tagLoving WivesTickets to Paradise Ch. 04

Tickets to Paradise Ch. 04


After a few suggestions about tense and perspective, I decided to switch up the series. The story will now be told mostly from Kelly's perspective. Hopefully this will increase the readability. If this is well received, I might just go back and edit the previous chapters, but hopefully this is sufficient.I am also kicking around a few other ideas...

Chapter 4

The next morning I woke up to find my new lover nestled into my back. I could feel Francisco's thick cock positioned in between my butt cheeks. His cock still felt amazingly plump. I felt pride knowing that I excited this man so much. As I lay in bed, the images of the previous evening were flooding my mind. I simply could not believe the stamina Francisco had. He fucked me for several hours last night cumming no less than seven or eight times.

I suddenly felt a jolt of panic as I reached down to feel my abused pussy. I was hoping that I would not find any cum inside of me so I began to finger myself searching for the telltale signs of male ejaculate, but everything seemed to be good. A fleeting moment of disappointment crossed my mind. Was I really hoping to find Francisco's cum inside of me? The thought really scared me. I spent a few moments dwelling on all of the emotions of the last few days as I slowly rubbed my aching sex.

The soft ministrations began to feel good and I soon began masturbating to the memories of my complete seduction. I found myself enthralled by the enormous member of my husband's boss. Thinking of that big black cock was getting me closer to orgasm. My breathing became heavier, and with my eyes closed tight, I let out an uncontrollable moan. The mere thought of Tony's cock was going to make me cum, which only led me to believe how wonderful sex with him could be.

"Good morning beautiful..." my sighs had awoken Francisco, he had been discreetly watching me play with myself in the soft morning light.

"You have never looked more beautiful to me as you do right now." The sight of the sexiest woman he had ever seen pleasuring herself became too much for the man. Francisco was saying all the things I wanted to hear.

I was approaching orgasm when I heard his voice. My eyes popped open and I saw Francisco sporting another huge erection. He was stroking his thick cock, I noticed a drop of semen at the tip of his cock. Francisco gently pushed my hair out my face and without saying another word he began kissing me deeply. My fingers never left my saturated pussy. Francisco moved my hand placing his cock at the opening of my waiting sex.

I stared up in adoration as my new lover moved into position above me. He pushed into me sweetly, he had a slight grin on his face as he continued to make eye contact with me. I could feel the sexual energy and it also felt like this was a little more than just sex. Francisco was absolutely insatiable and he was absolutely taking advantage while he could.

It would have been easy for me to blame last night's dalliance on my drunken state, but even completely sober, I was positive that I really wanted this right now. I had been denying my feelings for Francisco for so long, it felt really good to be able to express them to him sexually. I was giving Francisco everything I had to give. I had never felt closer to another man in my entire life. His body was so magnificent, just looking at him got me dripping wet. There had been so many nights after our gym sessions that I would fuck myself imagining this very moment. He was certainly living up to all of expectations.

His thick cock had already made me cum three times with his slow and methodical pumping. He was very gentle with me, letting me ride out my screaming orgasms, never getting ahead of himself. This man was all about providing me with pleasure. I was getting close to a fourth when I felt his cock thickening and throbbing inside my tight sheath. This only heightened my arousal, I could tell that my next orgasm was going to be intense. Perhaps more so, than my three previous.

"Kelly, you feel so awesome, I'm getting so close to cumming, where do you want it?" Francisco looked down at his woman like a man in need. He was really hoping he could stay deep inside his lover and fill her with his seed. He really wanted to mark this woman as his, and he felt like if she was full of his cum that would be the final act of making Kelly his.

I really wanted this orgasm to happen, and my body instinctively wanted to allow him to fill me with his seed. Denying myself the release I pushed against Francisco's hard body, at first he did not budge, but I ultimately got him to pull out of me. I looked down my body to see him jacking his angry cock feverishly. I grabbed him around the waist and put my mouth up to his drooling cock. He continued to jack his cock as I licked his shaft and balls. I found the taste of our combined juices quite delicious. I hungrily attacked his cock with my mouth. He moved his hands from his cock and he was now rubbing my body with his strong hands.

I was licking and sucking his cum swollen balls while stroking his well lubed cock. Francisco began fingering my pussy roughly, first with 2 fingers, and soon after stretching me wide with a third finger. I was finally going to get that fourth release just as my mouth was filled to the brim with his load. I swallowed as much as I could, momentarily pulling his cock from my mouth. Francisco continued to cum, covering my face with his warm load. I was able to reposition his cock at my mouth and let him finish with his cock deep down my throat. I could feel the warm cum being pumped directly down my throat.

"Oh babe, that was incredible. You are the most exciting woman I have ever met!" He stared down at Kelly below him licking her fingers clean. She was pushing the cum he had shot on her face into her mouth, she appeared to be enjoying every last drop.

Just at that moment Francisco noticed movement outside, it was Tony at the patio door, he had witnessed their love making. Francisco had no idea how much he had seen, he had felt like someone was watching them for the last ten minutes or so. Francisco made eye contact with the black man grinning slightly, Tony winked at Francisco and disappeared around the corner. Kelly was still gobbling up Francisco's cum relishing the taste. Apparently Kelly did not notice Tony at their patio door.

"That was so wonderful, that is some of the best sex I have ever had!" I grasped my distracted lover, demanding he give me his undivided attention.

"Are you not as into this as I am? What is out there that has you so distracted?" I looked out the patio door and saw nothing but the beautiful blue ocean and our deserted patio. Francisco grabbed me roughly planting tender kisses on my face. Notably all of the places his cum did not manage to reach. We layed in silence idly stroking each other when I heard a knock at the front door. I had his stiffening cock in my hand at the time, in wonderment of his short relapse time. Francisco jumped out of bed and headed to the door, we had been ignoring the knocking, but it persisted.

"Hey buddy, I just got back from our morning conference and I was wondering if you would like to hit the links with me today?" Tony was trying to peek around Francisco to get a better view of the bed with limited success. He had only caught a glimpse of my hair as I began to duck under the covers.

"Man, I'd really love to! I have been practicing for the past few months anticipating a chance to get out, but as you know my clubs and all of my clothes are lost! This really sucks! I guess I will just have to stay back, maybe I can find something to do around here with Kelly..." Francisco was not really hiding his nudity from Tony. He stood proudly naked in front of the man, his cock was plump, but definitely not fully engorged.

Tony took quick notice of Francisco's nude state, he was not really bothered by it since he had seen many men naked in the showers throughout his collegiate sporting days. He did notice that Francisco had one of the better male bodies he had ever seen, but he was quite proud that he at least had the Latino beat in the cock size department.

"Well, you can rent clubs, and I will give you some of my clothes, I think they will work for you. I'm not taking no for an answer, I will meet you back here in 15 minutes." Just as he was speaking the stench of sex came wafting out of the room. Tony knew these two had been at it hot heavy all night long. Tony gave Francisco a smile to indicate his approval.

"Oh all right, you've twisted my arm, I will be ready. I hope you have brought your A game down here, I might just surprise you!" Francisco closed the door, laughing to himself. I could hear him laughing as he came closer to the bed. Francisco ripped the covers from me exposing my nudity to him.

I stared up at Francisco while toying with my wet pussy "You're going to leave me all alone today to go play with your friends??" I was smiling, trying to manipulate my young lover with my charms. Francisco jumped on the bed locking my hands down with his own. He began planting kisses all over my face, forgetting that he had just cum all over me.

We playfully wrestled on the bed, I did manage to get on top of Francisco. I was rubbing my drenched pussy up and down his impressively hard cock. He had my left nipple in his mouth, playfully biting at the sensitive nub. It was getting very exciting and I wanted to feel him deep inside me again. Just as I began to push down on his dick, the front door handle began to jiggle. Tony had let himself in stepping into the room just as I began to sprint towards the privacy of the bathroom. We momentarily made eye contact, and I noticed his dropped jaw, he obviously liked what he saw. Just as I made it in the bathroom closing the door, I heard a wolf whistle escape Tony' lips.

Tony gave Francisco the thumbs up right after he tossed the sheet covered man his clothes. "Wow man, that woman is perfection!" Tony was speaking quietly to Francisco as he let the man get dressed. "Also, I want you to know that your secret is safe with me. Like I always say, what happens in the tropics, stays in the tropics!" Francisco was putting on his shirt as he approached the black man.

"I really do appreciate your discretion, but I sure hope this all works out in my favor. That woman has me absolutely mesmerized." He slapped Tony on the back and told him he wanted to say goodbye to Kelly before leaving.

Francisco walked into the bathroom where I stood naked. I was not going to let his exit be easy, I kept pawing at his cock, and biting his nipples. I was absolutely randy with desire, he was leaving me high and dry from all the excitement of the morning, this man was slowly spoiling me!

Francisco left the bathroom to the sight of me sucking my nipples all while fingering my wet pussy. At the last second he turned and grabbed me by the waist and planted a deep kiss on my lips. "You are going to get it when I come back!" Francisco playfully slapped my ass before departing.

I stood naked in the bathroom gazing at my reflection in the mirror. I hardly recognized myself anymore. The woman I saw was in peak physical condition and appeared to be very happy and fulfilled. It felt so very different from the doldrums of life at home with Roger. I really liked who I was becoming, but at the same time I had never been so terrified. Everything was just so new and exciting with Francisco, he really made me feel like I mattered, not to mention the sex was mind blowing. Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly heard the front door crash closed. I peaked out of the bathroom to see that Francisco was gone. I was a little sad that he had left me, but I was looking forward to our reunion later in the day!

In hindsight, I was actually pretty thankful for the time alone. I was not sure I could handle another epic pounding from Francisco. My pussy felt good, but maybe just a little raw. I took the opportunity to call my husband, I still had not bothered to put on clothes. I sat naked on the bed talking to my husband. He apologized profusely about missing the trip, and mentioned that he was trying hard to finish up his project so he could spend the remainder of the trip with me. I found myself very distracted as I spoke to my husband. My mind kept drifting off to thoughts of Francisco, and Tony.

Roger then asked me about Francisco, and wondered if he had met any other gay men. I said he was doing great, in fact he was out golfing with Tony. I told him I did not notice him hanging out with any other men.

The conversation about my lover with my husband sent my pulse racing. The enormity of what I was doing down here began to hit me. Which only led me to more thoughts of the excitement of my affair. I got a little more comfortable on the bed and began exploring the sore outer folds of my sex.

Roger was very interested in the friendship between Tony and Francisco, he asked me many questions about their conversations. I gave vague short answers in an effort to shorten the call. Roger was talking at length at how awesome he thought Tony was. He was really singing his praises. But at the very moment I too was thinking of Tony and his magnificent black tool. I began exploring my drenched depths with two fingers, I was amazed at the fact I had already tightened back up from this mornings pounding. It felt really tight with my two fingers inside of me, so I just used my index finger slowly fucking myself. Roger was still talking about work stuff when I simply closed my eyes and imagined that big African cock fucking all of my holes. I secretly wondered if my pussy would ever recover from fucking a monster such as Tony's.

Lost in my fantasy, Roger interrupted me telling me that he needed to go. His team was expecting him any minute. He told me once again how sorry he was and he would try to arrange for a flight down the following day or so. Out of habit I told Roger that I loved him, at that moment the guilt of lying shot through me, I was beginning to accept the fact that my marriage to Roger was not long for this world.

My emotions were getting all messed up, rather than over analyze the situation, I figured that what happened on vacation can stay on vacation! My only real concern was Tony catching us and telling Roger the truth. But after the display at the pool yesterday I was sure that would not happen.

I really wanted to go and enjoy that beautiful beach. I reached for the suit I wore yesterday at the pool and noticed it was still wet, and it was a little cold to the touch. Rather than wear that, I decided to try out my new super sexy bikini. I went to my bag and pulled out the micro bikini I had bought special for my husband for this trip.

I slipped on the string bikini bottoms that consisted of only a small patch of black and white material to cover my swollen lips. The top was even more daring the small triangular cups were barely enough to cover my half dollar pink areolas. The material felt soft against my abused nipples. Francisco had been quite rough with my sensitive buds. The suit was not see through at the moment, but I figured if it were to get wet I would have nothing to hide! On the way out I popped into the closet to grab a beach towel. I was a little confused as to why there was a chair in there, and I also noticed what appeared to be a large stain on the dark carpet. Letting that thought go, I made my way out of the room towards that soft white sea shore.

The warm thick air struck me in a soothing way, the A/C in the room had been quite low making my nipples very hard, keeping them at constant attention. They were especially sensitive today from all of the sucking and biting Francisco did to them. I followed the secluded path down towards the beach. I thought to myself that this might be the most romantic place I had ever been.

Before leaving I left a note for Francisco, it included a list of supplies I needed. At the top of the list were condoms, I underlined it twice and I drew a cute little heart next to it! I also mentioned that I was at the beach and he should join me when possible. With my red lipstick I kissed the piece of paper leaving a perfect impression of the lips he was becoming all too familiar with. My lips were hungering to kiss his body, and not this silly piece of paper.

I sauntered with pride down to the sandy oceanfront. I was taken by the crystal clear blue waters and the clean white sand. I was happy that I decided to grab my sunglasses, now I could watch men and women all day without being detected! I knew I looked hot in this micro bikini, and I was mildly disappointed at the meager turnout on the beach. People were scattered all over, but nobody was really around to notice all of my hard work!

I found a nice spot with a beach umbrella that had been provided by the resort, I began to lay my towel out. I knelt in the sand sticking my tight ass high up into the air. I could feel the cool ocean breeze against the wet spot I was developing in my bikini. As I was working it felt like I was being watched. I heard a distinctive male grunt, rather than turn and cover myself, I sort of wiggled my ass at my observer.

I slowly turned my head over my shoulder to see three boys around 18 years old staring at me open mouthed. I turned fully toward them and waved. In the process of setting up my towel, my tit had escaped my tiny bikini. I was giving these boys a front row seat to my practical nudity. I looked down in mock embarrassment and covered myself, after getting my suit back into position, I blew a kiss at them. An older woman down the beach began calling for the boys, I assumed it was one of their mom's. They reluctantly turned around and went on their way. As they ran the guys began high fiving each other and loudly exclaiming how they would just love to 'hit that!' If any of them had the balls to approach me, who knows what could have happened!

After being cooped up for so long, I was loving the feeling of liberation! I was having a great time relaxing alone, occasionally I would make my way down to the warm sea water. I would try to head down as I saw a hot guy approaching on the beach. I was certainly getting all the attention I could ever want. I was absolutely right in my initial thoughts about this bikini, the white material practically disappeared every time it got wet. I really loved the way men and women stared at my body, it was gratifying to know that I could elicit such strong sexual responses.

I was approached on more than a few occasions by men passing by on the beach. Most of them wore sunglasses, but I could tell by their raised eyebrows and the lumps in their pants that they really liked what they saw. One gentleman named Derek was particularly smitten with me. He followed me from the water back to my chair. He had the biggest most infectious smile. I really loved his dark tan and his small Speedo could hardly contain the thick sausage growing within it. As we got back to the lounge chairs I handed him the suntan oil.

"Would you mind getting my back for me? This sun is really intense!" I laid face down on my chair and unhooked my top to allow him free access to my body. His hands felt incredible, rubbing my excited body deeply. He was taking liberties with my body rubbing the sides of my tits and kneading the oil into the back of my legs and ass.

"I need to get a better angle" he moved from sitting next to and straddled me on the chair. Derek's face was hovering close to mine as he rubbed me down. The massage felt wonderful, I could feel his warm breath on my neck and ears, he then blew gently into my ear. This caused goosebumps to go down my body, tightening my skin and flushing me with sexual arousal. My pussy was getting really wet from all of the attention. I could feel his hard cock pushing into my bikini covered ass. I really loved the way his throbbing cock felt against my ass.

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