tagBDSMTie Me Up, Blindfold Me, & Spank Me

Tie Me Up, Blindfold Me, & Spank Me


I recently discovered that my new girlfriend, Honey, has a foot fetish. I just met her a few hours ago, yesterday, actually, Christmas evening. Now, it's nearly 3am in the morning the day after Christmas and we've yet to go to bed. I think with what I have planned, we may be pulling an all-nighter. Honestly, the two of us are too excited to sleep.

It all started when she wanted a foot bath. We're staying the holiday weekend in my ex-Stepmom's, Carol, Honey's biological mother's guestroom. That's my new girlfriend's name, Honey. She's Halfrican-American. Her father was black and her mother is white.

Carol has been separated from her daughter for eighteen years, after her husband caught her cheating on him with a woman. Only, that's another story for another time. Much like Meredith Baxter, who just emerged from the closet and proclaimed that she's a lesbian, the same thing happened to Carol.

Married to my Dad before, now she's lesbian. The funny thing is that the woman that Carol is with, Debbie, was also my Dad's ex-girlfriend, too. I guess he has a way of turning heterosexual women lesbian.

Anyway, Carol didn't want me dating her daughter because we had sex, my ex-Stepmom and me, on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas morning. Later that same day, Christmas Day, I had sex again with my ex-Stepmom and her bi-sexual lover, Debbie. Then, when Carol and Debbie went out to neighbors homes in the neighborhood to spread their Christmas cheer, I was taking a nap on the couch, trying to recoup my energy from our impromptu threesome. That was when Carol's deceased mom, Estelle, returned from the other side to give me a gum job. That's another story for another time. I know, I couldn't make this stuff up, if it wasn't all true.

I had no idea Carol had a daughter. I had no idea that when I saw Carol's daughter, that it'd be love at first sight. Had I met Honey, just a day earlier, the day before Christmas, I never would have had sex with my ex-Stepmom on Christmas Eve, again on Christmas Day, and later with her bi-sexual lover, Debbie. Chances are the gum job that Estelle gave me, probably would have still happened, since she's a ghost and can go anywhere.

Anyway, it all started when I gave Honey a foot bath and one thing led to another and she was becoming aroused when I was towel drying her feet. She wanted me to give her a foot massage. Never having given anyone a foot massage, not even myself, when I looked up at her, while I was massaging her feet, she was actually cooing.

Then, she wanted me to lick her feet and suck her toes. Eww. Gross. What the Hell? Yet, if you ever saw Honey, you'd lick whatever part of her body she asked you to lick. She's beautiful, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life.

As soon as I started licking her feet and sucking on her toes, she started touching herself. With one hand down her panty and her other hand fingering her nipple, she had an orgasm. I couldn't believe it. I never heard of a woman having a foot fetish. I always thought it was only men who had a foot fetish, men attracted to women's feet. I never heard of a woman being sexual with her own feet. Go figure.

After she had her orgasm, she looked at me all dreamy eyed and asked, "Is there anything that I can do for you, Johnny?"

Are you kidding me? I'm a guy? What did she think I'd say?

"No, I'm all set, thank you very much. I appreciate the offer, anyway." Get real.

Her asking me that, "Is there anything that I can do for you," was my golden opportunity. If I was willing to pander to her freaking foot fetish, it's only fair that she help me to live out my fantasy, bondage and discipline. It's something that I never tried but always wanted to do.

"Hold that thought," I said to Honey.

I hurried from the room and, while Carol was still busy downstairs with Debbie, still cleaning up the mess from the Christmas dinner we had, I dashed into Carol's room and went through her lingerie drawers. I found just the things that I needed, scarves. If I hadn't found them, I was ready to grab a roll of duct tape. Good thing for Honey, I found these.

I ran back in the guestroom where Honey was resting on the bed after having had her orgasm. Other than to kiss her, I haven't even touched her, yet. Never have I had sex so quickly with someone I just met. She said she was soaking wet. Let's see how wet she is.

Quickly, I removed the last of her clothes, her panties. She was already topless after the striptease show she had given me earlier and what a show it was. She drove me mad with desire for her when she slowly stripped off her skirt and blouse before removing her bra. Oh, my God. I still get goose bumps just thinking about her perfect, black body.

"Give me your arm, Sweetie," I said.

"Oh, so, you are into bondage?"

"I don't know. I've never tried it. We'll soon find out, though. Are you game?"

"I'm willing to give it a try, but I'd like to have one rule set in place, if you don't mind."

"Okay, what's your rule?"

"If I don't like something that you're doing, when I say stop, you stop."

I loved Honey's voice. She has such a sweet voice, as sweet as honey, that is, unless she is talking harshly to me and calling me a name. When she suddenly develops her black attitude, her voice changes from sweet to bitchy.

"Okay, sure, that's fair enough. Tying you to the bed should be something that we both enjoy," I said hurrying my Boy Scout knots before she had a change of heart about the bondage and discipline and changed her mind and said, Stop! "I wouldn't want to do something that you don't like or something that offends your senses," I said being solicitous and pandering to her, again. "There's no fun in doing something sexual that you don't enjoy and find arousing."

I quickly tied her other wrist to the bed before tying both her ankles. Now my Honey was spread eagled and naked. I only wish I had my camera with me to capture this Kodak moment. I would love to post this photo on the Internet. I took a step back to enjoy the view.

"Are you just going to stare at me, fool, or are you going to have sex with me."

See how she gets? What's with the attitude all of a sudden. First, she's really nice and then, she's a bitch.

"I just have to call a few of my friends over, first," I said with a chuckle.

"What? Don't you dare," she said pulling at her ties. "Stop!"

"Gees, calm down, Honey. I was only kidding. I wouldn't call anyone to come over. I don't even have my cell phone with me," I said thinking that if I did, I would have taken her photo, already, by now. "I want you all for myself."

"That wasn't funny, dumb ass."

Fool? Dumb ass? Gees, what's with the name calling? This bitch needs to be punished. She needs a bit of my special spanking discipline. I lifted her butt with one hand off the mattress and gave her a hard slap on the ass with my hand.


"Hey, dumb ass, spanking me wasn't part of the agreement."

It was obvious that Honey needed to be punished, again. She didn't learn from my first disciplinary act. She needed a second slap on the other side of her black, bubble ass.

"What agreement? You only made the one rule," I said with a sly smile. "You said that if you didn't like something that I was doing, you'd say stop. I don't like you calling me names, like fool and dumb ass. So, stop," I said satisfied that I won that point.

I lifted her other butt cheek and slapped her even harder on that side of her ass.



Now, she got the message. Immediately, I backed off. She was holding back tears. I really walloped her harder than I meant to slap her. Only, she needed to be taken down a peg or two.

I didn't like the way she was treating me. I more preferred it when she was calling me baby and sugar and not fool and dumb ass. I'd never disrespect her by calling her a name. Names are mean and hurtful, especially when you hear it from someone you love, as I definitely do her, even though I just met her. I love her. I do. I really do.

I went back in Carol's room and grabbed another scarf and started tying it around Honey's eyes.

"Hey, what are you doing? I can't see. I need to see. Don't blindfold me. Remove the blindfold, now."

"You didn't say stop."


"Too late. I've already tied the blindfold."

"You've taken my one rule too literally, Johnny."

"Is there any other way to take a rule without breaking a rule?"

Now, with her eyes covered, I was free to tease her. I had already given her pain and now I wanted to give her pleasure. I wanted to make this experience more erotically enjoyable.

Ever so lightly, I slowly ran my fingertips all over her naked body, tickling her and teasing her, until she had goose bumps. Then, I leaned down and took her nipple in my mouth, first one and then the other. Immediately, her nipples responded growing erect. I leaned down and kissed her and she eagerly volunteered her tongue.

I've kissed a lot of women before, but never have I kissed anyone in the way that I kissed Honey and in the way that she responded and returned my kisses. I actually felt something when kissing Honey, a first for me. Kissing was what had been missing from all my other relationships. I could survive sexually and emotionally with just kissing Honey.

I loved kissing her. I loved her lips, so full and so soft and the way she explored my mouth with her tongue, I could tell that she was enjoying my kisses as much as I was enjoying her kisses. I couldn't wait to make love to her, but not yet. She hadn't even touched my cock, yet.

I moved off the bed and quickly started removing my clothes.

"Hey, John, what are you doing?"

"I'm getting undressed."

"Undressed? No, that wasn't part of our sleeping arrangements. I said you can sleep here if you slept on the floor and remained fully dressed."

Damn, this woman never stops with the attitude. I needed to get naked before she blurted, "Stop."

"Yeah, well, that all changed after you teased me by doing a slow striptease. And that all change after you had an orgasm from my foot bath, foot massage, and from me licking your feet and sucking your toes."


"Sorry. Too late. Except for my socks, I'm already naked."

"You better not come near me with your cock. I never had a puny, little white dick before and surely don't want to have one now. Only a big, black cock has experienced this beautiful black body."

Wow, she never stops with the attitude. Why would she say that? How could I even answer that? That was more than insulting. It was a racist remark. Having just met her Christmas evening, a few hours ago, I was having difficulty reading her. I couldn't tell if she was serious or kidding. There was only one way to find out by moving my puny, little white dick closer to her beautiful, black body.

"Get ready for some white meat, then," I said with a laugh. "Santa is on his way to give you a Christmas lay."

I moved closer to her right hand and put my cock near her fingers. Acting a bit disinterested, she lightly, barely touched the head of my cock with her fingertips.

"You're not circumcised?"


"I never had an uncircumcised cock before."

"There's a first time for everything," I said. "Take me in your hand," I said leaning my body forward so that she could grasp my cock.

She wrapped her fingers around my cock and gently explored it with her fingers before slowly stroking me. Instantly, she was making me harder. Her hand felt good. The contrast of our skins, her black hand holding my white cock suddenly made me more excited. I don't know why, but it did. Maybe because, I guess, having sex with someone from another race made me feel as though I was doing something wrong and forbidden. It made me feel hip and cool to be with her and to be wanted by a black woman.

Generally, I've seen more black men with white women, especially blonde women. Black dicks in blonde chicks, there's something to that. Athletes, rock stars, and celebrities come to mind, such Tiger Woods, Seal, Ice T, and O J Simpson, among those most famous.

Yet, forgetting about the race issue, I wanted to experience her, all of her, so badly, as a man would want a woman. It didn't matter to me that she was black and that I was white. I'd be attracted to her if she was green. She was so very beautiful.

"Not bad for a white boy," she said.

"Wait until I really get hard," I said.

I moved away from her hand and positioned my cock by her mouth.

"Hey, what are you doing," she said moving her head away from my cock.

"Suck me a little. Make me harder with your mouth."

"No way, I'm not sucking on a white cock," she said. "I don't know where that cock has been. You've been going crazy having sex with all these white women, my Mom, my mother's girlfriend, even my dead grandmother. Who knows who else you've been having sex with."

What? Is she serious? She's tied to the bed naked and refuses to take my cock in her mouth. Well, I can fix that.

"I can say that same thing for you, Honey. I have no idea who you've been with in the past, but I'm willing to take the risk to have someone like you in my life."

I rotated my body so that I could reach her toes with my mouth. Good thing I was so much taller than Honey. It was a tough stretch, but I started licking her feet and sucking her toes. It didn't take her long to become aroused again.

"Oh, baby, that feels so good. Yeah, that's right, suck Mama's toes."

As soon as she said that, I lowered my pelvis closer to my mouth and used my hand to direct my cock to her lips. She took me inside her mouth and I was in Heaven. Honey was blowing me. She was sucking my cock. I knew she would, once I started in on her G spot, her feet and toes. The first white cock she ever sucked and the first black woman who ever sucked my cock. We now had something in common.

As soon as I was hard enough, I got off the bed and moved down between her legs. I needed to see how wet she was before I inserted myself in her pussy. I lightly touched her with my fingers, teasing her with my fingertips, and slowly exploring and probing her with my long, stiff fingers. She was wet alright, but not from my cock, I'm afraid.

She was wet from me sucking her toes, no doubt. I never realized she had such a foot fetish. Wow. I wondered how she got that and where that came from. It must driving her crazy, horny really, when she wears open toed shoes and high heels. She must spend her days staring at her feet. Except for shopping, is that a fetish, I've never been with a woman who had a fetish before.

I needed to taste Honey. I lowered my mouth to her and with a wide, long, slow lick of my tongue, I heard her gasp. Then, I gave her another lick and another and another, while fingering her clit. I mashed my face between her legs with my tongue acting as if it was an eggbeater. I could tell when she stiffened her legs that she was enjoying the quick action and stiff movement of my tongue running across and all over her clit. Then, I slowed the tongue bath that I was giving her and made my movements more gentle, purposeful, and loving. I loved eating her pussy. She had a wonderful pussy.

She was ready and I was more than ready. Eating her pussy made my cock so hard. I mounted her, while reaching down to position my cock by her hole. She was so wet that I just slipped inside and once inside, she grabbed me with her muscles. She was very tight and it felt good to be inside her. I couldn't believe I was getting it on with Honey. Never would I have thought this would have happen only a few short hours ago, when she came to the door on Christmas Day looking to surprise her mother and now, look at me, inside of her.

If I felt that I was in love with her before, I definitely, knew that I loved her now, after having had sex with her. Never have I experienced such strong feelings of love, as when I was making love to Honey. It was incredible. It was something that I never wanted to stop doing.

While my cock sunk deeper inside her, in and out, side to side, and back and forth, humping her and allowing the rhythm of her humps to take us nearer to having a mutual orgasm, I couldn't stop kissing her. My lips were sore from kissing her, I kissed her so much, but I didn't care. I loved kissing her, especially while fucking her.

When I kissed her, I felt connected to her. It was electric. It was exciting. She blanked my mind with her kisses and all that I could feel was all the passion and love that I had for her. It was wonderful.

I needed more. I pulled out of her pussy and untied her wrists and her ankles and removed her blindfold. I needed to see her big, brown eyes. I needed to experience all of her. I needed to feel her arms and legs wrapped around me. I needed to roll her over and feel her on top of me, before slamming her into the mattress. We made love for more than an hour, until we were just drained and exhausted.

Ill equipped and unprepared, I didn't have a condom with me. I didn't know I'd be banging Honey tonight, all night. I figured I'd be having sex with my ex-Stepmom, who couldn't have any more kids and her bi-sexual lover, who had her tubes tied after having a few unwanted pregnancies and subsequent abortions.

After we both took a quick bathroom break, we slept like that holding one another. I knew she had strong feelings for me, too. No woman could make love to a man, like she just did, without having strong feelings for him. Okay, maybe she didn't love me, but she sure as Hell liked me.

That was when I thought of the perfect Christmas surprise that I could give Honey.

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