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She waited for him, standing in front of the bathroom mirror adjusting her leather gloves til they fit her arms like a second skin. Every Saturday at ten o' clock, Keith arrived at his favorite pub with his friends for a quick drink and some perusing of the sports channels before heading home. Keith's life, you see, was pretty pedestrian, without much change or excitement. It got that way as you grew older and less prone to adventure; no one knew that better than Gina. All her ex-boyfriends had gotten married or wimped out on her, conceding to sex in the most conservative fashion instead of seeking delights of the flesh.

Keith was her only remaining accomplice, still a kinky, willing submissive after all these years. Gina slid a large bottle of baby oil out of the cabinet. Just the sight of it made her weak with desire, for she knew in a few minutes, he would be kneeling in front of her, pouring it over her pussy and her bare, flat stomach. Just anticipating the act made her quiver.

She heard the key in the door lock and smoothed out her kidskin leather boots, which she had polished to a gloss, supple to the touch, as tantalizing as the skin underneath. Of course, he had no idea what awaited him. If he had known, he never would have left the house in the morning.

He walked into the bedroom and took his jacket off. Gina crouched in the doorway, like a tigress stalking her prey. No, she didn't want to startle him, just ease her way into his consciousness. It wasn't just about the physical act. It was about total surrender, spirit and psyche.

Keith took his shirt off, tossing it on the bed, and bent down to take his shoes off. Gina stood up, her limber body unable to withstand the effect his tight, sculpted bum had on her. Her pussy tingled, the sight of him lubricating her better than the bottle of baby oil she had strapped to her boot ever could.

"I know you're there. I can smell you," he turned his head, his wavy brunette hair brushing against his shoulder blades. His lightly tanned skin glistened as though oil had already been applied to it. Perhaps it was just the sweat of expectation.

The boots were the source of her dominance--and her crutch. They were burnished black kidskin, loose around the upper thigh, with flat heels, nothing like the cheap patent leather boots with ridiculously high heels that younger girls favored. Like a teenage girl's secret stash of "slut" clothes, they gave her power, they transformed her from staid shopgirl into alluring seductress.

He knelt at her feet, looking up at her stern face that contrasted with the delicate curly blonde hair that framed it. "Goddess," he murmured, rubbing his stubbled chin on her boots and up the curve of her bare oiled thigh.

"Slave," she purred proudly, running her lacquered red fingernails through his wavy hair. His hands quivered as ran them over her bare ass. Smooth and milky-white and as arousing to touch as it was to view, he worshiped it in its full glory. His fingers curled round and slowly he withdrew, easing back on his bent knees and admiring her round luscious cheeks. Totally unhindered by any covering, even the usual thong string, her ass, glimmering with oil and shaking ever so slightly, tempted him. She laughed, flicking her long curly blonde hair as she splayed her body against the wall, laughing as she stuck her bum out to give him a better view.

He crawled over to her, a naked, willing pawn in a sweet game of control and desist. He looked at her, savoring the form that would soon devour him. Gina resisted the urge to look at the eager and fascinated expression on his face, instead choosing to concentrate on the touch of his chin as he rubbed it against her ass. The friction sent tingles through her body, bringing her perilously close to orgasm without benefit of a tongue or cock anywhere near her pussy. Gina allowed him to grope her, the combined sensation of his lips, and the stubble on his chin alternating with the grip of the soft leather boots against her legs. The unbearable cascade of feelings drove her to distraction. While she liked to slowly tease him into submission, such was not the case tonight. He was already there, and she had reached the height of her power.

So she took advantage of it.

Gina rolled her body around against the wall, til she turned and faced him. This sudden movement startled Keith, and he pulled back, his breath heavy, his eyes wide with fear and anticipation. She loved that look of subservience and desire. It gave her ideas. She stepped toward him, exaggerating the cadence so he slinked back even farther.

"Oil me." she ordered. "And don't get any of it on my boots or I will whip your bum red. Understand?"

"Yes, my mistress. As you wish."

He reached for the bottle of oil strapped to her boot, and took it in his hand, smiling at her as he flipped open the lid.

He stood up, his muscular legs trembling, and set to work. A trail of colorless oil streamed down from between her breasts and onto her pussy. He reached down to rub it in and she clasped her hand over his and pushed him away.

"Mistress, I am here to pleasure you. Let me do my job." His cinnamon eyes were moist with such sincerity it melted her heart as well as the tender pink between her legs.

"Very well, since you asked so nicely, you may caress me with your finger, but only for a little while. Rub in the oil all over me. Massage me."

He smiled, bright and excited as a teen-ager discovering his first dirty video. He fell to his knees again and slithered a finger over her clit, rubbing it softly before drenching it with more oil. Then he slid his finger inside her, making her squirm and weakening her resolve. "That's enough," she said, guiding his hand away from her again. "You are a devious slave. You can try all you want to get your cock into me, but it won't work. I have other plans for you tonight." Gina bent over from her waist, and whispered in his ear, her curls brushing against his cheek. "Make my breasts shine with oil. Then worship at my feet."

"Yes, mistress."

He obeyed, afraid to cross her, standing up again and pouring the rest of the oil over her pert, perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples rose up to greet him as he slathered the oil over her skin. When he tugged at her nipple, she stopped him again. Then she glanced down to see that her denial only made his cock harder.

"Can't you control that nasty thing?" she whispered.

"No, not since the moment I first saw you, mistress,"

Gina resisted an urge to kiss him, his honeyed compliment another attempt to undermine her. She'd had more compliant partners, but they were too predictable and she ended up dropping them. Keith was different. He kept her guessing.

He grabbed her left thigh and kissed it, the oil that had dripped there coating his face and lips. Then he crawled over and kissed her other thigh, careful not to let any oil drip onto her boot. He moved too slowly for her. His teasing had aroused her and piqued her to the point of dementia. She placed her hands on either side of his face, digging her fingers into his cheeks. She knelt down and straddled him, while sealing his mouth with a kiss more violent than mere fucking. Then she bound his wrists with black fake fur handcuffs. A little dodgy, but they did the trick.

"Now get on the bed, " she ordered, watching in delight as he fell onto the bed, writhing on his stomach. "It's time."

"Yes, mistress."

She turned him over, and admired his sweat and oil covered body. Then she straddled him again, the soft kidskin leather boots rubbing against his side as she pinched his nipples and jabbed his chest with her long fingernails, just enough to make him wince. Then she grasped his cock and slid her fingernail tips over it, laughing as he moaned and writhed in delighted agony, flinging his head from side to side, unable to stop her or retaliate.

"You enjoy this. Yes, he loves everything I do to him." Gina kissed the tip of his cock fondly and slipped off the bed.

Then she opened the sliding door and walked out onto the balcony, looking out over the city, naked and proud. He knew this, and the thought of it angered and aroused him even more. When she returned to the room, he implored her to come back to bed. She declined, and stood next to him, pouring the last dollop

of baby oil onto his cock, and massaging it into his skin. She knelt onto the bed and towered over him, grasping his cock resolutely.

"Damn, these boots are too much," she whispered, hoping that he didn't hear. Beautiful to look at but cumbersome to move in unless standing up, she relented, and took them off, as she sat on the bed facing him. A triumphant twinge crossed his face as he watched one boot, then the other, hit the floor.

"That's better," she sighed, scooting up to stroke him better.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he winked. She looked up, gazing directly at his bound wrists.

"Oh, I'm sorry," The timbre of her voice changed, from goddess to geisha. She undid the fur cuffs and he was upon her immediately. She did not resist.

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