tagIncest/TabooThings to Be Thankful For

Things to Be Thankful For

byadam applebiter©

[Author's note. This story follows on from In Camera, Sins of The Father, A Lady's Companion, Summer of Love & Summa Cum Laude. The following preface is to bring new readers up to date.]


Meg, our protagonist, has a very pretty daughter, Helen, who developed a sexually adventurous streak while reading economics at Harvard. Helen first explored lesbian sex with her room mate, B, before going on to become first a web cam girl then an escort.

As an escort, Helen met the father of one of her closest college friends, Eric. Eric's father had particularly kinky tastes but little affection for his son. To help Eric with his oppressive father, Helen took compromising pictures that Eric later used to blackmail his father into more reasonable behavior.

When his father died suddenly, leaving him a multi-million dollar fortune, Eric set out on a life of scandalous excess with his two favourite girls – Helen and B.

Helen, back in her freshman year, had seduced her father, Parry, (having discovered he was one of her web cam sex customers) and enlisted him to help launder her income from escorting. Parry carried on their affair throughout her college years and between home visits, got a running commentary (augmented by hidden camera footage) on his daughter's prostitution work.

During her gap year, B, an art history major, inadvertently got a job as a personal sex slave to a wealthy woman whose husband was frequently away on business. She entertained her mistress with stories of her exhibitionist games with Helen and tales of public nudity and even public masturbation. B believes the female body (hers in particular) should be as visible in life as in art and spends most of her time challenging taboos and flaunting herself.

During the summer before her final year, Helen set about seducing her mother and started a clandestine lesbian relationship with her. Parry knew all about it but feigned ignorance.

During the girls' final year at Harvard, Eric arranged for them to become members of his fraternity house and paid them to fuck as many of their fraternity brothers as possible, considerably adding to Helen's illicit earnings.

After Graduation, Eric embarked on a career as a photographic artist. Wanting notoriety more than fame, he specialized in graphically sexual macro images of the girls. The scandal his first exhibition caused alienated B's family but Helen's parents were more understanding.

Eric, B and Helen now live openly as a threesome with Eric calling the girls his courtesans. Helen is still working as an escort in Manhattan, with Eric's support. Both B and Eric know that Helen has incestuous relationships with both her parents but Meg is oblivious to Parry's sexual relationship with their daughter.

* * * * *


I bought a bigger turkey than usual this year. Helen is bringing her boyfriend and her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving. I think I'm comfortable with my daughter's odd relationship now, but I do wish she were coming home on her own. You see, Helen and I… well, we're a little closer than Mother and daughter… since the summer before last… our summer of love.

Parry doesn't have a clue of course. I don't know what I'd do if he found out… Helen's still very much 'Daddy's little girl'.

They'll be here soon. Parry's gone to the airport to collect them. If you'll excuse me a moment, I have to get this turkey in the oven.

* * * * *

"Hi, Mom!" Helen burst through the door like a tornado.

"Darling." My reply was muffled by a ballistic hug. "Welcome home."

"Hello again Meg." B took Helen's place, hugging me every bit a fervently as my daughter. It was a shock to see her in slacks, though they really weren't slack and her disdain for underwear was apparent from the front and back. I felt a tightening in my abdomen I hadn't felt since the last time Helen and I …

"Eric. It's good to see you again." I saw no reason to leave the handsome young man out of the hugathon. He hugs really well: Strong arms, manly scent, just a hint of firmness in the trousers. Without feeling at all guilty about it, I envied my daughter just a little. Eric really is a hunk. Not that I'm in any way dissatisfied with my husband. Parry is a wonderful man and I love him absolutely, but a woman my age likes to know she can still stir a young man's loins occasionally.

"Something smells good." Eric didn't let go.

"That'll be the turkey."

"I think it's the cook." He whispered, loud enough so that only everyone heard him.

"Sweetheart," Parry said to Helen as he came into the kitchen too. "If your pet starts humping Meg's leg, he'll be spending Thanksgiving in the yard."

"Daddy, don't be mean. He's only flirting. Eric flirts all the time."

"Eric." I gently pushed him away. "Would you like to help Parry take the bags up to your room?"

"Sure. Lead on Parry." Eric smiled warmly and turned to my husband.

"I'll help too!" Helen volunteered, leaving B and I alone.

"Thanks for letting me come." B said. "I usually go home for Thanksgiving but my parents…" She looked suddenly very sad.

"Helen told me." I didn't want her to have to explain how her family had reacted to the media coverage of Eric's exhibition. "A reporter called here too." B's family hadn't known anything about the nature of the exhibition until a local reporter, hired by a New York magazine to get the back story, blithely told them how their daughter's vagina was the talk of Manhattan.

"The local paper did a full page article on me." B's nipples were flat now. Clearly, this wasn't easy for her to cope with.

"B, I can't pretend it was easy to cope with – people here are still giving me odd looks – but your family will get over it. In the mean time, we're your family too, so cheer up." I hugged her again. B is as fragrant as she is beautiful and I found myself having impure thoughts about her as I did the motherly thing.

"Thanks Meg." B didn't pull away, but she turned her head slightly and kissed me. I wasn't ready for it and I guess I froze. Her lips were warm against mine for just a moment but when she stopped, she looked like a frightened child. "Sorry." She managed.

"Don't be sorry, Darling. It's just a kiss." But I moved free of her and turned back to the counter to prep vegetables. I could feel the heat in my cheeks and I hoped it didn't show.

"Meg." B's hand rested on the small of my back as she moved close again. "I… I know Helen and you…" She must have felt me tense. "And I thought you might enjoy some variety."

I twisted around and Kissed B. I wasn't sure I wanted to take her up on her offer, but it was tantalizing. "Thank you, B, that's sweet of you… We'll see." I could feel the heat of her body against me and suspected it was just a matter of time before I gave in. It's funny, but before Helen seduced me, I never thought of another woman as a potential partner, but once you start thinking of one woman as attractive, it opens your mind to the possibility of others – and I defy anyone to not find B attractive. The 'wife' part of my brain wondered how Parry would react to several days of B's overt sexiness. "Now if you really want to make yourself popular, grab that other apron and get chopping."

"Aye aye, Captain." B threw me a mock salute and a mocking smile.

* * * * *

"Ooh! One hot mama!" Helen poked her head around my bedroom door just as I was changing for dinner. She has an unerring ability to catch me half naked. This time, I had a bra around my waist, cups at the back, while I fastened it: Not exactly a classical state of dishabille. The door clicked behind her and she came straight to me, kissing me with ravenous enthusiasm and mauling one bare breast as she pressed me between the wardrobe door and her own body.

"Helen! I'm trying to get ready for dinner." I protested, but there was no sincerity in it. I think my handful of Helen's buttock gave her the biggest clue.

"But I missed you, Mom." She stopped tweaking my nipple and slid her hand, flat on my belly, down the front of my trousers to feel my crotch. "Ooh! Panties! How unusual."

"Only you could say that and mean it." These days, Helen shares B's aversion to wearing underwear. "Why did you tell B about us?" I'd wanted to get Helen on her own since B's bombshell in the kitchen.

"Eric too, Mom. And I told them because I trust them and love them and don't want to have secrets from them. Eric loved the pictures I took of you."

Her fingers were pinching my labia together through the silk of my underwear – yes, I do wear silk even when it's not a special occasion: More so since Helen turned me on to shaving my pubic hair. Silk feels so good and, these days, I never know when Parry's going to get all caveman and ravish me on the first available piece of furniture.

"You showed them to Eric?" I felt my face getting warm. It was a dumb question. Of course she did! Helen thinks boundaries are for pushing.

"Well? You saw pics – and video – of him with B and me. It was only fair to share." Helen pulled her hand out of my pants and glanced at her fingers, shiny with moisture. "And this says you're ok with that. Don't be mad, Mom. Eric wants to photograph you properly." She put her hand back. This time she slipped inside the waistband of my panties too. I sighed as her fingertips brushed the hood of my clitoris. "Or is this nectar for the Honey B?"

I said nothing, but I must have looked guilty.

"Hah! B will be thrilled when I tell her." Helen looked triumphant.

"Helen… Please don't…"

"Mom, relax. B wants you and clearly you want B. I'm going to make sure you two have a chance too. It shouldn't be difficult to keep Eric and Daddy out of your way." She released me and sucked on her fingers lewdly. "Does the turkey need basting?"

The connection between my slick crotch and dinner did not escape me. "I think it's about due to come out of the oven… You don't mind if I get dressed now, do you?" I twisted my bra round the right way and slipped my arms through the straps, settling it in place. Helen sat on the bed and watched with evident pleasure as I unfastened my trousers and pushed them down my legs, stepping out of them. She wolf-whistled softly when I turned and bent down to retrieve them.

"That's quite a wet patch, Mom." She was looking at my gusset from behind and silk really does show any moisture.

"And whose fault is that?" I dropped my slacks into the laundry hamper and slipped off my panties, intending to deposit them in the same place.

"Don't waste them!" Helen was off the bed in an instant, taking the moist scrap of silk from my hand. She sat back down and sniffed at them, holding eye contact with me as she did so. Then she parted her legs, hitched up the hem of her mini dress and pressed my underwear to her crotch. As I watched, she pushed the fabric in a little at a time until the panties disappeared entirely. "Now you won't be the only woman at dinner who's wearing underwear." Helen grinned and closed her legs, watching me eagerly as I dressed for dinner.

I had considered dressing in something a little sexy, but who was I kidding? With my daughter and B in the room, I just wasn't going to compete for male attention. I went with simple elegance and a twist of Momness: So no cleavage, just a hint of leg above the knee and my pearls.

* * * * *

Dinner was uneventful despite B's change of outfit. She came to the table in a dress so sheer it could only have been intended for wear over a swimsuit or some suitably posh undies, neither of which B had on – naturally. Parry got to sit opposite her and got caught peeking at her tits several times. When B caught him, she just smiled sweetly – I don't exaggerate if I say that innocent smile would not look out of place on a nun. The couple of times I caught my husband being distracted by B, I smiled too. There really was no point in getting mad at him, given the level of temptation on offer. I didn't feel threatened by his interest in a much younger body than mine. In hindsight, I think Helen's assertion that she was going to get B and I together probably helped: I sat there thinking, "Yes, Parry, she's lovely, and I can have her and you, my darling husband… can't." Childish, I know.

Over dessert – I make a very good apple pie, if I do say so myself – Helen decided to tell us about the surprise they'd sprung on Eric the week before.

"It started way back when B and I went to Boston to celebrate Eric's graduation…" Helen began.

* * * * *

Eric and the girls had been comparing unfulfilled fantasies. The important one on Eric's list was to have a virgin. He'd never got the chance in high school and never found one in college.

"We figured there was no way we were going to find him a cherry because he's too shallow to go with a girl who isn't hot enough to have had ample offers to relieve her of that troublesome bit of flesh… and he's too big anyway – he'd scare an innocent girl into a convent.

But after the exhibition opened, we got a flood of emails from females volunteering as models. We kept the ones that included pictures, but politely declined most of the offers, especially the ones offering to pay Eric to photograph them: He doesn't need the money. Anyway, one caught B's eye. This girl, Kelsey, was claiming to be a virgin – virgo intacta as she put it – and she was really cute.

We – B and me, not Eric – we arranged to meet her for coffee, curious about how a sexy little thing like her had held on to her hymen so long. Turns out, she held on to it just a bit too long in school and her boyfriend found his fun elsewhere – specifically, between the thighs of our girl's best friend. So she didn't get the prom night she'd hoped for and left school with a downer on men. She'd had a couple of girlfriends since, but never let then get penetrative. Any of this sound familiar? Daddy?"

"Lisa Scannell?" Parry remembered Helen's one and only date with his receptionist: The naïve, hymen-toting daughter of a local pastor.

"Exactly. But unlike Lisa, Kelsey isn't rebelling against an overbearing father. She was just holding out for something special: someone who'd really be worth giving it up to. And because she worked in Greenwich Village, just around the corner from L'origine Du Monde, she'd come to see the exhibition and decided the 'something special' she'd been saving herself for might just be Eric's camera.

So we invited her to dinner a fortnight ago and introduced her to Big-boy over there…" Helen nodded at Eric as she paused to sip her wine. "Who was delighted at the prospect of just photographing her 'something special'. All the way through dinner, he wouldn't shut up about what he wanted to do with her – photographically, but when dinner was over and he wanted to take some test shots, needless to say, Kelsey got shy."

"Which was quite understandable." Eric interjected.

"Until B stripped first and persuaded her to just take her clothes off. This girl was really not comfortable in her skin. In the end, we got her to stay with us for a few days until she was used to being naked around people. She stayed bare-assed for nearly a week and Eric eased her into modelling by periodically asking her to bend over or part her legs or let him watch her shower – anything to get her used to having her body looked at. By the end of the week, he'd got her holding herself open to show him what we all wanted to see.

It was camera time."

"I got some great shots of her." Eric offered. "There's a couple in my portfolio, Parry. I'll show you later if you're interested."

"But the story doesn't end there. Kelsey had seen a lot of Eric during that desensitising week and while we girls thought Moby – that's Eric's penis – We thought Moby would scare her off, she was deciding that his 'something special' was the 'something special' she'd been waiting for.

So Eric, who - for the record - cottoned on last, took her out to Antigua for a couple of days and made a woman of her."

"And I got some more good material for my next exhibition." Eric said.

"And that's how Eric finally got a cherry." Helen finished her story.

"And Kelsey got her prom night." B pointed out. "I wish I had a first time that memorable. My first boy was so excited he shoved three times before he got it right, squirted up me immediately then got grossed out by the blood on his dick and threw up all the beer he'd had to steady his nerves. Ruined a really lovely prom dress."

"Oh dear." I was genuinely sympathetic at that. "But it does make it unanimous – all three of us saved ourselves for Prom Night."

"Mom! You never told me that!" Helen had told me the morning after her senior prom that she'd lost her virginity and we'd had a real heart-to-heart talk about it, but I hadn't said anything about my own post-prom experience.

"You never asked… But I probably wouldn't have told you anyway." Back then I was still trying to be just Mom and Helen was still my little girl. But we were talking about it now because it was impossible to keep off the subject of sex around three such overtly sexual young people.

"Was it Daddy?"

"Of course!" I could feel the heat returning to my face. I know I wasn't Parry's first but he was mine – my only lover until Helen seduced me. He's still the only man I've ever had and the only man I want, but I was acutely aware that I was sexually naïve compared to everyone else at this table.

"Don't be embarrassed, Mom." Helen was on her feet and round behind me in an instant, bending to press her cheek to mine as she hugged my shoulders. "It's so sweet that you found your ideal man on your first try. Daddy must be really hot stuff."

"Ssh!" I patted her clasped hands. "Parry'll get a big head."

"Parry won't get a big head." Parry sprang to his own defence. "Because Parry still counts his lucky stars every day that you said yes when I invited you to the senior prom." I could see he meant it: so could everybody else. It could have brought the mood of the evening right back down from its frivolous heights but my darling husband wouldn't let it. "Besides, I'm in the presence of greatness. There's nothing like a well-endowed multimillionaire with two hot girlfriends to make the rest of us mere mortals feel humble." Parry grinned and the levity returned in a flood of laughter.

"Parry." B leant across and buzzed him as he turned to face her. "That's for being so gallant to your wife." She turned and smiled across at me. I felt that stirring again.

"And Daddy." Helen snatched his attention away from B. "Don't let Eric's money humble you. We're only interested in his dick." There was the sound of ice breaking as we all laughed.

"Parry, ever seen the movie 'On Golden Pond'?" Eric asked.

"A few times." My husband has all Jane Fonda's movies. If he were ever going to be unfaithful, it would be with her. I pretend not to know he also has her exercise videos in the den. "And the line you're thinking of is 'I'd be delighted to have you abuse my daughter under my own roof. Would you like the room where I first violated her mother?'"

"Actually, I was thinking a little earlier in that scene. The 'all three of you' bit." Eric waited while Parry rewound the tape from his video recollection.

"I know you were, Son, and I'm guessing Helen told you about my fondness for Fonda movies. But I'm not senile and you don't have to ask."

"Eric." I said. "Helen wouldn't have brought you home if she'd thought for a moment we were going to have an issue with the three of you being together. You must have noticed you put all the bags in the same room. Right now it just means there's an extra pair of hands to help with the dishes."

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