tagMind ControlTina the Waitress

Tina the Waitress


Tina was a cocktease. She was a waitress in one of our local eateries and she dressed like a whore. She was always just on the edge the dress code, but only just. Her skirts were a moderate length, but the slits on both sides cut almost all the way up to her hips. Her blouse was always cut to flatter the proportion of her full breasts and trim waist. The slits were carefully placed, her legs were sufficiently covered when she walked carefully. It was only when she knew she had a voyeur worth her attention that her hips would begin to wash back and forth - pulling the fabric away from her tanned thighs.

Tina liked to tease me especially. I don't know why. I think if she hadn't been quite so affective at flaunting her magnificent body none of this ever would have happened. Life would have been very different if I had never invented "c-ment".

I am a scientist. I work in the field of neural chemistry. It's difficult to explain how you become a neural chemistry, but it has afforded me some interesting benefits. I was working on a large university research project studying the chemical messaging systems which allow our bodies to understand the input from out touch receptors, our skin.

We noticed something strange. Chemical science is fairly well developed, we can measure the amount of reaction and compare that intensity of reaction to the chemical makeup of the trigger stimulus. The reactions to a wide variety of stimuli have been well documented. It's a simple matter to breakdown the contents of the stimuli and compare the expected reaction with the actual reaction. The equations always balance out. The equations did not balance out with the experiments on touch response.

It took several weeks but I finally discovered what the missing element was. There is a slight reaction based on the impressions of others around you. I know it sounds impossible, but believe me. Not only that, but it seems that there had already been some research on the part of the mind which releases the stimuli responsible for the additional touch response. Let me put it this way, if somebody watches you drop a suitcase on your foot it's more likely to hurt. When the observer recognized that you've done something painful they send off a little subliminal signal reminding your sub-concious just how much it should be hurting.

Usually the impact is negligible, but they did come up with a chemical which increased the intensity of the subliminal stimuli. It was the use of this drug which allowed the anomaly to be defined, if not explained. Now I knew which receptors were recognizing the stimuli it was easy enough to develop a drug to increase the sensitive of the receptors. If you can't already tell where I'm going with this, you will soon.

I made pills from the increased stimuli formula and a powder from the increased sensitivity formula. It wasn't difficult to slip the powder into a soda I bought for her. I had popped the pill myself before I went into the restaurant. I ordered an appetizer from my little minx and waited. It would be about forty minutes before the drug reached it's maximum effectiveness. I sat with a plate of chicken wings and thought of the fun we were going to have. I had to stop myself. I didn't want her to ease into this feeling. She needed to be shocked.

As I finished the last of the spicy wings she walked passed my table. Her sent wafted behind her and I couldn't help myself. My thoughts raced and I imagined my hands sliding up her chest and feeling the weight of her full soft tits in my hands.

She lost a step and looked as though she might faint. The smallest smile escaped my lips. 'If this is a thing, I think this things begun', I pictured the way her hard nipples would feel between my fingertips as I pinched her tightly. She gasped loudly and spun around behind her. Finding nothing but the people sitting in the restaurant starring back at her she blushed deeply and scurried off into the kitchen.

I didn't see her again for what seemed like forever. I though she might have become too frightened and ran home. Later she told me she had snuck off into the employee rest room and worked her little clitty to a little quiet orgasm in hopes of putting down the fire I had started. That added one more to the number of orgasms she'd had that night.

She looped around the dining room and was walking towards me when I began picturing something new in my mind's eye. My hands were sliding up her inner thighs. She quivered for a moment, but kept her stride this time. She walked over to the service station where a few of the servers were standing around chatting. She joined in the conversation.

People have a natural desire to stand in a circle when they're talking, and Tina slowly turned her back to me. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt my finger sliding into her wet pussy. She moved. Her hips began to roll slightly pushing her tight little ass up into the air. This little slut wanted it. She caught herself quickly, her ass tensed and she pulled herself back into a standard standing posture. She was nodding to her coworkers, trying to keep from screaming. My thoughts pulled back and her entire body relaxed. She took another double take. Her eyes were different this time, they seemed more searching, almost desperate.

I really wasn't sure what to do next. It might be fun to keep her on the edge for as long as I could, teasing her in the most relentless, patient method I know. I could finished her off right now. I could bet she would look amazing falling down, clutching at anyone near enough for her to grab as the muscles between her hips began to spasm and shake without any control. Would she a loud cumslut as she came like a fucking rocket ship, screaming and begging for more, telling the whole world exactly how much she loves getting fucked.

My eyes had drifted closed, when I opened them I saw Tina leaning against a booth. Her legs were out stiff and straight and she was breathing tight and ragged breaths. I couldn't help but grin. I pulled back my thought again and watched her. There was a tempest of emotions washing over her face, she was confused by what was going on, but excited and very, very aroused. But as I pulled away, there was something else in her eyes. She was feeling loss, need and desire all together. She wanted to stop, she knew that as far as she had pushed the limits of her sexuality in the workplace, this was just too far. She couldn't cum, she absolutely, positively could not...

I specifically chose that moment to imagine my finger, slick with her orgasm, moving over her clit and brushing quickly back and forth and pressing down with a steady hard pressure. And then I stopped.

Her eyes searched across the room, as frightened as she had first been there wasn't a single pair of eyes on her. Except for one pair of eyes, mine. She locked eyes with me. I tried to look blankly back at her, but I think she might have suspected for a moment. It was only a moment before she realized just how crazy that seemed. She smiled and shook her head and walked back out to her tables.

There was a spring in her step that had not been there just a moment ago. I decided to tease her a little more gently. I imagined my wet lips wrapped around her nipples gently, pulling them into my mouth and letting my teeth graze across her skin, my hot breath washing over her. I just kept imagining that as she walked around the room. And when she walked past my table I would imagine my tongue working over her clit. The first time her eyes fluttered back into her head in the most sensual way I could imagine. Each time she became a little more sure it was somehow me behind the feelings she was having.

I ordered dinner and enjoyed it slowly. I had drinks after dinner followed by desert. The other servers though it was strange for a single person to drag a meal on for so long. I was really enjoying the show. Just on the edge, that's where I kept her for almost two hours. There were a few different ways she would react when she was preparing to go over the edge. I learned to recognize them all quickly and keep her away from cumming. She was exhausted near the end of the two hours.

Her shift ended and she rushed to the back room getting ready to leave. She walked out onto the dining room floor with a black leather jacket on. She was driven, from across the room I could see her heart was pounding. She needed something, badly. She dropped herself into the seat across from me and just stared deep into my eyes. I looked back at her and sipped my coffee. She spoke without moving her teeth, "How did you do that?"

"What are you talking about?" My thoughts went back to her clit, fluttering it gently. She put her arms out onto the table and dropped her head onto her forearms. "Oh, fuck... Yes, that, exactly, that's exactly what I'm..." My thought slipped swiftly into her tight cunt and her voice quickly reached a fevered pitch "... Talking about, oh god. Stop, stop - please stop. I can't... Can't even... I can't stand it any more."

"What?" I tried to keep playing straight, but it was getting harder all the time. "I can't understand what you're talking about."

"Please, please, I know. I can feel. Oh, god it feels so good. Yes, my clit, my clit again. I need... Stop please, I can't. You can't make me, not here, not, just not oh, oh....ohhhh." I imagined my finger pressed against the tip of her rosebud. "No, please, just not... I." Her eyes were closed and her fingers pinched at her own nipples for a moment. She slammed her palms down on the table "No. She was as firm as she could be. I could picture my finger slipping into her tightest hole and twisted gently. She started babbling again. "Can't. I, oh fuck"

"You really like that don't you."

"Uhh huh."

"How hard are you going to cum." I could see her pulling together all of the willpower she had left. She took in a deep breath and spoke. "Stop." My finger twisted again. "I'll do anything, just please not here."

"Anything?" My tongue across the back of her neck, she could feel it, she shivered.

"Just stop. Please"

Thought pulled away. She panted, "How, It's not possible. How..."

"You are going to be my personal slut."

"What!" She actually sounded indignant. I imagined my finger back inside her pussy, two fingers twisting inside her. I told her again "You are going to be my personal slut."

"I, I don't think. Oh, I..." She started to pur like a kitten. "You like it don't you."

"Oh fuck, just not here, please. I... I will be your slut. I'll do anything. Just come with me out to the parking lot and I will suck your cock like a fucking pornstar. And if you can keep doing the things you've been doing I will make you the happiest man who has ever lived. I stood up and headed for the door. Tina followed me for the first, but not the last time.

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