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Three to Get Ready


Warning: This story does NOT include sex of any kind.

However, it is an intro to a story that does include MMF sex.

If you're bored by the non-sex, or if you're not into MMF, this is where you leave the page.

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Three to Get Ready


Sylvia sighed and stared into her cup of coffee, idly rubbing the backs of her fingers across her keyboard. Of course they wouldn't be on now, it was far too early for San Francisco. She missed them. They hadn't seen each other for ages, what with the move and all.

A little orange flicker caught her eye. A message from Danny? Quickly, she double-clicked to open the IM window. Aww, it was a hug! He always knew just how to cheer her up, even when she didn't know she needed cheering up. "Hey," she typed, "how's your new place?" She smiled at the screen, waiting for his reply.

"Great, Sylvia! There's this garden in the back of the complex that you absolutely have to see."

"Really? I can't wait to see pictures." She sipped some coffee.

"No, you should come out. We have room, and you know you need a vacation."

"Aww Danny, I'd love to, but you know I just lost my job. How am I going to jet off to San Fran right now?"

Danny typed a smile. "This is the perfect time, no job, no responsibilities. If you don't take a break when it's handed to you, when will you?"

Ruefully, Sylvia smirked. "I suppose you're right. I do have that severance check burning a hole in my pocket."

"Great, come out. Just don't bring any clothes that can't stand up to cat hair."

She laughed. "I know, I know, Jock and his kitty obsession. How are the kitties enjoying your new apartment?"

"Oh, they're having the time of their lives."

"Well, I'm going to sign off now so I can fix up my resume, Danny darlin'. Hug!"

His response jumped onto her screen. "Think about it, it'll be fun. Good luck job hunting! Hug!"

She smiled again and signed off. It was nice to think about it, and it was a good feeling knowing they wanted her to come out. But really, wasn't it time to get her life together? Another job gone, another year passing by. When was she going to have anything resembling a normal life? It was a constant struggle in her mind, trying to make two conflicting desires congeal into a reasonable goal. Life was too short to spend it doing boring things, but a life with nothing but partying, besides for being something she could never afford, wasn't enough for her. A sad look crossed her face. She wanted a baby. It sure would be nice to have an actual relationship, but heaven's sake, the guys she had been meeting sure weren't daddy material. Not even decent sperm donors.

Why did it have to be so complicated? Couldn't there be a guy who would be at least somewhat attractive, intelligent and nice enough that she wouldn't feel horrified at the thought of having kids with his genetic input? Where the heck were all the nice guys, anyway?

The other problem, of course, is that Sylvia knew perfectly well she wasn't the easiest person to live with. Ever since she was a kid, her parents had shouted at her "You're difficult, that's what! How is anyone going to put up with you?"

Well, she did make up for her difficult moments with a lot of good moments, and a heck of a cooking repertoire, not to mention an excellent bedside manner and a lush, curvaceous body. But nobody seemed to have the patience and goodwill to really stick around. Maybe what she needed was a guy who would just do the deed and walk away. Pregnancy didn't scare her. But the thought of custody battles sure did. She could manage on her own, financially, although it sure would be nice to have some emotional support for a change. Too bad guys like Jock and Danny weren't daddy material.

Hmm. Or were they?

She ticked items off a checklist in her mind. Attractive, check. Sure, Jock had a few extra pounds, but he had those great eyes. And Danny was flat out gorgeous. Intelligent, check check. That's why she enjoyed spending time with them so much. Nice... they were absolute dolls, and even though she knew Danny wasn't always totally faithful, and Jock only agreed to an open relationship out of painful necessity, they really did love each other, and they were so cute together. Danny was smart enough to be safe, though, so that wasn't a problem.

They had talked from time to time about wanting kids, at some point. They all knew they wanted kids, they just weren't sure when. Danny and Jock wanted to live somewhere out in the country, when they got enough money together, but right now they were living and working in San Francisco, which Sylvia knew was beautiful though she hadn't been there.

She remembered the two of them exclaiming affectionately over her pictures, over her new hairstyles, saying things like "Makes me almost wish I was straight" or "Sylvia, wow... you look amazing." They had jokingly talked about what would happen if Sylvia finally decided she'd had enough of the nonsense from the guys she was dating, and decided to get down to baby business with whoever was available.

Of course they were gay as gay could be. She was pretty sure neither of them had ever slept with a woman. But had she imagined that flicker of a glint in their eyes, from time to time? She knew she'd seen that "look" in a friend's eyes, every so often, where the relationship was based on platonic affection, but... just once in a while... something else surfaced for a moment. Her old friend Jean, who had decided to switch from straight, to bi, to lesbian, and then back to straight, all before they had met, did occasionally get that "look" if Sylvia was wearing something especially sexy, or if they had both been drinking, although neither of them would ever talk about it. Far be it from her to question her friend's life decisions.

Would it be so bad to make her way out to the West Coast and just see how things went? At worst, she'd have a fantastic time just relaxing with a couple of good friends. Danny and Jock were always good company.

She hesitated a moment, and then clicked on a travel website. Her resume could wait another few minutes.

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