tagGay MaleThomas Ch. 03

Thomas Ch. 03


Legal Notice: The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. The story is a work of fiction but has some basis in reality.

© The author retains copyright to this story. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright.


I got up onto my feet. Also I pulled up my underpants and my trousers. I came close again to Andy and I kissed him on his mouth to show my gratitude. At the same time I rubbed my hand in the front of his trousers. There I found his hard cock, it felt quite big. It was so very hard in his trousers. But he said to me,

"Wow, Thomas, you're certainly one hot, horny young sailor-boy. You must've cum a gallon of spunk. Look at that mess on the wall. I know we plan to do some decoration but I hadn't intended to start so soon." Then he added "let's have a look around, shall we?"

He took me by the hand and led me out of the room and into the kitchen. It was small but very neat, like the kitchen on a small boat. Then he showed me a bathroom, the guest bathroom he said it was. And it was for me! Then he led me into a small bedroom, I thought also that this might be for me, but not. Now he led me into a larger bedroom which opening from it another bathroom was.

"This is our room." he said to me.

I very much liked to see Andy's apartment but I was still feeling very horny. Although I had just had a huge orgasm and spunked a great load of semen, I was still feeling sexy and I did not think that Andy yet had cum, unless he had filled his underpants with love-juice, he had not yet had orgasm. I longed now for him, to feel him to penetrate me, to help him to experience the same intense love-pleasure that he had given to me.

Quickly I moved over to his bed - our bed and lay on my back, gazing into my lover's eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After our quick burst of love-making in the sitting room, I realised that I hadn't shown Thomas the geography of the flat. I took him by the hand and led him round, guestroom, guest bathroom, kitchen and finally into the master bedroom. Andy was gazing at me like a love-struck young puppy and after only a moment's glance round the bedroom, his eyes full of love and lust, he threw himself backwards onto the bed. His eyes issued an unspoken passionate message. Although this young sailor-boy had delivered seemingly a pint of jism and achieved a frantic orgasm, I could see that he was still as horny as hell. He lay on the bed, submissive and eager for further pleasure.

I reached down and slid down the zipper on his slacks and popped open the button at his waist, the back of my hand feeling again the hot, smooth flesh of his belly, then I started to tug his trousers off his long legs. Thomas obviously enjoyed the attention and lifted each leg to make things easier. I got the trousers off and now the boy was again down to his pair of sexy briefs, really they were very well-worn. I gazed longingly at the swollen pouch outlining the dormant prick and balls slumbering in their fragrant prison of thin cotton. I could see some pre-cum stains from our recent previous excitement that Thomas had so obviously enjoyed. There certainly was the very large bulge in the crotch of those briefs. How I looked forward to really seeing his backside again with his buns emphasised by the thin cotton of his briefs.

Thomas's legs were as perfect as the rest of his body. They were long and muscular and covered with a fine blond fuzz. His feet had high arches and thin ankles, and they added to the striking beauty that he possessed.

I seized Thomas quite roughly by the shoulders and flipped him over onto his stomach, now I could not be gentle, I needed this boy, needed him badly and I sensed somehow that Thomas needed to be needed. He just moaned slightly and I could tell that he was really on a sexual high. Now that he was rolled over on his stomach, I was greeted by the sight of his tapering back and briefs covered arse.

After our previous burst of love-play, I no longer felt any inhibitions about what I could and couldn't do. My young sailor was proving to be an ardent and enthusiastic lover. This time I placed my face over the thin cotton covering of his delicious young bum, I breathed in the funky, exciting scents of young man. Sharp, sexy and stimulating.

"All right, Thomas, I'm going to pull off your underpants now, are you ready to really submit yourself to me, so that I can work on your body and make us both feel great." I whispered into his ear.

From the way he moaned, I could tell that the answer was "Yes". I leaned in a little closer and pressed my lips against his soft cheek. He didn't pull away, and I knew that this sailor was putty in my hands, ripe for my pleasure - and his own.

I eased down his briefs and peeled them off his body. I couldn't resist it. I held them to my nose and breathed in deeply. His arse was now presented to me in all its glory, which was considerable. It was just about the most beautiful piece of boy arse that I have ever seen.

While the rest of his body was firm and stretched taut, his arse was rounded and well packed and full. The skin on that arse was as smooth as a baby's, and the whole picture glowed with youthfulness. I reached down and gently stroked that arseflesh. Shudders of delight coursed all through my body as I felt the warm powerful buttocks. Thomas moaned slightly and parted his legs. I could see that sweet arse crack, and it looked so downy and inviting that my head started to swim.

"All right, Thomas, you will take deep breaths and really concentrate on relaxing. I'm going to sit on your butt, and begin to rub your back" I said. I felt as if Thomas and I were alone in some other world. Thomas was naked and his body was mine. His perfect, downy, white body. He was a strapping young man, and he was naked, and he was longing for me to possess him and I for him. I sat on his arse. It felt incredible to be sitting on those twin glories, they were the softest of seats.

When I sat on his arse, Thomas exhaled loudly and I could tell that he was really relaxed. I reached up into his hair and massaged his scalp, and Thomas moaned with pleasure. There is nothing more exquisite in life than receiving a good massage. He was breathing deeply now, and I could tell that he was increasing his passion with each breath.

I then turned my attention to the other end of my lover and started to work my way up his legs. I massaged the tense calves, then the backs of his knees and finally the full and muscular thighs. Thomas was purring like a cat under my expert ministrations. I finally reached the heart of my desires, that sweet arse and the dark and inviting little crack between it, that magic place buried between a boy's legs, waiting to be relaxed, opened, taken.

Here was this gorgeous, sexy sailor-boy, lying on my bed just waiting to be taken, to be fucked, to be rogered and to have my semen spunked hard and deep into his eager, pliant young body. This boy was what I wanted so desperately and I could tell he wanted me with equal, eager desperation.

I started to massage and knead his sweet arse cheeks. The flesh was so soft in my hands that I started to purr myself. I never felt flesh this smooth and soft before my whole life. Pressing those arse cheeks was like pressing a cloud of flesh. I eased his legs apart and I looked down between them. I was treated to the sweetest of sights.

There was his little arsehole, all tiny and puckered, the sweetest pink colour. There was some soft and downy blond hair around that arsehole, and I had to restrain myself from licking his sexy hole. I longed to swirl that soft hair with my tongue and breath in the fresh boyish odour that was drifting up to my nostrils. I started to rub the flesh between those luscious arsecheeks. I wanted to go slowly now, I didn't want to risk losing his passion by moving too quickly. I oh so gently stroked the top of that crack with my fingertips. I placed my hands, fanned out, on his arsecheeks, and I started to rub my way down the crack with my thumbs. I got to the area around his actual man hole and I gently pressed at the flesh with my thumbs. I moved closer and closer until I was actually pressing at his ring.

I was pressing at that manhole with gentle insistence. I could feel that virgin arsehole starting to relax and I knew that Thomas was enjoying the way that my fingers felt on his sensitive flesh, I brought one of my hands up to my face, sniffed the wicked smell on my fingertips. Then I brought them down to that puckered place and I ran them over the hole again and again, massaging it well.

"I'm going to penetrate your arsehole now, Thomas, and I want you to relax and allow me in.

I wet a finger and wetted down that tight little gaol. Then I tapped my fingertip against that tight ring of muscle again and again. I watched with growing arousal as that sailor-boy's arsehole opened up and my fingertip slid inside. Thomas moaned at the way it felt to have his manhole invaded like that. That bum was mighty tight and it gave my fingertip a real good squeezing. I stopped right there to give that arsehole a chance to get used to the intruder. With my other hand, I massaged the flesh around his ring. Within about a minute, I felt his sphincter relaxing and I was able to slip my finger up there another inch.

"I know that feels good to you, Thomas, everyone loves the way it feels to relax their arse and let it be massaged. I want you to really relax and concentrate on opening up your arsehole. I want to be able to slide my whole finger up there. Let me really feel you really relax that arsehole" I purred, leaning down and pressing my lips and nose against his back.

I pressed lightly with my finger and his arse opened up and I slid my finger all the way in. It clutched my finger incredibly tight and I couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like wrapped around my cock. I brought another of my fingers up and slipped it in. I was surprised at how little resistance I encountered. Thomas was really starting to loosen up. I spread his legs further apart, and reaching up to the reading light above the bed, I turned it on. My cock really started to respond at the sight before me.

I started to push at the arse walls with my fingers, and I could feel his body starting to respond, alternately gripping and releasing my fingers. Thomas lay there mewling with pleasure, making slow fucking motions with his hips. He was ready! I pulled my fingers out, and he groaned with disappointment. He pushed out with his arse muscles. His hole opened up to about the size of a dime. It looked incredibly hot opening up like that.

"That was very good, Thomas, I want to work on your arsehole some more. Do you want me to work on your arsehole some more?". He just moaned a 'yes'. I leant down, and started to lick at his hole. As I did so, I lightly tickled his balls. My tongue moved down and around - I could tell that Thomas had never felt sensations like that before.

He wriggled his bum, pressing my tongue onto the hole. I wanted to get that manhole so hot that the kid would be begging for more, something bigger than my finger! Something about 8 inches long, thick and throbbing.

I worked my fingers way into that arse . I was really forcing that arsehole open, and I was wetting it up real well.

Then Thomas did something that made me know he was more than ready. He arched up his hips and pushed his arse into my face. I knew that I had to have - and quickly!

"How does it feel. Thomas?" I grunted.

"So good" the boy purred.

"Show me how nice it feels" I said.

Thomas reached behind him with his hands, and stretched his arsecheeks apart. Then he arched up on his chest and knees and brought that bum way up in the air. He was telling me his arsehole wanted more action. I was only too happy to oblige!

I quickly and quietly slipped out of my slacks and shirts and sneakers. I knelt behind that arse, and I grabbed the base of my throbbing cock. I reached up and felt the boy's cock and it was huge and it was hard and felt incredibly big in fact, and I pulled it down between his legs to get a better grip of it. I slowly pulled it, and Thomas moaned. I let go of it, and it snapped back up and hit his stomach.

"Grab your cock, Thomas, grab it and play with it. I want to see you get really hot again" I said. He took hold of his cock and started to beat off. I could tell that the young man was really turned on into a sexual frenzy. He was rotating his hips so that his bum was moving around in the sexiest way. I, too, was approaching a sexual plateau, I had to have this sexy stud, to ream - ram - fuck that gorgeous bum.

I grabbed the base of my cock and aimed the cockhead right for his bumhole. I leaned forward and rubbed my throbbing cockhead all over his arsecheeks.

"Oh, that feels nice, is that your cock?" Thomas asked.

"Yes, Thomas, it sure is. I want you to relax and enjoy the way it feels". Thomas reached behind himself and grabbed my cock. He squeezed it tightly and he moaned with pleasure. Then he felt his way down my cock to my balls and he cupped them in his palm.

"All right, Thomas, I'm going to pentrate you. Thomas moaned again, and he leaned back, his bottom opening and literally sucking my cockhead in. I had to moan myself the way that manflesh felt wrapped around my cockhead. Thomas paused as his body began to adjust to the invasion, but after a few minutes, he started to relax.

"How does that cock feel up your arsehole, Thomas?" I asked gently.

"It feels sooo good" he replied, and I felt his ring opening up and I knew that it was ready, ready to take more cock inside itself. I leaned in slightly and I felt that hot hole parting for my cock. I wanted to bury my cock deep into him, to have all of my shaft inside that young sailor-boy.

"Just relax, open yourself up like a good guy and take all of my cock inside you and love the way it feels" I said to him in soothing and hypnotic tones.

"I want it, I want so much your cock, I want it inside of me" Thomas moaned as I slowly pushed inch after inch of my cock up that arsehole. I was going out of my skull with the sexual pleasure I was feeling. I just kept pushing until all of my cock was buried inside that lad's manhole. Then I stopped - I wanted to give him plenty of time to get used to the stretched sensation that he was no doubt feeling. Stretched and stuffed.

"How does it feel now" I asked him.

"It feels big, so big" my eager lover answered.

"I want you to enjoy it, I want you to really get into the way it feels, how beautiful and warm that cock feels up inside you. I want you to let your body do whatever it wants to do" I purred. Thomas reached between his legs and cupped my balls, whilst his other hand felt his own arse and the small length of shaft that wasn't buried deep inside him.

I started to slowly fuck him as he rocked back and forth. When he rocked forward, I leaned back, so only my cockhead was buried in that sweet manhole. Then I leaned forward when he rocked back, so that my balls were slapping his bum. I leaned down into the lad as we fucked. I pressed my lips against the flesh of his back. I kissed that smooth luscious back again and again. My cock was buried deep in his quivering arsehole and at that moment I loved Thomas. I loved him with my heart and soul. I wrapped my arms around his torso, and took his cock into my hands, slowly wanking him off with the rhythm of my fuck.

I withdrew, and Thomas moaned "Don't. Please don't leave me. Fuck me more, please! So hard, so Sexy, Oh Fuck me HARDER."

He was one hot guy, enjoying the sexual sensuality of what was happening. He was totally out of his mind, now, and just enjoying his first intimate contact with a man. I turned him over, and he just looked up at me with those trusting eyes. I leaned down, and our lips met. It was the softest of kisses. Our lips hardly touched and yet the energy that was passing between them was awesome and powerful, for it was the energy of male love. I started to explore the yielding warmth of his mouth. His teeth were regular and I let my tongue play over them.

Then Thomas pushed his tongue between lips and sparks flew between us. I lifted up his legs, and with one deep thrust re-burieded myself in that tight, warm, luscious manhole. I started to gently fuck the lad again. I pulled my cock all the way out, leaving just the head buried in his gripping ring then slid my cock back into the clutching arsehole slowly and gently. I could feel Thomas's rock hard cock pressing against me.

"Wrap those legs around me, pull me closer" I whispered. Thomas threw his legs up and wrapped them around my waist. With each passing second we seemed to be coming closer and closer together, we actually seemed to be merging into one being. I leaned back on my haunches, I looked down at my spread legs. My cock was buried in his tight hole, a beautiful sight. That manflesh wrapped around my cock and squeezing it for all that it was worth.

"Come up on your elbows, Thomas, and watch yourself get fucked" I said. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down between his legs. His own huge cock was rock hard and it was oozing a steady stream of precum. His balls hung down below, covered in the thick and curly blond hair. Thomas looked at my cock as it slid in and out of his arse. He was both feeling it and watching it at the same time.

We started to pick up our rhythm.

Thomas threw up his legs in the air and rested them on my shoulders. He started to really pump his torso so that he was doing half the work of the fuck.

"Ride that cock, Thomas, show me how much you like it" I said. I stopped my fucking motions, and Thomas took over. Using the leverage that he gained from resting his legs against me, he started to really move that arse. He pulled his arse off my cock and then slid it back down again. He was a real expert with his body. I gently took his hand off his own cock - I wanted to see him cum without touching himself.

I felt my balls contract and I knew that I was close to cuming. I leaned down and kissed my sailor. I put all my heart and soul into that kiss. I really had the boy just where I wanted him. He was doubled over beneath me, totally submitting to me.

I rammed my cock one last time into his arsehole, my legs quivering - and I stopped.

My cock exploded! I could feel my cock pulsing deep within the young man as it shot wad after wad of hot cum up his arsehole.

I moaned even as we kissed. Thomas moaned also, and suddenly I felt his cock jerking against my stomach. There was a great hot sticky wetness and I felt as if we were glued together. My cock, and his, finally stopped cuming, and I kissed him gently. Our sticky bodies didn't want to separate. I slowly pulled my cock out of his arse, and when it came out with a loud plop, I heard Thomas moan with disappointment. I leaned down and kissed his ear. "Thank you" I whispered in his ear.

"Ummmmmm" was all that he could muster.

We collapsed on the bed together, and Thomas rested his sweat covered brow on my chest, as we both drifted off to sleep.

Happily the bed was already made up with a snug duvet spread across it and after a time and without waking up, we worked our way under the covers and snuggled together in the comforting warmth of the bedding.

We must have slept for some two hours after our first, marathon mating. Thomas was the first to wake and for several moments he could not figure out where he was. The familiar sounds, the fans, the distant sound of waves against the hull, the sounds of the ship - absent. In a flash it came back to him. After all the many months of frustration, here he was in the bed of his Officer. His Andy lay with his arms and legs wrapped around his young sailor's body.

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