tagToys & MasturbationThree's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 07

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 07


A striptease with a sexy surprise after is well worth the wait and the effort of watching.

Isolated for hours in his darkened office, William maintained his sexy surveillance of Susan from his office windows across the street from her. It was dark now and with Susan reading her book while resting on her bed with her bedroom light on, it was getting late. Even fully dressed, she was so lovely and so sexy. Even fully dressed, he wanted her as if she was naked. He imagined being there in bed with her and spooning her while reaching his arm around her to cup her big breast in his hand.

Past his bedtime, he wondered how much longer it would be before she undressed. He was tired and wanted to go to bed but after waiting this long for her to strip naked, he didn't want to miss anything for the sake of not waiting just a few minutes more. Soon to find out, so that he wouldn't have to sit and wait for hours every night, he wondered what time she normally got ready for bed.

He wondered if she'd strip off her clothes right there in front of him with the light illuminating her bedroom or would she turn off the light to undress in the dark. If she did turn off her light, with the moonlight entering from her uncovered windows, he wondered if it would still be light enough for him to see her hiding in the shadows of her bedroom while undressing. Maybe it's time he invested in a surveillance video camera aimed at her bedroom window. Maybe it's time he invested in a pair of pricy, night vision binoculars and a night vision telephoto lens for his camera. He'd love to see her lit up in a dim, light green light while undressing and thinking that no one can see her.

Maybe instead of undressing in front of him, she'd spoil his fun and elect for the privacy of the bathroom and, denying him so much as a peep, would close the bathroom door to undress. Whether she undressed in the bright light of her bedroom, turned off the light, or disappeared behind a closed door in the bathroom, she still had to sleep in her bed with no blind, shade, or curtain obstructing his view. He'd still see her in bed sleeping. If he had to remain up all night, at least he'd have the sexy pleasure of watching her moving around in bed during the night. Definitely from the view he had from his office windows and because of where her bed was positioned and angled to face her bedroom windows, he could watch her sleeping while dreaming of him, he only wished.

While wondering about her sleeping and looking so sexy, he wondered if she snored. Surely, someone so beautiful couldn't possibly snore. Aside from snoring, he wondered if someone like her burped or farted or if she was too beautiful to do any of those. With both of them snoring, he burps all the time and Liz farts all the time. In the way that Liz sometimes forgets to flush the toilet, he couldn't imagine someone as sensuous and sexy as Susan taking a big, steamy dump in the toilet.

Realizing that she's human just like him, albeit exquisitely beautiful, shapely, and sexy, she's just another woman of the billions of other women on the planet. Yet, so enamored with her, possibly in love with her, he afforded her special privileges when thinking of her as no ordinary person and doing ordinary things. One in a billion, an extraordinary woman, she was special. No one that he knows looks like her, moves like her, and talks like her. She was one of a kind.

Excited by the sexual anticipation of watching her undressing, he wondered if she slept in the nude or in a sexy nightgown. Maybe she wore pajamas. Wishing he had night vision binoculars and/or a night vision telephoto lens for his camera again, should she turn off her bedroom light, soon to find out perhaps, he wondered how much he could see of her in the dark without having the aid of night vision. He wondered which other of his neighbors could see her but, other than the view his wife had of her from their spare bedroom next door to his office, his neighbors didn't have the exact angle and view of her bedroom that they solely enjoyed.

In case she failed to give him a sexy striptease show tonight, hoping she'd kick the covers off of herself during the night, he could get up early enough to watch her awaken and to see how much of her he could see. Better than watching her in a porn movie, feeling as if he was subscribing to Big Brother after hours TV on his computer, he wondered what time she got out of bed. He wondered if she'd take her shower with the bathroom door open so that he could watch her washing her shapely and so sexy, naked body. He wondered if she had a job other than making porn movies.

Obviously bored while waiting for the sexy show and by the lack of naked action of his sexy neighbor, he continued asking himself idiotic questions without answers. He wondered how many porn movies she's made in a year. He wondered how many porn movies she's made in total. He wondered how much she earns for each one. Then, getting horny just watching her reading while still fully dressed, he wondered how many men she fucked and sucked to earn enough money to not only support herself but also to buy this big house in this exclusive neighborhood. He figured she must have drank a bucket full of cum to afford this piece of expensive real estate.

Not having very long to wait for the answer to many of his questions, he couldn't believe his luck when she put aside her book, sat up on the edge of her bed, and started to unbutton her blouse while facing him. Figuring that she would and glad that she didn't, she didn't turn off her bedroom light. Doesn't she know that he can see her? Maybe she knows he's watching her but just doesn't care. Being that she's a porn star, duh, maybe she's an exhibitionist and likes showing her naked body and enjoys being watched.

She's such a slut but he was so glad that she was. With the thoughts of posting it to the Internet, he so wanted to video her but, fearing that she'd spot the red light of the video camera, he didn't want to prematurely stop her sudden striptease and ruin her voyeurism of her. It's one thing for her to strip for him but quite another thing for her to be recorded and possibly have her naked imagine posted all over the internet. Moreover, if this was a sexy prelude to what was to come, not wanting him to think that he was perverted, he didn't want to ruin his chances of seeing her naked night after night. Better off hiding in the shadows of his darkened office after sitting there for hours staring across at her bedroom window than to be exposed for the pervert that he is. An understatement, he enjoyed watching her undress finally.

Button by slow blouse button, he watched her unbuttoned her blouse while she looked up at the ceiling as if she was deep in thought. An oxymoronic question, much like having the brain capacity of a dumb model or a dimwitted beauty contestant, he couldn't help but wonder what does a porn star think about when lost deep in thought. Surely, too deep for her, she's not thinking about global peace, global warming, politics, or the economy. Maybe she's thinking about what to wear tomorrow or about her diet and her exercise plan. Maybe, when he introduced himself to her earlier, he made an impression on her and she's thinking about meeting him again.

Surely, his dog made enough of an unforgettable impression on her legs by peeing on one leg and humping her other leg. Maybe she's thinking about his dog or getting a dog of her own to pee on him. For sure, too much to fathom, there's only so much information that one so beautiful can process without getting a headache before falling asleep, snoring, farting, and burping from the anxiety and stress of thinking too much. So as not to interrupt her beauty rest, it's better that she doesn't tax herself to think too much.

"Just stay there and look pretty, sexy, and slutty, while stripping off your clothes," he said out loud while watching her undress. "Just show me your sexy body Susan."

Only, when he met her, just before his dog peed on her, she didn't appear stupid or dimwitted. She seemed quick witted and intelligent, as she portrays her characters in her porn movies. Never playing the role of a ditsy blonde, she always plays the articulate and intelligent woman, the heroine. Maybe she's not the typical beauty queen, model, and porn star after all. Maybe she has more intelligence and deep thinking than he credits her for having. Maybe she's even a college graduate with an advanced degree but if she did have a college degree, then why is she making porn movies?

A man's world and tough going for a woman to make it in films, even pornographic films and especially for a woman as beautiful as she is, maybe, duh, she makes the dirty movies for the money. He wondered again how much a porn star made. Jenna Jameson did very well and is very rich. Maybe Jenna is just an abnormality where, typically, the only ones earning the biggest share of the pie are the producers and directors and not the actors and actresses.

Maybe being that she's made so very many porn movies, she produces them and/or directs them now. Maybe she's made enough money to have her own production company and to make her own pornographic movies with her as the porn star. Susan Jill Parker Productions, he could see her name in lights. Maybe, after the movie is released from playing in the cinemas, she gets residuals, distribution fees, and/or worldwide rights. For her to buy that expensive house across the street from him, maybe she has a much bigger piece of the porn movie pie that he thinks.

Wishing he was there in her bedroom with her but watching her from his office window was the next best thing, he watched her unbutton her blouse and flay it open. As if seeing her for the first time, even after watching her dozens of times on his big screen, the excitement of seeing her long line of cleavage, her bra, and the overflow of her breasts bursting from her bra instantly and sexually excited him. Then, when she stood to unbutton and unzip her tight jeans, he watched her slide and wiggle out of her skin tight pants to push them down to her ankles. He saw her bikini panties in the way that he remembered the moving men seeing her in her panties when they opened her bedroom door unannounced and without knocking first.

Now exclusively thinking about her panties and bra, he wondered where she bought her underwear. Appearing as if they were custom made to fit her exquisite body, her panties and bra looked expensive. He wondered if she bought her lingerie at Victoria's Secrets or had them custom made for her shapely body. He'd love nothing better to do than to go lingerie shopping with her for panties and bras.

Giving him a nice view between her shapely thighs of her panty clad pussy and panty clad ass, he watched her turn, bend, and pose before sitting on her bed to extricate her feet from her jeans. His favorite outfit of choice, he loved seeing a woman in her underwear before seeing her naked. A gross understatement about seeing her in her underwear, she had sexy lingerie. She had the amazing body of a fit model, a lingerie model, or a swimsuit model. Yet, a porn star actress has special skills that a fit model, a lingerie model, and a swimsuit model may or may not have. Porn star actresses suck cock, lots of cock and fuck a multitude of men. He wondered how many men she's had sex with again while imagining her in bed naked and screaming from an orgasm as she does in all of her porn movies.

Definitely, if he didn't know she was a porn star, he'd think she was a model or an actress, when in reality, she is an actress of sorts. Perhaps she's wasting her time and talent as a porn star actress and should be a model or a commercial spokeswoman for some beauty product. At about 5'9" tall, she's certainly tall enough to model, maybe not for runway but tall enough for print modeling. Although for her to afford such a fine house, maybe she earns more than a model.

Maybe as a divorce settlement, an ex-husband bought her the house. Just as she looked like a woman who'd play a man for money, beginning to look a little fucked over in the way she's been around the block one too many times, she looked like a woman who's been married two or three times. In the way that men have used women over the ages, she looked like a woman who's used men to advance her career with opportunities and fatten her bank account with divorce settlements. Nonetheless who she was, what she did, or how much she earned, never has he seen a woman so beautiful and, after watching her in so many porn movies, to see her live and in person while standing there in her underwear was a sexual fantasy come true.

"Pinch me, I'm dreaming," he said for no one to hear. "I can't believe I'm watching this."

As if she was playing a sexy character in one of her porn movies, he watched her parade around her bedroom in her bra and panty. Walking back and forth in front of her bedroom windows, he watched her unpack more boxes to put more things away and organize her closet and drawers before she retrieved her nightgown from her dresser drawer. That's one question answered. She doesn't sleep in the nude or wear pajamas. She wears a nightgown. No doubt, being that she's a porn star with a sexual image to maintain in case there's a fire and she needs to be rescued, she must wear a sexy nightgown. He liked nightgowns and he couldn't wait to see her in her nightgown but even more exciting than seeing her in her sexy nightgown was to see her naked while undressing to don her sexy nightgown.

As if there was a drum roll going off in his head, he watched her reach around behind her to unhook her bra. His brain told his eyes that he was about to see her tits. Having plenty of time to ponder such important things before she removed her bra, he wondered if it was the other way around with his eyes telling his brain that he was about to see her tits. He figured, in the way of a five alarm fire ringing in his head that he was about to see her tits, the information being processed between his brain and his eyes was instantaneous, especially when it came to seeing someone who looks as good as she does topless.

No matter whether it was his eyes telling his brain or his brain telling his eyes that he was about to see her tits, in one quick swoop, her bra was off and her big tits were right for his horny eyes to see. Damn she has big, beautiful boobs. Perfect areolas, and big nipples, her tits are so shapely. He wish Liz had tits like Susan's tits. Definitely, now that he's seen her tits, as if he's a coroner, a forensic criminologist, or an undertaker, after having seen her breasts so very many times before in so very many porn movies, he could easily identify her by her boobs. Even after having seen her tits so very many times in all of the porn movies he's watch of her, he never tires of seeing her big tits. He loves her tits.

As if she knew he was looking and to give him a better view of her topless body, she walked to her bedroom window. Leaning forward with her hands palm down on her window sill, she stood there looking out at the street before looking across the way at his darkened window. Did she know that he was watching her? Did she know that anyone out walking their dog could see her or maybe after being naked so many times in so many pornographic movies she didn't care? Could she see him standing there in the dark watching her in the way that he could see her standing in the light looking out over the neighborhood before looking across at his unlit window?

As if he was a cop on stakeout watching a dangerous criminal, did she sense he was there watching? Is that why she walked to the window topless? Of course she knows he's watching her for her, how could she not know? For her to be undressing with the light on in her bedroom and standing in front of her undressed windows topless. He wondered, in addition to seeing her in her sexy underwear and seeing her topless, if she was going to give him even more of a sexy show?

As if he couldn't see her, he watched her yawn and stretch before removing her panty. Still standing by the uncovered windows of her bedroom, she showed him her shaved pussy that had just a small tuft of hair to prove that she was a natural blonde. As if she was an sculpture's rendering carved in flesh tone stone, she had an amazing body in person that even the camera couldn't capture to do her justice on the big screen. With big, beautiful boobs, a flat, toned stomach, long, shapely legs, and a gorgeous face, she was everything he wanted in a woman. In the way that John Voigt made Angelina Jolie his beautiful daughter as her biological father, he couldn't have made a better woman if he made Susan himself.


Recalling her in some of her old, porn movies, pretending that he was a porn star too, he'd love to hold her naked body in his arms while kissing her. He'd love to feel her big tits while fingering her nipples. He'd love to reach down to finger her wet pussy before pushing her back on her bed and spreading her legs to finger her while licking her. He recalled all the lucky porn star actors and actresses that had their sexy way with her. He wondered what it would be like to mount her and to make love to her before fucking her. He wondered what it would feel like for her to stroke him before sucking him. He wondered what it would feel like to feel his cock deep inside of her while humping her.

Then, he wondered about his wife. Having been so preoccupied with Susan, he forgot all about his wife. He wondered if Liz was still there in the spare bedroom watching Susan parading around her bedroom naked. He tiptoed to his office/bedroom door to listen. With one eye watching Susan and his ear pressed to his bedroom door, he listened for his wife.

She was still there. He could hear her. He heard her moving around, no doubt moving around trying to get a better view of Susan but he had the best view of her from his office window. With her having the rest of the house, this room was his and he'd be damn if he was going to give up this room, especially now that Susan was across the way, so that his wife could have a better view of his beloved Susan.

"Fuck her," he said under his breath of her not to hear. "The king of my castle, albeit segregated and isolated to a small room of this big house, this is my house."

Now naked, jiggling and bouncing her natural breasts and sashaying her perfectly round butt, Susan paraded around her bedroom. Looking at her naked body in the mirror, she turned one way before turning the other and before sucking in her stomach, as if she had to do that. She had an amazing body, the best body he's ever seen. She had the perfect body of an Olympian athlete, a beauty pageant contestant, or for the porn star that she was.

With a view of the naked back of her and the vanity mirror giving him a view of the naked front of her too, he watched her sit naked at her vanity table to remove her makeup and brush her beautiful, long, lush, blonde hair. In the way he used to brush Liz's beautiful dark hair, he wished he was standing there to brush her beautiful hair. Then, opening a drawer in her vanity, he watched her retrieve something and carry it over to the bed. Still naked, ignoring her nightgown that she placed on her bed earlier for the comfort of being naked and for whatever it was that she placed on the bed beside her, she reclined back and angled and positioned her body to get comfortable. Able to see her all at once, he had the perfect, naked view of her. He wondered how much Liz could see of her from her angle.

As if wishing her to do so, his sexual fantasy come true, he couldn't believe it when she started touching herself. Just as if he was watching her in a live porn movie, she was feeling herself, fondling herself, and touching herself where he wished he was feeling, fondling, and touching her. Feeling her big breasts with one hand, she was fingering her erect nipples, while rubbing her clit with her other hand in the way that he wished he could feel her big tits, finger her erect nipples, and rub her clit. He wondered if she knew that he could see her. How could she not know? She was right there. Obviously, she's giving him a show. If only she knew his wife was watching the show too, he wondered if she'd continue. With all the lesbian scenes she's done in her movies, maybe she's bi-sexual.

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