tagNonHumanThrice Bitten

Thrice Bitten


I could sense his confusion from down the street. He sat in the diner leaned over his coffee trying to figure out what he had done and why. He couldn’t believe he had just fucked that girl in the middle of his favorite club. She wasn’t even pretty. Just some plain Jane and he had done her in front of all his friends. What had come over him??

I walked into the diner unnoticed and took a seat at the counter where I could see his long dark hair falling over his shoulders. The waitress came to refill his cup and I decided he had not had enough yet. I “told” her to set down the pot and undo her blouse. Her milky white breasts were straining to stay inside the black silk bra that confined them. He stood and kissed her deeply as he reached behind her to undo the bra. I could “feel” her need. She was tired from a long day on her feet and it showed in her face. She was older, late 40’s maybe, but still attractive. With her schedule she didn’t have time for men though and she missed that. She moaned softly as he kissed his way to her neck wrapping his fingers around her elongated nipples.

The only ones around at this hour were the cook and myself. He was busy in the back so the lovers were undisturbed as they made their way to a back booth. He laid her down across the table and continued to undress her. The short skirt she wore to try and draw attention was soon lying on the floor. Her black silk panties were moist from her heat. He dropped to his knees in front of her and took in her aroma. With my Vampire sense I could smell her from across the room. Her deep musky scent aroused him in ways he didn’t know possible. He dove in sucking her through the material of the panties.

She screamed out in pleasure grabbing his hair and pulling him in tight. Her need was immense and she wasn’t going to let him go until she was satisfied. He, too, was driven mad by lust and ripped her panties aside with his teeth. His tongue found her throbbing clit. He sucked it into his mouth while he drove two fingers deep into her steaming cunt. She bucked towards his face, her womanhood on fire. He threw her legs over his shoulders and nibbled lightly on her clit. He slid his thumb through her juices to get it well lubricated before sliding it deep into her ass. This caused her to flood his face with sweet nectar. He lapped up every drop using his fingers to keep her squirming.

The aura in the room was so intense my own need soon took hold. My fangs started to distend as I was reminded I had not yet fed for the night. My pussy was getting wet watching the two copulate for my pleasure. I knew when he was done with her I would take my turn.

He stood and let her legs fall to the sides of the table. She was splayed wide open for all to see. He casually dropped his pants and stepped forward again. Once again lifting her legs, he positioned his engorged shaft at the entrance to her still quivering cunt. He reached down with one finger to massage her clit as he slowly slid himself inside. He only let her have the first couple inches before pulling back out. She whimpered at this injustice so on the next stroke he slammed his whole 8 inches home. I let my hand slip between my legs as I watched him fuck her.

His strokes were slow and deliberate. He wanted to know every inch of this new cunt before blowing his load. It was so tight, something he hadn’t expected for someone of her obvious years. Her pussy clamped around his cock, sucking it in deep with every stroke. I watched her fingers automatically go to her neglected nipples. She tweaked them in time to his fingers on her clit. She was coming so hard and so fast it was running down her ass and leaving a puddle on the table. Still he worked slowly. Their slow-motion fuck was driving me wild. If he didn’t end it soon he would be in danger of dying tonight beside his little bitch in heat.

As if hearing my thoughts his pace quickened. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck for stability as he slammed into her hard and fast. I could sense the boiling in his balls and fingered myself as he shot his hot spunk deep in that sweet pussy. When he was done he dropped her back on the table, pulled up his pants and walked out as if nothing had happened.

Before he was even out the door, I was on my knees between her legs. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the aroma of their sexual frenzy. My tongue snaked out and tasted their combined juice. Her close trimmed bush held it all in for me. She was exhausted from his exuberance and took no notice that her partners had changed. I let my fangs scrape along her thigh, bringing a heavy sigh from her parched lips. She raised one leg giving me better access to her most sensitive area.

My fingers slid deep inside and pulled the nectar out for my enjoyment. I banged away at her already abused cunt as I slurped up their cum and tweaked her clit. Her pussy walls were clenching my fingers while her hips ground into my face. My own hips were pumping away at an invisible cock. She grabbed at my hair, screaming as she came yet again. I was on the edge myself and bit down hard on her clit. The blood mixed with the love juice filled me. I drank thirstily, draining her life while sustaining mine. I licked the juice from the crack of her ass and cleaned her thighs, not wanting to miss a drop.

When I was done I dressed her and sat her in the booth. For all intents and purposes it will look like a heart attack when she is found. I headed out the door to see what my real prey was up to. With my appetite I might kill him just by “encouraging” him to entertain for me. I wonder how many times in one night he is good for.

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