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Titans Ch. 07


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I'm back! And not dead! And somewhat productive!

I don't know which of those is most surprising, but nevertheless there it is. As some of you seem to have guessed, my health problems turned out to be somewhat worse than I first though. Thank you for the kind offers of donations but I can't accept those in good conscience, though I appreciate the thought. I'm mostly okay now, but my life got shaken up a bit and made writing difficult for a while. Still dealing with the after effects, but the worst is passed and I'm able to write again.

I am however somewhat busier at the moment, catching up with all the real-life stuff that I missed out on and dealing with a lifestyle change, so the monthly update schedule is out the window for the foreseeable future. This will mean (hopefully) longer chapters, less often. The complete edition is still in the works, and then other projects will show up after a break. Now that we've spent a couple of paragraphs catching up...

Are you sitting comfortably?


Outside the Ravenholm castle the weather was still overcast, though rays of sunlight pierced through the heavy clouds in places like strands of gold hanging from the heavens. Vanessa scanned the sky nervously, her deep red eyes darting about with preternatural quickness.

"Is the sun, uhh... is sunlight an issue?" Elizabeth asked, awkwardly tugging at her signet ring.

"Only if you consider bursting into flames to be an issue," Vanessa shrugged, "I don't suppose you came in a carriage?"

All other eyes turned to Alex. Within the confines of his helmet, he gave a wry smile.

"She can ride with me if I close the cockpit," he chuckled.

The vampire looked at him curiously, stepping closer and examining the pilot from different angles.

"What is this thing anyway?" she asked, looking to Talia, "Some sort of war golem?"

"I've been called worse," Alex shook his head, interrupting before anyone else could answer.

He reached up and unclasped the seal on his helmet, slipping it off and blinking in the natural light. It clipped magnetically to his belt, then he removed a glove and extended his hand.

"Mech pilot Alexander Murray, Captain of the Irregulars, at your service."

"Countess Vanessa Ravenholm," she carefully took his hand, as though afraid it might bite her, "Charmed."

"Well then Vanessa," Talia approached from behind and draped herself across the vampire's shoulders, "Would you care to see why he calls himself a mech pilot?"

The whole group solemnly waited on the outskirts of the town as the army arrived. Within the cockpit was surprisingly less claustrophobic than Alex had anticipated, though he occasionally felt a shifting pressure across his skin as Vanessa's shadowy form drifted about the confined space. Over time, the shifting grew more frantic and restless. He imagined it would be quite unpleasant for her, waiting in the dark without the external scanners to track the progress of the train of soldiers.

"What are you?" came a sourceless whisper in his ear.

"I told you," he muttered, maintaining attention as Elizabeth rode out to meet with the vanguard, "I'm a mech pilot."

"Your blood smells..." there was a pause, and a slow inhale, "...rich."

"Well it's definitely not normal blood, but I don't know the specifics" said Alex, surreptitiously pulling his collar higher.

They lapsed once more into uncomfortable silence. The sun finally won its battle with the clouds and burst through, dappling the fields with mottled patterns of light and shade as the bulk of the army crested out of the woods. Alex stood sentinel with his shadowy passenger as the camp was erected around them.

When the scouts had assembled Elizabeth's tent Alex made his way over, and when a cloud crossed the sun the cockpit cracked open and a wisp of inky-black shadow darted across the intervening space into the safety of canvas. Alex hopped down after it, brushing his way through the flap while taking care not to open it too wide.

Inside, Elizabeth was unfurling her bedding onto the large frame as Vanessa watched. Evidently, they were already in the middle of a conversation as Vanessa was already protesting at something Elizabeth had said.

"I don't sleep, so there's no point in me having a bed now, is there?" She huffed, crossing her arms.

"Alright," Elizabeth held her hands up in surrender, "What are you even going to do while we're all asleep then?"

"I can keep her company," Alex suggested, walking over and grabbing the far corner of the sheet to help the major straighten it out.

"You don't need to sleep at all?"

"I like to," he thought back to his recent dreams with Anna, "I don't really need to though."

"I'll be fine," Vanessa sat back on the trunk that held the major's armor, tugging at the silver pendant around her neck, "Once it's dark I'll go help clean up the town. It's the least I can do after my family butchered it."

"You want to spend the whole night with corpses?" Elizabeth pulled an unpleasant face at the thought.

"I am a corpse," the vampire pointed out, "It's not like I'm unused to the company."

"If you're sure," Elizabeth grumbled, not sounding very sure.

"I'm sure," Vanessa sighed exasperated, "Now go, I'm sure there are people you need to talk to."

Elizabeth looked to be about to disagree, then her eyes flicked upwards as she mentally catalogued all the officers she needed to report to or give orders. Alex gave a sympathetic smile as he saw responsibility settle on her shoulders as they drooped under the weight.

"I'll be back later," she promised.

"Don't fret if I'm not here," Vanessa waved her hand dismissively, "I can take care of myself and I'll be back before morning."

With a parting hug, Elizabeth left with Alex trailing behind her. She marched off with purpose, but then slowed as she hit the main thoroughfare. Pulling the captain off to one side, she planted a kiss on his lips; he didn't resist.

"Will you stay the night?" she asked quietly.

"Talia too?" he chuckled, nipping gently at her bottom lip.

A nervous smile spread across Elizabeth's face and she looked to her feet. A rosy blush spread across her face, drawing a mischievous smile out of Alex.

"We'd both be delighted," he span her about, then sent her going with a slap on the backside, "I'll see you later."

Elizabeth yelped at the sudden spank, but looked back at him over her shoulder with a gaze that could only be described as smoldering.

"See you later then," she giggled, and walked away with an exaggerated swing in her hips.

Alex watched her go with hungry eyes until she went out of sight, then turned to make his way towards the Irregulars' camp. As he arrived, Daine was sat by the fire holding his knees under his chin; Thrak ladled out a mug of tea from the small cauldron and handed it to the dwarf in mourning. The orc spotted Alex and gave a polite salute, while Daine avoided his gaze. Alex let it slide, given the circumstances.

"Is Talia around?" he asked quietly.

"Around the back of the tent," Thrak rumbled, "She was patching up a tear in the canvas."

Alex nodded his thanks, continuing with light steps. From behind the edge of the tent a head of silky brown hair came into view. He crept closer, the elf engrossed in her work; sewing along the line of a small tear with coarse thread and a bone needle. When he was close enough, he reached out and wrapped her in his arms. She stiffened, then relaxed into his embrace.

"How's our newest Irregular settling in then?" she sighed, leaning back against his shoulder.

Alex paused for a second, thinking.

"I hadn't thought of asking her to join actually. She seems fine, I think. Hard to tell with her general gloomy demeanor but Elizabeth didn't seem to think it was out of the ordinary."

"Speaking of which," Talia ran her fingers across the back of his hands, achingly slowly, "Should we...?"

"She already asked," Alex cut her off with a kiss, guessing what she was saying.

Talia hummed an excited little tune and extracted herself from his arms. Picking up the needle where it dangled from the stitching, she deftly tied it off and snapped the spare length of thread off at the knot. Alex watched an evil grin form on her face as a plan assembled itself inside her head.

"Shall we go and meet her there? I have some ideas..." she trailed off into giggles.

Vanessa was gone when they arrived, the cloudy evening apparently providing enough cover for her to safely cross the open ground. Alex stepped towards Talia, hands exploring her body as he kissed her neck. She moaned softly, then put a hand on his chest and shoved him back.

"Save it," she tittered, "We have some preparations to make."

Elizabeth arrived, about an hour later and looking exhausted. Alex and Talia both sat naked on the bed, softly caressing each other. The major's eyes lit up, and her tongue snuck out without her consent to lick her luscious lips.

"I wasn't expecting such a forward greeting," she unfastened her cloak, and it fell to the ground in a pool. Her boots soon joined it, but before she could get any further Talia leapt from the bed and grasped her by the wrists; pulling her hands away from her buttons and towards the bed. Alex also stood, moving behind Elizabeth. His large hands roughly groped at her breasts as his cock pressed firmly into her back.

"What are you...?" Elizabeth began to ask, before being cut off as Talia smothered the major's mouth with her own.

Alex popped open the buttons of Elizabeth's top with startling efficiency. Talia released her wrists so he could slip it completely off, her hands taking his place on her large, milky white mounds. Before the major could use them for anything, he gripped her hands again and held them behind her back. She whined pitifully into the elf's mouth as her nipples were teased and pulled at.

Like clockwork, Alex's hand came up to cover Elizabeth's mouth just as Talia moved her delicate kisses across the major's jawline and down her neck. Behind her back, her fingers desperately scrabbled, barely brushing against his rigid erection. Alex let it happen, enjoying the fleeting contact as he joined his other lover in kissing down the opposite side of her neck.

Talia's wandering mouth meandered down Elizabeth's collar and over the swell of her breast, greedily suckling to replace her fingers which traced down past her navel and diving into her britches. Elizabeth bucked against Alex's grip, the frantic, shallow breaths through her freckled nose tickling the back of his hand as she tried to gasp in ecstasy.

Elizabeth writhed uncontrollably as her two lovers held her in place and skillfully brought her to a rapid orgasm. Talia took a half step back, sharply pulling the major's britches down to her ankles and then sinking to her knees and extending a long tongue to luxuriously bathe her lower lips. Alex removed his muffling hand, slipping it down to her neck, and Elizabeth immediately let out a low and throaty groan that vibrated beneath his palm.

"We're going to hurt you tonight," he whispered, grazing his teeth against her ear. He felt a little surge of adrenaline as she whimpered in a combination of fear and excitement. "But only because I know you want us to. We'll stop if you think it's too much, okay?"

"I trust you," Elizabeth nodded, then let out a little shriek as Talia nipped at something sensitive with her sharp teeth.

"Good," he growled.

Alex released Elizabeth's hands, which she put to use straight away by grabbing Talia's head where it still nestled between her legs. He brushed across the red welts that remained of her run-in with the lash, then withdrew. The hand on her neck moved around to grip a handful of hair, and his other hand drew back, and slapped her on the backside, hard.

Elizabeth flinched and yelped as her head pulled forward against Alex's grip, instinctively going to cover her ass with her hands. Alex knocked them away, and then gave her another slap.

"Hands above your head, major, and keep them there," he ordered.

She complied and he responded by unleashing another flurry of swats, quickly turning her pale skin pink.

Talia dove deeper into Elizabeth's sex, relishing the little twitches it made with each spank. Her slender fingers stroked, prodded and penetrated the hot and soaking wet folds. The major's panting grew more and more desperate, until finally she came with a spasm and a flood of sweet liquid. Alex pulled at Elizabeth's hair until she stumbled backwards, taking awkward, small steps as her britches held her ankles together. The elf stuck out a pouting lip as her treat was taken away from her.

Leading Elizabeth by the head, Alex dragged her over to the bed. He spared a glance back at her, his gaze catching on her quivering mouth, watering eyes and hands still held bravely above her head. With a heave, he threw her onto the pile of sheets. Her legs caught on the bedframe and she fell, forced to catch herself on her hands so she didn't land on her face.

"He told you to keep your hands up, major," said Talia, appearing suddenly behind her. She lashed out, delivering a stinging slap right on her exposed pussy. Elizabeth arched her back, turning her face down to scream into the sheet. After another slap for good measure, the elf stepped aside and grasped Alex's cock, pulling him towards the throbbing junction between the major's legs.

Alex slipped in with barely any resistance. Elizabeth was burning up inside, and after only a couple of strokes he could feel her wetness dripping onto his balls. He grabbed her waist in a vice-like grip, pulling her into him as he picked up the pace. Beside him, Talia mounted the bed and lay down, forcing the major's face into her sex and grinding against it.

Alex increased his speed even further, thrusting as hard as his immense strength allowed him to without causing permanent damage. Temporary damage was fine though, he thought to himself with an evil grin. His hips slapped against her ass, stinging his skin and turning Elizabeth's already pink flesh red. She shrieked and moaned, but stubbornly kept working away at Talia's clit.

With the added vibration from the major's cries, it wasn't long before Talia shuddered in rapture. She shuffled back slightly out of reach, taking a moment to bask in the afterglow. Elizaabeth gave a final scream, contorting and grasping at the sheets as Alex kept hammering into her. Her face turned crimson as her breath caught in her throat, then a little squeal escaped and she went suddenly limp. Alex gradually slowed to a stop as Elizabeth caught her breath, reveling in the hot and twitchy mess of her insides. When he finally withdrew, she moaned softly and slowly collapsed onto the bed.

Alex knelt behind Elizabeth, his face tantalizingly close to her abused sex, and removed her britches from around her ankles. He lifted her legs, rotating her onto the bed. Talia stretched luxuriously, then rolled over, grabbing Elizabeth by the hips and lifting her.

"Come on major, up on all fours," she said sternly. Elizabeth groaned, shakily pulling herself up onto her knees and bracing herself on her hands.

Alex knelt on the bed in front of the major as Talia took up position behind her, kissing down her back. He looked down at her bedraggled hair, sweat forming on her brow and eyes hooded and glazed over with lust. He took hold of her by the chin and rested his damp cock against her cheek. Immediately her lips began searching it out, grazing against his shaft and tasting her own juices. He turned her away and she gave out a whine. He brushed it past her pretty mouth, teasing her again, and then angled downwards and forced his way past her lips.

Elizabeth would have sighed in contentment if her mouth hadn't been full, as Talia's trail of kisses reached the bottom of her back and she began kissing and licking at her inflamed pussy with abandon. Alex was getting deeper with every stroke as he held her head in place and fucked her face. The head of his cock butted against the back of her mouth, and he looked down at her as if asking permission. She growled like an animal, giving him his answer. On his next thrust he kept going, pushing past the resistance and into her throat.

Elizabeth's soft gagging and the enthusiastic slurping of Talia made for an incredibly erotic soundscape. Tears were streaming down the major's face but the look in her eyes warned him that he might find himself with some painful bite-marks if he dared to stop.

"Feeling a bit sore back there, major?" Alex asked, sympathetic tone at odds with his actions.

"Mhmm," Elizabeth managed to force out past the cock in her mouth, sounding almost proud.

"That's alright," Alex sighed, placing a hand on the back of her head, "There are other options if you're too sore for another round."

Talia's tongue suddenly slipped higher, darting up over the crinkled rosebud of her ass. She gurgled in surprise, choking a little as Alex made a particularly deep thrust.

Talia's tongue wriggled deeper and Elizabeth wriggled back, instinctively fighting against the intrusion on both sides even as it turned her on more than she'd ever felt in her life. She found herself unable to escape though as the elf's surprisingly strong grip held her in place. Alex bottomed out, bumping his pubis against her nose, and stayed there. After only a few seconds Elizabeth began to choke, trying to gasp for a breath that wouldn't come. Her face turned red, then purple as she struggled. An orgasm came hard and fast, radiating out from the dancing muscle in her ass and climbing her spine like a bolt of lightning.

Just as Elizabeth's vision began to narrow and she thought she might pass out, Alex withdrew. Stars danced across her vision as sweet oxygen flooded into her lungs. She was dimly aware of Talia's tongue retracting from her ass, and both of her lovers rearranging themselves on her bed. As full consciousness returned, Talia put an arm around her and guided her to kneel astride Alex's prostrate form.

"Are you ready?" the elf asked, reaching between her legs to grab Alex's cock.

"Oh, gods yes," Elizabeth gasped, futilely trying to wipe away the drool that had dribbled down her chin.

Talia carefully aimed Alex's shaft, bumping the tip against Elizabeth's slick rear entrance. Elizabeth leaned into it, the pressure building as she moaned with need. With a sudden release, it popped past her sphincter and she sank down to envelop the head. The hard part out of the way, Talia moved to straddle Alex's head, giggling in glee as he began to eat her out, then she lay down into a sixty-nine position to pass on the favor to Elizabeth as she rocked back and forth, easing her way down.

Elizabeth hadn't been able to catch her breath since this had started, and even though she was now controlling the pace that wasn't about to change. She felt so deliciously full and stretched out, and with every small stroke another little bit of Alex's length slipped inside. It was so much, but she wanted more. Eventually she tired of the slow pace, lowering herself harder. She grimaced as the last inch filled her up, pleasure and pain forming a potent cocktail and making her head swim.

The pressure was intensely pleasurable, and each time the pain faded Elizabeth sped up until the edge crept back in. Her legs were burning from the exertion, but somehow Talia's amazing tongue was managing to keep contact with her pussy. Another orgasm was building, and she could tell it was going to be a treacherously big one.

Talia was first to cum, squealing in delight without ever ceasing her licking. As the elf writhed below her, Elizabeth felt as though she was about to burst, when Alex went off. His cock swelled and twitched, bathing her insides in hot and slick liquid. The added lubrication made her final few strokes even faster as the burning heat inside her spread throughout her body. Her fingers and toes tingled and her mind blanked out with pleasure. She couldn't be sure if she screamed or not as she felt a strangled cry try and force its way through her closed throat, then she fell over.

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