tagErotic CouplingsTime for a Massage

Time for a Massage


It's time for your massage Hon. I walk around to your side and gently put my fingers on your temples. You close your eyes and relax .I start a small circular motion with my fingers lightly touching your face and a gentile stroking of your temples. I am just trying to get that tension out. I put my fingers on your forehead and make small ellipses, covering all of your forehead and hairline. I take my fingers and gently trail them down your nose. A soft, smooth stroke or two. My thumbs a bit firmer, but not too much, on your cheeks, just pushing out the stress. My thumb and finger gently squeezing the earlobes and trailing down to your neck. My thumbs starting at your Adam's apple and stroking up to your chin and my fingers tracing a line around your lips. The fingers trailing down you neck and the palms resting on your shoulders.

I start grabbing hold of the shoulders and my fingers digging in deep. My thumbs pressing in. My hands grasping and squeezing those shoulder muscles getting deep into the tissue. I squeeze and move leaving no part of the shoulders untouched. I take both my hands and holding one arm of yours I start at the arm pit and "wring" the arm. I squeeze it between oiled palms and slowly take them down to your fingers and back up again. I go back down with a twisting motion. I take each individual finger and just grasp it with my fingers. I move to the other arm and repeat the motions getting every last bit of tension out of it. I put oiled palms just above the breast start making circles with the palms on the upper chest above the breast. I slowly lower my palms to include the breast. My palms pushing firmly in. My palms pushing and circling and brushing over now erect nipples. My hands firmly squeezing the breasts and working their way again to the nipples. I rub each nipple between oiled fingers and thumb. I take my hands and release their firm grasp on your breasts. I let my stroking thumbs cross your belly. I start from the middle of your stomach and work outwards. My fingers go lower and lower. My fingers probe for a moment at the belly button. My palms firmly slide over the smooth skin. Of you. My hands pausing for a moment at your thighs.

I pick my hands up and apply more oil to my palms. I curve my hands and cup your thighs. I push towards your feet. With a slow firm push down to the ankles. I push firmly into the thigh muscles along the way. I push hard again into the calf muscles and then push knuckles into the sole of your foot. I then completely stroke the bottom of your feet. I then squeeze your toes between my thumb and fingers. I then slide my fingers between each toe. I pause for a moment and I walk around you. I place my warm hands on one calf. One of my palms push forward and the other backward. One palm towards me and one towards your other leg. My palms slowly move up the calf. I pass the knee and I start on the thigh. I push deep into the muscles and go higher and higher. I stop again and walk around to the other side and repeating this on the other leg. I push deep into the thigh muscles and edges of fingers start to lightly brush against the lips of your cunt.

My oiled fingers slide slowly down right and than left. I trail slowly down and approach that nub of your desire but I don't quite reach it. My fingers trail down and around the outside of those lips of pleasure. I gently caress with my fingertips and come nearer and nearer. Never quite reaching. I bend down and slowly blow across the clit. I then slowly lower my mouth closer till my mouth surrounds the whole area. I gently, with my tongue, take a light feathery flick across it and then another and another. I remove my lips and I begin to outline those lips of pleasure with my tongue. I stop at the bottom of that lovely portal and slowly lick up from there. I just barley part those pussy lips and I come to rest on the clit just with just a feather touch. I start again from the bottom and push a little this time. I part those lips further and stop on the clit. A firm flick with my tongue. I start at the bottom and push my tongue deep in to you. I lick those cunt juices. I lick slowly up and stop at that nub. I suck it into my mouth and massage it with my tongue. I circle around and around it. I then release it. I then start to use my fingers to spread those lips wide. I probe deep with my tongue.

I pull it out and plunge it in deep. Again and again. My tongue a miniature piston. I thrust it deep in, pull it out and plunge in. I do this time after time. I start at the clit and suck it in gently. My fingers probe it as my mouth licks it. My fingers probing into wetness. My fingers explore a deep in a hot moist hole. My mouth gently sucks that clit. My fingers flow in and out of that cunt. My fingers begin to speed faster and faster. Again and again. My fingers begin to fuck that pussy. My mouth sucks on that clit. My fingers come to a stop and I slowly pull out. I plunge my tongue in deep and lick up. I plunge in and lick up. I plunge in and lick up. Again and again. I feel your body arch against my mouth. Your hands pushing my face hard onto clit. I feel an explosion of wetness. I taste the nectar of the goddess I feel the warm wet passion juices flow onto my tongue I lick deep and try to get every last drop of juice. My hands release you. Your hands release me and I look up at you

Well hon, Tell me did you like my massage?

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