tagNovels and NovellasThis Most Unusual Sister Ch. 03

This Most Unusual Sister Ch. 03


Chapter 03a Hungers


Another big thank you to my editor, AsylumSeeker! As ever, I'm grateful for your suggestions and advice.

The story so far...

Angela and Gwen, best buddies from San Diego, California, are on holiday in Fuerteventura, staying at a timeshare owned by Gwen's parents. Less than twelve hours ago, Angela awoke to find she had a fully-developed and completely functional, though as yet sterile, penis and testicle between her legs, replacing her womanhood.

Angela and Gwen have explored the fun such an unusual development can bring, Gwen even discovered a liking for golden showers from her transformed friend's organ!

It is mid-morning. Angela and Gwen are hungry, and there is no food in the apartment.


"None of these fit," cried Angela, staring down at the bulge in the front of her white cotton panties.

"I don't know," teased Gwen. "It looks like a perfect fit for me!"

"Gwen!" Angela groaned. "If I knew you were going to be like this, I'd never have let you..."

"Come here," ordered Gwen. "Let me see what I can do with it."

Angela sighed and walked towards her friend. Gwen was already dressed, choosing to wear all white today. She'd hummed the old Madonna hit 'Like A Virgin' as she put on a short denim skirt and a floaty top. Angela had decided to wear something similar - over the years, the two young women had developed the same taste in clothes. Angela didn't fill her top as nicely as Gwen filled hers, although the sewn-in cups helped to accentuate her small breasts.

As Gwen knelt down, she couldn't help but look at the protruding shapes in Angela's panties. She could clearly see the shaft of Angela's penis, ending in the loose folds of her delightful foreskin. Her two balls nuzzled together like peas in a fleshy pod, and in the less than twelve hours since it had appeared fully-formed and ready for action, the two girls had willingly explored pleasures that would otherwise have been impossible for young women to enjoy together.

However, there was also terror behind the delight - Angela, although never a tom-boy, wasn't the most feminine woman on the planet. She still had a boyish figure, and she must have been scared that this change was permanent. Angela's mother had been very vague about the whole thing, saying that it would go away in time. That could have meant minutes or years, for all Gwen or Angela knew.

The bulge was totally incongruous under the white cotton panties. It might have looked ridiculous, but somehow it seemed to be the sexiest thing ever. It did have certain drawbacks, however; Gwen could tell just by looking at it that Angela's white denim skirt would also bulge noticeably, and it would certainly draw attention to itself. Gwen reached up and ran her fingers around the elastic of the leg holes, making Angela jump back in surprise.

"That tickles," frowned Angela, torn between emotions of pleasure and paranoia.

"Sorry, I wasn't thinking," Gwen apologized.

That had been silly; of course it would have tickled! Gwen leaned forward to plant a kiss on the bulge as an apology. She breathed in, the scent of the freshly washed cock filling her mind. Such a pleasant aroma, a wonderful bass note below the fragrant melody of Angela's feminine odor. The combined bouquet might drive a girl wild!

It was just too easy. Pulling the elastic up with her fingernail, Gwen slid a finger inside the thin white material. White - that was what virgins wear; touched for the very first time. Gwen stifled her mental giggles as her wandering digit went between the shaft and balls, feeling Angela's body tense at her delicate touch. The looseness of the foreskin felt so intimate, so delightful and innocent, that it was impossible to imagine the change that would certainly occur after a few well-placed caresses.

They didn't really have to go out right now, did they? Sure, they were hungry and there was no food in the house, but breakfast could wait. Gwen hooked her finger around Angela's cock and gently pulled it from its hiding place. It looked so discordant, the masculine against the feminine, yet somehow it was almost perfect. She gently probed Angela's foreskin with the tip of her tongue, tasting the skin so recently cleansed in the shower, and found the opening. Her lips were as light and delicate as rose petals as they formed an embrace around the loose skin just strong enough to allow Gwen's tongue deeper access into the fleshy collar.

Angela shivered as the probing invader encountered firmer skin, wincing slightly as her very sensitive organ reacted to the hot, wet presence. A feeling that was rapidly becoming familiar began again as her cock started to swell and her mind cleared itself of all other worries.

'Perhaps boys only have enough blood in their bodies for one head at a time?' Angela thought, feeling herself going slightly dizzy as Gwen pushed back the foreskin with her lips. It felt good, better than good, as Gwen's nose pressed into white cotton, her mouth brimful of cock.

Gwen placed her hand on the panties, gently pushing back to add to the restriction Angela's balls already felt under the cotton constraint. She felt Angela's glorious shaft heating up on her tongue, and wondered at how hot parts of their bodies could get. A fresh, salty taste spread through the back of Gwen's mouth. It tasted delicious yet obscene, a mixture of slight soapy freshness and decadent pre-cum.

Angela wrapped her hands around Gwen's head, so very aware of what she wanted to do right now. How could she do that to her best friend? It was such abasement; how could she even consider it, to degrade Gwen like that? Angela hoped Gwen would understand that her needs were greater than her self-control.

Slowly, Angela began to move her hips forwards and backwards, worried in case she went too deep or too fast. It felt incredible as her shaft descended into Gwen's mouth - very different from the sensations Angela felt as she slid in and out of Gwen's tight pussy, but no less pleasurable. Angela began to move faster.

What was Gwen supposed to do if Angela wanted to fuck her like this; how was she supposed to join in with this? How were they supposed to share mutual yet very different pleasures if Angela wanted to be in complete control? Part of Gwen felt the need to share so much that she could not imagine letting herself become simply an object to be used in this way. That was what Gwen and Angela did - they shared things. They experienced things together to the point that they seemed inseparable. Of course, that meant rumors at school. The boys all thought they were lesbians; some of the girls did too!

A laugh formed at the back of Gwen's throat and quickly became a gag reflex without any form of escape. Angela released her grip and pulled her penis out of Gwen's mouth, horrified that she might have pushed in too deep as Gwen choked and shook. The choking, however, was quickly replaced by laughter, and Angela looked at Gwen in puzzlement.

"I'm okay," coughed Gwen finally.

"What happened?" asked Angela as Gwen broke into a fresh bout of laughter, her body quaking with the intensity of the thoughts in her head.

"Well," said Gwen, trying to stifle her merriment as she observed Angela's rock-hard cock staring her straight in the face. "All those rumors about us at school, all those questions..."

"What, about us being lesbians?"

"Yes, those!" responded Gwen, fighting back fresh waves of hysterical hilarity. "Well, we've got an answer for them now. No, I'll say, no! We aren't gay; I just like to suck on Angela's dick in the morning!"

Angela started to quake with barely suppressed laughter. Gwen, who often seemed so serious, could at times pull comic gold from any situation. This was one of those times, and Angela surrendered her young body to gales of laughter. This set Gwen off again as she noticed the way Angela's prick was bouncing up and down with every fresh movement of her body. They spent the next few minutes in uncontrollable frenzies of laughter and giggles, each little movement or look setting off another tidal wave.

"Ah," sighed Angela, finally regaining some control. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know," replied Gwen, noting that Angela was still rock hard, "but why waste it when I can taste it! Let me get comfortable."

Gwen sat in front of her transformed friend once more, this time wrapping her hand around the base of Angela's cock so that it couldn't plunge too deeply into her mouth. She let her mouth get good and wet, then parted her lips just enough to slide the head in. Angela resumed her grip of Gwen's head, then started moving slowly again.

It didn't matter that she wasn't thrusting deep into Gwen's mouth, neither did it matter that her balls felt tender under their constraint as Angela plunged again and again into that willing mouth. All that mattered were the wonderfully slippery sensations improbably concentrated in an impossible part of her body. Having gone eighteen years without one, the penis didn't really feel like a part of her. Instead, it seemed to Angela that all the sensations she felt as her cock ploughed into the wet and willing mouth of her closest companion were emanating from a place a few inches outside of her real body. What were missing were the sensations she should have been feeling from her womanhood.

The undulations Gwen sensed throughout her body added a wonderful counterweight to the heat and light she felt deep inside her soul. Her panties were soaked with juices, adding external joy to internal pleasures. Gwen completely surrendered body and mind to Angela's driving needs and desires. Gwen would never let a boy do this to her, of course, but with Angela it was different.

Suddenly Angela bucked and drove her cock into Gwen's mouth as deeply as she could. She impaled the head of her childhood playmate on the glowing shaft at the same time as her convulsion pushed her away. Angela expelled what felt like a huge dollop of cum straight into the back of Gwen's throat, hoping it wouldn't drown her or anything. Instead, she felt yet another incredible sensation as Gwen gulped the cum down her throat.

Angela kept Gwen's head pulled tight to her body as she convulsed again, a fresh glob of hot cum bursting out of her turbulent member into a mouth already crammed full of cock and jism. The thick, sticky fluid spilled out from the edges of Gwen's lips as Angela began to think that she would collapse from the enormity of this orgasm.

Breathe... she needed to breathe! Angela gulped a mouthful of air into her lungs, her whole body wound up tight with one single awesome impulse. She tried to relax, to ease the tension, but she was still centered on the eruption happening in Gwen's mouth. To have lost control to such an extent both terrified and delighted her as a phrase entered her otherwise empty mind; 'A leaf driven by the wind.' Angela was determined to enjoy this particular hurricane as much as she could before the storm abated and placed her gently back down on Earth.

Gwen swallowed again, trying to keep up with the outpourings of this marvelous penis. The cum tasted good; fresh and vibrant, reminding her a little of the sea. Not that she made a habit of drinking while swimming! Angela's grip finally began to relax, signaling an end to this current bout of giddy ecstasy, another fantastic experienced shared by two otherwise ordinary young women.

It couldn't be over yet, though - Gwen was standing at the top of a very windy cliff. The drive to hurl herself over was too great...

"Do me," she ordered, wondering if Angela could see that her mouth was awash with cum.

"I can't," whimpered Angela, "it's too late, it'll go soft now."

"Use your fingers, then," Gwen implored. "Hell, use your big toe for all I care, just do me!"

Angela knelt as Gwen pulled her skirt up and spread her legs. Gwen's panties were absolutely soaked with her juices, but...

"I'm not a lesbian," cried Angela plaintively.

"Neither am I!"

Angela stared at the moist cotton. Gwen had done so much in the past few hours, but that was different, wasn't it? They had never done anything like this before...

Her panties would have to go, that was certain! Angela pulled the thin material down around Gwen's ankles, then leaned forward, almost tasting Gwen's wonderful aroma. Angela licked her lips before gently pushing her tongue against the edges of Gwen's swollen labia.

When Gwen moaned, Angela took this to be a good sign. She slid her tongue up and down, carefully exploring her best friend in such an intimate and previously undreamt-of way. Angela gulped, pushing her tongue between those engorged lips.

Gwen rose up as Angela's tongue found her clit, sending unimaginable tremors of euphoria rippling through her aching young body. A golden glow began behind her eyes ending somewhere out in space; far distant waves were wearing away at her soul, eroding and enveloping her spirit, her psyche, shaping her lithe body into new forms.

The new forms twisted her physical body into agonizing delight as her clit responded to the circling of the delicate, invading tongue. A bell chimed once, deep in her heart and clear in her head as her mind left her body. A choir sang out, holding a crystal chord of perfect clarity in counterpoint to the contralto vibrato her body emitted. Echoes within echoes; tangents within tangents.

Gwen looked down, seeing Angela staring up at her, her head bobbing to the flicker of her tongue. Soothing, calming energies washed through her flushed young body as the echoes began to fade, as the tangents resolved upon her center.

"What are you going to do as an encore?" she whispered.

"Eat!" replied Angela. "I'm hungry!"

"Hungry for more?" Gwen asked, tuning her voice to what she hoped was a sexy, husky tone.

"Oh yes," laughed Angela. "Most definitely, but first I need food! We have to refuel some time, you know."

The sound of laughter rang in her ears as Angela dipped her head low, kissing the little curls of hair around Gwen's moist opening. The two girls had done so much in such a short time... Whatever could they think of to do next?

Whatever it was, both of them were sure that it would be just as wonderful. They couldn't even begin to imagine just how wonderful it would be!

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