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Twice Bitten


Since I was bitten and turned into a Vampire, I love the hunt. I “hunted” even before being turned but then it was just a sexual conquest. Now it is so much more. Take tonight for example. I am sitting here in the back of this loud dance club. No one notices the earplugs I wear. (With my Vampire senses the noise would be deafening without them.) I watch the couples getting together. I scan the crowd looking for just the right man for me. Even when I find him I won’t take him tonight. That would take all the fun out of it. I like to follow them for a few days. Learn about them. I enjoy the cocky ones. They come walking in knowing they will take some pretty young girl home with them. I watch them strut their stuff. I can “hear” their thoughts. Sometimes I even like to manipulate them. “Tell” them what to do or how to act.

Tonight I saw him come in with his buddies. They were all ready to get some action, checking out the crowd as they walked through the front door. He was definitely the man in charge. They chose a table right on the edge of the dance floor so they could see all the entertainment. He was looking for some petite young thing to suck his cock. He knew they all wanted him. I knew that one girl in particular did. She had seen him come in and her panties got moist immediately. He wasn’t even aware of her presence. When I saw his attitude towards women in general I knew it was time to teach him a lesson before taking his life.

I sent a “message” to him and he instantly noticed my quiet, moist girl. He sauntered over to her and asked her to dance. She accepted without hesitation and I watched as they snuggled in the middle of the dance floor. He nibbled her neck and she ran her hands along his back. I could smell her juices as they flowed freely from her aching cunt. She was getting hotter as his hands roamed across her chest teasing her erect nipples through the material. She let her hands drop to his ass and pull him close. I knew she could feel his hardening cock against her thigh.

I didn’t need to “encourage” them any further. His hands came up under her swelling breast and it spilled out the top of her dress. He dropped down to suck her nipple into his hot mouth. I could hear her moans from my vantage point. No one else on the dance floor took notice of their situation. His hand dropped to the hem of her short skirt dragging it up over her tight ass to reveal the fact that she was not wearing panties. She lifted her leg, resting it on his hip and allowing him access to her dripping snatch. His fingers slid in and she flooded her juice right on the spot.

In all the excitement of “directing” my lovers on the floor I had not noticed that someone else in the club had been watching as well. He was in the shadows across the room taking a similar stance to my own. I felt his presence as he stepped closer to the floor. His excitement was as intense as the two “dancing” for my pleasure. I couldn’t stop the dancers at this point. They were too far gone in their lust for one another. I kept a close eye on my “brother” to see what is intentions were.

Meanwhile out on the floor my couple had taken things even further. She had turned around so her bare ass was planted firmly in his groin. I was so worried about my competition that I didn’t see him take his cock out of his khakis. He impaled her with his raging hard-on in the middle of the spotlight. Any one, not just someone with my heightened senses, could hear her moans. I could sense his balls boiling and knew he wouldn’t take long. She seemed to sense it too and slammed her ass against him to reach her goal as well. She wasn’t quick enough though and he blew his spunk deep inside her trembling pussy. Unceremoniously, he pulled out leaving her unfulfilled and in a state of need.

My counter-part reacted immediately and stepped behind driving his own rock hard erection deep into her empty hole. In his lust-filled state I knew he wasn’t thinking clearly. He didn’t dare take this girl here with all these people around. They hadn’t noticed what two humans were doing but they would definitely notice her dropping dead to the floor when he was done with her. A Vampire can only reach orgasm by taking his victims blood.

I rushed out to the floor. The scene in front of me was surreal. The girl was riding him for all she was worth, grinding her hips against his and screaming out in constant orgasm. The vampire had a glazed look in his eyes and I knew he was reaching his peak. His fangs were distending as he threw his head back. I tried to “reach” him mentally but he had tuned out everything but his own lust. When I reached him on the dance floor I grabbed his hair and yanked him back. He dropped the girl in a heap and turned to defend himself. I stared him down with my fangs bared and he realized what a mistake he had almost made.

No words were exchanged as we picked up the poor rumpled girl and headed to the restrooms in the back. Once locked safely inside we sat the girl down on the edge of the sink. She was so far gone she wantonly spread her legs and began fingering her throbbing clit, oblivious to her surroundings. Even I couldn’t resist such a tasty treat and dropped to my knees to taste her feminine juice. I was at once convinced my prey that had left his cum in her tight little twat was the one for me. He tasted so good mixed with her sweet dew. I lapped up every drop of their love juice bringing her to yet another climax. She grabbed my hair, pulling me in tight to her dripping cunt, and rode my face through her strongest orgasm yet. When I had cleaned her up again I stood and stepped back. The Vampire who had so recently been fucking her stepped up, and with an acknowledging look towards me, took his place in her twat once again.

I stood aside and watched the festivities. Its not often we get a chance to enjoy the work of another of our sect. With the dance floor antics still fresh in his mind he pumped away at a pace only a Vampire can attain. His cock was a blur as it drove in and out of her convulsing cunt. Standing behind and slightly off to the side I had a good view of his penetration. I could also see in the mirror. It was a good thing she was gone because she would have freaked if she looked in the mirror. Her lover was nowhere to be seen. Turning back to face him she would have seen his white complexion, obscured on the dance floor by the neon lights, and his canine fangs extending from his powerful jaws. Seeing none of this, she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in tight just as her pussy was doing to his unearthly cock. A fatal mistake for her because as soon as his cum started to erupt from his loins, his fangs sank into her tender neck. His cum exploded deep within her exchanged for the blood that flowed freely down his throat.

When he had drained her of her life force, we settled her in a stall. I pricked her arm with my razor sharp nail. By the time anyone found her the bite marks would be gone and it would appear as if she died of an overdose. We calmly walked out of the club and stood a moment to enjoy the warm air. No words were necessary, as we both knew neither of us would be “hunting” in this club again. He turned to walk towards the park, hoping to find another young treat. I tuned into the mental projections of the area. My “prey” wasn’t in the club when we had emerged from the ladies room and I wanted to see what he was up to. He would be fun to hunt for a few days before finally taking him.

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