tagNovels and NovellasTo Be Frank Ch. 06

To Be Frank Ch. 06

byKatie T©

As ever, best to start from chapter one, but this works almost as well as a stand-alone story. Feedback (and favourable votes!) welcome.

Vanessa and I finished dressing and did our make up. She was in her 'Morticia' outfit, all black, with totally over-the-top purple and black warpaint on her face, while I was in my green elf costume, a little blusher, light mascara and pastel eye shadow (hey, the eighties meant you HAD to!).

I'd told my parents I was staying with Vanessa, just not where. Hers were a little more liberal, and they knew she'd be spending the night at Paul's, her boyfriend and our party host. We'd arranged to meet the boys there at around 7.30, just before everyone else turned up.

Our cab came as we were hugging each other in the driveway at Nessie's house, and a short trip later, with the driver trying desperately to ogle us in the mirror all the way, we were at Paul's place. We paid the driver and set off up the short semi-circular drive, behind the wall that separated the house from the street. As we approached the door there was a rustle in the bushes behind us, and all of a sudden a balaclava-clad figure had leapt out in the dark, a black raincoat opening to expose a pair of briefs with a crude fig-leaf stitched to them. Nessie squealed in shock and grabbed me, but I knew the stance anywhere.

"Tim, stop fooling around you little pervert!" I said, giggling. "Trust you to think of a twist on Hallowe'en costumes!" Nessie relaxed and joined in the laughter as Tim accompanied us inside, an arm round each of us.

Inside we ditched our coats, and as Nessie went to find Paul in the kitchen I hung back, putting my arms around Tim and pulling him close.

"What do you think of the costume?" I asked, giving him a twirl and a cheeky lift of my skirt to show my pert body off.

"Good enough to rip off later!" Tim grinned, and reached out, pulling me to him so that I could feel the rapidly hardening cock under his coat.

We kissed, bodies pressed together, and as his hand quickly found its way under my tunic and onto my right tit, so mine reached inside his coat and squeezed his dick through his underwear.

"Mmm!" I murmured, my mouth half-full of Tim's tongue. "I'll have to do something about this iron rod later."

"Not now, Frank?" Tim replied, in a plaintive little voice, mock-pouting his lip at me as he rubbed himself against my hand while pinching my nipple. He used his pet name for me mercilessly, knowing how hard it was for me to resist

I couldn't fault his humour, and smiled back. "You're incorrigible!" I exclaimed, withdrawing my hand and making sure his manhood was safely ensconced in his briefs. "Let's go join Nessie and Paul."

In the kitchen, Nessie and Paul broke apart quickly as we entered, and the flush on Nessie's face said they'd been enjoying the same close action we had. Paul was in his Dracula suit, fake fangs at the ready, and he turned to stir what looked like a really evil punchbowl. There must have been cranberry in to disguise the alcohol, as it was very red, and very tasty. We chatted a while, letting the drink take us to the party plane and drop our barriers.

The other started to arrive. Paul had invited a fair few people around to share the evening's entertainment, and we greeted everyone as they got to the door (or in Tim's case, just before).

We started the evening's serious business of having fun, with Paul putting his compilation tapes through his parents' stereo. Beers were drunk and wine opened, a few cigarettes added to the atmosphere inside and we danced and partied, talked and laughed. Def Leppard segued easily into Black Sabbath, Free, Stevie Wonder, Wham!, Depeche Mode, Queen, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. The music went through the last ten years and back again, and Paul's choices were such that everyone knew at least half the words.

I found the punch had really hit the spot as I wandered around the living area, chatting to people, tipsy as I was. I saw the twins, Matthew and Daniel, dressed in identical mummy costumes (and wondered how much time it had taken to stitch the bandages to their shirts and trousers), caught up with friends Chris and Claire as Bonny and Clyde (she looked good enough to eat, and I think Chris thought the same!). I shared a cigarette with Jonathan, a particularly fetching goblin tonight, and smacked his hand as he tried to cop a feel of my arse, and danced with Kath and Jo, who'd come as nurses for some reason (and who'd probably get laid as a result - maybe they were smarter than I thought!).

Every now and again my path crossed with Tim's, inside now he wasn't needed to frighten the arrivals any more, and we'd snatch a quick kiss. The third time through he pulled me close, whispering in my ear.

"Hey, Frank. Karl's here, with Ann." I looked across to see the 'new' couple, sheets around them, pretending to be particularly poor ghosts.

I'd not told him about my experience with Ann, precipitated when I'd found out she'd been fucking my ex. "Mmm. No problem" I replied. "He won't be a bother."

It was much later in the evening, about midnight, when I found myself wandering to the upstairs toilet, desperate to relieve the pressure on my bladder. As I came out of the toilet, mission accomplished, I could here the sounds of someone seriously enjoying themselves in the spare bedroom next to the loo. Whoever it was had kept the light off, but hadn't shut the door properly.

As I tiptoed to the doorway I heard Karl's voice. "You're the best, Ann." I looked inside, to see his backside bouncing up and down, Ann's legs in the air and her arms spread, as she raised her butt to draw him deeper. Her almost subvocalised "Oh! Oh! Oh!" was just audible as she got her screwing for the night.

I started to feel a little guilty and was stepping away when I saw Karl's movement. As he'd done with me so many times, he pulled out, ejaculating across Ann's tiny tits as she tried to pull him to her mouth to at least taste his offering. I left, shaking my head. He'd not learnt a thing. When I got Tim to myself later, I thought, the one thing I wouldn't waste would be his cum.

Downstairs, I saw that most of the guests were leaving, or gone, and sought out Tim, finding him, still in his flasher's mac, in the back garden with Chris and Claire, sharing a roll-up cigarette of the faintly herbal variety. I shared the last few puffs with them as we chatted idly. Tim's arm stole around my shoulders, warming me in the chill air, and I put mine round his waist, hugging him closer.

Eventually we moved in, and Chris and Claire left, leaving us with only Paul and Nessie. We went round the house for about twenty minutes, bagging loose, empty bottles and cans, and generally making things a little easier for the morning tidy-up. As we finished, Paul went to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of champagne.

"Personal stash" he laughed, grabbing four glasses and pushing us upstairs in front of him toward his room.

Paul's room was on the scale of the rest of his parents' house – oversized. He had his double bed against one wall, a large three-seater sofa at right-angles on the next, his work desk, table, TV, stereo and shelving completed the layout. We seated ourselves, Paul and Nessie on the bed, Tim and I on the sofa, and Paul acted the role of the host, throwing us a spare duvet against the chill, turning the lights down, pouring drinks and putting another tape in his stereo. I grabbed the case to see what we were in for. Rather than the party music we'd had downstairs, this was much more laid back and intimate. Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Power Of Love' jostled with Spandau Ballet's Gold, and the Mash theme was pushed back by John Lennon's 'Imagine'.

We sat back with our glasses, relaxed in the low lamplight from Paul's small desk lamp, angled to the wall. Under the duvet, Tim and I soon lay down next to each other, and his hand quickly found its way under my tunic and back to the breast he'd spent time on earlier. I was all muzzy from the alcohol and smoking, inhibitions shot to bits, and I was happy to experience his sexual devotion. Looking across at Paul and Nessie, I saw they'd also disappeared under their duvet, and all I could see was their faces, lips locked together. I turned on the sofa so that I was on my back, with Tim on his side next to me, and he offered his mouth to mine as I hugged him.

"Kiss, Frank?" he murmured.

"Thought you'd never ask. I've been dying for this!" I whispered.

Our kiss seemed to last for ever, tongues entwined, lips locked, eyes closed, his hand on my breast, mine rubbing his back through the coat. Eventually I got exasperated, and slowly brought my hands up on his chest under the coat, pushing it off his shoulders.

Tim got the hint, and stealthily, using the sound of the music in the background, and trying not to disturb our hosts (fat chance!), he removed the coat, letting it fall to the floor by the couch. That impediment removed, we went back to our deep French kissing, and I hugged his naked back as he slowly undid the buttons down the front of my tunic. My top followed his coat to the floor, and we held each other close as my little titties were crushed against his chest. Eventually he leant back enough to get his hand back to them, and he wandered from one breast to the other, stroking ever so slowly, his hand stopping occasionally to squeeze a nipple, then continuing its onward journey. I was going crazy – I love my tits being played with, and my small brown nipples were as hard as bullets under Tim's caresses.

I stole another quick look at Paul and Nessie, and saw that Dracula's shirt, as well as Morticia's cloak, were on the floor. I fancied that I also heard the sound of Nessie's dress zip being tugged gently downward, Paul's arm under the duvet moving to trace the action as he got down and dirty with her.

I was dragged back to my situation as I felt Tim's hand start to draw small circles across my stomach. As with every teenage boy that's ever lived, this was the precursor to his getting below my waistline, and I knew he'd be struggling with the thin barrier my tights provided – for some reason boys never quite grasped tights properly, fumbling all around them trying to get them off. I took pity, and raised my hips to get my hands around the waistline and drag them down. They joined my top on the floor, and I quickly undid the zip on the skirt to pull that off to follow them.

Naked under the duvet, I spread my legs and lost myself in Tim's caresses. His hand quickly went to my slit, which was already damp with anticipation, and his thumb hit my clitoris as a finger traced the outline of my vagina before disappearing quickly inside, my gasp being muffled by his mouth on mine.

My hand went to his lap, and tugged insistently on his briefs. Together we managed to get them off, and I eagerly grasped his hard-on. His cock was warm, and felt longer and harder than ever. I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft and started to slowly, surely, masturbate him. I'd slide up and down the length, occasionally rubbing his helmet, which was slick with precum, then gripping him firmly for a few more strokes before repeating the process. He throbbed beneath my touch, and I sensed his excitement as clearly as if he'd shouted it to the world.

Looking stealthily across the room once more, I saw that the rest of Paul and Nessie's clothes were also on the floor, and they were enjoying the same heavy petting we were. As I looked, I saw Nessie roll over on top of Paul, and the quick adjustment under the duvet told me that she'd grasped his cock and put in inside her. I watched furtively as she rode him ever so slowly, trying not to make a sudden movement or noise that would break the spell between them and us.

Watching this, I knew that I had to have Tim, and soon. Leaning in to him, I had to put one foot on the floor to balance, as the sofa wasn't wide enough. I took a mouthful of champagne, and then managed to get my lips around his dick, licking his sticky end as I drowned it in the fizzy wine and then taking him into my mouth for a full-on blow job. His surprised gasp and sigh told me that I'd transported him to seventh heaven, and that if he died tonight, he'd be a happy man. Nessie and Paul were also getting more vocal, and I looked up, to see that Nessie had abandoned all pretence, and sat up as she rode Paul's cock, the duvet that had been covering them bunching across Paul's legs and her butt, exposing her incredible breasts, and also Paul's shaft as she rode up and down it's magnificent length.

I moved back up to Tim and kissed him once more, then, casting the duvet and all modesty aside, I rose, nude, turned and, as I faced Nessie and Paul, I grabbed Tim, positioned him at the entrance to my warm, wet tunnel, and sat back, letting him fill me with his big fat cock.

I had to gasp at the sudden internal invasion, which made Nessie look over her shoulder. We shared brief eye contact and a smile, before she bent over Paul and started to kiss him as she rose up and down on his cock, and I leant backward and to one side, letting Tim do all the work thrusting in and out of me, his hands grabbing my tits, as I lay back and turned my head to plant little kisses across his face as I played with my clit just above his thrusting penis.

The sounds and smell of sex were all through the room. Nessie's ragged breath, Paul's measured 'slap' as he and Nessie connected at each stroke, Tim's noisy blowing breathing as he thrust into me, and my own steady 'Uh! Uh! Uh!' as I was fucked all combined to make a highly erotic scene in the low light.

I sensed rather than felt Tim begin his journey to climax, and I saw that Paul had begun thrusting faster into Nessie too. I decided I wanted to taste Tim this time, and quickly jumped off him. His groan of deprivation was replaced by the sigh of pleasure as I took his cock in my mouth, still sticky and tasting of my own scent. Checking across the room I saw Nessie do the same, and wondered if she'd had the same dirty idea I'd just had.

His hardness filled my mouth, and I had to banish the empty feeling in my pussy with two of my fingers as I sucked him off, alternately wanking him and caressing his balls with my spare hand. Tim was thrusting in and out of my mouth, and only seconds later I felt his ejaculation rise in pulses through his shaft and into my mouth, hitting the roof and washing my tongue with his spunk, all at once salty, aspirin, aniseed and ouzo.

Paul's orgasm was seconds after, and he groaned as he unloaded into Nessie's waiting mouth. I'd held Tim's cum on my tongue, and remembering my earlier promise to Nessie to pick up where we'd left off that afternoon, I crawled across the floor to her, caressing her as she finished cleaning Paul's cock in her mouth and turned to me. She had got the same idea!

We kissed, a full French kiss, in front of our boyfriends, and, open-mouthed, we swapped their respective gifts. Paul's cum washed into my mouth as I transferred some of Tim's love deposit into Nessie's. Combined, I was surprised that I could feel and taste a difference. Paul's was thinner, and tasted a little spicier next to Tim's.

"Wow!" was all I heard from Tim and Paul, a stereo announcement from two young men who'd never seen anything like it, unless they'd been watching 'Debbie Does Dallas'. The live action always beats the film!

We swallowed, but couldn't break the kiss, oh so sexy, and much more delicate than kissing a guy. One hand holding her close as we knelt in front of each other, my other hand rose to cup one of her large breasts and play with the nipple. Nessie did the same, and we carried on snogging in front of the guys. My hand dropped to her freshly fucked cunt, delving between her newly shaven lips to find her clit, and Nessie followed suit, finding my button quickly in my open slit. Despite our extended foreplay and recent screwing, neither of us had orgasmed, and the knowledge of the woman's touch across each other's clit sent us over the edge as we hit the edge of reason together.

It was like a bomb going off inside me. Waves radiated through me from my pleasure button under Nessie's expert touch, and I temporarily lost all sight and sound as I was consumed from within. As my breathing slowed and vision returned, I became aware that there were two hard cocks between Nessie and myself. The guys had recovered, helped along by the show we'd put on.

Surprisingly, Nessie went for Tim's cock. I was never sure whether she did it on purpose, or whether she just took the first one she saw, but I was totally in the mood, and quickly took Paul's length into my mouth. I could still taste Nessie on him, an unthreatening, feminine musk, and I relished the feel of this new cock in my mouth.

One hand still in Vanessa's pussy, I reached up to cup Tim's balls as Nessie sucked him. In my mouth, Paul's cock was rigid, and I concentrated on trying to etch into my memory each ridge and contour of his large, circumcised penis. I had to have it inside me, and I had to get him to do this quick.

"Nessie" I asked, my words thick and unformed as his cock obstructed me, "do you mind if I borrowed Paul?"

"Only if I can get this inside me!" Nessie replied, holding Tim's cock as she carried on licking the head.

We slowly lay down in opposite directions, so that the boys were behind us, and I had an uninterrupted view of Nessie's cunt as she stared at mine. I felt Paul lay behind me, and saw Tim lie behind Nessie. Grabbing Tim's dick, I parted Nessie's pussy lips and aimed him in the direction of her vagina, as Paul's helmet found my entrance. Seconds later I was lost in orgasm again as his hard cock, the largest I'd taken inside me, filled me in a single thrust.

I could see Tim's glistening dick dive into Nessie, reappear and disappear as Paul did the same, setting up a steady fucking rhythm. Each stroke from Paul filled me like never before, touching deeper than I'd ever been touched, then withdrawing, and leaving me curiously empty, before returning to fill the void. Tim's fatter cock was doing the same to Nessie.

I found myself comparing. Where Tim was exquisite in his touch, using technique to tease me out, Paul was much more direct, relying on his length and shape to bring me off. It was as if Tim used his cock as a tool, while Paul used his as a weapon – brute force versus strategy, almost. Tim's lovemaking was much more tender, the kind a girl could drown in, while Paul was more direct, less controlled, but just as fulfilling in a different way, especially in a foursome where half the electricity was being provided by his partner and mine fucking inches away.

We rode each other's boyfriends for what seemed like hours, but was in all probability minutes, minutes well spent. One of my fingers strayed to Nessies' vagina lips and caressed her clit, and she returned the favour. I was in sensory overload. I'd given up trying to orgasm as I'd sensed that this fuck was one long sub-orgasmic experience that I'd not see the likes of for a long time again. My cunt was stretched and opened deep by Paul, I could see Tim's penis doing the same to Vanessa, and our fingers were busy helping each other along. True bliss.

"Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod" was all I was capable of saying as Paul filled my passage. Over my voice, I could hear Nessie gasp "Yes, Yes, Yes" as Tim shagged her.

It must have been pure coincidence that, once more, the guys climaxed within seconds of each other. Paul's cock had, if it seemed possible, got even harder for the last moments, and he sped his strokes up before holding himself deep inside me and unleashing a torrent of sperm deep within, the pulsing of his cock felt through my pussy walls as he shot his load. My hand caressed Tim's balls as he went rigid inside Vanessa and I felt them twitch as he did the same to her.

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