tagIncest/TabooI'll Be Home for Christmas

I'll Be Home for Christmas


Happy Holidays all! I'm really excited to submit this story for several reasons. It's been a long time since I've submitted anything and this is a story I've had on the brain for a long time. I had initially started it before the Christmas contest started, but as I perfected my story the time slipped away, and now the contest is almost over. Regardless, I hope that you will vote and enjoy this story over the Christmas holiday and for the rest of the year(s).

This story has a lot to it. It is not short. It may not be a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" type of story which is one page and straight to sex, but I promise you the build-up makes the sex so much sweeter. Please feel free to comment and send feedback. Big thanks to my editor!

All characters are 18 and over.


"Honey, can you help me in here?" my mom called from the room next door to mine, which used to be my brother Ryder's. I got up from my desk and stood against the doorway of his room, my eyes flitting back and forth. My mom was sitting amidst a pile of crap from the closet, the dresser's contents nearby, and the bed half made. My eyes narrowed as she looked up at me sheepishly. "I was trying to clean things up and one thing led to another," she trailed off with a shrug of her shoulders. "Help me up, dear." I took hold of her hand and tugged, bringing her to her feet.

"Can you bring a few empty boxes from the garage? We'll get all this in there and then we can clean it up and finish making the bed."

"Are we having guests?" I finally spoke, my voice monotone and strained.

"Your brother is coming home for Christmas break!" My mom's eyes shined brightly and a smile broke out on her face. I slowly turned around and silently left the room, heading downstairs to retrieve the boxes, my head spinning. I opened the garage door and headed down the steep set of stairs, holding tightly on the railing.

Why was he coming home now for break? Why hadn't he told me? Or at least, why hadn't mom sprung the news earlier?

Re-entering the bedroom with the boxes, I put the best fake smile on that I could, my heart thumping in my chest. I felt like throwing up. "Thanks honey!" My mom said with a smile. I nodded and left the bedroom before she could force me to help organize, clean, and make his damn bed.

To say that my brother and I had never really gotten along would be both an understatement and a lie. There had been a time when he and I had been quite close and one would never have suspected that we'd turn out to be as vicious as we had. Ryder is three years older than me, giving us what felt like the worst possible age gap. Not quite enough to let us leave each other alone, and not enough for us to be forced to get along. Just enough for my brother to breathe down my neck every possible second of the day and for us to bicker like unhappy spouses.

When he had gone away to college three years ago, I had been relieved. Sure, maybe a tiny part of me deep inside had felt sad, only because it left me alone at home with my parents. But most of me had been so grateful of the age difference and the fact that he had chosen a college across the country. Of course, the fact that Ryder got accepted to Yale only helped him earn more points with our parents. They already favored him as the first born and were constantly suspicious of my actions. Somehow he had convinced them of his perfect ways and hidden all of his devious acts. That was definitely part of why he and I had never really gotten along and fought constantly. We had barely spoken to each other in the three years that he'd been gone, including the first and only time he had been home to visit. I'd always loved my brother and thought he was handsome and smart and funny, but the way he treated me had driven a wedge further and further into our friendship and sibling rivalry had been born. Badly.

I shivered at the memory of his arrival the last time he'd visited. He and his best friend from high school, Adrian, had visited during their freshman year Spring break. At that point, he hadn't completely earned my parents trust to stay at school or go traveling during breaks. Adrian and my brother had spent most of their week home out partying or playing video games in the living room, only paying attention to me when Ryder had something to yell about.

Adrian always looked like he felt bad, but never stuck up for me. I always had this silly fantasy that Adrian (who I always had had a little crush on) would be like my knight in shining armor, whisking me away from the asshole of a brother I'd been cursed with. It was never the case, of course. I'd seen Adrian a few times throughout the first year or two of college, when he'd come home on his own for breaks, and he always gave me wickedly handsome smiles that made my stomach queasy. He would say hi or ask how I was doing, but it was casual and quick. I wondered if he and my brother were still friends.

My mom came by my room hours later, as I was reminiscing about a fight Ryder and I had had before he left for college.


Ryder had stormed into my room, knocking some things off my desk with the strength of his hand, making me jump a little. "You better not fuck up any of my hookups while I'm gone, kitten." he said with a sneer. I stared back wide-eyed. "I know you told Melanie not to sleep with me and I'm warning you, when I come home again, I better not hear you've done it to anyone else. I'm gonna need my resources in case Yale girls are too stuck-up and bookworms." I rolled my eyes at my brother's usual piggish attitude towards women. He saw me and reached forward, grabbing the back of my hair. He leaned close to my face and growled, "Just because you're a frigid bitch who's not getting any doesn't mean I should be so unlucky. Speaking of which, I don't wanna hear about you losing your virginity to some jock or stoner from school when I get back. And don't give me back talk like that again." he yanked my hair roughly and let go, turning and walking out, slamming the door behind him.


I was just thinking about how badly my hair had hurt that day, when my mom popped her head in. "Your brother is going to be here at ten. Mind having a snack now so I can prepare a late dinner for everyone?" I looked at the clock. It was eight. My dad would be home from work soon, Friday being the one day a week he stayed late to do some financial work, and would be overjoyed, if he didn't know already. I nodded and brushed by her to head down to the kitchen, my stomach rumbling right on cue. I had no idea what had happened to my brother, but for as long as I could remember, he was a violent, angry person, and took a lot of it out on me. I didn't even want to imagine what he did to his sexual partners. The way he had called me kitten (the nickname he had fondly given me when we were much younger for some unexplainable reason) with such hate had hurt me; he had practically spat it out like something that tasted revolting.

I sat down at the kitchen counter with a glass of water and some crackers. I had lost my appetite, despite my stomach growling. How had my mom just not told me he was coming? And not only that, that he was coming tonight? It had been more than two years since I'd seen him and three years since he lived here. I had nothing to tell me that Ryder had changed, so I was bracing myself for the worst. "He's going to be alone, right?" I said to my mom as she came down the stairs and I chomped on a few crackers.

My mom shrugged. "As far as I know, Kenzie, but you know him. He could be bringing a friend or a lady friend. Who knows?" I shot her a look and she shrugged, bending to look into the fridge. The thought of my brother bringing a girl home was even worse than the idea of him bringing a college buddy home. Unless he was friends with Adrian again; that would be a different story. And well, that I wouldn't mind. However, now that I had turned eighteen, my brother would probably have a whole different view of bringing a guy to stay in our house.

My dad arrived home as my mom and I were sitting in silence at the counter, though my mom was chomping pretty loudly on her lettuce. He gave us both a look and then kissed the top of my head before giving my mom a kiss on the lips. My phone buzzed with a new text, saving me from watching their intimacy at a time when my stomach was already incredibly queasy. "Hear Ryder's coming home for break. You gonna have to sneak to see me?" The text was from the guy I'd been casually seeing for a couple of months, Jordan. He had gone to high school with my brother but stayed in town for college. Los Angeles has everything; I always wondered why Ryder wanted to go to a college so far away. "No, I can't see you during break." I replied.

It was true that with Ryder home I would be on a short leash, but I was also feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was still a virgin and Jordan had his mind set on changing that. Not that I minded our romps in his sheets, but I certainly wasn't about to give up my virginity to a guy I barely knew and knew my brother. If he found out about it, he'd probably give Jordan two black eyes. They weren't friends, but Jordan wasn't exactly discreet about telling his friends that he and I were hooking up. I wouldn't be surprised if my brother found out on his first few days in town. My phone buzzed again, "Such a shame. What about tonight, Kenz? I could pick you up and have you home before ten." I had to admit I wanted to see Jordan before my brother was home and all hell would be let loose. "Pick me up in 20." I texted him back as I headed up the stairs, closing and locking the bathroom door behind me as I undressed.

There was something about Jordan that kept me coming back, despite the fact that I suspected he wasn't looking for something serious. I knew he was dating other people when we first started seeing each other, even though that had stopped after a couple of weeks. He often talked about us getting more serious, but I felt like it was more of his way of getting in my pants than it was truthful. Stepping into the shower, I quickly washed my body and shampooed my hair. I suspected we'd be getting dirty quite rapidly, but there was nothing wrong with showing up fresh. I ran my fingers over my neatly trimmed pubic hair and shaved pussy lips, wondering why it turned Jordan on so much. It seemed like the fad from the porn industry these days was for perfectly hairless pussies, but I guess that made him feel like women were little girls instead of women. I had to practically convince him to at least let me shave my pussy lips! I shrugged and turned off the water, wrapping a plush towel around my body. I scurried across the hall. "Kenz? Are you going out?" my mom called from downstairs. Apparently she hadn't even noticed that I had left.

"I'll be back before ten, I promise. I know I have to be home when dinner and Ryder are here." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Okay hun." My mom said with an audible sigh. I just shook my head and pulled on a lacy black thong and matching bra. Not that Jordan ever noticed or cared what I could be wearing. I've come to the conclusion that I could show up in a garbage bag with granny panties underneath and he'd still do the awful things he did to me and beg me to let him fuck me. I don't know if he has a virgin fetish or just wants me that bad, but it's certainly flattering. Tugging a pair of jeans up my legs and throwing a black sweater on, I looked like a wet-haired catalog picture from Abercrombie or something. It was winter in Los Angeles, after all, not the North or East coast where it actually snowed. I grabbed my purse and whizzed down the stairs. Jordan had already been waiting for a few minutes.

"Hey sexy." He said, nuzzling my neck and still damn hair. "You got all clean for me! I guess I can excuse the lateness." He grinned and nipped my ear, hand reaching under me to squeeze my butt. "So we've got...an hour?" he revved the engine and sped off. Luckily he didn't live too far away and even luckier for me, my mom didn't look outside to see who had picked me up. I suspected that my mom knew I was seeing someone, but she never talked to me about it.

As soon as we arrived at his house, he practically dragged me inside, where he threw me on his bed. He peeled my jeans and thong off in one swoop, sliding between my legs and pushing my sweater up and over my head. Once he had my bra off and I lay before him naked, he let his eyes wander my body as he had every single time we'd hooked up. It was like he still wasn't bored of seeing my naked body spread out for him. "You're so fucking hot." He groaned, the sound resonating through my body as if he'd growled right in my ears, as he kissed my inner thighs, making me shiver. "And this fucking pussy tastes so good." Ever since I'd stopped shaving completely, he couldn't get enough of eating me out. Seemed like the opposite I'd expect of a man, but whatever floats his boat. His tongue slid over my clit and I whimpered. I knew I needed to stop seeing him, considering it would go nowhere and I didn't have any feelings for him, but his mouth just felt so goddamn good on my pussy!

He slid two long fingers hard into me and I jerked my hips upwards, forcing my clit deeper into his mouth. "Yeah, you like it when I do that, don't you?" My phone buzzed loudly in my jeans, causing me to look over at it. "Ignore it!" he said roughly, slapping me lightly on the breast as his fingers slid in and out of me. I whimpered again and pushed my hips upwards.

"Wait, wait." Jordan said, pulling his fingers out of me so he could use both hands to undo his pants. "I gotta get these off. They're so tight." He pulled his jeans off, freeing his cock. He pulled his boxers off and lay on the bed on his back, wrapping a hand around my hip and helping me get on top of him, my hands and mouth finding his length as his fingers found their way back inside me. I rubbed myself hard against his mouth. He knew that was my favorite way to get off. There was just something about riding a guy's face that got a girl going.

I tried to pay attention to the blow job I was giving him, but the way he was working his tongue had me grinding on him and within a couple of minutes, my fingers were gripping his thighs tightly as I rode out my orgasm. "Don't worry about it, babe. I should be getting you home soon anyways." He said with a wicked smile as he kissed my thigh. I don't know what it is about me that kept him around so selflessly. What guy lives to get a girl off and doesn't even care if he gets off every time?

Helping me into my jeans, bra, and sweater, sans panties, Jordan stuffed the panties into his jacket pocket. "For safe keeping." He got his boxers and jeans back on, and we walked out to the car silently. He and I never had much to talk about, which was just another reason that I didn't get too excited to see him. I mean, he was a fun time, but it was nothing I saw lasting more than another couple of months at the most. He wrapped his hand around my thigh as he drove me home, and I glanced down at it. There was something that didn't feel right about him touching me intimately outside of the bedroom, as weird as that sounded to my own mind.

"That's not very safe driving." I said gently, giggling. He took the hint and put his hand back on the wheel. As nine-thirty rolled around, we pulled up in front of the house.

"So, when are we going to be exclusive, huh?" he asked, smiling at me.

"You know I'm not seeing anyone else, Jordan."

"Yeah, but you won't even tell anyone we're seeing each other or see me over break. You've never brought me home."

"Oh, come on. Is this really more than casual rendezvouses and you trying to have sex with me?" Jordan glared at me and reached across me to open the door. That was my cue to leave.

The conversations we had about this never ended well and he never wanted to admit it was true. "I'll see you after break, okay?" he didn't answer and I slammed the door behind me. What an awful Friday! I couldn't even have a guilt free orgasm or look forward to the weekend without having a fight with a guy and having bad news thrown on me! I started upstairs until I saw my mom hustling around the kitchen trying to prepare dinner.

"Need some help?" I offered kindly, putting my hand on her shoulder. She nodded and pointed towards the veggies on top of a cutting board on the counter. I washed my hands and started cutting up the veggies as my mom cleared her throat, preparing for the speech I knew was coming.  

"Honey, I know this is a big surprise. Your father and I didn't want to tell you until we knew for certain. Ryder had mixed feelings about coming home since it's been a while." I cringed just hearing his name, but she didn't notice as usual. "I think it'll be good for you guys to catch up and bond." As if.

By ten o'clock, dinner was fresh off the stove and we were setting the table. I hadn't changed, so I was still in just my sweater and jeans, the memory of my orgasm and stolen panties still damn against the inside of my pants. I flushed red at the thought that Ryder may be able to tell I wasn't wearing any underwear.

Ten fifteen rolled around and both my parents were sitting at the dinner table, obviously itching to start eating. A knock at the front door startled us all, and my mom gestured for me to open it. The last thing I wanted to do was be that close to my brother, but it looked like I had no other choice. Opening the door swiftly, I was face to face with someone I hardly recognized. It was a less-tan, muscled and chiseled, five o'clock shadowed, scruffy haired, handsome as fuck version of my brother I preferred to pretend didn't exist and wasn't standing in front of me looking so freaking good. I didn't even register Adrian standing behind him. "Close your mouth, Kenz." he said, with a sly smile, wrapping my body close to his in a big hug. If he was anyone else, I'd have been thinking about how hard and good his body felt against mine and at the way he took his time extracting himself. He glanced down at me, his eyes grazing my body. He coughed loudly, "Looks like someone hit puberty!" Rustling my hair, he plopped down at the table. Adrian followed behind, leaving both their bags by the door.

"Thanks for making dinner guys!" Adrian said with a smile. "Love coming over here waaaay more than my own house." he winked at me to emphasize his statement. Ryder dug right into the food, not saying anything else to our parents or myself. I saw my mom and dad look at each other silently, but my dad just shook his head.

"So, uh, how's school going, son?" my dad said warily, wanting to desperately bond with Ryder, his perfect son on the pedestal.

"Great. Pulling a 4.0." Ryder said between bites, which was more like a general inhaling of his food. "Without sleeping with the teachers." he grinned at me and I blushed. How did he get away with talking like that to my parents?! "So it's cool that Adrian stays here? His parents are gone for break." Ryder asked half heartedly, knowing he didn't leave them an option.

"Of course, honey. Anything for our star student," my mom said, chewing slowly. She had apparently lost her appetite as much as I had, though not likely for the same reason. I couldn't believe the way he had looked at me and forced me into such a close hug. We hadn't talked in so long and the last time I'd seen him, we certainly hadn't left on hugging terms. I shook the thought away and tried to eat a little so I wouldn't go to bed hungry and miserable. "Oh, Kenzie, I signed you up to be in the Christmas Eve Day pictures with Santa booth at the mall. My friend Ronda usually plays Mrs. Clause. She came down with a terrible cold and didn't want to risk getting the kids sick, even though it's in a few days. So you will be filling in for her. As of right now, it looks okay for her husband. I may be trying to help her find a replacement for Santa if he gets sick. Please don't disappoint me by coming up with an excuse of why you can't. It's a big event over there and they are counting on you." She smiled, knowing that I wouldn't dare disappoint her as I had so many other times in unknown ways.

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