yet classy piece of lingerie, before he looked at the one on the screen. "When did you take that?" he asked as he looked at the picture.

It was a profile picture of him with his camera. He was looking through the lens, getting the camera into focus just as she had snapped it.

"A woman never reveals her secrets my dear," she said with a wink and a giggle.

After they had finished editing Jake helped Erikah clean up from their dinner. They then walked hand in hand to the door. Both were smiling at the contact, so simple yet so sweet.

"Just a sec ..." Erikah said and scampered off into the back of the studio. Jake picked up his box of office stuff and waited for her to return with a smile on his face.

When she returned she was holding a portfolio to her chest. She wrapped her arm around his, rested her head on his shoulder and said, "I'm ready."

"I have my car here, can I give you a ride home?" he said as he put his free hand on her hip, turning her to face him.

"That would be great," Erikah said smiling up at him and giving him a quick kiss.


Jake drove the few blocks to her apartment building by her directions, even though he was finding it very hard to concentrate with her sitting next to him. He kept looking at her, watching the street lights light up her face through the window. The soft glow of the moon filtering through the windshield made her almost glow. She was beautiful.

Finally he had arrived at her building. He got lucky and found the perfect spot almost right in front of where she lived. Quickly he got out and went around the car to open the door for her. She smiled taking his hand as she stepped from the very low sports car.

Together they walked hand in hand to her door. Jake held out his other hand wanting the keys to the door. Instead Erikah turned to him.

"I'd invite you up Jake, but I have an early appointment tomorrow and it's already past my bed time," she said softly as her hands went around his neck. "I hope you don't mind," she said with a small kiss.

"It's fine Erikah, don't worry about it. Besides, I should probably get home too so I can start to figure things out in the morning," he said, even knowing he wouldn't sleep. It was then he realized then that her hands were empty.

"You forgot your portfolio in the car. Wait here, I'll go get it."

She stopped him. "I didn't forget it hun. Take a look at it. Just remember, I only show that to very special people," she smiled into his eyes. "As a matter of fact, Roni is the only one other than some perspective clients that I've shown it to. Cass and Nat haven't even seen it." Erikah could feel a bit of blush rising, as she was looking up into his eyes.

"I don't know what to say. You're very special to me too Erikah," he said as he bent his head to kiss her.

Even though they had shared many kisses this one was different, unlike one he'd ever felt before. As their tongues met, the waves of electricity shot through him and he swore sparked out the tips of his toes. He pulled her tighter to his body, feeling the curves of her press to him. His hands moved down over her back, holding her closer. They both moaned softly.

Jake pulled back and looked into her eyes. "If I don't go now, I might not go at all," he said softly and stepped away. His hand trailed along her arm and across her hand as he descended the steps.

"I had a great time today," he said with a wink just before their fingers separated. He walked to his car and turned to look at her before he got in. She blew him a kiss to which he smiled brightly at. He climbed in and watched her turn the door to her building and enter it. It was only then that he drove off.


The door closed and she made her way to her apartment. She was all smiles. The day couldn't have gone better. Erikah had never felt so happy. She was nervous about the portfolio but she trusted Jake to see the art in it. He would love it. Besides that once he got to the end of it there was actually a photo showing it was her, not some other model. He'd be surprised.

She walked in, saw that she had a message and hit the play button. It was Roni, she was rambling on. Erikah just smiled. Her friends were sometimes high maintenance. She guessed that was why she fit in so well. She was on the opposite end of that spectrum. She was calm, down to earth, never in a rush. It was the way most artists were.

She let out a sigh and took off her clothes and ran the water in the shower. The water ran warm, more to the side of hot. She stepped in and let it fall over her. Her head tilted back, her hair under the water as it fell. She washed, the sent of sweet vanilla filling the air. She stood under the water, letting her body relax and mellow. Her arm rested on the tile, her head resting on it. She turned off the water and dried off. Then, without putting anything on, slipped into bed and off to sleep and dream.


Jake kept looking down at the book on his passenger seat. He wanted to look through it but knew better. He would wait. He drove home in near record time. Grabbing the book and his camera bag he went up to his place. Glancing at his machine he saw a few messages.

Playing them he heard his former boss mumbling about coming back, Jake knew better. Then there was a message from Alex, he wanted to get together again. He walked into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and went to his room. He sat back on his bed and stared at the book in his hands. Hell, he was a little nervous.

Opening it he saw a beauty. A woman dressed in the prettiest lingerie. His eyes feasted on her body. She was a sight. Her curves were soft and perfect. He wanted to know who she was but there was no face. It had been cropped out, like she didn't want to be seen.

He moved through each page paying special attention to see if it was the same woman that graced each page. The photos were pure delight. The colors, the softness, the way the light filtered over the subject. It all worked so splendid in the pictures. Nearing the end Jake let out a sigh. He felt like he knew the woman he was looking at, really knew her.

The last page nearly made him groan out loud. It was her, Erikah. She was dressed in this red lace and satin set. There were stocking and garters, heels and her. This whole book was her. Jake swallowed, he couldn't believe it. Her beauty was perfection. She was exquisite. He couldn't shake her from his mind, he didn't want to. He just put the book next to him in bed, undressed down to his boxers and lay there, staring at her. Sure he felt a tad foolish but she was beginning to mean so much to him. His eyes drifted closed and he let sleep came him, he dreamt, sweet seductive dreams, vivid ones of a sultry lady in red.

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