tagLesbian SexThis Could Get Interesting Ch. 03

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 03


It's been a week since my best friend and my - what do I call her - lady friend both stormed out of my life. I've left Regina several messages but she hasn't replied. I haven't figured out what to do about Maggie yet. I haven't really left the house much except for a couple of jobs. Maybe it's time to get outside.

I put on a gorgeous floral sundress that I found for a steal at a boutique. I was going to wear it for Maggie. Why was I going to try to look good for her? Duh, Aud, you loooove her. Shut up, me. I throw on some flip-flops and ride my bike down to the beach. The weather is perfect. I reach the boardwalk and receive a catcall. The dress is working for me! I'm looking at some scarves and trying on a pair of sunglasses when, in the mirror, I see her. My heart stops and I'm happy to be wearing my little disguise. Maggie is walking down the boardwalk with a girl. Is that her sister? Does she have a sister? She leans in for a kiss and they stop, kissing passionately. Right there. For everyone to see.

My stomach jumps into my throat and I turn to leave. The shop owner shouts at me, "Hey! That stuff's not free!"

Everyone in the vicinity stops and stares. Including Maggie and her friend. I turn bright red and place the merchandise on the counter. I get on my bike and clumsily ride a couple of feet before wiping out.

I look at my knees. All scraped up. Tears pool in my eyes and I look up to see Maggie rushing over.

She's kneeling in front of me, her hands on my shoulders, "Audrey! Are you alright?"

The sight of her brings more tears and they're streaming down my cheeks.

"Audrey, my goodness. You must be careful! Look at your knees!" She jumps and runs to the shop I almost accidentally stole from. She runs back with paper towels and begins dabbing at my knees.

"Does it hurt very much?" She looks at me with those eyes.

I shake my head, "No. I mean, yeah it does, but that's not why I'm crying,"

She stops, "Why then?"

"I'm too late!" I look up at her friend who doesn't look very pleased.

She looks back at her friend and back to me, "You hurt me. I get lonely." She looks down at my knees and dabs at them a couple more times.

"Maggie, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. What we had..."

"I know," she smiles at me, her eyes watery.

"Maggie?" Her friend says, impatiently.

She helps me up and I set my bike right. She walks over to her friend and comes back to me.

"Lily and I have dinner plans. I have to go. Will you make it home alright?"

I'm stunned. I thought she'd cast her friend off. I thought she would come home with me. I wipe my tears again, "I'll be fine," I smile.

She looks at me a moment before literally going off into the sunset with Lily.

I get home and pour a large glass of wine. I sit down on the couch and a moment later my phone lights up. I jump up and hope it's Maggie, but Regina's name displays proudly at the head of the text.

It says, "We need to talk."

I roll my eyes and call her.

"Audrey?" She answers.

"G..." I say. I've missed her, too.

"Look, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch," she starts.

"You needed to process. I understand. So did I,"

She continues, "My therapist said I should call you. She said I need to be more understanding and that if you're really my best friend I should accept you how you are. Gay or not,"

I'm stunned. "G, I haven't come out. Are you coming out for me?"

"I'm trying to help you. You NEED help,"

"You're insane. Have you never met a gay person?"

She laughs, "I just never thought you would be,"

"I don't know what I am!" I shout into the phone.

We talk like this awhile longer and my buzzer rings. I run to the window, "G, I gotta go"

I hang up on her and buzz the door. I open my door and Maggie stands in front of me.

"How are your knees?" She looks concerned.

"That's what you're here for?" I laugh.

I gesture for her to come in and she does, planting herself of a chair. "I was at dinner with Lily. She wanted to call me her girlfriend and tonight was only the second night we've been out," she glares at me.

I play with the hem of my shirt, " what'd you say"

"I said I still have feelings for someone else," she looks at me, brow furrowed.

"Oh..." I say, looking down.

She gets up from her chair and approaches me, putting a hand on either side of my face, "I want you, Audrey. I know you're not openly bi or gay or anything, but when was the last time you were even with a man?"

I shake my head, "I don't know," I laugh.

I look at her. Her eyes on mine, her lips parted. She's here and she wants me. I kiss her. I let my tongue drift inside of her mouth and I feel good again. For the first time in almost eight days I feel really, really good. I pull out her hair tie and let my fingers run through her gorgeous, soft strands. She smells so good.

I let my kisses travel down her neck and nip her earlobe. She moans under me and I guide her to the bedroom. She falls onto my bed and I look at her a moment before reaching to remove her skirt. Her legs are perfectly tanned and she smells divinely all over her immaculate figure.

I push her shirt up over her head and kiss her again before taking one of her perfect tits in each hand and squeezing. I bite a nipple on each side and then lick each one as it gets hard.

"You're so beautiful," I sit up and look at her all laid out. Her arms are over her head and her eyes are on me.

She moans when I put my lips and tongue back to her breasts. I push her shirt up over her arms and off. She's only in panties now. Panties with koalas on them. I smile at her and hook my fingers inside the koala panties, "These are some sexy koalas,"

She giggles and I slide them down her thighs. A string of wetness clings to the koalas as I pull them. She's so ready for me.

I have big plans for her and I lean myself down over her body, whispering in her ear, "Be. Patient."

She smiles at me as I return to her soaked slit. I kiss and bite at her thighs but am so anxious to get to the sweet juices that await me. I let my tongue lick up from her hole to her clit and she moans deeply.

"Baby, I've wanted you so badly," she purrs.

I let a finger slip inside of her. A deep moan escapes from her throat. She props herself up on her elbows so she can see me. I glide my tongue back and forth over her pussy and let it dip into her juices just once.

She grabs my head and moans loudly. Really loudly. I guess she's had me but I've yet to experience her really cumming just for me. She continues loudly and I feed off of it. I lick her clit and suck on it for a bit before stopping completely.

"What are you doing?!" She glares up at me.

I give her a long, lingering kiss on her beautiful swollen lips and then reach for the bedside drawer. I pull out a pink, two-sided dildo. I bought it for her two weeks ago and never got to use it. I put it to her lips, "Sorry to be so cliche," I murmur as she willingly licks it.

I let her watch as I insert half of it into myself. I hadn't realized how aroused I've been before sliding the rubber into myself so easily. I rub it up and down her dripping cunt before pushing it in. Her head falls back as she cries out, "Oh, fuck me!"

She writhes against me in sweet agony while I thrust into her, "Oh, fuck baby, you like that?"

Her eyes meet mine and she nods, "Ooh, yeah. Fuck me, oh my fucking god,"

I grind against her as hard and fast as I can and watch her as she throws her head back and I pull my half out of my pussy. I kneel down and grab my half, letting it fly in and out of her. I slow it down and find her clit with my tongue. I slide the cock in and out of her as I suck her clit into my mouth and swirl it around.

She grinds her hips against me as I work her cunt, "Oh, fuck!"

I jump back on my side and thrust against her, "I wanna cum with you," I say and take one if her nipples between my teeth. I can feel her pussy bumping mine as we both fill up.

She looks at me desperately, "I'm gonna cum! "

She reaches down and rubs her swollen bump vigorously as I do the same. She cries out and I feel my own pussy contract around the rubber inside of me as we both fall away.

I fall against her as we cum and I breathe hard against her neck while she returns to sanity. She finds my lips and kisses me hard, "I want you. I want to be with you," she pants.

I stop only for a moment and look at her. Her forehead is sweaty, her cheeks pink. She's gorgeous. I nod, "Okay,"

"You won't hide it?" She looks up at me.

"No. No, I won't hide it."

I pull out of her and lie beside her, holding her in my arms. I put a hand on her face and bring her eyes to mine, "I want the whole world to know you're mine," I smile.

She closes her eyes and rests her cheek on my chest.

I lay there with her, totally content. A moment if panic washes over me when I think about telling my mother - my family - but calm restores when I see her face. Perfection.

We snuggle together and fall asleep, spending the next two days together. She still hasn't left my place, and truth be told, I don't want her to.

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