tagFirst TimeThree Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 03

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 03


"Would you like to fuck me, Spencer?"

"Oh, god, yes," he replied.

"Mmmm. I bet you'd like to take your big fat cock and push it into my tight little pussy, you naughty boy."

"Oh, fuck, yes, Suzy. Please," he moaned into the phone.

"I'm touching my pussy now, Spencer. Let me see if I can slip a finger in to feel if you'd fit inside me. Oooh, it's so wet! I'm sure your dick would fit. Are you touching your cock now, Spencer? Are you wanking it?"

"Yes," Spencer lied, gasping.

"Is it hard?" Suzy breathed huskily down the phone.

"Oh, it's so hard, Suzy," Spencer groaned, looking down as Emma slowly swallowed his entire length without breaking eye contact.

He'd never begun to imagine that a girl as gorgeous as Suzy Simpson would possibly have even considered having telephone sex with him. But, right at this very moment, she was fingering herself while telling him how she wanted him to fuck her from behind. And it wasn't a dream.

And that wasn't all.

Despite numerous diverse and elaborate sexual fantasies, never had Spencer really thought that a truly stunning woman would ever want to have any sort of sex with him.

But kneeling in front of him was a bona fide fantasy woman. She had shoulder-length brown hair, dark eyes and a wide generous smile. She was tall and long-limbed with a perfect arse and large flawless breasts. And she had his cock in her mouth.

At first when Emma had come to baby-sit him for three weeks while his mum was away on holiday, Spencer had been indignant. He was eighteen and could look after himself.

But when Emma had begun to casually masturbate him for no more reason than because he liked it, he'd started to see the upside of her staying. And when she'd starting sucking him off and then letting him fuck her up her arse, he'd decided that maybe having a babysitter wasn't so bad.

Of course, he knew that it wasn't his appearance or personality that had seduced her to a position of such immense sexual goodwill. Instead she'd found him at a low ebb in terms of his confidence with girls and, through of a strange combination of affection and pity, had decided to boost his self-assurance in as direct a way as could be imagined.

And, even beyond the regular blowjobs, tit-wanks and butt-fucks, it had paid dividends already.

Suzy Simpson, one of the most delightful girls in his year at school, had agreed to go out with him; they'd had a lovely evening culminating in her sucking his dick. Since then, they'd spent most of the weekend on the phone, gradually increasing their level of flirtation until it had become full-on dirty phone sex.

Although this was the first time that she'd called mid-blowjob from Emma.

He knew that the polite thing to do was to ask Suzy to call back or ask Emma to stop. But he'd rationalised that he would have just had a wank anyway while he talked to Suzy, so he'd surreptitiously asked Emma to keep on sucking. He felt slightly guilty but what Suzy didn't know wouldn't hurt her, he reasoned as Emma began to bob her head at phenomenal pace. "Oh, Spencer, I'm coming!" he heard Suzy gasp down the phone.

"Me too!" he groaned as he heard her orgasm. He pulled Emma's head towards him, pushing himself down her throat as he ejaculated abundantly.

After a few moments, Suzy breathed contentedly down the phone, "Mmmm, Spencer. That was nice. I can't wait to see you tomorrow at school."

"Me neither. Suzy, do you think we can maybe meet up after school? It would be nice to get some time on our own together."

"Spencer! I know what you want, you dirty bastard," Suzy laughed. "You'll have to wait though. I've got a dissertation to do by the end of the week and I need the evenings to finish it. But I promise I'll make up for it on Friday night. Are we still going to be able to use your house?"

Spencer had already agreed with Emma that she'd make herself scarce so that he and Suzy would be able to come back to his mum's house to get some time alone. In fact, Emma had been very supportive, saying, "Spencer, she sounds like a horny little tart! Looks like you're on a promise, darling."

He continued, "Yes! My mum's friend is going out that night so we'll have the place to ourselves." He smiled down at Emma as she languidly licked him clean.

"Great! I can't wait to feel you inside me. Anyway got to go! Bye!" Suzy giggled as she hung up.

"Suzy! Suzy! Oh shit!" he said as he put the phone down. "She's such a tease!"

"Good for her," Emma replied as she pulled herself up onto the sofa next to him. "It's not like she's over-promising and under-delivering, lover."

"Oh, no, she's great. In fact she's just told me that she wants me inside her! Oh, Emma, I can't believe how wonderful you've made me feel. Everything's going so well," he enthused. But even as he said the words he had a stab of misgiving remembering that, in just one week, Emma would be gone.

Over the last two weeks, he'd had more sex than he had ever dreamed possible, performing virtually every sexual act he could envisage with Emma except for full vaginal penetration. On top of that she had also set him up beautifully, transforming his appearance and giving him the confidence to talk to girls and to make them laugh.

But by next Saturday night his mum would be back and she'd be gone.

Of course, things were going fantastically with Suzy but he was realistic enough to know that once Emma was gone, he would never again have a living goddess at his beck and call, willing to fulfil almost any fantasy he wanted.

However, despite her liberal attitude to sex and her generous viewpoint on sharing her body, Emma was unusually old-fashioned about taking Spencer's virginity. She felt that he should lose it to someone his own age, that somehow it would be wrong for her to steal his cherry, even though she was only ten years older than him.

Spencer didn't really understand it but she was adamant and he'd promised he wouldn't take advantage of her even when she was in the throes of passion and quite possibly more than willing to agree to full penetration.

Having said that, she had matter-of-factly promised that if he lost his virginity this week then he could fuck her as many times as he wanted, for as long as he wanted and in any position he wanted.

So, even though she would be gone soon, Spencer knew he a damn good chance of having her; Suzy had virtually promised him that they would fuck on Friday night. And after that, Emma was his. His cock twitched at the thought.

"Oh, I see there's life left in him, after all," Emma joked. "If you can wait until after supper, we'll try out another position. My arse has recovered from that pounding you gave it this morning and I quite fancy it with me on top."

Spencer groaned in lust. Fuck, life was great.


On the next day at school, Spencer couldn't wait to see Suzy. His first chance came at morning break.

She was with her best friends Anna and Jenny, both of them striking in their own rights. Anna, tall and slender with auburn hair and bright green eyes, smiled broadly at him as she saw him approach. She turned to Jenny, a busty doll-like half-white half-Chinese beauty and said, "I think we should leave these two alone for a bit."

They walked away giggling.

"Hello, Suzy," Spencer grinned. "You look, gorgeous." Suzy had spiky blonde hair and a curvy body that exuded lush sexuality.

"Hi, Spencer. How are you?"

"Well to be honest, I'm really happy to see you. Even though you make me feel, well, you know," Spencer stuttered.

"Hmmm. I can see how I make you feel!" Suzy laughed. "I can't wait for Friday," she whispered.

"Oh, shit, Suzy. I want you so much," he groaned into her ear.

"Spencer! You're so naughty. Still, I can't wait to feel your big cock inside me."

"Fuck. I think I'm going to explode!" Spencer breathed.

Suzy considered briefly. "Tell you what, I suppose I can spare ten minutes at lunchtime to sort that out for you," she said as she gave his cock a furtive squeeze. "Meet me behind the Art room at 12:30 and I'll give you a quick handjob."

"OK!" Spencer replied.

"See you later!" Suzy giggled as she left him holding his bag in front of his bulging crotch.

Spencer groaned in a mix of lust and frustration before making his way to his next class, trying to relax.

By the time he met Suzy, he was hard again. They were outside, in a narrow alleyway behind a portakabin that housed the Art room.

She laughed as, after a quick check to ensure they weren't observed, she unzipped him and pulled out his erection. "Hello, big boy, how have you been?" she teased. "Did you miss me? I missed you." she added as she began to masturbate him.

"Oh, Suzy," Spencer hissed as he fondled her substantial bosom.

"We'll have to be quick," Suzy whispered. "Come on. Spunk for me, Spencer."

For the next ten minutes Suzy wanked him furiously while whispering filthy endearments in his ear. Eventually, with her arms tiring somewhat, she bent her head down murmuring, "Perhaps, I should give him a little kiss."

As Suzy's hot mouth enveloped the head of his cock, Spencer shivered at the glorious sensation of her velvet tongue tickling the tip of his glans. She started to hum in pleasure as Spencer grabbed the back of her head and began to slide his dick in and out of her mouth.

She cupped his buttocks and pulled him towards her on every forward thrust, urging him to come in her mouth. Spencer didn't disappoint and, within two minutes, he cried out in ecstasy as he flooded her tongue with jism.

"Wow! That was a lot of come! Oooh, I feel so horny but I've got to go," Suzy complained. "Perhaps you could return the favour tomorrow?" she added as she kissed him goodbye.

Over the next few days, Spencer met Suzy every lunchtime for a sneaky blowjob. He also made sure she was satisfied with his 'magic fingers', as she called them, although she wouldn't let him go down on her.

"Wait until Friday night," she kept saying. "You'll be able to do whatever you want to me then!" she promised.

Every night, he would tell Emma about his encounters with Suzy.

"Wow, she's such a whore!" Emma exclaimed after hearing about Suzy's oral exploits. "Absolutely perfect. Makes me feel creamy between my thighs just thinking about you giving her a good fuck. Come here and put that tongue of yours to work."

Spencer also got plenty of practice at fucking Emma up her arse in a variety of positions. As Friday approached, he was feeling more and more confident. Emma had told him he was good with his tongue and fingers and that his stamina was better than many men twice his age. She also seemed to adore his cock saying it was just the right size - big but not too big.

Emma even had a programme formulated to relax him on Thursday night, which involved a long slow passionate blowjob while he sat and watched the football, beer in hand.

After she'd finished, timing his ejaculation to the final whistle, Emma told him that that it would be his last until Suzy the next night.

"Need to make sure you're nice and aroused tomorrow, after all."

Spencer fell asleep that night dreaming of finally having full sex. By this time tomorrow he would no longer be a virgin.


Spencer held his head in his hands in despair.

He was sitting on a bench on the High Street and he'd been waiting nervously for Suzy. Their shared plan had been to take her to a really swanky restaurant and then back to his house for sex.

But it had all gone wrong.

He'd got there half an hour early, eager to see her. He hadn't had to wait long for the call that ruined his evening. As soon as he'd heard her voice, he knew something was wrong.

"Oh, Spencer, I'm so sorry but it's my Nan. She's been taken ill and we're all driving down to Bristol to see her. I'm so sorry to let you down. I've been so looking forward to tonight and I know you have too."

Spencer had swallowed his disappointment and reassured her that of course it was fine and she shouldn't worry and he really hoped her grandmother was OK. He would be all right.

But of course he wasn't all right. Emma would be leaving tomorrow evening. And she wouldn't let him fuck her unless he'd fucked Suzy first.

He knew it was inconsiderate and selfish but he couldn't help feeling a twinge of annoyance at Suzy for putting her dissertation first and for keeping him waiting until tonight. In reality they'd had dozens of opportunities to fuck this week.

And here he was, stood up and alone. Emma was out tonight with old friends so he couldn't even go home for a consolation blowjob or arse-fuck.

He stood up and began to make his way desultorily back towards his house.

"Hello Spencer," he heard from behind him.

He turned to see Suzy's best friends Anna and Jenny. They were dressed in their clubbing gear. Anna was wearing an emerald green crop-top that matched her eyes with a scandalously short black mini-skirt and matching black fishnets and green stilettos. Jenny was in a plunging cream t-shirt that showed off a surprisingly impressive cleavage, tight black leggings and knee high boots.

They both looked stunning.

"Oh, hi," he stuttered.

"Suzy just called us. She said what had happened and said you sounded down. She asked us to come and look after you," Jenny told him.

"Poor, Spencer. All horny and no-one to fuck," Anna giggled.

Spencer realised that they were both already pretty drunk.

"She asked you to look after me, did she?" he asked. "Where were you off to?"

"We were going to go Lollipops for some drinking and dancing, big boy. Why, where were you going to take Suzy?"

"Oh, we had a table at Le Gros Canard," he replied.

"Wow, really. I thought it was really difficult to get in there," Anna said, seemingly impressed.

Jenny added, "Yeah and it's really expensive too."

Spencer had Emma to thank for somehow getting him a table but also funding his seduction of Suzy.

"Oh, well," he said glumly. "I guess I'll just have to cancel now."

Anna and Jenny glanced at each other meaningfully before stepping forward to take one of Spencer's arms each.

"Or you could take us," Jenny said almost literally fluttering her eyelashes.

"Hmmm, please Spencer. Suzy said we had to look after you and I promise we'll really show you a good time," Jenny purred, pressing a breast against his arm.

Spencer considered for a millisecond. Although he felt loyalty to Suzy it was outweighed by the fact that her two best friends were seriously hot.

"OK, let me call up the restaurant and see if they can get us a table for three instead of two."


"Are you sure no-one's home?" Jenny whispered loudly in his ear as he fumbled with his front door key.

"Yeah, I promise. My mum's away and Emma's out until after midnight," Spencer replied. "Come on girls, in we go."

The meal had gone perfectly. Jenny and Anna had been overawed by both the ambience and the food. Spencer had, after slipping £20 to the waiter, pretended he was used to such places and done his best to maintain an urbane demeanour although this was tested a few times when Jenny exposed her cleavage by leaning towards him or Anna saucily squeezed his thigh to emphasise a conversational point.

After the meal the girls had said they wanted to go clubbing. Spencer had counter-proposed coming back to his house to drink his mum's drinks cabinet dry. Surprisingly, after a giggled consultation, they'd agreed.

Spencer put on some music and went to the kitchen to fix them all drinks. He checked his phone and found two texts, one from Emma wishing him luck and one from Suzy saying her grandmother was all right and that she'd call him on Sunday.

When he came back to the living room the girls were dancing with each other, gyrating sexily with a lot of sinuous hip action.

"Oh, wow," he said as he came in, his cock stiffening.

"Come on, Spencer," Jenny held out her hand to him.

"Um, well, no I don't really dance," he said, wishing that Emma had thrown in a few dancing lessons as part of her sexual curriculum.

Anna glided over to him and pulled him to the middle of the room. "We need to a big man to dance with," she giggled.

Spencer shuffled from foot to foot as the girls rubbed themselves all over him.

"Hmmm, Suzy said you were a big boy," Jenny said as she ground her arse into his crotch as Anna rubbed her bum all over his.

"Oh, fuck," he replied, all pretence at concealing his bulge gone.

Jenny turned and gave him a deep ardent kiss, allowing her tongue to entwine his agilely, while Anna's hand slid down the front of his body to squeeze his cock through his trousers.

She skilfully unzipped him and released his erection.

"Oh, is it as big as it feels, Jenny?" she asked.

Jenny looked down at Spencer's erection poking into her tummy.

"Oh, my, yes. Suzy said you had a big one. Come and have a look, Anna."

The girl pulled him towards the sofa before sitting down in front of him.

"Wow, lucky Suzy!" Anna laughed as she slowly tossed him.

"You mean lucky us," Jenny replied, cupping his heavy full balls.

Spencer didn't know what to say so wisely kept his mouth shut.

"So Spencer, do you think you can keep a secret?" Jenny asked teasingly.

"Yeah, we do love Suzy so we don't want her to know we've shagged her boyfriend before she has. To be honest, Spencer neither of us really fancy you but Suzy told us you had a big cock and that you lasted for ages so we thought it might be fun to have a fuck." He could feel Anna's breath on his cock as she spoke.

"And you've been so nice to us. That restaurant was amazing and anyway we're both feeling a bit horny," Jenny continued. "So what do you say? Would you like to fuck us?"

In reply Spencer slid his cock into her open mouth.

As Jenny moaned around his dick, Anna commented, "I think that's a yes!" before leaning forward to lick his balls.

Jenny's oral technique was slightly clumsy compared to Emma's assured sucking and even Suzy's enthusiastic head-bobbing, but it still felt amazing to Spencer. He couldn't believe that he had two beautiful girls, admittedly two very drunk beautiful girls, willing to give him head at the same time.

As the girls noisily swapped roles, with Anna taking over sucking his glans while Jenny licked his shaft, he moaned in ecstasy. "Oh, fuck yes, girls."

In response they began flicking their tongues over the head of his knob whilst looking up at him with innocent eyes.

The shared blowjob continued for another fifteen minutes during which Spencer silently thanked Emma for building up his stamina.

Eventually, while Jenny continued to bob her head on him, Anna stood up to kiss him and undress. She slipped her top over her head to reveal small perfectly-shaped breasts with hard red nipples which he began to suck.

"Oh, Spencer that's nice," she moaned.

As he nibbled, Spencer roughly pulled down her mini skirt to reveal astonishingly long legs clad in fishnet hold-ups and a perfect bottom in a black thong.

"Bloody hell, Anna. You're fucking hot," he growled in lust while pulling off his clothes, carefully keeping his cock in Jenny' ravenous mouth.

Anna smiled at him before peeling off her g-string and laying back on the sofa with her legs apart. The well-manicured thatch of red hair above her pussy was as red as the hair on her head. Her pussy looked moist and welcoming.

Spencer bent down and licked her pussy up and down firmly before sliding a finger into her sopping cunt and licking her clit.

Anna's moans were immediate and loud. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck yes. Oh, that's so fucking good," she screamed.

Spencer tried to ignore Jenny's hot sucking mouth and concentrated on giving Anna as much pleasure as possible so it was no surprise when she orgasmed noisily within just a few minutes.

"Wow, Jenny, you've got to try him out! That was incredible," she eventually gasped.

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