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To be Complete


The way this started out, I was desperate for the man, and the soft, dark haired beauty that he was with was an added bonus. I'd dabbled before but could confidently say that I was strictly straight. But as I sat in her embrace, kissing this unbelievably beautiful woman, I started to consider my sexuality. I began to understand its fluidity.

When Clare leaned in and pressed all her supple curves against mine, my mind was muddled. Her kiss was honey and fire as her tongue explored my mouth. She made the sweetest mewling sounds in her throat. I could practically feel her need vibrate through me, and it was a heady experience.

I almost forgot about Ken, the tall dominant man sitting next to us. Forgot that he was watching. Forgot that I craved his dark mastery of my body. I was lost in her smell and taste. My hands were full of her round, pliant breasts.

After one scene with Ken, I had been hooked. I would grin and blush whenever he was near. I was sure I had no chance

of a repeat, especially when I he told me he had a sub. That is until they invited me to a private room at the club. The private room I was currently making out with Clare in.

Ken pet my curly blonde locks and pressed Clare and I together. I felt him against my side, pressing in on me with a vibrating energy. I was sandwiched between his hard body and her soft one. His breath was hot in my ear, giving me goosebumps and making me tremble.

"She's desperate to taste you Mari. Aren't you kitten?" He palmed her rosy cheek affectionately.

Clare purred and sunk to her knees in front of me. Her small hands spread my thighs while Ken's strong hands pulled my little blue babydoll over my head. I was left bare in front of them. My pink nipples were stiff points. My imperfect body was on display, and yet they both looked hungry for it.

Ken spread out behind me on the velvet chaise, cradling me against his chest as Clare drew lazy shapes with her mouth along my thigh, her nails dragging against the smooth sensitive skin. I could feel his teeth dent the skin of my neck, hands manipulating my large heavy breasts as a tantalizing, wet heat licked the distance of my slit, from rosebud to clit.

I moaned and arched my body, pushing my tits into his hands as I lifted my ass up, offering her more of my cunt. My body was on fire between them. I couldn't recall ever being so turned on.

I dug my fingertips into his thighs as Clare lashed me with her tongue. She knew exactly how to suck and lick me, bringing me ever closer to that precipice.

"Do you have any idea how much you sweet girls turn me on?" Ken whispered against me. I could feel the proof of his desire pressing into me. He sucked the skin behind my ear, flicking it with his tongue. I knew it would leave a mark tomorrow and the thought was exhilarating, pushing me over the edge.

My body bucked almost violently as I came. I could feel each pulse and spasm of my pussy, my cum gushing out onto her greedy tongue. I was lost in a sensory overload, being played expertly by these two lovers.

When my high started to abate, I found my hands tangled in Clare's hair pulling her up towards me for a passionate kiss. I wanted to taste myself on her sweet lips, to lick my cream from inside her mouth. I shared my taste with her, my kiss greedy and insistent, before Ken pulled her away from me and licked her lips for himself.

I was a willing voyeur, enjoying the way their mouths moved together in synchronicity; their kiss was a masterful expression of ardor. I felt a sharp tug on my hair before his lips were urging mine open, his tongue invading my mouth and wrestling against my own. He controlled the kiss easily, and he had me melting against him.

"Sweeter than I remembered Mari. So sweet." He breathed his words against my lips. Clare made an noise of agreement as she nuzzled her face into my soft tummy. I blushed of course, his compliment and her approval, making me glow.

"Up you go babygirl."

His hands maneuvered me into his lap, wrapping my legs around him. I could feel the round hardness of his crown rub against my soaking wet lips. I whimpered, gyrating my hips in a needy fashion. Clare's tongue followed the length of my spine and dipped down to the cleft of my ass just as his cock pushed in past my plump labia. He grabbed my round cheeks, spreading them while lifting me on and off his thick shaft.

Her wet tongue rimmed my rosebud and wriggled against me. I ground myself on him, lost in the sensations. His deep voice rumbled in my ear.

"You're so tight baby, feels so good inside you. And these tits..." he bent his head and bit down on my nipple, making me cry out. "..these nipples need to be clamped."

Ken's mouth moved to my other nipple clamping down with his teeth and rocking his jaw. My cunt squeezed down on his cock, and I could feel Clare's tongue licking my cream as it seeped out around him. I couldn't hold back any longer. My orgasm swept me up in a tidal wave of pleasure; my cunt milking along his shaft.

My eyes rolled back into my head.

Ken wrapped my hair in his fist and slanted his mouth over mine. My ass was slamming down in his lap with each thrust, his rhythm was faltering. He swallowed my whimpers and mewls and growled into my mouth as his cock swelled inside me.

His hips ground up into my body, pumping hot cum into my greedy cunt. He bit my lip and sucked it into his mouth. Clare was still dutifully and happily drinking down the mess leaking out around his thick cock; Each of us making our own unique sounds of pleasure.

Ken pulled away from my mouth and looked me in the eyes. "My kitten has done a good job tonight, hasn't she? What do you think babygirl, does she deserve a reward?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yes Sir. She has been so so good." I replied softly, petting her head fondly as she rubbed her cheek on my thigh.

"Would you like it if Mari here returns the favor kitten? He had a devilish smirk on his face. "You'd both enjoy that wouldn't you?"

Ken picked me up easily, setting me on my feet. His and my combined cum dribbled down my inner thigh, drip-dripping onto the floor.

"Master...please?" Clare was on her hands and knees, her eyes pleading to clean the floor. She was so beautiful. I dropped down next to her, my fingers itched to touch her smooth pale skin.

"Of course kitten, clean up the mess ." Ken sat watching us, languidly stroking his cock. Clare lapped at the mess, looking so much like her namesake in that moment. I snaked my fingers down between her thighs, feeling her soaking folds and exploring her body. I had never wanted another woman like I did then.

When the floor was clean she laid down under me, giving me access to her beautiful pink pussy. I fell into her, licking the sweet tang from her folds as she sucked his cum from my hole. We were a tangle of limbs, her thick thighs surrounding me as I slid my core over her mouth. I moaned into her, nibbling and sucking her clit in between my lips. Her fingers scooped cum out of me and rubbed my gspot with each dip inside. It was heaven.

And it got better. I felt Ken's presence at my back. His hands slid up my thighs and stroked up and down my spine. He gripped my hips tight before rubbing at my entrance. His hot, hard cock pushed easily into my soaking cunt; he filled me up and I pushed back to feel him as deep as possible. I wrapped my hands around Clare's thighs and pulled her harder into my face. Each thrust of his body jostled me forward into her heat. Clare sucked my clit hard into her mouth, the draws on my clit made my walls clamp down on his cock.

I wasn't sure I could handle another orgasm. I could feel my stomach cramping up in preparation, knowing I wasn't in control of my body at that moment at all. Ken was driving me forward while Clare sucked on my clit; I was mewling and whimpering into Clare's core. Her moans were vibrating through my whole body.

"Oh fuck...we do need to keep her kitten. Would you like that babygirl, would you like to be mine?" Ken was pumping into me relentlessly and I was sucking and flicking my tongue against Clare as if she was my whole world. I couldn't answer him with my mouth full but my cunt answered in kind. It clamped down tight around his shaft, my inner muscles rippling along his length. I bit Clare's clit as cum sprayed from me in a torrent. This set her off, making her buck and moan beneath me.

I cleaned her juices and sucked up her cream, humming in delight. Ken made an an animalistic roar as he came, shouting loudly and collapsing against my back. His cum filled me once again, our juices leaking out around him as he slowly continued to work in and out of me.

When he pulled out fully Clare cleaned me almost lovingly, so gentle with her tongue; then softly kissed her way up my body until she could cradle me against her breasts. We embraced on our knees.

"You're perfect. Like you were made for one another... and me." Ken was standing over us, a hand on each our heads; in that moment I had never felt so right.

I pulled back from Clare and looked up at him, her hand linked with mine. My heart was pounding in my chest. I giggled with nervous energy.

"Mari, I can honestly say I feel like you belong. I want you to think on this. I want you to belong to me, as my babygirl and Clare's equal . What do you have to say about that?"

I looked at Clare and her eyes were shining with unshed tears. She squeezed my hand tightly and smiled at me shyly. I peeked back at him and blushed, I felt like his eyes were looking past my skin and into my mind. I was moved beyond words. It felt like it took me forever to say something.

"I will think on it Sir." I swallowed the lump in my throat. He caressed me tenderly.

"That's all I ask of you Mari."

I peered at Clare's collar, the inscription read 'my kitten'. My heart squeezed in my chest, and I squeezed her hand in mine. I knew my life was never going to be the same.

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I'm not usually into girl on girl but this was a very nice and well written story. Will there be more chapters on it? I've read every one of your stories and can truthfully say I loved every one of them.more...

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by dreamer336610/21/17

Love it all

You are definitely one of my fav writers in this genre. I like you're writing style and you use your words very well. The emotions and sex action are written so well. Keep it up. I'm looking forwardmore...

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by moodydude10/18/17

A Great Story

Your stories keep getting better and better. I am waiting for the next one.

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by Neverenuffou10/13/17

Very nice!

I like that you kept the women real / curvy instead of the stereotypical barbies in most stories.

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