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Skiing obviously wasn't my thing.

Having just spent the last four hours being poked and prodded by the Mont Blanc medical team to assess for life threatening damage, breaks and fractures only to be told that my injuries consisted of what turned out to be a number of painful but not "important enough to bother and waste the valuable time of the busy medics with" bruises we eventually get discharged and told to be more careful in our ski slope run selection next time.

I only crashed because you were making me laugh, each arm flailing like a demented Catherine wheel as your balance was going. You looked like a bright blue windmill slowly intent on destroying anything in its haphazard path as you weaved randomly down the hill.

It was fortunate for me I was behind you, mainly because my skills and expertise with the skis could be transcribed onto a grain of rice but also because I had already lost one pole and had no idea how to steer or stop.

I would have thought that the white fluffy snow would have been soft and like a cold feather filled duvet to fall into. Unfortunately my duvet seemed to be filled with frozen rocks!

Just as I saw you glide effortlessly into the plastic safety barriers I managed to get one ski caught under the other and proceeded to then tie the lower half of my body into a strange contortionists knot.

I was pretty sure I was dead, it was dark, cold and there was lots of pain.

There was also laughing and a lot of swearing, I later found out most of the swearing was me. I didn't even know I could swear in fluent French how bizarre!

Eventually light returned to my world, removal of snow from my goggles sorted that out and then it was just cold and painful. But again that was to be expected as I had just skied somehow in reverse into the hardest substance in my world.

The next few minutes were a bit of a blur, a mass of people shouting in French with some broken English instructions of stay still as well wishing onlookers then medics fussed over the crumpled heap that was me mixed with some skis and as it turns out a picnic bench which is what the hard snow turned out to be.

But that was four long hours ago and now having been given a clean but embarrassing bill of health we were walking into our snug log cabin that was ours for the whole week.

Our cabin was nicely equipped without going over the top, three rooms. A large living room/kitchen with a huge open wood burner, comfy sofas covered in soft warm blankets and cushions, large high glass windows looking out over the mountain and some distant ski runs and the most important feature on any holiday a well stocked bar counter.

The open stairs led up to the balcony style bedroom which is dominated by a four poster bed, hand carved from some worn and weathered wood, polished smooth over the years possibly mahogany. The bed strategically facing the high windows giving unprecedented views and providing a very romantic setting.

The final room was the bathroom, clean, white and functional with the bonus of having under floor heating so the room was always toasty warm.

As we slowly entered the cabin, me moving very gingerly, you guided me to the soft expansive sofa and gently deposited me in a heap amongst the soft and numerous cushions. Then proceeding to remove my outdoor boots and coat before turning to throw a couple of sizable logs onto the slumbering fire.

The throbbing sensations emanating from the backs of my thighs and bum an insistent reminder of my first proper skiing mishap, and in my current state of mind probably my last.

You returned a few minutes later having shed your outdoor waterproof, windproof, thick, warm ski clothes with a large glass of mulled wine, steam drifting casually up leaving an aroma of spice and red wine mixing in the air.

You were still failing miserably to hide the amusement on your face from the farce we had been through today but how could I even think of being annoyed or cross when your eyes shine so pretty with a depth that makes me want to swim in your gaze and forget everything else outside, when I look at you I met and even the bruise on my ass fades into non-existence.

You have stripped out of your ski gear and thrown a loose pair of jeans and short sleeve t-shirt on, comfortable that the heat being generated from the burner will keep you warm enough.

Now you turn your attention to me, still fully clothed in ski clobber and beginning to feel a touch warm. You plant a quick kiss on my lips and your eyes burn with mischief as you slip into carer mode and tell me to relax while you take care of me.

This looks promising, my mind immediately thinks and with a few exaggerated winces of pain I watch as you begin to slowly remove my ski gear.

Jacket first, buttons popped one by one from top to bottom then the zip slowly pulled down before being gently coaxed from each arm in turn. Next was my thermal top, pulled carefully up my body then up and over my head leaving me now with just a t-shirt and salopettes.

I sip my warm wine and let the liquid defrost me from the inside as it slides down my throat, my gaze never leaving you as your hands work your way to my waist to pull on my trousers. I lift up slightly allowing the salopettes to be tugged downwards and quickly off my legs.

I overegg the moan as I rest back onto my bruised areas and you make some soothing noises then ask if a need some lotion rubbing in. Nodding and laughing I quickly roll over and reposition a couple of cushions so I'm comfortable before you start.

You disappear for a couple of minutes banging around, looking for things before finally coming back where you find me with the biggest stupid grin on my face this whole trip.

You stand a few feet away transformed. Your hair is now pulled back and in a single pony tail trailing your hair just below the collar of a blue very tight nurses dress. Zip front with the zipper seductively low showing a straining cleavage with the material smoothly clinging to your shapely breasts, your nipples already pressing against the outfit and the two bumps discreetly visible.

The hem of your nurses dress at the top of your thighs, no more than an inch or two lower than your bum, my mouth seemingly going both dry and watering at the same time.

You set something down on the floor near the sofa and kneel close to me smiling, but I can see you are trying to maintain a character as you ask me to point out the areas which hurt.

I indicate the backs of my legs and upwards to my thighs then up further to my bum. All the while watching your face.

Again a small smile, as you tell me you have some lotion that might help and tell me to relax.

I settle into the cushions and wait as I feel warm oil drip onto my legs, then your hands are on me smoothing the oil up and down gently rubbing from the backs of my knees upwards, small circular motions, light pressure but very very sensual.

Your hands caress higher and higher with more drips of oil here and there, and I feel a finger tip venture under to the edge of my boxer shorts before drawing back onto my thighs and the bruises already turning a bluey-black colour.

A short noise and a brief tug and my boxer shorts somehow are cut open and removed in one swift motion, my surprise being compounded by more warm oil immediately splashing onto my freshly exposed skin, again your hands rub me and bruises or not your touch on my skin wash any pain instantly away.

I can feel myself beginning to get hard from having you so close and your hands being on me, and unable to resist I roll over onto my back, my cock swelling, but not yet full, now free to your sight as it rests against my belly.

We should check that there is no secondary bruising you murmur and run your fingers along the length of my growing shaft. Your hand slippery from the oil slowly encircling me and teasing my skin in short movements up and down, smoothing me flat and exposing the head as you pull on my skin towards the base, then reversing and pushing the skin back to cover my now hard cock in a sensual and slippery massage. Back and forth you work your hand, my breathing matching the slow rhythm of your motions. Your eyes locked on my cock and you gently biting your lip as you watch.

Your hand slows and stops, keeping contact but no longer moving and you lower your head and plant soft kisses on my thighs. Kiss, nibble, kiss. Each kiss moving upwards slowly until your face is brushing my erection, more kisses around the base, then the side and pushing my cock flat against my stomach you kiss from the tip down the underside of my shaft to my balls, softly sucking for a second then kissing back on my thigh and receding away down by leg.

Your ministrations are a delicious agony, I want more.

I reach for your hand still around my cock and you lift your head shaking it with a look of mock annoyance. You move my hand back up above my head and begin to pull my t-shirt upwards to dragging it over my head but leaving it covering my arms.

Your fingers trailing back down my neck and chest toying with my hair and nipples on the way back to my cock.

One hand on my cock you stand up climb on top of me your knees either side of my hips and the hem of your dress riding up clearly revealing that you are not wearing any panties, you lower yourself guiding my waiting cock into your wet warm pussy. Before you sink impaling yourself on me as we both let out deep guttural noises.

You begin a steady rocking motion back and forth, grinding us together hands on my chest to steady yourself as your hips and thighs control your movements.

I am immobile, transfixed watching you. Your beautiful face, mouth half open switching between biting your lip and sucking in gulps of air to be exhaled in sighs and small moans, a flush starting to gently colour your cheeks and spreading to your throat and neck. Your eyes closing as you bite your lip and your head being thrown back as a jolt of electric triggers in your pussy and flashes through your sexy body.

I want to reach forward to touch you but you are in control, my arms above my head wrapped in the un-discarded t-shirt. Even talking at this point I am scarred would push you away from your pleasure, your face fighting your emotions.

I can see you are on a cliff edge, your body is screaming for release, head now firmly back, your groans becoming more urgent and louder, our bodies crushing together in short sharp stabbing motions.

Closer and closer until the wave explodes, your pussy on fire with sensations and your body quivers as you cum. Collapsing onto my chest, you panting heavily and I feel the warm trickle of your cum running over my cock and onto my balls.

Laid against my chest I throw my t-shirt off, wrap my arms around your back and hold you tight while you recover from your orgasm.

Reveling in the contractions squeezing my hard cock still buried deep inside you.

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