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Time Out Chair


She tried to move her hands again. There is a delightful feeling she gets, using one hand to stroke the base of his cock and the other to fondle his balls, as the head slides in and out of her mouth. Or as she handles it to lick and suck at the underside before again plunging her lips over it and forcing it into her mouth as far as it goes.

It's not quite the same with him pushing it in. Even as she does so enjoy the feeling of his hands taking hold of her hair and pulling. Or pushing against the back of her head as his pole rams past her teeth and over her tongue. She knows he'll stop before shooting his thick white cream out all over her red luscious lips. Or maybe this time he won't.

She loves when she can feel the pulsing and the throbs as it hurls its load out. Splatters the back of her throat, or fills her mouth and runs out the corners. Or the sometimes that he grabs hold of his rod, pulls it out from between her lips and lets it stream loose on her cheeks and gulping tongue. His hand pumping up and down in time with the spurts.

She loves the feeling of being tied and unable to move as much as she loves being the one in control of whether he cums or not. Her hands stroking him, her lips and tongue teasing him, driving him into ecstasy.

She loves even more the knowledge that it will be something different nearly every time. That she will be surprised is almost a surety. That she might be pleasured with slow, gentle touches, massage and kisses as certainly as she might be wrenched into position, strapped down, whipped and fucked hard was an ongoing pleasure for her. not to know. Not to be sure. But to love whatever comes.

Today it was some of both. He'd taken her in his arms and kissed her until her panties were drenched. His hands all over her body, smoothing and soothing. He'd led her gently to a cushioned chair and massaged her neck until she could have slipped into dreamlessness. Relaxed and melting, she hadn't even noticed the straps he pulled up from underneath the chair and clamped around her forearms until they were being tightened.

Her breath caught. He knelt before her then and moved his hands slowly up her thighs. Spread her legs with such small pressures that she had no urge to fight it. As his face advanced on her sex, she squirmed with anticipation. His shoulders persuaded her knees to open fully as they inserted themselves between her legs, giving his face a clear field. She wriggled with expectation and as she did, smelled her moist heat. She thought there must surely be steam rising off her.

The straps on her arms were starting to make themselves known to her as she tried to twist closer to his face hovering at the edge of her consciousness. She thought that she could feel his breath twitching her pubic hairs and his hands were running up and down her calves, making her crazed with need.

Her eyes were glazing over and his mouth mere millimeters from her open flower when she realized his hands hadn't been just randomly touching her. He'd strapped her legs as well as her arms and with his shoulders wedged between her knees, she was stuck wide open and tied to the cushiony seat. He was even now adjusting straps to maintain her thighs in their already opened position.

She tried to twist enough to thrust her mound up and into a situation that would enable him to penetrate her. That was her first concern: how much torture would she be forced to endure before glorious release. She tugged and fidgeted. She didn't see how he would be able to get his cock into her sopping hole. Already, he had gotten her into a state where she wanted him so very badly she could cry from need.

She saw now how he had planned it this way. How he had wanted her ready and unawares. If she knew there would be long torment, she would steel her body against being too ready. She would hold back from becoming too fixated on pleasures, knowing that she would be denied orgasm for an agonizing time.

Not that it worked, really, but it helped. It helped to know that she would be pushed to the edge and pulled back and teased until she wanted to scream - or did. It helped to know that he would be easy with her and let her cum. When he would do one, then the other or suddenly turn from one to the other, she would be left bare and quivering before him.

Just like today. He'd made her so relaxed, she would have taken him sweetly into her. Pulled him inside and ran her fingers down and across his back until she felt his cock harden that much more and his body quicken in impending climax. She would grab his hard buttocks with her fingers and pull him completely inside her as her pussy clenched around his pole and thrummed with the pleasure of his release.

She was so ready for that. Then came the straps. Even as his mouth neared her clit, she thought she would cum in a back arching torrent and didn't recognize the restraining of her legs until it was too late. Now, open, gasping and wanton, he pulled away from her and spoke in that soft voice she registered with torment and agony and delicious desire. Lust and want and need and tension.

"Do you need a little time to pull yourself together? You know I enjoy you on the edge like this, but I'll let you come down a little if you want."

He made it sound like a kindness. That he would allow her to steady herself before torturing her. He had a sweetness to his voice and a soft stability that made her want to hear what will come next even as she knew from experience that it will only make her need and shake with anticipation.

He'll let her come down a little. Only to drive her crashing back to the edge. Again and again he'll drive her. Force her to the edge of orgasm, screaming and pleading before stopping her and making her mad with desire. She's been through it too many times not to know that he would do it to her no matter her attempts to stop herself. He would make her body respond how he wanted it to, irregardless of her thoughts that she wouldn't or couldn't.

Despite herself, her pussy dribbled moisture. Practically a steady stream. She wanted it. Wanted to be pounded with his cock until she would cum in a screaming shivering spasm of delight. Wanted to be built up to it with whatever new torture he had devised for her.

The whip across her bared tits shocked her. He'd been kissing her neck and she'd lost all track of what he was doing. Suddenly she found her shirt open and her chest bare. And the whip snapping across the naked flesh. It made her cry out. More from fear and shock than pain. It was never really painful. He built her up so far that even the whip, when it would leave marks, did little more than heighten the intensity of feeling in her body.

His tongue on her nipples made her quake and she felt the flow of wetness between her legs. Her thighs were tiring in their involuntary pulling against the bonds and her clit was so swollen that it felt like a touch from him would make it burst. His lips made their way up from her shoulder, up her neck and nibbled the back of her head. Just where it connected to the muscles.

She sighed so long and hard and shivered so violently that she thought she must cum without his touching her sex at all. Now he was kissing her fingers and she was working to touch his face. Now he was softly biting her calves and she was struggling against the straps as it brought tingles and shooting jolts of pleasure through her groin. Her thighs remained wide open and her pussy dripped. More of an oozing out past the swollen lips and down over her anus.

She was sitting in a pool of her own making and her ass was soaked. All from just the steady rivulets leaking from her needy flower, running across the tender, silken skin and over her puckering until it dispersed over the cushion. Good thing she had taken the panties off as soon as he had been kissing her and they became soaked and uncomfortable. To have had them on now would have been miserable.

The whip just snicked across her nipple and she was jolted out of her reverie with a sharpness that sent a wave of feeling and moisture through her cunt. She moaned, screamed and gasped all at the same time and his tongue flicked the nipple to cause an even more sever reaction. Her moans kept on as the cool air struck at her nipple with fierce shooting agony. Or was that his breath?

When his mouth plunged down on it, sucking it up and licking it at the same time, she yelled and tested her bindings as much as they'd been tested already. She was shaking so badly inside that the thrashing was purely reactive and she was barely conscious of it except that it made her feel the effort in her muscles.

She felt her body reaching the end of its resistance and knew that that's what he looks for from her. That he drives her to the end of her natural defenses and her barriers. He takes her outside of all her walls and fences. Then he drives himself into her. He takes her with a force that leaves her limp and fully ravaged.

Her orgasm strips her bare of all her thoughts and emotions and self. Sends her off into a realm inhabited by her body. Makes her feel such animal pleasures that she has no humanness left to her for hours. As she slowly returns to the person she knows to be a made up shell, she knows herself as fully as he does. To be felt and known by another like this is more than she could demand from life.

When she has been a quivering mass for long enough, he tips the chair on its back. Leaves her strapped, her legs wide and her pussy open to the ceiling, leaking down onto her lower back. He pushes his cock into her mouth and leans forward to take her clit between his lips. She screams at the first nibble. Muted by his cock and her struggling is subdued by the pressure and the need of his hardness.

He withdraws his lips and just touches the end with his tongue. His cock is sliding in and out of her desperate mouth but she is unable to do more than accept it in and try to hold it from slipping out as his tongue flicks lightly over her clit, making her moan and yelp.

The orgasm shatters her and she only knows she's been release when he has pulled her off the chair and is ramming his cock in and out of her with a fury that makes her cum again. And again. And again. Until he shakes too. Lurches inside her and with her. They cum together this time and her last thought before sleep is of his warmth and her need to raise her arms enough to enfold it.

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