tagBDSMTim's Journey Ch. 04

Tim's Journey Ch. 04


The next morning Tim awoke a few minutes before 6:30 and did as he had been instructed. He went to Connie's room and found her fast asleep. The covers were down to her belly exposing her large breasts. Tim's dick immediately got hard. He slowly climbed under the covers and started kissing her shaved pussy. He licked and sucked for a few minutes when he noticed Connie's hand grab his head and pull it into her pussy. He obediently licked her until she came.

Connie pushed him away after her orgasm and told him to go run her a shower. Tim got up and hurried to the bathroom and started her shower. When the water seemed the correct temperature, he returned to the master suite and said, "Your shower is ready ma'am."

Connie got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She stepped into the shower and told Tim to get in too. He was so excited he nearly slipped as he got in. He thought he was going to get something sexual out of it, but little did he know he was just there to bathe her.

The shower was huge, big enough for several people to stand in there. It had a big shower head that came straight down from the ceiling. Connie stepped under the water and rinsed off her hair and body. Tim just stood and stared as the water cascaded over all the voluptuous curves of her full figure.

After she had wet her body she spoke, "Get the shampoo and wash my hair."

He grabbed the bottle and did as he was told.

"Grab the washcloth and soap now." she ordered.

Tim did as he was told and proceeded to lather up her entire body. Starting from her neck he worked his way down, paying special attention to her tits, pussy and ass. His dick was so hard he thought he was going to cum right there.

After he finished, she again stood under the water and rinsed. He was mesmerized as he just watched her. He turned the water off and toweled her off. Then they went back to her room.

"Get that bottle of lotion. I want my skin to stay smooth. Now lotion my body." She said.

Tim again was able to fondle her entire body from head to toe. He applied lotion to each breast, admiring her large dark nipples. Connie noticed his dick twitching as he rubbed his hands over her nipples; this caused her nipples to harden. Then rubbed each cheek of her large round ass, longing to again kiss it and lick it as he had last night. It was heaven and agony at the same time. He loved feeling her body and being close to her nakedness, but he needed some relief. He was so turned on, his cock ached.

After he had finished, Connie instructed him to get her panties and bra from her bureau drawer. He complied and she made him hold her panties open as she stepped into them. She made sure to brush he body against him to further his torment. Then she had him help her put on her bra. She lifted her breasts as he hooked it from behind her. Again he just admired her as she stood there looking in the closet figuring out what to wear.

She ordered him to make her breakfast. He went to the kitchen and did as he was told. In a few minutes she came in and ate. A few minutes later Sarah arrived in the kitchen and ate some breakfast as well.

Connie gave Tim a list of things to do. "I want all this done by the time I get home."

"Yes ma'am." he replied

She and Sarah were leaving for work, when Connie looked at Tim and said, "Don't you dare play with that little pecker of yours while I am gone either."

Tim's head sank and he replied, "Yes ma'am."

Tim spent the day doing all his chores. About 5:30 the phone rang. It was Connie.

"I am leaving work I will be there in about 20 minutes."

Tim hung the phone up and hustled around the house to make sure everything was in place. Then he went to the entry and knelt on the rug as he was instructed the day before. A few minutes later he heard the car pull up, and the door to the house opened. Sarah was the first one in, and she ignored him as she brushed past him.

As he turned his head back to the door Connie came in. Without saying a word, she set down her bag, walked up to Tim, shifted her skirt up around her hips and put her panty covered pussy in Tim's face.

"Good evening ma'am did you have a good day?" he asked. Then he started licking her silky smooth panties.

"It was ok I guess." she answered.

She stayed there until he had made her panties wet from his tongue and her juices, and she again spoke, "That's enough. Now Take off my panties and lick them clean."

Tim eagerly pulled them down and she stepped out of them. He opened them and licked up all of the moisture left in them.

Connie went to her room and slipped into her evening wear. That consisted of panties, no bra and one of her full length silk robes. Then she came down and relaxed in the living room as Tim finished dinner. After dinner, he would clean up and, the three of them would watch some TV until Connie decided it was time for bed.

This continued for a week or so with not much excitement. Tim was going nuts, he still had to wake up Connie, bathe her, lotion her, put on her undergarments, lick her panties in the evening and clean them everyday. All these activities made him very horny, but there was never any relief for him. He had not cum in a long time and he was going nuts.

Connie knew what he was going through, and she was doing it on purpose to further his submission to her. One afternoon she called Tim and told him there was no reason to make dinner. She informed him she would be home, but then she was going out.

"I haven't gotten laid in a while and I need some cock!!" she told him.

When she got home, he did his duty and after he was done licking her panties clean she told him to get upstairs. They went to her room where she told him to kneel on the floor where he could see her. He complied and Connie proceeded to undress and then put on a very sexy outfit. A low cut top, a short skirt, some thigh high stockings and high heels.

Tim noticed she had not put on any underwear and he reminded her about it, "You didn't put on panties ma'am."

"I never wear them when I am going cock hunting. They just get in the way."

With that, she walked up to him and lifted her skirt and planted her pussy on Tim's face. "OK my pet get momma's pussy ready for her to go get some cock."

Tim obliged and started licking and sucking her pussy until she was nice and wet. "Good enough." she snapped at him "I expect you right there when I get back."

"Yes ma'am" he answered.

She pulled her skirt down and left the room and the house. Tim was beside himself with envy. If she was horny, why couldn't he fuck her? Then Connie's words rang in his ears, "I need a real cock to satisfy my needs, not that little penis."

Strangely, the thought of her telling him that, excited him. He really was into the humiliation. He didn't really understand why, but he did know it turned him on.

Tim was kneeling there for a while when Sarah called him. He got up and went to her room. As he turned the corner he saw her lying on her bed naked. She spread her legs and told him, "Come eat me!" He remembered that Connie had told him he was to do whatever Sarah asked, but he also remembered that she had told him to be kneeling on the floor when she returned.

"I have to be in Mrs. Johnson's room when she gets back." he said

"Don't worry she will be gone for a while, you have time. Now come eat my pussy." she hissed at him.

He realized he had no choice. He moved to the bed and crawled between her legs and started licking her lips from top to bottom. He flicked her clit and plunged his tongue into her hole. He was enjoying it as he always did when he felt her grab his head and force it into her pussy. Then he heard Sarah's voice.

"Now who's in charge?" she growled at him. Sarah was still upset about Tim being such a wimp to her mistress and about losing him to her. She wanted to make him pay a little with some humiliation. "Yea, eat my pussy you little ass licker. Make me cum all over your face."

Tim was embarrassed that this woman he had dominated was now forcing him to be her slave. However, he was even more embarrassed that he was getting totally turned on by it.

"You're not such a stud now are you? I'm the one running things now! Eat my pussy hard you wimp. I need to cum!"

Tim only tried harder to please her with every degrading comment from her mouth. He licked and sucked and tongue fucked her with abandon. He wanted to taste her cum .

"Stick your fingers in my ass." Sarah demanded. She was getting a real rush from this. She started thinking to herself that she could get used to this.

Tim did as he was told. He licked three fingers and thrust them into Sarah's asshole. As he did this he sucked in her clit and nibbled on it. He could feel her starting to build to a climax and he feverishly continued.

"I am going to cum on your face you pussy! That's it; fuck my ass with your fingers. Bite my clit!" she screamed.

Just then her body tightened and she had a thunderous orgasm. She grabbed Tim's head and ground her pussy into his face as she felt the orgasm rock her body. Bucking and grinding her pussy into Tim's face, she screamed out with pleasure.

Tim just continued to eat her pussy the whole time. Her cum spilled from her hole and soaked his face.

After Sara came down from her orgasm high, she told Tim that he should go back to Connie's room so he would not get in trouble. He did exactly that. As he sat in the master suite waiting for Connie to come home, he wondered why he had to stay there. He just sat there and dreamed about his new situation how much he loved being with Mr. Johnson and how much he liked pleasing her.

Sometime later he heard the front door open he perked up with anticipation at the idea of seeing Connie. However, his excitement disappeared when he heard a man's voice. He didn't understand. Why was she bringing him home? He only expected here to go get laid and then come home alone. He could hear them coming up the stairs. They were giggling and talking to each other the whole time as they approached the bedroom. As they entered the room the chatter stopped.

"Hello my pet." Connie addressed him. "This is Mark."

Tim looked up at him from his knees. Mark was a large man, tall, muscular and good looking. Tim already hated him.

"Who the fuck is this?" Mark snapped at Connie.

"This is my boyfriend, but he doesn't have what I need to satisfy me. Don't mind him; I make him watch me get fucked so he can see how a man can satisfy me when he has a real cock." She explained to Mark. She knew this would stroke his ego. Men all like to feel superior to other men, so she knew this would calm him down.

Mark looked at Tim as he knelt there naked, and he could see what she meant as he looked at Tim's small cock. His chest pumped up and he looked at Connie and said, "Oh OK, I don't care if he watches me show him how to fuck his woman."

Tim was furious. He was not going to take that from this asshole. He stood up like he was going to try to attack Mark. Connie saw him and immediately ordered him to kneel back down. It was a good thing, because once Tim stood up, he could see that Mark was at least 4 inches taller than him and outweighed him by more than 75 pounds. He realized he would have been pummeled by this Adonis. Tim sheepishly lowered his head and knelt back down on the floor.

"What a pussy." Mark said "No wonder you need me to come fuck you, he won't even stand up to a woman."

Connie enjoyed the power she had over Tim. He had done what she wanted and without hesitation. Now she was going to make him watch her get a good hard fucking. She knelt down on the floor near Tim and motioned Mark toward her. She looked at Tim and told him," Watch momma suck this mans big cock."

She then unbuckled Mark's Pants and unzipped his fly and lowered his pants to his ankles. He wore no underwear and his semi-hard cock came into Tim's view. It was quite impressive. It was longer and bigger around in a semi- hard state than Tim could ever hope his cock to be, even when he was hard.

Connie grabbed his thickening Cock and started slowly stroking it. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. Tim couldn't believe how big it got. Then she turned and looked at Tim. "Now this is the kind of cock I need." Then she opened her mouth and took it in here mouth. She held the base of it and moved he head back and forth on his huge hard pole. Once it was slick with her spit she started moving her hand in rhythm with her mouth, twisting it as she expertly sucked his manly shaft.

Tim wasn't sure what to do. Seeing her suck this cock in front of him made him envious and mad, but also made his cock start to twitch and grow harder and harder.

Connie stopped sucking and continued to stroke mark's monster cock as she turned to Tim and spoke, "See why I have to go get cock. Your little penis would never turn me on the way this big hard throbbing cock does. I am so hot, I am almost going to cum right now."

Then she reached down and pulled up her skirt with her free hand and slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. She got them good and wet then while still stroking the cock in her other hand, she placed her fingers on Tim's lips and told him to lick her fingers clean. Tim obeyed and licked her fingers of all her juices.

"See how hot a big fat cock like this makes me?" She asked. "I am going to let him fuck me with this rod and you are going to see how much pleasure it gives me. You want me to be happy right?"

Tim just nodded a yes.

"So you want him to fuck me right? You want me to cum all over his fat cock right?"

Tim again nodded.

"Answer me!" She hissed.

"Yes ma'am."

"Yes ma'am what? Tell me you want this man to fuck me with his big hard cock." she commanded.

Yes ma'am, I want him to fuck you with his big hard cock so you can cum all over it." Tim replied.

Connie stood up, walked to the foot of the bed and bent over so she was looking straight at Tim. Then she lifted her skirt over her hips, and told Mark to fuck her with his big hard cock.

Mark walked up behind her and placed his cock head at the entrance of her drenched cunt, grabbed onto her hips, and as he looked right into Tim's eyes he pulled her hips back and drove his cock in all the way in.

"Oh my gaaaaaaaaawd!" Connie yelled out with pleasure. "Yes!! Fuck me with that big cock."

As Mark pulled back and started rhythmically fucking her, she looked at Tim "It feels so good. It's sooooo big and hard. You could never fuck me like this with that little dick of yours."

Tim couldn't believe this, she was totally degrading him and the size of his cock and all he could do was continue to watch because it was turning him on so much. His cock was dripping a steady stream of precum and he was mesmerizes as he watch her enjoy every inch of this man's huge cock. Watching her receive pleasure just made him hotter and hotter.

Connie leaned against the foot of the bed and started unbuttoning her blouse as her lover continued to pound her pussy with his manhood. With every thrust she moaned with pleasure and continued to narrate her pleasures to Tim. She removed her blouse and lifted her tits out of her bra and started squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

Tim just continued to get more excited as he gazed at her.

After a few more minutes she screamed out as a shuttering orgasm ripped through her body. Tim almost came too as he watched her relish the feelings in her body.

Connie stood up and walked over next to Tim again and knelt next to him. She summoned Mark to her. As he walked to her she looked at Tim and said, " Now watch me suck the cum out of that wonderful cock." Then she grabbed Her lover's cock and swallowed its whole length. She grabbed his ass and started eagerly moving back and forth. She let it slide all the way out so that only the head was in her mouth, then she would bury the whole thing back in to her throat, rubbing her nose in his pubic hair. Faster and faster she moved. She was almost out of control.

Tim could not believe his eyes. Here was this woman who had total control over him, acting like a common whore for this man and his big fat cock right in front of him. He didn't know if he was going to be able to hold off his own orgasm, and he wasn't even touching his cock.

Mark let out a loud groan as he started spilling his seed down Connie's throat. He grabbed her head and guided her rhythm as rope after rope rushed from his shaft. Connie took all of it, not spilling a drop.

"Mmmmmmmm, I love the taste of cum." she said to Tim. Connie got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned she was wearing a silk robe with nothing underneath and she had not tied it. Tim just stared at her body as the robe hung open. His cock hurt so bad, he didn't know what to do.

"Time for you to leave." she said to Mark. She could go on all night, but she had accomplished her mission for the night. She wanted to cum, and she wanted to further exert her domination over Tim.

Mark didn't even speak as he collected his clothes and left the house.

After he had left, Connie looked at Tim and spoke, "Did you enjoy the show my pet?"

"Yes ma'am." he replied sheepishly.

"That's how a man fucks a woman right. You know you could not give me that right?"

Tim had to agree. He just nodded his head and answered again, " Yes ma'am."

"Now go run me a shower I want to clean up." She ordered.

Tim stood and went to the bathroom to prepare her shower. When it was ready he went and got Connie and they both stepped into the shower.

Tim started doing his normal duties, but was having trouble moving around the shower. He had the worst case of blue balls he had ever had. Connie noticed him limping around as he washed her.

"What's wrong?" she asked

"My balls hurt, I have not cum in a long time and you keep arousing me, but I get no relief."

Connie saw this as another opportunity to further her domination. She reached down and grabbed his balls. They were hard and full of cum. She had plans and knew she could get him to agree to them if she let him cum. She started fondling his balls as she circled around behind him and rubbed her tits on his back.

Tim was in agony and feeling euphoric all at once. Connie started talking to him in a sexy voice.

"Does this feel good?"

Tim nodded

"Would you like to cum?"

Again he nodded

"Don't you dare until I say it is OK." Then she squeezed them hard to push back the impending orgasm. "Bend over."

Tim complied. She continued fondling his balls as she started moving her hips back and forth, bumping his ass with her pelvis like she was fucking him from behind.

"I like fucking men from behind. You ever been fucked in the ass?"

"No ma'am I am not gay" he said.

"I meant by a woman?" she retorted. "I would love to fuck you in the ass with one of my strap-ons. It really turns me on." She leaned over onto his back and began rubbing her tits against him again. His cock reacted again. "Would you like that?"

"I don't know ma'am." He answered.

She continued to torment him with her tits and her hand, still fondling his balls. "I will let you cum if you tell me you want me to fuck you in the ass. Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?"

Oh did he ever want to cum. "Yes ma'am, Please." He pleaded.

"Tell me! Tell me you want me to fuck you in the ass."

Tim could think of nothing more than relieving his torture. He immediately answered. "Please ma'am, fuck me in the ass. You can do anything, just let me cum."

Connie felt a rush of power come over her and she chuckled to herself a devilish laugh. She continued to move her pelvis back and forth in the fucking motion, and she more vigorously fondled his balls. Now she started talking to him, "cum for me my pet. Let me see that little pecker of your shoot its cum."

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