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Thrill Ride


Part I

Gretel awoke to the steady sound of water dripping. It took her no time at all to realize that she was blindfolded and gagged, with her hands bound behind her back and her feet being held up against the legs of the chair in which she sat. She shook her head and the slight headache went away.

The last thing she remembered was leaving her apartment building to go to the grocery store. Someone called to her, "Hey, lady!" Then as she turned around she saw a blinding green light. And then, the next thing she knew, she was here, wherever "here" was.

She tugged at her restraints but found they were too tight and she decided not to waste any energy trying to break free of her bonds. She leaned forward in the chair in hopes of standing up, but her hands were too tightly bound and she quickly felt a sharp pain in her shoulders. She slid backwards.

She let out a deep sigh; which supervillain had captured her? Was it Ivan the Ignominious? Bert Badass? The Mauve Marauder? She figured she would find out soon enough, and then, depending on who it was, maybe she'd be able to negotiate her freedom. Not that she knew anything special about Admiral Anticrime, but she could probably bluff her way out of this situation if she was lucky.

The chair her captor had tied her to, was far more comfortable than she would have anticipated, considering everything else about her situation. She almost wanted to relax and fall asleep, but she fought against the soporific effects of the chair, and the boredom that came from waiting for her captor to show himself.

She heard a voice in the distance. "She should be waking up soon now, boss!"

"Excellent, Rufus! Excellent work indeed. The girl you found will do quite nicely!" As soon as she heard that voice, with a certain snakelike quality, with the long, drawn-out vowels and the hissing sound that punctuated the pronunciation of his assistant's name, she felt a chill down her spine.

She could hear footsteps coming down the staircase behind her and they slowly, steadily approached her. The voice spoke once more.

"Good evening, my pretty thing. I trust you are not uncomfortable in spite of your bindings."

She struggled at her restraints and let out some wordless vocalizations that barely registered a sound through the gag clenched within her teeth.

"There there, my dear! Please, try to calm yourself! If you can do that one little thing, I will take off your gag."

She could feel the tears streaming out of her eyes, soaking her blindfold. A thin finger ran its way down her cheek; she could feel a pointed fingernail scratch her cheekbone slightly.

"Do you think you can calm down, you sweet thing?"

It took all of her strength, but she slowly nodded her head. A pair of cold, clammy hands were working on the knot at the back of her head and, after what felt like an eternity, they removed her gag. She wanted to scream for help, but she decided not to expend too much energy on such a vain attempt at freedom. After all, her captor was —

"Do you know who I am, my dear?"

"Y-y-you're V-Victor V-Villanova!"

"That's correct, although I prefer just to be thought of as 'Victor Villain.' Don't need the 'ova' part of my last name. Maybe someday I'll change it, but right now I'm busy planning the greatest crime ever committed in Metroburgh. And you're going to help me!" His laugh echoed across the walls. Without thinking, Gretel cringed in response.

"Now, my darling, what did you say your name was?"

She pursed her lips tightly and arched her back in defiance.

Victor laughed heartily. "I admire your spunk, my dear. But don't worry. Soon, I'll be able to mold you to my will. You will be like putty to me."

Her captor removed her blindfold. Gretel bit the inside of her lip to prevent herself from showing the fear that she was feeling. She looked around, at herself and her surroundings. She had been stripped down to just her bra and panties, but she didn't see the rest of her clothes. She was in a windowless room that was designed to look like a dungeon of sorts. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling.

"Rufus! I think we're ready to test my latest wondrously evil concoction." Gretel had to turn her head as his gleeful laughter echoed off of the stone walls.

Rufus slowly scuffled his feet as he approached his boss; his head was bowed and covered with a hood. Gretel couldn't help but feel some degree of pity for this man as he knelt before the supervillain and raised a small flask high above his head, an unworthy soul offering up some great prize to an all-powerful god.

Victor snatched the flask out of Rufus's hand with a grandiose swing of his arm. At first, Gretel wasn't sure if Victor had taken the flask or hit his servant. Either way, she immediately thought of the image of cowed servant and heartless ruler.

Rufus slunk back into the shadows and Victor turned to face Gretel once again. His hot breath in her face nauseated her, and she put all of her energy into demonstrating that she wasn't afraid, staring squarely into his eyes, almost taunting him to turn away before she did.

"All right, my dear. I admire your will. It's almost a shame that I'm going to break you of it. Now, once more, what ... is ... your ... name?"

She answered him by spitting in his face.

"You shouldn't have done that." He ran his fingers down her arm and stopped on her hand. "Such perfect skin. Such a beautiful girl. Such a shame she was so uncooperative. But, my dear, you can be thankful that I don't always act on first impressions."

He pulled a small eyedropper out of his vest pocket and inserted it into the flask that his assistant had brought. He squeezed the bulb at the end of the dropper as it imbued two or three drops of the clear liquid. He put the flask back down on the floor and Rufus quickly moved in to remove the flask.

Victor stared for what felt like an eternity at her left leg. He seemed to be taking in every curve, every line, every contour. Finally, his shaking hand hung a few short inches above her leg and a single droplet of the liquid landed on her, just above the knee.

Gretel and Victor watched closely as her skin absorbed the drop. Rufus came in a bit closer, too, but he didn't get close enough to see. She didn't know what she should have expected, but it didn't burn, it didn't feel cold, and it didn't slide off of her leg. In fact, it didn't feel like much of anything.

Victor smiled.

Rufus looked up at his boss and asked, "Did it work? Do you think it worked?"

"I think it did." There was a malice to his chuckle that Gretel simply didn't understand.

How did he know it worked? A drop of water, or so It felt, got absorbed into her skin. This wicked, sinister, evil man didn't do anything other than get her leg wet. Well, that and, of course, the whole kidnapping thing, too.

"Now, my dear, my assistant, Doofus, I mean Rufus, will untie your feet. Please try not to kick him." He snapped his fingers and Rufus moved in to untie her feet.

She looked down and felt a wave of sympathy for this small man. Was he acting out of cowardice or respect? Or something else? If Victor himself were untying her, she probably would have kicked him, but Rufus... She couldn't bring herself to try and kick him away.

After a few minutes of Rufus fumbling and struggling with the rope joined her together at the ankles, he finally was able to remove the rope and he backed away. With her feet free, her first instinct was simply to stretch her legs and move her feet as far apart as she could.

"Now, be honest with me, my dear. Are you feeling ... aroused?"

She didn't want to admit it, but, yes, she was. She hadn't even thought about how far apart she had spread her legs apart with the rope gone. She looked down and noticed that her nipples were straining against the thin fabric that was her bra. With a slight stammer, she reluctantly whispered, "Y.. Yes."

"You have a growing need that needs to be satisfied, don't you? You've got a strong itch that needs scratching, yes?"

She fidgeted restlessly in her seat, trying to stand up, but her arms, still bound, wouldn't enable her to get any balance or leverage. A slight stain of moisture started to spread through her panties and she felt a slight chill where her flesh came in contact with the fabric. It took al of her energy not to say anything at this point.

"Let me repeat my question, my dear. Are ... you ... horny?"

The slow pace of his words seemed to move in perfect time to her increasingly heavy breathing. She couldn't deny it, so she answered, quickly, "Yes!"

"Excellent, my dear. Most excellent. Everything that has happened to you is exactly what I expected to happen once I gave you that drop of liquid. And you will find yourself becoming more and more aroused, more and more needy, more and more horny until you have an orgasm. The longer you wait, the more you will yearn for that orgasm and the freedom that comes from letting go of all self-restraint. Are you feeling the need growing?"


"I can satisfy that need of yours. Is this something you want?"

She started to speak when he put his hand over her lips. "Don't tell me. Show me. Lean forward as far as you can."

She wanted to resist him. She tightened all of the muscles in her face in an attempt to show that she wasn't losing control, but the longer she resisted, the more she felt all of the muscles in her body start to give way.

He snapped his fingers and Rufus stepped forward, clasped his hand on her shoulder, and pushed her forward. She had no strength to resist.

"Take off her bra." Rufus unclasped her bra and the cups fell forward onto her knees. He lifted her bra over her head and brought it to rest against the ropes that still bound her wrists.

His sinister laugh was almost comforting to her.

"Take off her panties." Rufus pushed her back up into a sitting position and knelt in front of her. She gasped at the feeling of his cold hands on her sides as he lifted her slightly off the chair to bring her panties down to her ankles.

"You may keep those as your reward for doing so well today, Rufus."

"Thank you, sir!" Rufus bunched her panties up his hands and started to chortle as he sniffed the silk.

She felt disgusted and opened her mouth. If her disgust registered on her face, she couldn't tell.

In an almost condescending voice, Victor said, "Oh, don't worry, my darling. You won't be needing those anyway." His laugh echoed off the walls once more. "Now, I feel I must warn you. When you have an orgasm, you will belong to me. You will be mine, mind, body, and soul. Do you understand?"

She bit her lip. She didn't want to become one of Victor Villanova's slaves, but she really needed to satisfy that most basic of her needs. She let out a gasp, bit her lip, and, with a simple vocalization, nodded her head both tentatively and as a woman resigned to her fate. .

"Do you want to have an orgasm?"


"And what will happen to you when you do?'

"I'll be yours! Please! Take me now!"

He smiled broadly as she spread her legs wider than should be humanly possible and nudged her body forward to the edge of the chair. This liquid worked better than he thought. She was already begging. "If you insist, my darling, I will be happy to oblige you."

She closed her eyes in anticipation of the bliss that was sure to come. She felt him move closer to her and reached down to see if he had undone his pants. She smiled broadly when her hand found his rock-hard cock. She strained against the binds on her hands as she tried to move even closer to him. When she found she couldn't get any closer, she moaned, "Please! Please fuck me!"

"If you insist...." His voice trailed off as though there was something he knew but didn't want to reveal. She didn't think anything of it as she arched her back and felt the edge of his cock starting to circle her swollen pussy.

She whispered in his ear. "That's it. Just a little closer and you'll give me what I need and so much more."

"Yes, a lot more...." The tip of his cock found its way in between the folds of her sex and he paused for a moment. She looked at him and saw him smiling broadly, apparently appreciating the warmth and softness that she had invited upon him.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and shifted slightly in hopes of getting him to move deeper inside of her. He teased her for a short while before plunging forcefully inside of her.

She let out a mewl of excitement as he finally entered into her. He bowed his head down and started to nibble, tease, and suck on her nipples.

For her part, she felt she could do nothing more than howl with pleasure, her drawn-out screams of excitement occasionally squeaking discordantly but otherwise in time with each individual thrust she felt. She wanted to push back against him but she found she couldn't, due to her arms still being bound up.

He slowed down and looked her in the eye. "Do you ever have difficulty achieving orgasm?"

"S...s... sometimes!"

"I promise you, not this time."

"N..n... no! I'm... I — I'm d-defi-defini—- I'm coming! Ahhhh!"

Her screams and moans of what was almost definitely the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced echoed off the walls. She moved her legs around so quickly and violently that Victor wondered if she was about to break the chair she was sitting on. When at long last she calmed down, he snapped his fingers and Rufus came forward to untie her the rest of the way.

As the last of her binds came off, she slid downward off of the comfortable chair and onto the floor. He gently lowered her onto the floor, which, she thought, was surprisingly not as cold as it appeared.

Her eyes took on a glassy look as she whispered a single word, signifying her complete surrender to his will: "Master."

She closed her eyes and fell asleep, with him still thrusting back and forth inside of her.

Seeing her semi-conscious was enough to satisfy Victor and he quickly let forth with his own seed, taking pleasure in both the physical tryst that had just taken place, as well as the mental reconditioning of this beautiful girl, whatever her name is.

Rufus stepped forward quickly. "Did you expect her to fall asleep?"

"I didn't not expect her to fall asleep if that means anything to you."

"Are you going to let her sleep there?"

"No, Rufus. Just let me put my pants back on and she'll be wide awake." He turned to stand over her, clapped his hands about an inch away from her face, and yelled, "Wake up!"

Gretel woke up quickly. "What just — oh, hello, Victor! You're looking dastardly as usual."

"Thank you, my dear. I'm sorry, what did you say your name was again?"

She pouted slightly as she learned that the man whom she most respected, admired, and lusted after to no end, didn't even know her name. "It's Gretel."

"Gretel. What a cute name for such a cute girl."

"Thank you. And what do you do for money, Gretel?"

"I work at Metroburgh Adventure Land."

"Really?" Upon learning this, he began to have second thoughts about sending her to mix his obviously powerful lust potion, for lack of a better name, into Metroburgh's water supply. "How long have you been working there?"

"A couple of years now, why do you ask, Master?"

"Well, Gretel. It's been a while since I've been there. You know, I'm very well-known in this town so I've got to keep a kind of low profile while I work on hatching my next evil plan."

She looked up in interest, but before she had the chance to say anything, he continued. "And you are just the person to help me with my plan!'

Her heart leapt at this idea. She was too excited about the fact that, of all of the women in Metroburgh, he chose her to help fulfill his destiny.

"How may I be of assistance, sir?"

He started pacing back and forth. "Do you know what the largest sex organ in your body — any woman's body — is, Gretel?"

"Um, I was going to say my pussy but somehow I don't think that's right, just by the way you asked, sir."

"Please, call me master. No, Gretel. The largest sex organ in your body is your brain. That drop of water I put on your leg not even a full hour ago now? It got absorbed into your skin and then into your bloodstream and went straight for the sexual center of your brain. Within fifteen minutes of that liquid touching you, you couldn't think of anything but sex, right?"


"Then, when you had an orgasm, the chemical I gave you spread to your whole brain and your whole body. And it reprogrammed you to want to serve me and me alone. That liquid will do that to any woman who comes in direct contact with it. And so here you are."

"Here I am, master! How may I serve you?"

"Do you know if they recycle the water that goes through the log flume ride at the amusement park where you work?"

"Of course they do!"

"Excellent. Most excellent." He looked up at the ceiling and started to do some numbers. "Do you know how long the whole track on the log flume is?"

"A quarter of a mile, 150 feet is the big drop."

"If one drop is all anyone needs, then, for that much water ... one and a half, maybe two gallons is all I need."

"What was that, master?"

"I'm just figuring out the numbers, Gretel. I'm going to give you eight large bottles of my lust potion. It'll look just like normal water. The next time you go to work, I want you to go to the park and pour all eight bottles into the water at the log flume. Do you understand these instructions?"

"Yes, master."

"Excellent. I want you to call me once you've completed this task. When do you work next?"

"I have to be there this evening by 6."

He looked at his watch. It was 4:30. "We've got to hurry to get you those bottles. Rufus!" He snapped his fingers and Rufus set to work filling up the water bottles with the liquid.

Within fifteen minutes, Gretel had what she needed to perform her job. Rufus gladly volunteered to bring her to work.

When Rufus returned back to Victor Villanova's secret hideout, he commented, "You really outdid yourself this time. Soon, you'll have the entire city on its knees, one way or another. His sycophantic cackle of a laugh pierced the air and echoed off the walls of the hideout.

"I know, Rufus. I know."

Part II

Gretel arrived at work pulling a large suitcase on wheels through the front gate. The security guard saw this and asked, "Which character are you playing tonight?"

"Toothy Ruthie," Gretel responded quickly. She wondered if her master would be pleased that she was able to come up with this lie so quickly.

"Well, have fun with that one!"

"Oh, I will! Trust me, Dave! I will."

She giggled at her own inside joke as she dragged the case onto the grounds of the amusement park.

She casually walked towards the employee locker rooms and stood near the entrance to see if anyone would notice her jumping behind the building, rather than entering. When she felt that she could safely circumvent the building without being noticed by any other employees, she did so.

The grass behind the building was thick and overgrown. She winced as she struggled to keep her suitcase properly balanced and as the blades of grass scratched at her ankles. Master would be upset with me if I didn't do this, she thought.

She soon reached a small dirt path that led to the electrical and water supplies for the various rides and attractions. She glanced down at her watch and smiled. The maintenance shift ended fifteen minutes earlier, so it was unlikely that there would be anyone on this path right now. She lifted her suitcase off the ground to keep it from leaving incriminating wheel tracks in the dirt. To further mask her presence, she scuffed her feet as she walked along the path.

After what felt like an excessively long walk, she finally reached the water pumps for all of the attractions within the park. "Master wants me to pour this water in the log flume," she reminded herself as she read the labels by each of the water tanks. "Not the wave pool. Not the water slides. Not the whitewater rafting adventure. Aha! There's the log flume." She laid the suitcase down in the grass and opened it.

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