tagIncest/TabooTimmy and Tammy Meet Their Cousins

Timmy and Tammy Meet Their Cousins


Timmy woke when he heard the splash. He checked the clock. It said 7:48. Only one person would be swimming at this hour. He peeked out his bedroom window and gazed down at the pool. Yep. It was his new 28 year old step-mom Sandy - and she was nude. Timmy got an instant hard-on. He opened the blinds so that he could get a better look. He saw Sandy looking up at him and realized that she could see his boner. He reached down and grabbed it and shook it at her. He could see her smile in response. Sandy got out of the pool and went over to one of the lounge chairs. She sat down and leaned back without taking her eyes off of him.

As she gazed at him she thought back over the six weeks since her new family had celebrated "National Nude Day." She had dared Timmy's dad Tommy to invite Timmy and his twin sister Tammy to join them and be nude all day. Tommy had yielded to her dare and the result had been a great day of fun with the eighteen year old twins. Since then, though, Tommy had asked her to limit her contact with Timmy to just looking and not touching. Sandy, of course, had insisted that Tommy adopt the same policy with Tammy. Sandy wondered who was having more trouble keeping their hands off the teens - her or her husband of less than one year.

"Oh well," she thought. "I can definitely look." As she watched him slowly stroke his morning erection she spread her legs so that he would have a good view of her rapidly engorging labia minora. In the past, Sandy had been concerned about her inner lips. They tended to poke out of the outer lips when aroused and show the dark coloring which contrasted with the rest of the pink interior of her vaginal cleft. Prior to meeting Tommy she had considered having her inner lips reduced. Now, as she was flashing her pussy at Timmy she was glad that she had kept their original length. The Brazilian wax that she had on her pubic hair emphasized the puffiness of her labia majora and highlighted the engorged labia minora.

Timmy heard a noise behind him and turned and saw his twin sister Tammy. She smiled at him and then came up beside him and wrapped her hand around as much as she could of his large cock and began a gentle stroke as she looked down at the pool area at their naked step-mother. "She's hot, isn't she?" Tammy asked. "You like looking at her don't you? That's why you've got such a big boner." Tammy spat in the palm of her hand and then squeezed the head of his pecker gently. "Squirt for your step-mom. She's watching! Ooh, look, she's touching herself!" Sure enough, Sandy had her right hand down between her legs and was alternating between massaging the area at the top of her slit and gently pulling on the engorged inner lips of her pussy. Her left hand was gently squeezing her right breast below the very erect nipple.

Tammy felt a tingle in her nether regions as she watched her step-mom play with herself. Tammy asked, "Timmy, do you think she'll be happy with me just giving you a hand-job, or do you think she wants to watch me give you a blow-job?"

Timmy grunted.

Tammy continued, "Look, we are going to be meeting our cousins later. Let's just focus on getting you off! Look down there at our step-mom. Think about her pussy and her tits. Come on, squirt for her!" Tammy knelt down in front of Timmy and placed the tip of her tongue on the slit at the end of his penis as she continued to stroke his cock. He had such a beautiful cock!

Tammy had an ulterior motive in speeding Timmy along. She could see that Sandy was watching and working herself toward an orgasm of her own. By having Timmy release his load quickly, Tammy would deny Sandy the stimulation she would get from watching Timmy's hard-on. Yes, Tammy would readily admit that she was mildly jealous of her step-mother and that her jealousy had increased since the family had been over-exposing themselves since National Nude Day. Tammy surprised herself by recalling that technically Timmy and her were both still virgins! In spite of all the fun they had had she hadn't had either Timmy's or her father's cock in her pussy and Timmy hadn't had his in either her or their step-mother's pussy.

"Squirt, Timmy!" In just a few seconds Timmy did just that giving his sister a facial that coated her mouth, nose and her light red hair with his boy goo. Timmy gave a little moan.

Sandy watched as Timmy's cock erupted. She saw Tammy's cum-covered face smiling down at her and saw Tammy give her a little wave. Sandy returned the wave and slowly began to catch her breath as she aborted her attempt to achieve an orgasm. She didn't know which had turned her on more - seeing her step-son's hard-on or seeing his luscious sister naked or seeing his nude sister kneel down and take the facial. She didn't know what it felt like for a guy to have blue balls, but this must be close. Her pussy really needed some relief. With her husband Tommy out of town on business all week, any chance at relief would have to wait for later in the morning when her sister would arrive with her niece and nephew. Sandy lay back on the chaise lounge and thought about how nice that would be.

Sandy had originally invited her sister Christina and her children, Mei-Lien and DeMarcus to visit back on July 14th. Christina had balked when she learned how Sandy had dared Tommy to celebrate National Nude Day. She had originally planned to come with the children, but then had called to cancel. She reminded Sandy that DeMarcus wouldn't turn eighteen until August 23 and asked for a rain-check. Sandy had agreed. (Sandy realized by that point that she would have her hands - and mouth and pussy - full with Tommy and his children all day long!)

As Sandy relaxed by the pool she reflected on her niece and nephew. Both were now eighteen. They had been born just over ten months apart. Mei-Lien was the oldest. Her father had been an exchange student from China who had met an eighteen year-old Christina in her freshman year at the local community college. Their whirlwind romance had ended when he found out that Christina was expecting Mei-Lien. He had stuck around long enough to find out that Christina was expecting a girl and then went home at the end of the semester.

Before Mei-Lien was born, Christina began dating DeMarcus's father Darryl. Darryl had teased her that he was attracted to her breasts which had grown with the pregnancy and Christina had confided in Sandy that he really enjoyed playing with them after Mei-Lien was born. She and Darryl had been sexually active all through her pregnancy with Mei-Lien and she believed that she couldn't get pregnant while she was nursing the infant Mei-Lien (and Darryl!). She was wrong. Mei-Lien was only six weeks old when Christina got pregnant with DeMarcus. Darryl had been okay with Christina having someone else's child, but having one that he would be responsible for was too much for him. He left before DeMarcus was born and as far as DeMarcus knew, the only thing that his dad ever gave him was his dark skin. (Of course, his mother would never tell him that he also got his gigantic penis!)

Christina had moved back home before DeMarcus was born and found a natural baby-sitter in her ten year old sister Sandy. In some ways it was like Mei-Lien and DeMarcus were another brother and sister for Sandy rather than a niece and nephew. Sandy hoped that by delaying their visit until DeMarcus was eighteen that she would be allowing him and his sister to join them in nude summer fun. Who knew, maybe their presence would encourage some summer lovin'? Hey, if nothing else, she would have four good-looking eighteen year-old bodies to look at all day long!

Sandy went inside to start breakfast and found Tammy already downstairs going through the refrigerator. Tammy had neglected to put on any clothes and Sandy felt her breath catch in her throat as she saw Tammy bent over. Sandy stared at Tammy's ass and at her breasts as they dangled in front of the fridge. As she gazed at Tammy she realized there was a loophole in Tommy's 'look but don't touch' edict. It applied to Timmy, not his sister! Tammy was gorgeous and had a natural firmness that Sandy was just beginning to lose. The nipples on Tammy's 34B breasts were the size of quarters, light colored and still pointed up while the ones on Sandy's 36C breasts were larger, the size of silver dollars and darker, but were beginning to point down. Tammy worked out regularly at the gym and had a tight flat stomach. Sandy, on the other hand had been limiting her work-outs to the bedroom and her stomach, though trim, had a soft belly. Now it was Sandy's turn to be jealous of her step-daughter.

Sandy said, "You got cleaned up awful fast. That was quite a load your twin brother delivered this morning!"

Tammy turned and smiled at her naked step-mother and said, "He was watching you. That always turns him on."

Sandy replied, "Watching him turns me on, too. Of course, he's not the only one who gets my juices flowing."

Tammy blushed. Sandy noticed that the blush continued from her face down to Tammy's chest. Sandy couldn't resist, and moved quickly to clinch Tammy in her embrace and planted a firm kiss on her lips as she gently grasped Tammy's left breast in her right hand. Tammy resisted for only a moment and then eagerly returned her step-mother's kiss. Tammy also responded by reaching down, grabbing Sandy's ass and pulling Sandy's crotch close to her. Both women realized that in providing opportunities for Timmy to get some relief this morning that they were both in states of heightened arousal. Neither was willing to move away from the other and they continued to kiss and rub their bodies together. As she kissed her, Sandy was sure that she tasted semen on Tammy's lips.

"Sis, Sandy! What the...." It was Timmy who interrupted them.

They both giggled as they looked at him.

Tammy laughed and said, "Well, Sandy, I guess we need to break it off or my younger brother will have another hard-on for us to take care of."

Sandy smiled back and said, "And that would be wrong, why?"

Tammy said simply, "Company is coming."

Sandy thought to herself, "I hope so!" but said "You are right. Let's eat and get dressed."

Now it was Tammy's turn to express some concern. "Dressed? What should we wear?"

Sandy replied, "As little as possible! I'm going to put on the new yellow bikini that I got on sale last week and I recommend that you wear that green one."

Tammy considered her step-mother's comments. "That green one kind of rides up my butt more than I want. What about the blue one with the flowers?"

Sandy responded with a smile, "You've got a great ass. The green one really shows it off. Let's let everyone see your bottom. Besides, if things go like I think they will, you won't be wearing it long!" She turned to Timmy and told him, "You need to wear the red Speedo. For our plan to work, you've got to have Christina wanting to see your member."

Timmy, who had put on some boxer underwear to come downstairs, felt his cock begin to stir at the thought of a hot woman like Sandy's older sister wanting to see him naked. He had only met her once - at his parent's wedding - but had stroked off repeatedly thinking about her. (He had found several shots of her in the wedding pictures.) It felt odd to be bait to encourage Christina (his step-aunt?) to let them all enjoy a day of nudity with cousins he had never met.

Meanwhile, it was Christina who was having to hold back thoughts of her own about her new step-nephew (and step-niece). Unbeknownst to Timmy and Tammy, Sandy had taken a series of photos and short videos of them in action during National Nude Day and had e-mailed them to her older sister. Christina was super-impressed with Timmy's member. She couldn't wait to see it in person. She was glad that she would be able to bring DeMarcus's penis to the table (so to speak) in exchange for Timmy's that Sandy had to offer. Of course, Christina had studied the pictures of Tammy as well and had masturbated more than once thinking about her new niece.

Although Christina was more than eight years older than Sandy, she had done as much as she could to maintain her body. Having two children before she was twenty had put a strain on her physique, but she had been committed to keeping her body trim and was a solidly built 37 year old. Christina shared her sister's dark brown hair and had slightly larger breasts and a generally fuller figure. Although Christina had dated several men after giving birth to Mei-Lien and DeMarcus, they just weren't interested in hooking up permanently with a woman with two bi-racial children. She had long since learned to take her sexual needs into her own hands (literally!) Christina shared another trait with her sister. Her inner pussy lips extended outside of her outer lips. Christina would often wear a short skirt or loose shorts around the house without underpants and would just sit at the computer and play with her inner lips while she searched the web.

Christina had been an early adopter of the internet and enjoyed visiting a variety of porn sites on a daily basis. She would masturbate multiple times each day to porn that she saw or read. She always kept some personal lubricant near her computer to jump start her pussy play. That her sister would send her revealing photos of her step-niece and -nephew was just wonderful for her. She made sure that she packed her own high resolution digital camera for the trip today. Mei-Lien and DeMarcus didn't know what to expect other than they were going to visit some new cousins.

Mei-Lien had her mother's height and her father's features. Unfortunately (or so she believed) the dominant Asian genes led to her being nearly flat chested. She rarely wore a bra. In fact, she made no real effort to act like a girly-girl. The only time she wore one was if the top she was wearing required one for modesty or if it had rough material which would irritate her nipples. She had resisted her mother's attempts at dressing girly. What did her mother know anyway? Her ways had her knocked up by two different disappearing men in one year! Mei-Lien cherished her name which meant "beautiful lotus" and decided that she could 'bloom' later.

Mei-Lien was not an unattractive girl. She was bright and intelligent, and although Mei-Lien had a slim figure and barely definable hips one look between her legs would confirm that she was all girl. Her vagina was large and well developed. Like her mother and her aunt, Mei-Lien's labia minora were large and protruded from her labia majora. Unlike the older ladies, though, Mei-Lien's inner lips extended well below the threshold of the outer lips. She could stand with her legs slightly apart and shake them from side to side! This was a little embarrassing for Mei-Lien, but it was her secret. She found that she needed to wear underpants with a silk lining to keep the sensitive folds from hurting from rubbing too much. Although many of her friends had long since 'lost' their virginity, Mei-Lien cherished hers and was still waiting for 'Mr. Right."

Mei-Lien had one other issue that worked against a pool party - hair. Although Mei-Lien was almost nineteen she had never cut her hair. Her long silky black hair extended to her waist. It required a high level of maintenance and Mei-Lien didn't seek out swimming pools because of it. Also, Mei-Lien had never shaved anywhere! Her underarms had a fine layer of dark hair under them, her legs were still covered with the baby soft hair that she had had since she was a pre-teen and of course, her nether region had never been trimmed. Mei-Lien had a luxuriant thick bush. The hair had begun to extend above the natural line of her panties and Mei-Lien could tell that without trimming that it would eventually make a peak toward her belly button. She didn't care. The length of her pubic hair somewhat shielded her vagina from prying eyes in the gym at school and it was easier to take the teasing for the hair than for the dangling inner lips. The long pubic hair also covered her clitoris, which, like her labia minora, extended outside the folds of her outer pussy lips. Sexual arousal was sometimes painful if she couldn't get prompt relief.

Mei-Lien opted for a simple sundress for the day. The top fit snugly around her chest and she wore a pair of silk thong style panties and sandals. If she ended up by the pool she could pull up the hem and let her legs get some sun.

DeMarcus was glad to finally be eighteen. It was his understanding that the visit to his new cousins was to include a pool party. He was all for that. He hadn't received much in the way of gifts on his actual birthday yesterday and he hoped that there would be presents at Aunt Sandy's house. DeMarcus wanted to take his new girlfriend to the party, but his mother had politely declined. He was upset because he finally was getting somewhere with her and if he could be around her while she was in a swimsuit he would be one step closer to having her naked.

DeMarcus knew from his gym class that he had a superior size member. His friends assumed that since he had such a big cock that he was a stud. While he didn't do anything to dissuade them, in reality he was a virgin. He very much wanted to solve that 'problem' but, truth be told, he really was a nice guy and didn't just want to do it with anyone.

DeMarcus was surprised that his mother picked out the black Speedo for him. "It's just family," Christina said. "You don't need to worry about modesty." Christina didn't tell him that she anticipated that her sister would want to celebrate National Nude Day all over again and that ultimately whatever he or Mei-Lien wore wouldn't matter. For herself Christina selected only a simple sundress - no underwear or swimsuit - and only some leather flip-flops. She might wear a hat, but she was sure that within five minutes of being in Sandy's house that she would be naked. She only hoped that she didn't make a stain on the car's seat as she drove to her house!

Christina and her children arrived at Sandy's house a little before eleven in the morning. Sandy greeted them at the door in her yellow bikini as promised. DeMarcus and Mei-Lien were both surprised at her boldness. When they had lived together she had always been so modest.

DeMarcus commented, "Looking good, Aunt Sandy!"

"DeMarcus, I don't think I ever remember you calling me 'Aunt' before. Let's not be so formal. Wow, you've grown into a real hunk in the last few years." Sandy gave her nephew a hug.

It was DeMarcus's turn to be embarrassed and if his skin had been a lighter shade it would have shown his embarrassment.

As Sandy hugged her niece she said, "Hi, Mei-Lien. Your sundress looks lovely. It really shows off your skin tone. I see you're still letting your hair grow. It looks real nice."

Mei-Lien replied, "Thanks, Sandy. The hair takes some effort, but it is worth it. Thank you for noticing."

Sandy said, "Let's go out to the pool. Your new cousins are waiting for you there." As she turned, all three couldn't help but noticing that Sandy's yellow bikini had a thong bottom and that there was no apparent tan line. All three were aroused by the sight. DeMarcus, in particular, was glad that he was wearing a pair of shorts over the Speedo his mother had selected for him. This was a woman that he had grown up with for several years - heck, she had been his babysitter! Today, though, she was turning him on!

DeMarcus was even more glad he had adequate 'coverage' when he saw the girl that was waiting for them by the pool. She was a fox! The light red hair was really emphasized by her green bikini. Could you date a 'step-cousin'? DeMarcus didn't know and he was really glad that his regular girlfriend couldn't be here today.

Mei-Lien was also impressed with Tammy. She really liked girls who were confident about their sexuality as Tammy apparently was. Mei-Lien found girls who lacked confidence to be troublesome and the confident ones were more fun. And then Mei-Lien saw Timmy - and the bulge in his red Speedo! Wow! I'll bet he's as big as DeMarcus. Although Mei-Lien had never considered her brother as a sex partner, she couldn't help but occasionally seeing his member in the bathroom that they shared. It wasn't until she got older that she realized how big he actually was in comparison to other boys.

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