tagIncest/TabooTiger of Light Ch. 01

Tiger of Light Ch. 01


The sun streaming through my blinds woke me up, early on a Sunday morning. The horizontal stripes ignited me into a tiger of light, the golden glow accentuating my smooth, bronzed flesh. My honey coloured, wavy shoulder length hair was fanned out onto the crisp white sheets. I stretched and yawned then checked the clock. It was only eight am. Much too early, however I could smell the air from outside, that gorgeous summer smell, all freshly mown grass, sun and cool breeze. Maybe getting up wasn’t such a bad idea.

Downstairs I fixed myself some breakfast. I was leaning over the counter, sipping from a tall glass of orange juice when my mother walked in and saw me, she did a comical double take and said, ‘Poppy, it’s eight am, what are doing up, are you feeling alright?’ She laughed as she saw my withering expression. ‘Mom, the suns shining, the birds are singing and I can just feel it’s going to be a good day’ I finished off the juice and put the carton away.

Mom smiled again and said, ‘Yeah it is, Sue and Craig are coming over for the day, we might have a barbeque in the evening’. My smile faded like a dying sunset. I had hopes of meeting my friends and cruising about in one of their cars. That thought went straight out of the window. ‘What? You’re kidding, right? Mom they are so boring!’ Mom pursed her lips in disapproval, ‘Come on Poppy, they’re not that bad, they’re bringing James and April too’

At this I groaned aloud, James and April, my pain-in-the-butt cousins. Granted I hadn’t seen them for about eighteen months but from what I could remember, I didn’t particularly like. James was my age, eighteen and April was two years younger at sixteen. Both James and April had flame red hair, a trait they got from my uncle Craig. They also had the same burnt auburn eyes and tall, lean frame. I couldn’t believe it, so much for my fresh, summer day of fun.

I got changed into a short, floaty sky blue halter neck dress that went with my large almond shaped eyes. I self-consciously looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I smoothed the dress against my flat stomach and shapely thighs. I murmured to myself that my breasts could be a little bigger; at a B cup they were pert and round but not amazingly big. My butt could also be a little smaller. It’s not at Jennifer Lopez proportions but still quite a handful. After checking my body for any more lumps and bumps I slipped into a pair of cork wedge sandals and went outside to sit in the sun.

At around ten thirty the doorbell went and our dog, Claire (don’t ask, my mom’s idea – she has this thing about naming pets after relatives, we also have a fish called Dave and a parrot called Kirsty) went mad, as usual. I heaved myself up out my comfy chair and went to investigate.

Mom was at the front door and I could see from my position at the end of the hall Craig and Sue. I waved at them and smiled shyly, relatives have always had that affect on me. I’m usually confident and a bit of an extrovert but at the mention of the word ‘family member’ I turn back into that fat little twelve year old with spots and braces.

Craig and Sue went through the kitchen and into the garden. April bounded up to me and pounced. She hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek. She hadn’t changed, same hair, eyes and figure, although more mature in her looks. She was still like a little puppy, full of enthusiasm and energy. She almost skipped into the garden, I watched as the sun lit her hair into a bonfire. I shocked myself at the thought at how beautiful she looked, so full of life. She really was the picture of perfect youth.

I turned to look at James, who had just shut the door behind him. I almost swallowed my tongue. He had changed. A lot. He was still tall but no longer skinny. He had obviously been working out. His tee shirt clung to his strong shoulders and chest. He wore baggy pants and trainers that seemed to be about size twelve. I looked him up and down again and noticed his diamond earring and cross necklace slung around his neck. His eyes were still that same shade of burnt orange and his hair that same deep red but it was cropped close on the sides with two narrow lines shaved in on each side. The top was gelled and spiky. His eyebrows also sported shaved lines. He was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

‘Hi’ I breathed, my throat dry. He smiled at me broadly. Though his looks had changed he was still shy. ‘Hey Poppy, how are you?’ We small talked for a while as we walked to the garden together. Our arms would occasionally brush against each other and every time it happened electric shocks ricocheted around my body. I was painfully aware of how my nipples pushed hard into the silky fabric of my dress. I knew I was blushing and by the look of it James was pretty flustered too.

We all sat around a large table with drinks and chatted about what we had all been up to. James and I kept shooting shy glances at each other. However each time our eyes caught we held contact for longer, our smiles becoming more confident. I wanted to get him on his own. I wanted more than just eye contact and smiles.

Soon the group broke up and we wandered off to do our own things. The parents still chatted but April was running around with the dog. She was laughing and chuckling and I couldn’t help but notice how young she seemed, even at sixteen. James and I wandered past our pond and through a willow tree to sit on the other side, away from the others.

We both lay on our backs and talked. He really was the sweetest boy there was. I rolled onto my stomach and gazed at him. He turned his head and caught me staring. ‘Like what you see Miss. Poppy?’ He joked. I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect what I did next. I whispered, ‘Mmmm yeah I do’ and I softly pressed my lips to his. However if he was shocked he didn’t show it. It was a few moments before he kissed me back. It was odd, kissing my cousin but it still felt great. Soon our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. The peck that began innocent turned into a wet, fiery and passionate kiss. I shifted so I was partially lying on top of him. He ran his hands over my back and down over my firm ass. My hands dug into his hair and I groaned as he dotted kisses down my face and neck until he reached my collarbone, and then moved up again to devour my mouth again.

It felt naughty and dangerous to kiss and caress my cousin with our respective families only a few feet away, not to mention taboo. But we were shielded by the draping of the willow leaves. Not to mention a few bushes and flower beds. I called that particular part of the garden where we were ‘The Secret Garden’ because it was always so tucked away and tranquil, the perfect place to commit a bit of dirty incestuous fun.

Before long our touches became more intimate. James’s hand ran up over my smooth legs and under my dress then caressed me through the thin fabric of my panties. I gasped against his neck, my juices flowing as his probing fingers explored further. James laid me back against the grass and threw off my sandals. The cool breeze stirred our hair but still kept us warm.

I opened my legs and positioned them so my knees were bent. My breath caught in my throat as James slowly kissed his way up my silky soft legs until he reached my thighs. Then his moist tongue darted out every now and again that made me jerk and cry out softly. His hands slid over my calves and to the rim of my panties. I was shuddering with anticipation, and could smell how excited I was. I felt swamped with feelings. The sensation of cool air against my skin, warm kisses on my thighs, gentle fingers grazing my lower stomach as they slowly pulled my panties down and a rush of air hit me.

James slowly nibbled the velvety skin between my thigh and wispy, light blonde pubic hair. I ran my fingers through the blades of grass. Every sensation seemed magnified. Before long my eyes had rolled up into my head and I shut my eyes. The feeling of being licked from the bottom of my juicy slit to my rosebud clit was like feathers teasing me to new levels of excitement. I exhaled loudly as his tongue stiffened and slid into me. Being fucked by his wet tongue in my equally sopping pussy drove me wild. James never kept the same tempo, it was so spontaneous and he seemed gifted at giving me pleasure with his tongue. My hips started to buck wildly as he sucked on my clitoris as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me like the ocean on a hot day, the feeling was of immense relief and shuddering bliss. I gasped loudly and opened my eyes.

I couldn’t see James’s face but he was still eating my pussy, but more gently. I whispered ‘James, that was so, so…’ Words failed me; I could feel his lips curve in a smile. His finger slid into my well-lubricated furrow and my entire body went stiff. By now my pussy felt like it was on fire, a naked flame. I started to have trouble breathing and as the pleasure became more intense James held me to him and buried his face in my crotch. Tears slid out of the corners of my ice cool eyes, tears of unbearable happiness.

Finally James looked up and grinned at me. I opened my mouth to say something but he pressed his finger to my lips. ‘Ssh’ He whispered, ‘We have forever to talk, but we don’t have forever to be alone like this’. I nodded, sudden sadness overcoming me. ‘My room’ I breathed, ‘Let’s go there now’ He smiled and kissed me softly, his fingers caressing my neck. ‘Yes cousin, lets go to your room’

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