Through The Lens Ch. 01


I changed to a full hand massage, even though Angie hadn't asked me to. Daphne was fondling my hand at the same time, a kind of digital foreplay. I wondered how her hand would feel on my cock.

"Undo her hair, please." Daphne had no complaint. I stood behind and took out the hairpins that had held Daphne's hair up in a bun. Not as dramatic as Diana Prince spinning around, dropping her hair and changing into her Wonder Woman costume. I fluffed the volume of hair out, covering her ears.

"Beautiful. Now, Mr. Marcus, before you step off, a little shoulder massage."

I placed my hands near Daphne's neck, her hair covering the contact. I wanted desperately to let my hands drift down, onto her breasts. I hoped she'd appreciate the attention, the caresses she wasn't getting at home. Damn, that wasn't happening. Still, fondling Daphne's neck was contact. I needed to be grateful for the small pleasures.

I stepped off the platform. Angie's voice was gentle. "Think of your favorite meal. Something delicious."

A hint of desire blossomed on Prim's face. We shared a love of food.

"Good. Now, imagine you haven't eaten for days."

Prim's eyes and mouth told the story. She may have eaten recently but she'd been without the physical love of a man for too long. I could fix that. Like I'd get the chance. Angie had Prim in her sights as a conquest. Best I would be was a witness.

Angie's camera clicked like Morse code. "Perfect!"

"I'm still warm. Can you get me a refill? Quite refreshing. What's in it?"

"A special fruit blend for clients. Hydrates but doesn't increase perspiration. Go ahead, Mr. Marcus, pour her another glass. And a straw so she doesn't ruin her make up."

The glass bowl was sweating, perhaps so the clients wouldn't have to. I refilled Prim's cup and brought it to her. I held the beverage while she sipped at the straw. I couldn't help but stare at her chest.

The last drops disappeared with a raspy suck. "Thank you."

"We need to pick up the pace a bit. Now that you and the camera are friends, time to get a bit more intimate. Mr. Marcus, if you'd unbutton Ms. Prim's blouse."

My fingers flexed and my cock jumped. Did she really ask me to do what I thought I heard?

Daphne's hands flew up, crossed, to cover the fasteners. "He certainly may not."

Angie crossed her arms over her petite chest. "If I came down from here and pushed your hair back would you stop me?"

"No." Prim's arms stayed in a defiant pose.

"And if I undid your buttons to make the pose sexier, as you asked, would you object?"

Prim paused. Her arms slid down. "I guess not."

Angie's tone was sharp. "We've already been through this. I can't deliver the portfolio of photos you want, to save your marriage, if you don't cooperate. Our time together is limited."

I glanced at my watch. Angie was right. Time was flying. Angie had her hands on her hips, a super heroine pose. "Please, can we proceed?"

Prim cast a doubtful look at me. "I suppose I have no choice."

"Now that's settled. Three buttons, for now."

Which meant there'd be more later. I kept my fingers close together and did my best not to fondle as I followed Angie's instructions. The backs of my fingers had no place to go except against her breasts as I plucked the first button. "I'm sorry if this embarrasses you," I whispered.

'It's your job. I'm the one who's sorry, with these oversized mammaries." The second button was open.

There was a deep cleavage coming into view. "I think they're - well - they're beautiful."

Daphne leaned into my hands, pressing her tits against my knuckles. I fumbled for a while, because the pressure made it more difficult to get the third button undone. Also, because Daphne seemed to enjoy my hands in contact with her breasts. With the third button open, I stepped back to witness my handiwork. Prim was staring at me, as I blocked Angie and her camera.

"Mr. Marcus, I can't shoot through you," shouted Angie.

I was prepared to shoot into Prim, except that her skirt and panties were still on. So were my pants, with a big lump in front. I stepped aside.

"Face front, please. Turn your shoulders a bit. Mr. Marcus?"

I got behind Prim, nudged her, and then stepped off the platform. Angie was going for a subtle peek-a-boo shot. I had a better view from the side than from behind the viewfinder. The shutter clicked several times.

"Good. Now the rest."

Prim didn't object when I finished the remaining buttons, at least all the visible ones. She leaned forward as I undid the buttons under her breasts. The backs of my fingers felt their weight. I didn't pull her blouse out of her skirt because Angie hadn't said to.

With the edges of her blouse loose, I had a front row seat to Wonder Woman's bra. A Wonder Bra?

Ms. Prim toyed with the edge of her brassiere. "Is this enough?"

"Not if you want to get your hubby excited," said Angie. "Isn't that right?"

I nodded. I hoped the lights prevented Ms. Prim from seeing the lump in my pants that said otherwise. Her husband only saw the woman he married. I had a fantasy.

"May I have another sip of punch?"

I ran over and refilled the cup without asking Angie's permission. When I got back to Prim, I held the glass, looking down in prime flesh valley. There was moisture. From my drooling?

"Thanks." She smiled. Where did her objections go?

"Sure any time." Our eyes locked for the first time, and she didn't avert them. Her pupils were dilated. With all these lights? Something else was affecting her physiology.

"That's enough for now," said Angie. "There are large perspiration stains at your armpits. Hardly sexy, am I right?"

Prim nodded.

"So let's lose the blouse."

Prim stood and pulled the blouse from her skirt.

"As long as you're at it, why don't you remove your skirt? A few shots in your underwear are appropriate."

Her blouse flapped open and I saw both cups of her bra straining to contain two voluminous breasts. She tossed her head to free her hair. Her chest swung with her movement. Prim stood and unzipped her skirt.  It puddled on the floor. I almost puddled in my jockeys. She was a wet dream in only bra, pantyhose and panties, as voluptuous as her TV star look-alike.

"Fix her hair," Angie commanded.

I approached from behind. The bra was tight across her shoulders and back. I fluffed her hair balancing it on her shoulders.

"And her bangs."

I moved cautiously to the front. It was difficult to concentrate on sweeping Prim's bangs to the side with her cleavage in front of me. Her tits beckoned me. Her whole damn body called to me. I pretended not to answer. While Prim returned to her stool, I poured her another glass, in anticipation. Prim liked the liquid, and I wanted Prim to like me too.

She motioned for it, so I brought it to her. She sucked through the straw like she was suffering from dehydration. Just the opposite, she was perspiring even more. Without asking, I dabbed at the trickle between her breasts with my handkerchief. The lights were intense. A drop of my sweat fell on Prim's naked knee her legs crossed. I swiped it off, tempted to leave my hand there.

Prim's eyes caught mine. "You're hot aren't you?  Ms. Underwuud, can Mr. Marcus have a drink?"

"Call me Angie. And, no. For clients only. Mr. Marcus can have cold bottled water if he'd like. That would remove him from the shot, an added bonus."

I scooted out from under the lights and took my place at Angie's side. "Here." She fished a cold bottle of water from a cooler at her side. After a series of Prim poses in her underwear, Angie dimmed the lights.

Prim sighed and pushed her damp bangs off her forehead.

"Time for a costume change. How about some bedtime attire? Something sexy? Mr. Marcus, fetch an outfit. I have a wide selection of lingerie. Some of them will be a tad tight, for a full-figured woman like yourself."

There was nothing about Ms. Prim's body I didn't want to fill. Her mouth, her cleavage, her pussy. I shook my head to regain control. I went to the costume rack and flipped past dozens until I came to a peach colored and translucent ensemble. Bra, panties and gown so sheer it wouldn't be useful in hiding anything. Perfect.  The crotch of the panties was stiff, unlike the rest of the material. A previous client had gotten them juicy, perhaps with stimulation by Angie. I brought the set out to Prim. "Try these."

Angie ran her hand through her short hair. "Perfect. I'm not sure if it's exactly your size, but Mr. Marcus has a pretty good eye. I'm sure it will fit.

Prim stroked the material. "I can't wear this."

"Why, too small?"

"No, it should fit but -"

"But what?" Angie was getting peeved. Maybe there was another customer after Ms. Prim. Or maybe, Angie wanted Prim undressed so she could enjoy the feeling of her hands on Prim's smooth flesh.

"It shows too much. And there's a man in the room."

"Mr. Marcus is here as a student of mine. I promise you he'll follow my direction. To the letter."

Prim touched the material again. "Oh my. I've never worn anything like that before." She looked at me. "Do you think it'll be all right?"

"Better than all right. You'll look beautiful, I promise."

She blushed. "I really can't. Let me find something." She took the outfit from me and stepped off the platform.

"There's dozens of sleepwear items, behind the curtains." I watched her ass wiggle as she strutted towards the dressing area. "Boy, you're lucky. "

She turned, her tits in profile. "Why?"

"Because you can take off clothes and have cold drinks. I'm sweating up a storm."

Prim's hips swung as she approached the wardrobe and changing area, and then disappeared behind the curtains. I was tempted to join her and help her change.

Angie called me over. "When you find something, put it on," she hollered at her client." While Prim sorted through the wardrobe collection, Angie grabbed my arm. "Take it easy with the drinks."

"Why? What's in that stuff? I pointed to the punchbowl.

"Like I said, a secret formula. A special blend of fruit juices and herbs."

"That makes it sound like a liquid version of Colonel Sander's recipe."

Angie chuckled. "Plus one special ingredient that relaxes my clients and makes them, let's say, more receptive to suggestions. I call it Gentle Persuasion. Sometimes, all it takes is a word."

Aha! Not cajoling or distractions, but a drugged potion. Maybe I witnessed the lingering effects of the concoction in the hallway, between Angie and her last client. And now, Angie was targeting Ms. Prim for some woman-to-woman play.

Prim came out wearing a long yellow sleep shirt that covered her from neck to ankle. Hardly sexy, although the thought of her body beneath that plain nightshirt was titillating.

The cotton material clung, her waist a bit thicker than when she was on TV - no, this isn't her - and swelled around her hips. Although Lynda Carter was quite busty, it was her thick hips and flat belly with an articulated crotch that drove me crazy. Not that I'd ignored her chest, mind you. As soon as Prim returned to the platform, Angie switched the lights back on. Prim shielded her eyes from the sudden change. "I know Mr. Marcus can't have any punch. But can he take some clothes off?"

Angie was visibly startled. "Did you suggest that to her?" she whispered.

I shook my head. Although, on second thought, I'd said she was lucky to be able to strip. Maybe I could play Angie's game and save Prim from a lesbian fate.

Angie returned her focus to the digital viewfinder. "Uh, sure, I guess. Why not?"

While Prim got herself a refill of Gentle Persuasion, I took off my shirt and pants. Leaving my jockeys on seemed to be the wisest course.

Angie fumbled around the table behind her. She snatched a bottle. "Here, get next to her, but out of the shot. Use this when I tell you."

A simple hand-held spray bottle. With water, I assumed. Wet t-shirt? Terrific!

Prim stood tall on the platform. "It is quite warm under these lights, even in this outfit."

"Which is why you'll love this series. Hands behind your head, chest out."

"Must I? I'm so self conscious about, well, my bosom."

"Oh, don't be. They are one of your best features. Aren't they, Mr. Marcus?"

I'd already told Prim her breasts, what I'd seen of them, were beautiful. What else could I say? 'Thems are fabulous tits'?

Angie nodded. On cue, I spritzed a round patch, at her cleavage. The inner edges of her breasts came into view. "A little more. Turn." I hit the top edge. The shirt plastered against the gentle slope. "More please."

Bull's eye. One large patch on one breasts hinted at an erect nipple.

"Okay, now the other."

I pumped a few times, soaking the front of her shirt. Now her bra and two nips were visible under the thin cloth.

"Great shots. Your husband will love the suggestive nature of these. Are you cooler?"

"Oh yes, quite." She pulled the shirt from her body but it slapped back against her skin when she let go. I wanted to slap my hands on those tits, or suck the hard nipples. Calm yourself, I thought. "But now my underwear is wet."

"That's all right. You won't need underwear for the next outfit. They would make lumps under the material. Hardly sexy."

This time, Angie went behind the curtain and fetched the outfit. While she was out of sight, Prim snuck over and gulped down another glass of punch. Drugged punch.

Angie returned with a little black dress on a hanger, with the emphasis on little. Unless it was made of some kind of super-fabric, it was too short and too narrow for voluptuous Prim. Oh wait! Oh goodie! "Change into this, please."

Prim ambled the length of the room and disappeared. Angie checked the display on her camera, reviewing previous shots. I peeked over her shoulder. Angie was good. Prim looked sexy and desirable in most of the shots. Hell, if Angie wasn't there, I'd have tried to convince Prim that all she needed was a good man like me to demonstrate how sexy she was.

At long last, Prim came out from behind the curtain. "Is this the proper size?"

The dress neckline swooped deep, exposing deep cleavage and hints of areola. The hemline rode high on her thighs, and as she walked, the hem kept scooting up. We all knew that there were no panties to block the view if the hem went any higher. Prim fought the good fight but kept losing ground. Even worse, when she stepped up on the platform, the dress advanced up to her crotch, exposing her ass. One yank brought it down, but only to mid-thigh.

"Take your position on the stool, please," said Angie.

Prim sat down, but continued to yank at the bottom and then adjust the top. It was a seesaw battle. Every time she tugged at one part, I got to see more bare skin.

"Please cross your legs. And for goodness sake, sit still."

The bottom of the dress slid to her crotch. Only her crossed legs hid the gift of her pussy.

Angie clicked away as she gave orders. "Stand up, hands on your hips. You're holding your head too high. I've got glare from your face. Drop your head a bit. Concentrate on Mr. Marcus."

"I can't see him."

"Mr. Marcus, move up, next to the camera. Better?"


I stared at Prim's face, but my attention kept slipping lower, to her chest and crotch. The dress was tightening, exposing even more of her naked flesh. The aisle between the platforms was a chasm. I thought about leaping over to Prim, kissing her with one hand hefting a breast and the other dipped between her thighs.

"Lower, please," ordered Angie.

Ms. Prim looked at my chest. My prick throbbed. Could she see it move, engorged by the mere sight of her?

"Concentrate on his belt buckle. A little bit lower. Perfect position. Hold it right there."

Prim followed the directions precisely. Without the permission to tug at the hemline, the dress hovered provocatively just below her pussy. We were mutually checking out each other's pubic areas.

"Good, Now lean forward, just a bit." Prim drooped her shoulders. The neckline was giving way to the heft of her tit flesh.

That's good. A little more." Prim wavered, trying to maintain her balance. That's all it took. The top collapsed and her breasts burst forward. Angie's camera snapped a series of shots. Prim stood erect and threw her hands up to cover her nipples. Too late. I'd seen oval brown areola with small nubbins. Prim turned her back and tucked her breasts back into the dress. The pressure raised the hemline, exposing Prim's ass cheeks. Shadows blocked a clear view of anything else.

"Back on the stool." Angie handed me a vibrator. "Give this to her."

If she wanted Prim to stick something into her vagina, my cock was a willing volunteer. Prim wouldn't be too enthusiastic, I expected. I ran the errand, as requested. Standing next to the seated Prim, It wouldn't have taken much to pull the top down past her tits or tug the dress up to expose Prim's vaginal treasure. Instead, I just handed her the device.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Daphne held it aloft by two fingers. "Ms. Underwuud?"

"Turn it on and stroke yourself. I suggest your shoulders, your legs. It'll relax you, like Mr. Marcus's massage."

"Can't he massage me?"

Whoa, that was a surprise. Was Prim open to the idea of me touching her some more? I paused next to her, just in case Angie agreed.

"He could," said Angie, "but would you want his hands on your thighs? Perhaps even higher?"

I prayed for a yes.

Prim paused, for more than a moment. "I'll try this, just a little."

I returned to Angie's side. Prim rubbed her neck with the artificial penis. She tilted her head. Her expression warmed, her lips pouted. "This feels nice."

"Try your legs."

Prim ran the vibrator up along her calf. "Much nicer."

"Go a little higher. These photos will be marvelous."

Prim uncrossed her legs but kept them together. She rubbed the vibrator along her legs, which were very exposed with the short dress. Without being prompted, she slid the vibrator between her thighs. They separated a bit, and then a bit more. Shit, she was advancing the vibrator deeper. Angie's face was plastered to the camera. Prim slumped on the stool, an expression of relief mixed with pleasure washed over her face. Her expression changed as the tip of the vibrator reached the juncture of her thighs. The shadows were too dark to tell how close she was to her vagina. Prim pumped the vibrator deeper under the short skirt. Her legs went even wider. Prim wasn't shaved. Angie clicked the shutter at a furious pace. Now, two hands on the vibrator, Prim poked it in and out. She leaned her head back, mouth open. Angie kept snapping. Prim's forearms squeezed her breasts together. The top of the dress slid down, to the very edge of her areola. Prim was gurgling. Her eyes went wide. She withdrew the vibrator and slammed her thighs shut. "What was I doing?" she asked.

"Giving yourself pleasure. Quite erotic. Your husband will see a side of you he's never seen."

"I don't want him to see that! How horrid!"

"No, not at all. There's a woman with sexual needs and desires inside you. That foreplay was just a sample. If you want a better sex life, than you need to feel sexy. And you just did. The pictures will prove it. Why, Mr. Marcus here just about stained his shorts at your performance. See, there is an advantage to having a man at your shoot. He can give you an honest reaction. Right?"

I nodded. Prim probably couldn't see past the lights. "Yes, it was very arousing."

"Well, I could use something to drink."

I got Prim a refill.

"What did you think?" she asked. "Am I sexy?"

I glanced at my boner in my jockeys. "Oh yes."

She finally took notice of my condition. "Did I do that?"

I nodded. "The minute you came into the studio."

She slurped the glass empty.

"Mr. Marcus, a moment please. Ms. Prim, Daphne, go pick some lingerie now," said Angie.

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