tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTina Tormented Ch. 01

Tina Tormented Ch. 01


Tina stood in the jacuzzi facing the pool. Her right foot raised onto the seat allowing the jet stream in the side, above the seat, to pound directly into her crotch. The 23-year-old Vietnamese girl did not care that the two men sitting in the jacuzzi probably knew that she was in the midst of orgasm thanks to the jet. In fact, she got off on the thought that they probably did know, and would have to sit there after she left waiting for their erections to go down before they could get out themselves.

Tina's orgasm complete, she sauntered out of the jacuzzi, walked over to the pool and dove in for a quick swim to cool down.

She was a very pretty woman. Short, standing only one inch over five feet, with a thing but sexy body and firm 34B breast. She climbed out of the pool on the other side, grabbed her towel and began drying off, then brushed her long black hair before heading to the locker room.

Tina was 23 and married. But her husband was always busy at work and didn't like to go out much. Tina worked part time just to get out of the house. And enjoyed coming to the local Rec Center to swim, exorcise and keep in shape.

She also enjoyed teasing men. Being Vietnamese she found it easier to get away with simple acts of discretion. In truth, Tina was American. Both of her birth parents for Vietnamese, but she had been adopted before her second birthday and was raised by an American family. But she could use her Asian looks to get away with acting in ways that most people would know better than try. And she really enjoyed giving men around her brief glimpses of nipple, or anything else she could do to tease them.

Tina had not been completely faithful to her husband either. There had been two affairs that he had no knowledge of. And Tina knew that she had to keep it that way. The affairs had been nothing more than sexual tryst for her. The most recent had been with one of the lifeguards here at the pool.

As she walked to the locker room, two pairs of eyes followed her every movement.

Jennifer and Rhonda sat on their exorcise bikes, in a side room overlooking the pool, watching her. Both girls detested the pretty Asian woman. Jennifer had more reason than most. She had been dating the lifeguard who Tina lured away, before casting him aside once finished with him. But even if had not been for that they would not have liked her just because they despised the way she flaunted her tiny body around teasing the men.

Both Jennifer and Rhonda were attractive women. Jennifer was only a little taller than Tina. She had long brown hair that was usually worn, just as now, in a ponytail. She was a few pounds overweight, but that was lost on anyone looking at her pretty face or her ample 38C bust.

Rhonda was taller, not as pretty as Jennifer but with a nice body, firm 34c breast and fiery red hair. She also worked for the Rec Center.

Both girls had watched Tina's display in the jaccuzzi and decided that someone needed to teach her a lesson. Looking at the clock and seeing that it was closing time they decided that tonight would be the perfect time to do so.

The only rooms occupied were the swimming pool and the basketball court. And there were not too many people in either. The weight room was empty, and it was right next to the lady's locker room. With Rhonda in possession of a set of keys they knew that it would serve their purpose quite well.

Tina showered off, then put on her short exorcise shorts, tank top and tennis shoes, stuffing everything else into her bag. She stood before the mirror, looking at her nipples protruding through the tank top and wondering if anyone would be in the hall to see her. Then she walked out of the locker room.

Rhonda was in the doorway of the weight room.

"Hey, Tina. Can you help me move something real quick?" The redhead asked.

"Sure." Tina agreed, turning and walking into the room ahead of Rhonda.

She was surprised to find Jennifer in the room. Then she heard the door shut and lock behind her.

"What the fuck is going on?" She demanded.

"We think it's time somebody taught you a lesson." Jennifer said.

Tina stepped out from between the two women. "You can't do this, I'll call the cops. And you'll lose you job if you beat me up, Rhonda." Tina said, trying to talk her way out of this situation.

"Shit, Tina. We're not going to kick your ass." Rhonda said. "We figure that since you like teasing everyone with that body, and you can't get enough cock at home to fill your pussy that maybe we can help you out by seeing if we can stuff it full enough to satisfy you."

Tina tries to call for help, but before she could react the two women were upon her, wrestling her to the floor. Jennifer held her hands over Tina's mouth until Rhonda could grab a rag and shove it into her mouth. Then they took a cord from the desk and tied it around Tina's mouth and head, effectively gagging her. They held her arms behind her back and tied her wrist together with another cord.

Tina screamed against her gag but little could be heard. She knew that there was probably no one around to hear her cries anyway. She tried kicking as the two girls pulled her shorts off and panties off, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Then they tore her tank top from her body, leaving Tina naked and vulnerable.

"Look at those perky titties." Jennifer said as she began pinching each of Tina's nipples.

Tina flinched in pain as the girls began taking turn pinching and pulling her tender nipples.

"Let's see if we can get her clit as hard as her nipples." Rhonda said.

Tina tried to roll away but was held down by the two girls as Rhonda began running her fingers along Tina's slit. She rubbed Tina's clit first, stimulating it to come out of its hood. Then she grabbed it with her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it tightly.

Tina screamed against the gag as her body spasmed.

"Awe, maybe you want something up in there instead." Rhonda said as she pushed two fingers into Tina's pussy and began fucking her with them.

Tina's pussy was still sensitive after having an orgasm less than half an hour earlier. She felt her juices begin to flow as Rhonda's fingers penetrated her. She bit into the gag as Jennifer added to the stimulation by playing with both of her nipples at the same time.

"Grab me a dumbbell bar." Rhonda said.

Jennifer got up and ran to the weight rack. Seeing a short barbell without any weights attached she grabbed it and returned to the two girls, holding it before the wide eyed Tina.

"Bet you never had a cock this hard in you before." She said as she handed it to Rhonda.

Tina thrust her hips up and down and side to side trying to avoid the metal bar that Rhonda was lining up with her pussy. She cried out as the redhead pushed it between her wet lips, then began using it to fuck her with deep measured strokes.

Her pussy instinctively gripped the cold metal rod that was impaling her. To make matters worse, Rhonda was using her free hand to massage her swollen clit as she rammed the barbell into her.

"God this is a fucking turn on!" Jennifer said. "I'm wet as hell watching you fuck her with that."

"Me too, why don't we make her get us off too." Rhonda suggested.

Tina couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jennifer liked the suggestion and began pulling her shorts and panties off immediately. "Let's see how good you eat pussy." She said and she knelt down, straddling Tina's chest and began untying the gag.

"Please stop." Tina pleaded.

Anything else she was going to say was lost as Jennifer slid forward, pressing her shaved pussy lips against Tina's mouth. "Lick my cunt!" She ordered as she began grinding her wet crotch on Tina's face.

Tina's head was pinned between Jennifer's knees, preventing her from turning her head in either direction. She could taste Jennifer's pussy on her lips and knew that she had no choice but to comply. So she slowly parted her lips and stuck her tongue out and began licking her tormentor's pussy.

"Oh yes, that feels good. Eat my cunt!" Jennifer cried out as she rocked her hips on Tina's pretty face.

Tina licked Jennifer's pussy, feeling the metal bar continuing to fuck her. She wanted nothing more than to escape, but knew that there was powerless to do so. Even if she could, there was nothing she could do about it. To call the police would eventually mean that her husband would find out about her affair with Jennifer's ex. So she had to endure this without ever saying anything.

Worse, she could feel her body beginning to respond to the fucking that she was receiving.

Jennifer was enjoying the fact that she was making Tina lick her pussy. She wanted to cum on Tina's pretty face. Wanted to humiliate her by spilling her juices all over her mouth and tongue. To let her know that she couldn't get away with fucking her boyfriend like she did.

She could feel her climax approaching and leaned forward to make sure that Tina's tongue would stay on her clit. "Make me cum!" She insisted as she ground her pussy against Tina's mouth.

"Oh, fuck yes! I'm cumming!" Jennifer cried out as she jerked about atop the other girl.

Jennifer rolled off of Tina. Her breast heaved as she breathed hard following her orgasm.

"Did you like eating my pussy, Tina?" Jennifer asked scornfully. "It sure felt good cumming on your pretty little face."

"My turn," Rhonda said. "You can fuck her with this while she eats my pussy."

"I've got a better idea." Jennifer said, hopping to her feet and rushing to a table in the corner of the room. There she found a large rubber tube about ten inches long. It was a little over one inch thick at one end and grew slightly to three inches at it's base. Jennifer grabbed it and then grabbed a weight lifting belt.

"I think I'll fuck her with this instead. Bring her over here."

Rhonda pulled Tina to her feet and dragged her over to the table. As she did so, Jennifer put the belt on backwards, keeping it low around her hips with the hoop in the front instead of the back. She then forced the rubber tube through the hoop so that it hung before her like a large cock.

"Suck this and get it wet enough for you." She ordered.

Rhonda pushed Tina to her knees before Jennifer. Tina reluctantly leaned forward and began sucking the hard rubber. Rhonda removed her shorts and panties while watching the spectacle before her.

"Lay on the table." Jennifer told her.

Rhonda hopped on the table and leaned back. Spreading her legs to show her perfectly cropped thick red bush.

"Now you can eat Rhonda's cunt." Jennifer said.

Tina was forced to bend over at the edge of the table, her face buried in Rhonda's crotch. As she did so Jennifer stood behind her and began pushing the rubber tube into her pussy.

Tina jerked as she was impaled by the fake cock. The farther it went inside her the wider it got.

"Please, no farther." She begged.

"Shut up and start licking that pussy." Jennifer replied. Now I'm gonna fuck you just like you let Brian fuck you. And I'm not going to stop until you make Rhonda cum."

Tina gasped as Jennifer forced the tube inside her all the way until she felt Jennifer's belt against her ass. Then Jennifer began fucking her without mercy. Tina began licking Rhonda's pussy, hoping to make her cum as quickly as possible.

Jennifer pounded Tina's pussy, enjoying the revenge on the little tramp that stole her boyfriend from her. She wanted to make this a fucking that Tina would never forget.

Rhonda grabbed Tina's hair, pulling her face tight against her twat as the girl licked her throbbing clit.

Tina licked Rhonda's pussy while jerking back and forth as Jennifer pounded her pussy from behind. Without realizing it she began fucking back. She suddenly realized that Jennifer was going to make her climax if she didn't stop soon.

Tina focused on Rhonda's pussy, doing her best to make the girl laying before her orgasm in order to escape being forced to cum for them. She could feel Rhonda's hips thrusting up and down in enjoyment. The redhead let go of her hair and began fondling her own breast; satisfied that Tina was not going to stop what she was doing.

Jennifer continued ramming Tina's tiny pussy. Watching in awe as it spread open to accept the full width of the rubber tube, only to clamp down on it as it pulled out. The sight of Tina fucking back was not lost on her and she was determined to force her to climax.

Rhonda began moaning in ecstasy as or climax began. The redhead shivered on the table as Tina's tongue brought her to a much-needed orgasm.

Feeling Rhonda's orgasm subsiding, Tina raised her head. She could feel the juice from both women on her face.

Jennifer continued fucking Tina. She could hear the smaller girl beginning to gasp, and knew that she would orgasm soon.

"Please stop." Tina begged between breaths. But Jennifer was not about to quit.

Tina tried to hold back, but it was no use. Her body spasmed as the thick rubber tube invading her cunt pushed her over the edge.

"Ohhhh." She cried out as she began to orgasm.

"Cum, bitch, cum!" Jennifer cried out as she rammed Tina's pussy harder and faster enjoying making her orgasm against her will.

Tina moaned in unwanted delight. Unable to deny the pleasure running throughout her body as Jennifer slammed her pretend cock into her from behind.

"Well that was different." Rhonda said with a grin as she pushed Tina away from her and slid off of the table.

Jennifer pulled the rubber tube out of Tina's pussy. It hung before her shiny and wet from Tina's juice.

"Please untie me and let me go." Tina begged.

Jennifer laughed. "Oh you're not through yet. Since you like showing off in front of the guys we're going to give them the chance to see more of you. Tie her to the bench."

Tina groaned as the two girls grabbed her...

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