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TMA: An Agent 99 Adventure


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, PC's and e-mails on my previous stories. This is the latest in a series of stories about the Temporal Management Agency and Agent 99. The TMA concept was begun by slyc_willie on an Authors Hangout thread. Previous Agent 99 stories are there along with explanations of various terms used in these stories. Enjoy.


'A Rupture in Time'

Agent 99 emerged from the TAP as his 17th Century merchant's garb disintegrated revealing a standard issue TMA jumpsuit. The Director's voice sounded strained when she'd contacted him. It was highly unusual for her, especially during a mission. Something must be seriously wrong. He joked and chatted with the Time Tech's as they decontaminated and Hypno Debriefed him, but his thoughts were elsewhere.


"Agent 99, please take a seat," said Director Radha Naveen, her voice was grave. "Agent Crystal will be joining us in a moment." 99 raised an eyebrow. "I know you were expecting Agent TK; however she is on a high priority assignment and cannot be spared."

The office door opened and a tall, flaxen haired woman strode into the room. "I apologize for my tardiness Director Naveen," she said in oddly accented English. "The debriefing took longer than anticipated."

"Agent 99, Agent Crystal, Crystal, 99," Rhada said briskly. They nodded to each other and turned to the Director. "I will need your combined talents for this mission. It is of prime importance, possibly the most important in the existence of the Agency.

The problem is this. There has been a rupture in the Ultra Time Line. The Mother Line as the Tech's call it. This rupture is allowing alternative time streams to intersect with our own. The very essence of our existence is being altered by intrusions from elsewhen."

"What is being done to mitigate the effects of these intrusions?" 99 asked, leaning forward. "Can an alternative time line penetrate here at headquarters? Could we be altered and cease to exist?"

"At present, no," Rhada said wearily. "The Tech's have erected a ChronoBubble around the entire installation to prevent such an occurrence. We are currently in Time Stasis and safe for the moment. All indications are that The Rectifiers are creating the rupture utilizing technology unknown to us. We have, however pinpointed the source of whatever is causing it to early 20th Century America in the city of Chicago, the period known as the 'Roaring Twenties'."

"How can we travel in time if we are in stasis?" Crystal asked. "Are we in fact trapped here in the bubble? Are we nowhere in the Time Stream?"

99 smiled, Crystal was quick on her feet, already planning their next move, their next gambit. She would be an effective partner, of that there was no doubt.

Rhada nodded. "The Tech's are working on the problem now. The magnitude of the difficulty is such that every milliwatt of computing capacity is at work solving this problem. The mental strain on the Tech's is tremendous. Some have already broken under it and been isolated."

The agents exchanged glances. Both had experienced the Sensory Deprivation Tanks in training. Deprived of all senses, suspended in regeneration fluid, a symbolic return to the womb until body and mind healed. Crystal shuddered at the memory and 99 frowned. It was not pleasant.

"The Tech's have also informed me," Rhada continued, "That all conventional operating procedures in Time Combat will need to be altered until the problem is solved. We cannot at the present time transport our current technology to the past. You may only utilize weaponry of the period or before it. Upon leaving, you will report for HypnoTraining in the techniques to use period weapons." She smiled at Crystal, "You may bring your short sword and battle axe if you wish. They may prove useful."

Crystal relaxed visibly. Those weapons were extensions of her own arms, a part of her energies, victorious in many a battle. "I will bring my saber and stiletto," 99 said. "I am comfortable with them. We may not always have access to weapons of the period. Are The Rectifiers also hampered by this restriction in technology?"

"All indications are that this is the case," Rheda replied. "Their internal defense and repair mechanisims appear inactive. You will be fighting on relatively equal terms. There is an additional factor of concern, however. The overlapping Time Lines are permitting periodic intrusions of Rectifier agents from other time lines into the Ultra Time Stream. You will be facing opponents from various periods of human history and varying historical outcomes.

We have observed periods where empires still exist, dictators still rule, revolutions have failed, countries and governments as we know them never formed, monarchies and conquerors have triumphed, free people are subjugated…" she paused, "And the TMA does not exist. I need not stress the importance of this mission. The Techs say breaching the ChronoBubble long enough for two persons to pass through is possible before compromising stasis. Any questions?"

"Only one," Crystal said. "When our mission is complete, can we return?"

Rhada steepled her fingers. "All indications are that you can. We all know the risks. This is no exception. Every effort will be made to return you in one piece."

"Either we return or none," 99 said. "We will stay as a unit until you can extract us both." Crystal smiled at him, nodding in assent.

"Report for weapons training, then get some rest," Rhada said, rising to her feet. "When the Time Portal is activated, you will of course be garbed in clothing of the period and we will deactivate all implanted micro weaponry and defense mechanisms. Your weapons will be molecularly reduced until you need them." She shook their hands. "Good luck and may the gods smile upon you."

She watched them leave and turned to gaze at the hologram of the desert floor a thousand meters above. Two of my best agents sent on a mission from which they may never return. If they survive, and they cannot return, they are capable of making a life for themselves in the past. They must succeed or life as we know it now will cease to exist and every person here with it. Then the Rectifiers will become the rulers of time.


99 lay in the massage tub, the jets soothing his tired body. The weaponry instructors had been merciless, driving him and Crystal to exceed what they considered their perfect fighting techniques. Crystal. She was a whirlwind as she dueled with the instructors, lithe and agile, keeping pace at every turn. She had caught his eye several times from across the training room, winking at him, the sheen of sweat on her face suffusing it with a soft glow.

His career as a Time Warrior had hardened him, made him cynical, aloof, trusting no one, a loner no one really knew. He liked it that way. Many people had passed through his life, but they were as footprints on a beach, disappearing behind him in the waves of Time.

Something about Crystal intrigued him and made him glad she was his partner on this mission. She was smart, capable, tough and deadly, a formidable opponent in battle. However, there was softness when she looked at him… A knock on the door interrupted his musings. "Doors open," he called.

"Are you decent?" said a warm contralto voice. "I'm coming in."

Crystal? Here? What the…?

"Hello 99," Crystal said amiably, leaning against the bathroom doorframe. "Doesn't that feel good on tired muscles? I just finished taking one. I feel much more relaxed." She was wearing a blue robe and barefoot, her hair still wet. She walked to the tub and looked at his lean, hard body with interest. "Room for two in there?"

"I'll make room," 99 replied sliding to one side, water sloshing on the floor. Crystal dropped her robe and climbed in. 99's cock hardened as her body met his in the bubbling water. He saw her nipples harden on her firm breasts that rode high on her torso. Her hips were full, her waist thick, her legs long, ropes of muscle visible in her arms, her eyes icy blue, and her hair a whitish blond.

Crystal returned his gaze, her eyes gliding over 99's tanned body. His chest was broad, muscled arms and legs, a slim waist and hips, a shock of auburn hair and a ruggedly handsome face with piercing grey eyes. He put his arm around her shoulders, hugged her and said, "To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

"I saw you watching me today during training," Crystal said, laying a leg over his and rubbing her shaved pussy on his hip. "I was watching you too. You handle that sword like a master. I could tell you were holding back so as not to injure the instructors."

"Good instructors are hard to find these days," 99 replied. A moan escaped his lips as Crystal's hand closed on his stiff cock and began to stroke it. His hand left her shoulder and fondled her breast, palm rubbing the puckered nipple. She turned to him and they shared a burning kiss.

"The odds are such that we may not return from this mission," Crystal said, sighing as 99's finger wiggled in her pussy. "I wanted us to enjoy each other before we…"

"We'll come back," 99 interjected, "We always come back." He stood up, pulling Crystal to her feet. "We have tonight. Let's not waste it in speculation."

They dried each other, paying particular attention to certain body parts and went into the bedroom. 99 lay on the bed and Crystal straddled him. He fondled her breasts as they kissed and she rubbed her pussy on him. She lowered herself on top as their kissing became more intense and his hands gripped her round ass. Crystal rocked back and forth, her pussy sliding on 99's cock as he groaned in pleasure.

She slid down 99's body and impaled herself, sliding it into her with one thrust of her hips. He gripped her ass and pulled her to him until their pubic hair tangled. Crystal moaned and pushed her breasts into his face. 99 sucked a nipple in his mouth, lashing it with his tongue. She bucked harder on his cock, wiggling her clit on the base with each plunge downward.

99 sucked more of Crystals' breast in his mouth, biting her gently as she moaned in delight. She grasped the headboard for greater leverage and pounded harder on his throbbing cock, little shrieks escaping her lips as her climax burned toward release. 99 released her ass, reached behind and clasped her hands, their muscled bodies churning, legs entwined, riding smoothly toward a spine-wrenching orgasm.

"Ohhh…I'm so close," Crystal gasped. "Fuck me lover, fuck me hard."

99 sucked hard on her breast flesh, Crystal's gripping pussy engulfing his rigid cock in delicious warmth. His balls tightened as he tried to hold off cumming until Crystal did. She threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm burst within her, the sensation making her shake as her pussy gushed over 99's cock. With a hoarse cry he spurted cum deep inside her, a second blast following the first as Crystal's second orgasm flashed through her.

With a flurry of thrusts, they rode out their release and collapsed in a sweaty, panting heap. Kissing gently, they embraced and luxuriated in the afterglow.

After several minutes, Crystal found her voice. "That was wonderful, you are a fantastic lover. You made me cum so hard." She laughed, "I don't even know your name."

"Derek," 99 replied. "You were wonderful too Crystal. Your lovemaking is superb."

"Derek," Crystal repeated. "I like that name." She wiggled her pussy on his thigh. "I'll stay with you on one condition."

Derek raised an eyebrow. "There's a condition?"

"Yes. That we fuck like that again."

"That can be arranged," he chuckled, rolling on top of her.


All personnel in TMA Headquarters were waiting in the TAP Chamber when 99 and Crystal entered, garbed in the fashion of 1920's America. Crystal wore a brown beaded dress with the hem just above her knees, arms bare, t-bar shoes and patterned beige stockings; her blond hair gathered under a broad-brimmed hat. She carried a small leather purse, which contained her molecularly reduced weapons and a Chrono Communicator.

99 wore a brown flannel suit, white shirt and brown tie, two-tone white and tan shoes and a light brown hat. His miniaturized saber, dagger and his communicator carried in his pockets.

The Looking Glass Chamber techs had determined that brown was a neutral color in that era and would attract the least attention as the agents went about their mission. Each agent carried false identification, commonplace items and replicated money of the period, enough to maintain a lifestyle for six months if necessary.

Dr. Andrej Turgenyev hobbled toward them, cane tapping on the polished floor. "Agent 99, Agent Crystal, I wish you luck in your mission. Your bravery will not be forgotten."

Dr. Phineas Jasper stepped from the crowd, his face somber. "If you succeed, we will continue our battle against the Rectifiers. If you fail," he raised his arm in a sweeping gesture, "All this will cease to exist, and all of us as well."

Director Naveen shook their hands, saying "The gods be with you on your journey."

The air stank of ozone as the TAP flared to life, bolts jumping from four nodal towers to the Time Portal stage. 99 and Crystal walked into the glowing oval and disappeared. Dr. Turgenyev was first to speak. "And now we wait."


A dark alley illuminated briefly when the agents arrived in 1926 Chicago.

Grimy walls rose on both sides, and dented waste cans stank of irregularly collected refuse. A cacophony of car horns, shrieking sirens, angry voices and roaring engines assaulted their ears as they approached the street. Before they reached the sidewalk, a shabbily dressed man approached them, pulling a stubby pistol from his trouser pocket. "Good afternoon people. I want your wallet and purse, and no funny business."

Crystal kicked the gun from his hand and 99 doubled him over with a blow to the sternum. The man lay wheezing as Crystal retrieved the gun and 99 rifled the man's pockets, money, a dirty handkerchief, comb and a wallet, nothing of interest. He dropped them as Crystal examined the pistol.

"Colt 38 caliber snub-nose revolver, six shots, limited range, easily concealed, useful in close-up fighting." She placed it in her purse. "This may be useful later."

"We need to find lodgings," 99 said as they strolled down the busy sidewalk, "A base of operations until we can determine the location of the apparatus disrupting the time line."

"The Techs dropped us in the approximate vicinity," Crystal replied. "Look at these buildings. It could be anywhere. And we have no detector devices."

"Actually, we do," 99 said with a grin, pulling back his sleeve. The wristwatch he wore flashed various colors as if searching for something.

"Derek, how did you…?"

"The Weapons Techs aren't the only ones who can tinker with molecules. I modified this watch to assume the molecular structure of my body for a short time. Once we were through the portal, it returned to it's former shape. Now we can track interferences in the time line, find that device and destroy it."

They paused before an imposing building. "The Drake Hotel," Crystal said. "This appears suitable. Shall we stay here?"

"It's within our search area; of course."

A door attendant let them in and they walked through the opulent lobby. Crystal wrinkled her nose at the smell of cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke that permeated the rug and furnishings, and hung in a pall near the ornate ceiling.

The desk clerk raised an eyebrow when 99 said they had no luggage, but took his money and gave him a brass key with the number 909 on a tag. After a ride in a creaking elevator whose operator conversed pleasantly, they walked down a brightly lit corridor and found their room.

99 locked the door as Crystal removed her hat, shoes and dress; pulled back the covers and sprawled on the bed. "This mattress is very comfortable. I like it here already." She removed her bra, letting her breasts swing free. "Join me Derek. We'll search tomorrow."

He quickly stripped, jumped into bed and they kissed. Crystal removed her panties and they rolled naked on the bed, tickling and teasing as their passions rose. 99 swiveled over Crystal and buried his face in her pussy. Crystal's lips closed on his cock as it slipped into her throat. He licked and sucked on her engorged lips, tongue swirling against her pink softness as far as it would reach. She grabbed his ass and began fucking her mouth, tongue spiraling around the throbbing rod.

Crystal's hips bucked as 99's lips and teeth found her clit, sucking and nibbling as his fingers entered her pussy and asshole. Sucking eagerly on his cock, she swallowed the precum as it flowed out and wormed two fingers in his asshole, feeling him quiver with pleasure. Licking, sucking, nibbling and fingering, they surged together on the squeaking bed until they could hold out no more.

Crystal's slick pussy muffled 99's long moan of release, he erupted jets of cum in her mouth as she gulped and swallowed, her throat muscles gripping his cock. His cock muted her cry of orgasmic delight as she filled his mouth with wave upon wave of warm juices, his tongue coaxing more from her sopping pussy. 99 rolled off and they lay head to foot, sweaty and panting.

"We would fuck our men until they could come no more," Crystal murmured. "So they would not forget us and return to their homes."

99 turned around and cuddled her. "When was this? Where do you come from?"

Crystal smiled, "I was a Viking's wife in the 10th Century A.D. The men filled our lives with children, adventure, and the riches of a continent; also loneliness, privation and death. They were gone for months at a time and we learned early in life to provide for ourselves and defend our homes. It was during such a defense that a thrown lance ran me through. I remember the pain and the point protruding from my stomach, and then all went black.

When I awakened, I was in a room with people in white gowns and strange shiny things. I attempted to fight, but my limbs would not move. They placed a metal cap on my head and the length and breadth of human history flowed into my brain. The Tech's had stolen me from Death's clutches because they admired my fighting abilities and the TMA needed agents from other eras.

What of you Derek, from what time did you arrive in the TMA?"

"I, like you, was brought back to life by the TMA after almost dying. I was a soldier of fortune, a mercenary in the 20th Century A.D.; I fought for whoever paid me. I honed the fighting skills I learned in World War II and fought in many brush-fire wars and revolutions that proliferated in the aftermath of the war. In 1953 I was conducting guerrilla warfare against Viet Minh troops when I was cut down by a machine gun.

I also awakened in an operating room and underwent Hypno Instruction to acquaint me with world history since my time. The TMA needed my fighting skills to combat the increasingly aggressive Rectifier agents and their cyborgs. We will make a good team you and me, both in and out of bed."

Crystal pulled him to her and they kissed, tasting mingled cum as their tongues entwined. His stiffening cock slid into her juicy pussy and their lovemaking began anew.


The next morning 99 and Crystal enjoyed breakfast in the hotel's dining room and began their search. Using a map of the city, they determined the Rectifier base was within a five-block radius of their hotel. By noon, they had found nothing and stopped in a corner café for lunch.

Finishing their meal, they paid the server and walked to the door. In an instant, a glowing mist enveloped them. When it lifted, they found themselves in a narrow cobbled street lined with wooden buildings.

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