Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 03


Jenny, who had been fervently giving him head all this time, got up and quickly undressed. Her breasts, although of medium size in absolute terms, looked enormous on her tiny frame. Her skin was a gorgeous golden colour and her pubes shiny and black.

She sat on Spencer's left and they began to kiss passionately while Anna sucked him once more.

Spencer kissed and nibbled his way down Jenny's taught body, via her generous boobs, until he was making her pant in anticipation before licking her sweet tasting and immensely tight pussy.

If anything she was even more receptive than Anna going through a rapid series of orgasms while she clamped her thighs around his face.

Meanwhile Anna had been playing with herself whilst wanking his cock erratically with her left hand. Losing patience, she dragged Spencer off Jenny and begged, "Please, Spencer. I need a fuck."

Spencer allowed himself to pulled on top of her, the head of his cock lodged against her pussy lips.

He paused. This was it. Finally he would be losing his virginity. Not to Emma. Or Suzy. But to the equally gorgeous Anna. None of this would have seemed even vaguely possible three weeks ago.

"Go on Spencer, fuck her. She's just a naughty little slut who needs a good shagging," Jenny encouraged filthily in her sweet voice.

Spencer thrust his hips forward and his cock slid in smoothly all the way to the hilt. Despite the immediate physical pleasure he was feeling and the implausible sexiness of the two girls with whom he was, in his mind he pictured driving his cock into the marvellous Emma. At least for a few seconds.

"Oh, my God, fuck, that's amazing," he cried. Anna's cunt was as hot and as wet and as tight as he could ever have dreamed. She squeezed her pussy in response to his words.

"Glad you like it. Now give it to me hard," she ordered. Spencer didn't disappoint.

He forgot all of Emma's lessons in taking his time as he began to frenetically push his cock in and out of Anna's pussy and within seconds she was screaming and moaning in pleasure.

Jenny fingered herself and watched on in awe as Spencer pounded Anna's cunt with every ounce of effort he could muster. Over the next 15 minutes, Anna screamed out orgasm after orgasm until she begged, "No more, no more."

Spencer, who had got very close to his own release, groaned in frustration but as soon as he'd withdrawn, Jenny pushed him back on the sofa before climbing on top and slowing sliding herself down his pole. Gingerly she moved up and down until she was comfortable with his length and width before beginning to passionately grind herself back and forth.

Spencer grabbed her hips and pushed himself up into her but Jenny artfully kept control by slowing her pace down until he relaxed. Instead he made her squeak by reaching up to play with her dark nipples.

It wasn't long before Jenny started to come, making delightful high-pitched grunts every time she climaxed. And then Anna, having recovered from the hammering Spencer had given her pussy, decided to join in and straddled his face, squarely placing her cunt on to his mouth, whilst facing Jenny.

Despite the fantastic sex Spencer had had over the last three weeks, this was surely the highlight. The heady taste of Anna's adorable pussy, the incredible tightness of Jenny's cunt and the softness of her pert tits in his hands combined to bring Spencer ever closer to his inevitable orgasm.

But suddenly Jenny, after another shattering climax, collapsed into her friend's arms just as Anna herself came once more.

The two of the climbed off him, thoroughly spent, as Spencer watched in disbelief.

"Please! I'm so close," he begged.

"It's OK. It's your turn now," Anna promised before swallowing his cock without a care for her friend's pussy juices.

"Yes, you can come over our faces," Jenny agreed before bending down to gently tickle his anus with her tongue.

This was just too much for Spencer, who within just a few minutes of sucking, licking, bobbing and slurping, shouted in ecstasy and began to spurt uncontrollably in Anna's mouth. She pulled her head back to take a few ropes of jism on her face before directing more spunky squirts over Jenny's eager tongue.

Spencer slumped back on the sofa and watched as the girls enthusiastically licked each other and his cock clean of any trace of cum.

"Wow," Anna said, "that's the best fuck I've ever had!"

"Me too!" Jenny agreed.

"And me," Spencer joked. "That was my first time."

"No!" the girls looked astonished. "Really?"

"Yeah but, shit, it was really worth waiting for. Just fucking fantastic," he sighed.

"God, Spencer. I can't wait until you get some more practice!" Jenny laughed.

"Yeah. Shit, I wish we could tell Suzy what's she's missing out on. I think we should wait until you've had her and then when she tells us all about it we should beg to be allowed a go on you. I think she'd say yes," Anna said.

"What do you think, Spencer? Maybe we could have a foursome? Do you think you could handle all three of us?" Jenny asked.

Spencer's cock twitched in response as it began to harden at the thought.

"Fucking hell! It's getting stiff again. I'm not sure about you, Anna, but I don't think I could take it in my pussy again but I'm up for another blowjob," Jenny said.

Anna answered, "Yeah, all right," before the two girls bent their heads down to suck him once more.


Spencer woke to the familiar feeling of a tongue sliding under his foreskin and a soft hand cupping his balls. For a few moments he couldn't recall where he was. Was it Jenny or Anna?

Then he remembered how the previous evening had ended.

The girls had given him a splendidly adoring and thorough blowjob before, despite their earlier resolve, taking turns to get fucked once more in every position imaginable. They eventually left at midnight, thoroughly shafted and having some difficulty walking. He'd seen them off to their taxi with an enormous smile and an aching cock.

Which meant that the mouth that was currently bobbing up and down on his erection under the covers had to be...

He threw his duvet off to see Emma smiling wickedly around a mouthful of dick.

She paused her oral ministrations to say, "Darling, you did it! You taste of very sweet pussy."

He laughed as he pulled her up the bed to kiss her and draw open her gown to reveal her outstanding figure. "I'm going to fuck you now," he promised.

Emma's nipples hardened under her his tweaking as she replied straight-faced, "Oh, OK, if you must."

She let her legs fall apart as he lay on top of her, carefully positioning his cock at her wet entrance. Slowly, inch by inch, looking deep into her eyes, he pushed himself into her welcoming pussy.

Emma's pussy wasn't as tight as either Anna's or Jenny's but as soon as he was all the way in, she rippled her vaginal muscles tantalisingly.

"Oh, my god," he swore in astonishment.

"Does that feel nice, lover?" she teased. He began to fuck her, slowly at first but then more and more quickly.

He'd waited three weeks to have her and now that he was finally inside her, he was in no way disappointed. Despite his repeated ejaculations of the last 24 hours, he could feel himself rapidly moving closer and closer to climax as she almost sucked in him with her incredible cunt.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," he began to chant as Emma also started to moan deeply in lust. They both got louder and louder until Emma's whole body convulsed in an enormous orgasm almost throwing him off her. This was too much for him and he screamed, "I'm coming," before flooding her pussy with a seemingly unending amount of jism.

They held each other silently for an age until Spencer rolled her over so that she was on top of him, his cock still lodged inside her.

"I love you, Emma," he whispered, meaning it absolutely.

"And I love you, Spencer," she replied warmly kissing him. "Was it worth waiting for?" she asked fondly.

"Oh, fuck, yes. Considering all the amazing things that have happened to me over the last three weeks, that was by far the best."

"Thank you, Spencer, darling. I aim to please!" she smiled, flexing her pussy around him.

He gasped, "I don't know how you do that but it's incredible."

"So, lover, tell me all about last night. Was Suzy a great fuck?"

Emma laughed in disbelief as Spencer told her about being stood up, meeting Suzy's friends and how he brought them home for a comprehensive fucking.

"You lucky bastard! And I'm a lucky bitch too! Thanks goodness you lost your virginity last night," she giggled.

After a thoughtful pause, Spencer said, "Do you really have to go tonight?"

Emma kissed him tenderly before sighing. "Yes, darling. I don't think it would be a great idea for your mum to come home and find us in bed together."

"Oh, OK," he replied dejectedly.

"But," Emma continued, "the good news is that I'm not going far. In fact I've managed to get myself a flat in Kensington. I'll only be half an hour away on the tube."

"Really! Oh, Emma, that's fantastic!" Spencer exclaimed. "Can I come and see you there? You know..."

Emma laughed. "Oh, Spencer. I promise that you can come and see me as often as you want and I also promise you can have sex me with in any hole and any position you want. I'll dress up for you. I'll do anything you want. In any case, I've still got lots to teach you."

"Really? I thought we'd done everything now!"

"Oh, we haven't even started. When I'm finished with you, you'll be able to make your girlfriends come with a raise of an eyebrow!"

They kissed again until Emma sat up, straddling him. "Mmmm. Feels like you're almost ready to go again. I quite fancy a day in bed. I wonder how many times we can fuck before 4 o' clock. Shall we?"

"OK, Emma," Spencer replied, cupping her breasts as she began to ride him.

As he played with her full tits and hard nipples, he lay back, once more, in ecstasy. It looked like the best three weeks of his life might not be quite coming to an end after all.

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