tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThings Happen For A Reason Ch. 22

Things Happen For A Reason Ch. 22


Spike hadn’t heard from Angel in quite some time. He had heard about the news of the divorce. He could tell by the sound of his friend’s voice that something was making him sad. So he decided to call Angel and they were gonna meet up at a bar.

“So you and Darla are over?”

“Yes, for the fifth time that you’ve asked me that. We are over.”

“Though I don’t see you jumping up and down with excitement. It all has to do with a little blonde named Buffy.”

“Yes, and you know that,” Angel said looking at him. He didn’t need Spike to remind him why he was depressed, sad and tired,

“So go after her then.”

“I’ve called her a ton of times. She’s never responded back to any of my calls.”

“Well maybe lightening will strike and Buffy will be right before your eyes.”

“I hope so.”


Darla was driving on the highway just listening to a tune on the radio. She was just content because her life was just about to begin with Lindsay. Even though things with her and Angel didn’t workout things worked out for the best.

“Nothing bad can happen to me now. I’ve got Lindsay by my side and nothing else matters,” she said smiling.

Though out of nowhere a car came at eighty miles an hour and just rammed right into her. In return caused Darla to have a head on collision. Her head hit the steering wheel, which caused her to have a concussion. Cars passed by and ignored the smashed up car. Though finally a car stopped and dialed 911.

Darla arrived at the hospital as a dead on arrival. No matter what the paramedics have done to resuscitate her heart, it just didn’t want to beat at all.

So as soon as the doctors knew who she was they contacted her ex-husband Angel McKeon. Angel got the all and was surprised at the news. He quickly called her parents and headed over to the hospital to take care of matters. When everyone arrived they were shocked at the sight of Darla’s appearance.

“Oh, my God!” Darla’s mother exclaimed. She went into the arms of her husband and started crying. Angel was just shocked at the bruises that were all over Darla’s face. All the blood ruined her beautiful face. Darla’s blonde hair was caked in blood, which looked like crimson.

“If the both of you would want I can take care of the funeral arrangements. I could have the reception at the house afterwards if you’d like?”

“Oh, that would be wonderful Angel. Even though Darla and you have parted ways, I know she’d really appreciate it,” Mr. Morgan said.

“Of course. I don’t mind at all,” Angel said with a sad smile.


Meanwhile Buffy was at home dressed up in her blue pajamas with red hearts. Her hair was in a ponytail twist. She just couldn’t stop thinking about Angel in their unborn child. It still amazed her that she was going to be mother. While she sat on her sofa with her legs tucked in the sound of her bell went off.

‘Who could this be? I know it’s not my mother. I wish that it could be Angel. Maybe it’s him.’ Buffy quickly went to the door, opened it and her smile faded away.

“What do you want? Are you here to insult me even more?”

“No, I’m not Buffy. I just would like to talk to my friend.”

“Friend?! I’m a friend to you, Willow. Since when?”

“Please Buffy, can I come in?”

“Why not.” Willow stepped inside the house and sat on the sofa.

“So what gives Willow? Are you here to give me some inspirational words of wisdom?”

“No. I wanted to sat that I’m sorry.”

“Sorry, for what? Me being a slut? Or me prostituting myself? Or how about the best one ever me sleeping with Angel for my selfish reasons?” Buffy said angrily.

“I know. I feel horrible about all those tings that I said to you. Angel even scolded me and to mine my own business,” Willow said sadly.

“That’s right. It isn’t your business. It’s between him and me. We both knew what w were getting ourselves into.”

“Buffy, I’m truly sorry, I don’t know what else to say.”

“I don’t know either Willow. Things have changed between us. I still need time to rethink my friendship with you,” Buffy said seriously.

“Okay. It’s your decision.”

“Yes. I think you should leave now. It was nice seeing you Willow.”

“You too Buffy.”


Later on that evening Buffy was sitting curled up on her sofa watching television. Her show CSI has just finished on CBS and was now time for the eleven o’clock news. As she was listening to the news and was about to shut it off, she head the announcer mention Darla Morgan.

‘Isn’t that Angel’s ex-wife? Yeah, that’s her.’

She kept listening and heard that she died in a car crash.

“Oh, my God! That’s horrible. I know that she was a bitch to Angel, but her life ending this way is awful. Angel must be taking this heard.” ‘Oh, Angel I miss you so much.’

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