tagIllustratedThrough the Porthole

Through the Porthole


Was he dreaming? Harry shook his head, rubbed his eyes and looked through the small, circular window, or now that he was on the cruse, he looked through the porthole. Right there, just outside, where he expected to see only the murky blanket of fog he saw it. Not it, her, he saw her.

Shaking his head again, he held his hands up to the glass to block out any light from inside his cabin and looked again. He stared at the light flesh of her stomach, the small indentation of her belly button. Bending his knees he lowered himself catching a glimpse of her naked breasts, but nothing more. He then straightened his legs and let his eyes move down her body, over the short, light hair on her pubis, down to the soft curves of her pussy.

As Harry continued to gaze out on the naked woman, he felt his cock hardening as he tried to see her face. No matter how much he moved, he just couldn't see that high, all he could do is simply watch and enjoy her body. The throbbing in his pants encouraged him to reach down and free his erection.

Realizing he had nothing to clean up with, he quickly moved over to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and returned to his window. Glancing through the small hole he couldn't see her. He moved and tried to see if perhaps she moved to one side or the other of the window, but he didn't see her.

Harry was about to give up when he noticed some movement on the balcony, out near the ship's railing. He stared into the fog and yes, there, about six to seven feet away, he could see some movement. Looking harder he noticed the form of a man, a naked man standing upright with a naked woman kneeling in front of him.

He couldn't see though the fog well enough to be sure, but he presumed the woman was the one who he saw up near his window. Squinting some, he could see the woman's head bobbing back and forth while the man's back arched as he thrust his hips, and cock forward. Seeing a distinct rhythm in the movements, Harry reached down, slowly wrapped his fingers around his cock and began moving his hand back and forth, timing his movement to match the movement of the woman's head.

Within the silent cabin, Harry tried to imagine what sounds the couple might be hearing. Perhaps they heard the faint sound waves lapping against the ship, that and the hungry slurping of the woman's mouth as her lips slid over his throbbing cock, her tongue sliding around the head.

A distant foghorn might fade to the moans of the man as the woman lightly squeezed his balls and sucked hard. Most definitely they both heard his breathing as they got closer and closer, her breathing as she gasped for air between the deep plunges of his cock. Harry could almost hear them as he felt a pleasure building. He arched his back ready to…

The couple suddenly moved, disappearing in the mist for a moment. Harry paused his stroking, feeling the wave of pleasure in his shaft dissipate as he glanced about, trying to find the naked couple. It was only when he calmed himself and looked directly ahead did he notice the movement again.

They had moved out a bit further, Harry could certainly see them now, leaning against the rail. Yes, he now could see the man's ass, the muscles flexing as he moved back and forth thrusting into the woman. The woman, Harry couldn't see much of her now, she was concealed behind the man's body as he jammed her against the railing.

Harry saw her light skin as one leg lifted up and wrapped around his thigh. Her arms draped over his shoulders and as their rhythm took over their movements Harry began stroking his cock once again.

Harry flexed his ass, pumping his cock back and forth in unison with the man in the fog. He imagined his cock sliding in and out of the woman, her breath hot on his chest, her breasts crushed against his chest, her ass pressed hard against the railing and he pushed himself deep inside her.

Closing his eyes, Harry felt the intense pleasure form in his balls and then ease up his shaft until, until… until he arched his back and came, spurting his cum onto the towel spread out in front of him. He glanced down as the spurting subsided and the remaining cum oozed out over his fist.

Bending over, he grabbed his towel and dabbed up the remaining cum from his cock and hand. He then looked back through the porthole but all he saw was an empty rail in the fog. Shaking his head, he blinked his eyes and looked back through the glass, but saw only the empty deck.

"Surely they couldn't have finished and left so quickly," he mumbled to himself, grabbing a pair of shorts and rushing through his door. Harry knew of only one way out to that particular balcony so he expected to pass a half naked couple rushing back to their rooms or something, but in just seconds he found himself alone on the balcony.

He looked around, ran his hand along the rail to see if it felt warm, or if there was an area where the couple's bodies brushed away some of the moisture, but there was no sign of anyone being there. Harry leaned out over the railing and looked down toward the water, wondering if perhaps the couple had slipped on the railing and fallen overboard in the midst of their passion, but the fog was too thick to see anything.

Harry worked his way back, following the railing as far as he could go, he then duck back into the ship's hallways until he could get back to the rail. He stared out into the fog listening for them, hoping to hear the faintest hint of distress, but the sea was silent.

He continued until he reached the back of the ship and he screamed out, "Hello, are you down there. Do you need help?"

He listened for a response, but there was… wait, did he hear someone cry out help. He climbed up on the railing and listened. Calling out again, "Can you hear me?"

Throwing a leg over the railing, he leaned his body as far as he could, trying to hear them, trying to hear something. His body slumped a bit as he heard nothing, nothing but the sound of the water churning at the ship's propeller.

Harry leaned back to the rail and was about to lift his foot back over when the night's silence was broken by a scream, "There, over by the railing, quick, I think he's about to jump."

Before Harry realized what the shouting was about he noticed several men rush towards him. Strong hands grabbed him and roughly pulled him over the railing and dropped him onto the deck.

Trying to stand up, Harry struggled some with the men as he heard voices swirl about him, "Get the ship's doctor." "Hold onto him, he's trying to break free."

After a bit more struggling he felt a sharp pain in his arm and in just a few seconds everything went black.

Only later when he awoke and looked up at a vaguely familiar face did he feel safe again. "Harry, I've told you time and time again you must take your medication. Why don't you listen to me?"

Harry looked at the face and pondered. Remembering what he saw through his window he decided he knew why he didn't take his medication, why he wouldn't listen to the woman.

"I don't know," he replied, "I guess I forget."

"Well, promise me you won't forget anymore," the familiar woman said, running her wrinkled hand through her hair.

"I won't forget anymore," he lied. He then reached up and gently caressed his wife's breast.

"Oh Harry, you're almost eighty years old, act your age."

Harry mumbled, "I do, I do," and then drifted to sleep.

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