tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 02

Three's A Crowd Ch. 02


The next day was fine and warm, and Danny and I went down to the swimming hole again; only we were both too chicken to get in the water. We just sat in the sun and talked desultorily about this and that. Neither of us mentioned yesterday with Mel, or us jacking off together. And I wasn't about to say anything about the later episode in her room either! The next thing we knew, Her Ladyship herself appeared, shucked off her track pants and top without a word of greeting, and dived cleanly into the icy pool.

And, just like the day before, when she got out, her nipples stuck out like big pencil erasers. She stood over us with her feet planted apart, towelling herself off. Both Danny and I took sneaky peeps up the smooth columns of her taut legs in an attempt to see her crotch, but neither of us trusted ourselves to look at her directly. It was fascinating the way the water dripped to the grass from the gusset of her swimsuit as the fabric drained itself of moisture.

"So, aren't you fine gentlemen going to warm my nipples up for me today?"

We shot startled looks towards Mel's face to see if she was serious. But neither of us got that far, because my sister had slipped the top half of her bathing costume right down, exposing her hard-tipped breasts to the open air.

I gasped with the force of my sudden erection. "Oh c-c-cripes, Mel!" I stuttered. "Come down here!"

She dropped her towel between us, and Danny and I stretched it out flat for her. With a wondrous gracefulness, Mel joined us and stretched out on her back. Then she reached out, placed her hands on the backs of our necks, and guided our mouths to where she wanted them to go.

"Ooooh yessss!" she sighed as our warmth enclosed her hard points. "That is soooo wonderful!"

Danny and I suckled on Mel's nipples for ten minutes and more. She gasped and sighed and thrust he chest up to us in turn to take even more of her breasts into our mouths. She stroked the backs of our necks and ruffled our hair. I tensed at first when she did that, but then realised that there would be no banging our heads together today.

It took me a while to recognise, from the writhing movements of Mel's lower body, that Danny was doing more than just sucking on her tit. I took a quick look over at him and saw that he had one hand stroking her skin just above her navel and was trying to push her bathing costume down further. It seemed to me that my friend needed some help in this worthy endeavour, and my hand joined his straight away. Mel's warmth and smooth softness flowed through my fingertips, reminding me that this was the first time I had ever touched her so boldly!

Mel let Danny and I stroke her and push the stiff fabric down past her waist to her hips, but then interrupted us, saying, "No please…don't…you mustn't!"

I stopped straight away, but Danny kept on going. He got a hefty slap on the side of his head for his troubles. And then Mel angrily rolled away and ran off just like she did the day before. Nice one Danny Boy! You really screwed that one up for the both of us, buddy! And, just like the day before, Danny and I 'relieved our feelings'. Only this time I took my shorts right off and sat with my legs spread apart, turned towards the clump of bushes where I suspected Mel might be watching from.

That night Mel hardly spoke to me in front of our parents, but she poked her head around my door when I was in bed and whispered, "Thanks for showing me, Joel." I pulled my bedcovers to one side and showed her that I was in the midst of a repeat performance. She flushed and whispered, "I'll be thinking of you too." And then she left.

It rained for the next two days, so nobody went swimming. But even when it fined up, Mel didn't come to the swimming hole for over a week. When she did appear, I wasn't there, because Mom found me some chores to do straight after school. I eventually made it but I got the shock of my life when I arrived.

I suppose it was the noise of Mel's loud moans that made me stop to spy on them. Danny was sucking on one of her nipples, which was starting to become SOP, but at the same time his hand was right down inside the front of her swimming costume and she was bucking and humping her belly like crazy. The bastard was obviously touching my sister between her legs and she was absolutely creaming herself with pleasure!

Before long, I had my tingling dick in my hand and was rapidly jerking it to a violent spurting while I watched them. At almost the same time, Mel let out a sharp cry and clamped her legs together around Danny's hand. At least my sister and I were cumming together!

Danny tried to carry on sucking on her tit and rubbing her, but Mel pushed him away. He sat there looking kind of puzzled at what he had done wrong. But, eventually, she smiled at him and was clearly telling him that everything was Ok. As she did so, Mel put her hand on the inside of Danny's knee and stroked his leg. She said something to him and he nodded, looking at her as if he'd been struck by lightning. The next thing I saw was my sister taking hold of Danny's stiff cock through his swimming shorts and jacking him off! He tried to make Mel put her hand inside, but my sister shook her head and refused sharply. Danny got the message and let her do him from the outside. It took less than a minute. The lucky bastard!

I didn't join the pair, electing instead to head off to another part of the river to swim on my own. Mom and Dad banned us from swimming alone, because the river can be so very dangerous, but I didn't give a stuff right then. I was seething with jealousy, but at the same time cognisant of the fact that a chick would not want to do that kind of thing with her brother…would she? I remember thinking morosely that I would have no idea of what they got up to after I left. Probably more of the same…or even full sex! The latter concept almost made me turn back, but then I angrily punched a tree trunk far too hard and had to find some cold water to ease the self-inflicted pain.

I was kind of frosty towards Mel that evening. Eventually, she got me alone and asked me brightly why I hadn't come down to the swimming hole. It seemed to me that she put far too much emphasis on the word 'come'. I answered her with a cold curtness that Mom and given me a heap of jobs to do, and then I had schoolwork.

Mel insisted, "But you still went swimming, didn't you? Your shorts are drying on the line."

I just turned my back on her and steamed away without bothering to answer.

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