tagErotic HorrorTo Boys, With Love

To Boys, With Love


It was a dark and stormy night... Cassidy changes the channel- too cliché for this time of year. Eww, a Care Bears episode, even worse. Hamtaro's Halloween Special- well, she likes hamsters... She even has one. A few minutes satisfies her need for cutesy TV, and she hits the news during Hamtaro's commercial break. Amping the volume, she hops off the couch and goes to the kitchen to fix something to eat. The apartment is too lonely on her own, and she wishes now that she hadn't thrown out her roommate, Sarah, for getting busted doing E in the living room. It always made her less of an uptight prig anyway, so what exactly had been wrong with it? It got Sarah off her case.

Cassidy shakes her head looking into the fridge- Sarah had been the better cook, too, even if she was a meat-eater. She sighs and grabs some baby carrots and an Asian pear, munching as she makes her way to her hamster. He's so adorable when he's all curled up, and she opens his cage and gives him a couple carrot sticks and checks his water. She strokes his head and closes his cage door, finishing her snack.

She strips out of her clothes as she walks- after all, she doesn't have a neat-freak roommate to chide her for littering the floor with them anymore. Cassidy grabs her towel off the chair at her bedroom desk and hits the shower, washing up for the long night of candy-seekers ahead.


Watching her in the shower is always the greatest pleasure. She's so unassuming, so sure of herself. It's poetry in motion, the way every move has a deliberate purpose. Her skin shines with her perspiration and the glimmer of her gel soap. Her hair darkens prettily to the most gorgeous auburn. Her eyes close in ecstasy as she rinses her face with warm water. Flawless, perfect. She's so alive... So beautiful... So warm and scented gently with the honey in her shampoo... So- unlike me...


Cassidy steps out of the shower, unaware of ever being watched. Tiptoeing her feet on the closed toilet lid, she dries her legs with the fluffy aqua towel- the only towel Fat Louie hadn't chewed at least one hole in on his numerous forays from his cage. She wraps the towel around herself and sighs, again wishing she had more than a B-cup to hold it up.

As she blow dries her hair, she eyes her costume for the evening. She had spent a lot to get the navy crushed velvet and had taken a good amount of time with her sewing machine and an altered Simplicity costume pattern to get the form-fitting Salem witch look perfect. Taking her comb, she adds the streaks of green to her hair. Already posessing a fair complexion, she merely lines her eyes with black after applying a silvered deep blue eyeshadow. Of course, what always completes any Halloween witch's look is black lipstick, which she applies liberally.

She slips into her carefully-sewn dress right as the sun goes down. Perfect timing. She fills her cheap plastic cauldron with cheaper plastic toys- hey, she's a college student on a budget, and she doesn't believe in giving candy... Safe Halloween and poisoned taffy and all that.

She manages to drag it to the door and switch on the blacklight-bulb replaced porchlight right as the first kids knock on the door. Trick-or-treat! and an open door to twins dressed as an angel and a pink puffy princess, about five, accompanied by big brother- sixteen, and in gray sweats. A pair of glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs and a pumpkin sucky-straw to each of the girls.

The night drags on and eventually she gives out her last plastic skeleton and rubber bat. With a sigh of relief Cassidy checks her watch, good, only 8:30 pm. She pulls in the cauldron and flicks off the porchlight- remember to change the bulb back tomorrow! There's another knock at the door. She opens it without looking, hey, can't you see the light's off? I don't have anything el-hey, what's the big idea bitch?! Who are you guys? GET OFF ME! She screams, but no one comes to help, and the door has been shut and locked now anyway.


I survey the scene below me. I'm angry at these five intruders into her home. My home. I'm furious at the woman in the kabuki mask and the scanty, generic sexy vampiress costume and her four goons in werewolf and zombie masks.

I watch helplessly as the thugs hold my precious jewel and the woman steps close to Cassidy and then behind her. I cry wordless no's as she pulls a knife from between her cleavage and cuts the glass buttons off of Cassidy's dress. I'm outraged. It only takes thirty seconds to destroy what Cassidy took two hours to do, and the dress slips from her shoulders to below her breasts.

The woman loses the kabuki mask and I see what Cassidy cannot- It's Sarah! That bitch must still be pissed about being kicked out. She looks horrible. She's too thin, with shadows under her eyes. Sarah wraps her arms around Cassidy, and I can see track marks as her sleeves fall away. Not a good sign.


As arms wrap around her, Cassidy cries, her tears streaking her liner down her cheeks. She begs, no, please no, stop. One of the men lets go and she renews her struggles. She screams again and again, then finds Thug #4 has returned. He stuffs her mouth with her own panties that she left on the floor. Cassidy feels the waxy texture of her black lipstick on her tongue, and knows her makeup is ruined. She feels as oddly detached about that as the zombie mask on Thug #4 looks. She shudders as the woman behind her starts fondling her tits.

Mmm, honey, the unknown woman whispers in a low voice... You're gonna help me pay my debts tonight. We're gonna give these nice gents a show. And while we're working off my drugs, you'll be getting your reward for kicking me out in the street. She bites Cassidy's neck hard, and Cassidy drops to her knees in pain. She looks up at the invading woman and her eyes widen in surprise as she sees her ex-roommate.

Cassidy shakes her head wildly as Sarah grabs her head. Sarah lifts her skirt-she isn't wearing any underwear- and pulls Cassidy's face into her cooch. Sarah grinds herself for what seems like an eternity until she shudders and dribbles vaginal fluid down Cassidy's face. She yanks the helpless collegiate's head back with her grip still tangled in Cassidy's hair, smirking at the tears and liner streaming down that beautiful ivory face and mixing with the juices shining on her chin.

Sarah uses the grip on Cassidy's hair to toss her to the floor. Two of the men are immediately on her, pinning her arms. Thug #4 is obviously Thug#1, Cassidy realizes as he sits in her plaid La-Z Boy recliner and starts stroking his bulge through his jeans. Cassidy soon finds out who Thug #2 is, since he's getting undressed and giving Sarah orders.

Sarah strips meekly at Thug #2's instructions. Cassidy thinks in her cool, detached self that she's lost too much weight to be pretty. The other self was screaming into the gag and weeping uncontrollably. Sarah moved behind her and starts to lick at her pussy. Cassidy's eyes widen and she renews her struggles to get away. One of the men strikes her in the head, and Cassidy slips blissfully into unconsciousness.


I look at her. My angel is sprawled on the carpet, the man in her chair has his hands around his dick and is pumping it eagerly to the scene I'm watching too. Sarah is licking Cassidy's cunt like there's no tomorrow, and the goon who stripped earlier is plowing his dick into Sarah's pussy.

I can see the difference drugs and time have had on Sarah. Even though it's only been a few months, her pussy lips are bruised from constant sex, and her asshole has widened since last I watched her in the shower. The man behind her doesn't seem to care, he's slamming away at her box like tomorrow will never come.

Boss man in the chair seems to have his own ideas, because he's getting up and walking to my unconscious darling. He shoves Sarah and her fuckbuddy aside and places his cock at Cassidy's saliva-soaked entrance. AAUGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I can't take it anymore! I cannot stand by and watch my beautiful girl get violated by that stinking man!

I make myself visible. Tangible. I smile icily with the coolness only fury or death can bring. And I had both. He screams at my sudden appearance (says something like, what the fuck?) before my hands wrap around his neck and stop his breath. I let him go as he's a nice shade of red. By now, his companions have noticed me, and they're screaming too.

I pull the old Banshee act, wailing and wringing my hands at them. They fall for it and race out of the apartment, Sarah and her partner still naked. I chuckle, then shut and lock the door. It's high time I have my own party with Cassidy.

I go to her, turn her to her back. I cradle her gently in my arms and kiss her lips tenderly and lightly. I know that now, while she's out, is my only chance to touch her, feel that lovely body of hers under my hands. I carefully remove her dress and lightly bow my head to her rose-colored nipples. I nuzzle each and kiss them, then run my tongue over each of them in turn. I nip and kiss down her pale, creamy stomach and nestle myself between her legs. I let my tongue lick out.

I barely touch the tip of my tongue to her and then it's too much for me to stand. I dive in and lap hungrily at her lower lips, moaning happily as the dream I've had since Cassidy moved in comes true. I hear her moan and she stirs lightly. I stop, nervous she'll see me and freak out. She's still out, though, and I start to run my fingers over her mound.

As I push through her lips, they feel like warm petals opening to my hand. My digits are at her core, and I'm stroking her inside. Her hips are bucking a little, and she's coming awake. It's my sincerest hope that she's lost in bliss and doesn't open her eyes to see me. I would never do anything to frighten you, I whisper. I'm sorry I let them touch you.

I feel her muscles clamp in rhythm around my fingers and her moans are louder. I'm pleased, I've made her come. I bow my head to her pussy again and kiss and nibble her clit while I pump my fingers in and out of her. She's enjoying herself and groaning.

Then the thing I dread most happens. Her eyes open, and she sees me. I know what she's seeing- a girl of nineteen, dark hair, light eyes, pale skin, in a flower print sundress. That's normal, right? But it's the other things that frighten people. The open slit on my neck and wrists. The slices taken out of my arms. The bloodstains on my dress. Oh, and I'm dead. The fact that people can see through me normally is enough to make most shit their pants or run.

But not Cassidy. She's afraid, yes, but... there's something else...


It dawns on Cassidy that this is the person who saved her. She asks, are you the one? You saved me? You- you made love to me?

The forlorn ghost-girl nods, a little sadly, and motions her apologies, then down at Cassidy's dripping honey-pot. Cassidy smiles, and shakes her head. It's all right, she says, and rises.


I was shocked. She wasn't angry. She was rising from the floor and coming to me. She took me in her arms and kissed me, full on the lips. I smiled in pleasure and whispered I love you to her. She led me into her bedroom. We lay together there on the bed, and she fondled me until I could no longer hold my form and vanished.

I can't wait until tomorrow's shower. Happy Halloween, indeed!

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