tagNovels and NovellasTime Warp Girls From Chester Ch. 05

Time Warp Girls From Chester Ch. 05


"I guess that is a yes," as we kissed and I said, "Pillow we have a guest tonight."

"Please take me now this instant right here for all to see my love."

I looked at Joyce and she said, "You best do what your mistress says my love." With that I started on her toes worked my way up to her pussy blew on it and went down her other leg. I nibbled on her calve and she was begging Brad my love fuck me please I need you so bad."

"Slave for my cock eh my little wench?"

"Oh yes I am your wench, your whore, your footstool, I will be anything you want me to be Brad my master my love."

I lined up on her soaked virgin pussy and as I started in she put both her legs behind my ass and drove me all the way in past her cherry. Her muscles pulsating on my cock and her screaming with her first climax we kissed and I started to fuck her within minutes Remy is begging, "Harder my love, give me all you got, split me in two my love."

I cum with her dirty talk and she cum and Heidi said, "She just went yellow." we kept going and we both cum again and Heidi said, "She is a brilliant yellow now." Master my Brad keep going maybe we can have triplets for you and we fucked for another half hour she slowly built and built finally she explodes and I did two and Heidi said it's a brilliant white I don't see any yellow.

Remy screamed, "Oh no, I didn't lose our babies."

As they calmed down the yellow reappeared but a white aurora also was there. Remy wasted no time in lowering her mouth to my cock and sucking me clean she tried to take all of me but she come off choking and she said, "My master I will learn to deep throat that cock and master you have taken all three of my holes in one day." I slapped her ass and said, "Well I am hungry you are trying to wear me out."

As we ate lunch John finished quickly and went under the table and sucked me off I came as quick as I could as not to embarrass him he needed it to survive so I gave it to him like it was a teaspoon of cough syrup. John came out with a few drops on the side of his mouth but no one said anything and Remy took a napkin wiped his face and kissed him hiding what she was doing.

After lunch it was still snowing so Jean put on music to dance by and said, "This is our engagement party."

The girls not pregnant felt a little left out and I said, "We are not leaving you out this is just first round. Joyce and I were dancing and I whispered in her ear and she kissed me and run off with some of the not pregnant girls. I told Jack what we planned and he left to read up and scratch out any embarrassing lines in the version of the bible we had. I slipped away and put on my clothes I arrived on the Island with. And walked back out into the room and Jack looked as did everybody even got some laughs as I looked weird with clothes on its been over six months.

Jack put on the song 'Here comes the bride,' and everyone took their seats as I stood by Jack and John with his clothes on stood by me as best man. The girls came out with their shorts on and a sheet wrapped around the top done very fashionably.

Jack read the marriage vows we said I do I said, "I will love you until there are no more stars in the sky."

She said, "I will love you through eternity."

After the ceremony the first dance bridge over troubled water and then a Hank Snow song saying we leave the church together, we left to our bedroom closed the door for the first time ever and undressed each other. We kissed and fondled each other and finally made love she had a belly now and her breast were producing milk which I feasted on as I fucked my wife.

We finished after a few hours and walked back to the kitchen where everybody talked about the nice wedding. I said, "I would like to present the first Mrs. Joyce Sampson." The girls all line up and formally congratulated us. Remy came by happy but a sadness in her eye as well. I took Remy aside with Joyce into the hospital room.

I said, "I know how deep your love for me is but understand Joyce and I love each other that deep I do love you Remy and we will wed in the order of the pregnancies so you are last on the list for this group but you got all that time to prepare."

"I will only marry one girl a day and that day belongs to her with the exception of Hillary, Jill, and John."

Joyce said, "My love for Brad is so deep I can understand your feelings my sister and we shall all love him together."

We had a group hug and Remy said, "I can't help feeling jealous but I know you are right maybe I will need that collar to keep me in line."

Joyce said, "He has got a cat of nine a good whip to make you stay in line my loving sister." With that we slipped back out into the room as the fire was a hopping super was cooking and people were dancing Jack and John were dancing every dance all the girls had a turn and seconds.

John said, "I am going to be dead all these girls wanting to dance. Dam it is hard enough to keep up with one girl." Janet came over gave them a shot and they were fresh ready to go again. After supper was over and we played some scrabble and card games. Joyce and I checked on the green houses and brought back 2 dozens oranges for a treat.

The next morning the boys were in rain gear as were the girls it was the best we could do they went done the chores fed the animals. We brought two bear skins in and in the back room the continued the tanning process. Within a week those two were ready and two more were brought in. It took most of the winter to get them all tanned and ready for clothing.

Joyce was made one because the cows were due soon and in mid January they were born we wean them away from the mothers in a few days and soon enough the yellow was gone from the milk. We kept putting hay in the field for the bull and had to let a cow go in the winter to get pregnant again.

Soon as one cow was we sent the other out. I married all my girls day by day and of course Remy had hers all planed out wedding cake and all. After we were wed the bedroom door was closed and we never came out until the next day.

She fucked me in every position she could think of and had me take her ass at least three times. We slept that night she was cuddled up to me and I could hear her purr like a cat, she was so happy. The next morning she came out looking like a cow girl that rode a horse for a week. She laughed and said, "No it was definitely a stallion."

I never noticed but my cock was now 9 inches in length and I was passing six feet tall. None of my clothes that I landed with fit me. We had to make me loose clothing so I could fish and hunt.

I set a snare line and caught about 20 pair of rabbits we stopped there so there was some for the future but we had to be diligent of our gardens the deer and rabbits could make quite a mess but we set motion detectors scare crows and voice activation on detection to keep them away and set snares in close if they were bold enough to come in we did get a few.

As the winter moved on the green houses were doing good constant supply of food and Joyce had the first baby on May first naturally called May Joyce. Janet was next with another girl Marline Janet, Jill had June Jill,

Hillary had Liz Hillary, Jean had Joanne Jean, Heidi had Hilda Heidi, Julie had Jewels Julie and last Remy. She suffered through 26 hours of labor I was with her and she wouldn't open her mouth to scream her face red with pain. Marilyn Remy was born followed by August Remy and then the boy Brad Jr. Jack Remy.

It was six long weeks before I could fuck my girls Jill and Hillary done some oral and one day I took their ass which they never said I would after I did they liked it like Remy did and wanted it all the time.

During this six week period i made the rest of the girls pregnant and married them.

The crops were growing good the green house full even my coffee bushes were growing we had fresh strawberries and rhubarb to make pies and Jams we had brought a few pieces of cane but our main source was a hollowed tree with a huge hive we smoked them out and stole the honey. We usually got 20 lbs a year they also worked pollinating our apple trees and garden. We got very few stings we co existed quite well.

By September and October the girls were having their babies, Machala, Carroll, Margaret, Betty, Bernice, Bridget, Hanna, Helen, Maggie, Michelle, and Marie had baby girls. The rest were all girls.

Helen had a boy named Barry Brad after her father.

We brought in the crops managed to hook up the still for corn fuel we replaced what we used. We talked and my first girls were pregnant again and in six weeks time I would start on the second group. I said, "We have to build a place across the street we are going to need it."

The two young calves were ready to bread with the older ones so they were put with the bull in the fall and then brought back to the barn we now had 4 cows producing milk and butter. We went and found the wild mothers litter of pigs we brought them back to our pen and shot the wild mother for meat we had no choice she had to be put down and it was better than killing one of our tame pigs.

Joyce, Janet, Julie, Jill Jack, John and I went to the mainland we shot eight more bears and a half dozen wolves and shot a buck in the water swimming away from two wolves and shot them two.

We got back to the dock and the next three days was skinning and stretching hides. We had dear liver and heart for supper. We cleaned it not a morsel left. Bear roast was on for the next night. John, Jack, Jean, and myself went fishing we caught another halibut we used the wench to bring this six hundred pound fish up I didn't need more tore muscles.

We caught a whole mess of mackerel and some small code which we used the heads to bait our twenty five traps with. We took the fish back and smoked most of it the next day Jean John and I went back and got the traps we had over 100 lobsters we pinned them and took them back lobster for supper that night and the next we kept them alive in seaweed for the day.

We made plans to build across the street that winter we managed to clear the land set fire to some of the stumps they burned underground most of the winter. As soon as the ground was thawed enough for the backhoe to dig and the excavator to help the foundation one hundred feet square we got the mill running and Jack and the girls were producing boards while me and my girls were putting in the crops and starting new ones in the green house. End of June crops were in septic field in four foot wall ready to pour. By July first floor joists were in but we were short of yellow pine to make what we needed so Jean took the catamaran with 4 girls and scouted the nearby islands and found some on the girl scout camp they came back and all my collared people and Jean and the girls all came we even took the Clyde's dales with us and the yokes to pull the logs we were gone two days but had over 20 pieces of good yellow pine for joists. We got back took two days to get it to the mill we took a day's brake went to the pond swimming and having fun.

It was great to relax and some of my girls had to take it easy they were getting big and did want to hurt the unborn children. We worked sun up to sun down on the building and had the third floor up we were working on the trusses and wouldn't you know it the barometer started to drop we worked through the night closing in the roof and all day bring in the crops.

Janet was feeding us all needless the barometer was still dropping on the second day. We finished the crops on the third say and had the shingles finished on the roof.

There was no windows in the building, so we board off the third floor windows and left the bottoms open. The rain had started the wind was not to bad by the time he got the gear in the garage root cellars shut it was mid afternoon and it looked like midnight. The wind howled, we looked across the street and our structure held we could feel our house shake we had the windmills shut off so were running on battery and a few stream mini generators to keep fridge and freezer running. We went to bed we were running on those needles Janet give us and our bodies were bone tired we woke to sunshine we were told we slept for 48 hours.

We went outside it was quite a mess chickens running around the yard pieces of the barn needed repair plus the roof some pasture fence was damaged by down trees. We all did what we could the pasture fence was a priority to contain the bull. Then the chicken coop.

The next day we fixed the barn roof and patched some of the side using a few sheets of our precious plywood.

We put in our last eight wood chip stoves and a stove for cooking in the kitchen we made the first floor for eating second and third for sleeping we made bunk beds enough for three hundred. No mattress though they would have to use fir branches with a burlap cover best we could do until more dear hides and bear hide could be gotten.

It was late in the fifth year we had almost 200 children. I had one girl a week scan the bands to see if anything else was out their figuring maybe some other part of the world was here with us.

one day while Janet was playing with the short wave and she came shouting! "There was a voice on the radio. I went in and she was on the 10 meter band and we were in the lull of the sunspot cycle which comes every 11 years. After a few hours on the upper side band a voice calling Brad Sampson and it kept repeating. I answered, "This is Brad Sampson on 10456 repeat this is Brad Sampson."

"Oh my Lord it is you really you don't change anything."

I said, "Who is this?"

"This is navy operator out of Mill Cove working off the tower in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia."

A few minutes later another voice came on the air this is Colonel James Nicholson. Can I have your birth dates and the birthdates of the party with you?

I gave them the four girls Jack and Johns and said, "I have the guides here do you want their names as well?"

"Yes oh yes in time, my god this is unbelievable we have been searching for you for years."

Mr Sampson, do you know where you're at. That green mist that came through about five years ago shifted us in time we think by the star positions we are around 300 A.D. Is Tom there?"

The colonel said, "He has been sent for along with the parents."

"Drop the titles I am plain Brad."

"Fine I am Jim. Now that you found us is there a way of getting us home."

Jim said, "We are a long way from answering that son. Is everybody alright?"

"For the most part we lost one five years ago and another girl lost a leg. Since that the original are fine and we have about 160 more children."

Things went quite and Jim come back did I hear you right you have 160 children give or take a few that is about right there are three in maternity ward now."

"And you three boys are the fathers?"

"No as you know Jack and John have been cuckold and the device to free them is in your time not here. Has Tom not told you?"

"You mean you are the father to all?"

"Yes sir we need a strong base if we are to survive when we are older and one problem is we get I boy to every fifty girls get a hold of Jimmy he may have an answer.

Jim said, "Who is Jimmy?" Jean take this. "Colonel this is DR. Jean Mallard clearance number 4 a j6 12a."

Jim said, "Dr that is top secret code you are way above my security level."

"Fine contact Bill Townsend space research Halifax Stadacona base."

I said to Jean, "Mallard eh," and smiled.

"Yea bureaucrats this will get things moving."

"You hold that kind of power?"

"I used to have no idea now." Soon the radio came on and Jim said, "Look the who's who is in route to Brooklyn the main base you Dr. Mallard stirred up a hornets' nest this has been now classified above top secret."

Tom came on the air, "Hey bud is that really you?"

"Yea Tom it's me, man I missed you not being here. Look I need a way to get the cuckolds off and the collars get some help you know what we got here please help."

"One of my wives Dr Mallard will make sure your in the loop and get hold of Jimmy say I got 2 girls and 1 guy he will know what I mean see if he got anything to help that situation."

"Wow its really you Brad yea talk about wilderness we are so far back it will be 10 centuries or more before Capt. Kidd shows up."

"Calling Brad Sampson, calling Brad Sampson."

"Hey you don't have to shout this is Brad who is this?"

Jean broke in and said, "That's Bill Townsend."

"Hi Dr. Mallard you sure stirred up a hornets' nest."

"Bill call me Jean and my husband here is Brad."

Bill said in disbelief, "Your husband?"

"You Married to Brad that young fellow?"

"He maybe younger but I now have five children and am one of his nineteen wives."

"Nineteen are you competing with Billy?"

I said, "I was at his wedding and reception at the lobster claw."

"Yes I have your file okay let's get down to it, we are using a very special communication device to talk we have been searching ever since your islands disappeared."

Brad said, "Can you get us back?"

"Well maybe we need some coordinates you're showing that you in the water fifteen miles from shore."

Jean said, "Yea your way off." I shut the radio off and said, "He's lying I can hear it is his voice there is more going on here than what is being said, Jack what do you think?"

"I think your right he is hiding something big time." I turned the radio on and Townsend was calling us frantically and I said, "Here his voice he is scared about something."

I answered the radio and said we had an evening power glitch and he said its only 10 in the morning here I said 7 pm here."

"Oh," he said sounding more concerned he said, "Can you do a noon sighting, give us the coordinates to better tune you in. That's possible tomorrow but this is clear and sharp what gives."

"Well don't get your hopes up but we may be able to send small things through to you such as diapers and medicines."

"Fine I will do a noon sighting tomorrow now put us back to Mill Cove.

Bill said, "That link is down and he can't."

I said, "I don't know who you are in the government but I want to speak to Tom now!"

"Look boy you're not in charge we are."

"Okay my off spring will see you in a few centuries," and I turned off the set.

Jean said, "What are you doing? That is our home and we finally got communication."

"Yea and this guy cut us off from Tom and their families were on the way in ten to one Tom is locked up with that colonel and that poor radio operator."

"Bill wouldn't do that."

"Think Jean we got classified top secret why does he need our exact coordinates, we are talking clear he said they can send stuff through but he don't know the year were in so that's what the sexton will tell him."

"Jean I was taught to survive this is some sort of trap lets figure out why before we blindly follow that mans instructions. Family meeting multiple heads are better than one."

We talked the rest of the day Joyce and I were looking out at the millions of stars and I said, "Our little planet in the vastness of space what could we be doing that got him so scared and he is scared it is in his voice."

Joyce said, "I don't know he is way in the future were isolated back here no one around except maybe some Indians."

"That's it a paradox and a different time line." I thought through the night and in the morning had Janet give me a shot. I called the family together and said, "This guy Townsend wants us dead that is why they have been trying to reach us not to send us home but to send us into oblivion."

Jean said, "Brad why and how?"

"Family we are growing to survive think where we will be 100 years from now and 8 centuries from now. We will have moved off this island learned the Mi'Kmaq language intermarried."

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