tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Take a Wife Ch. 02

To Take a Wife Ch. 02


Breathing hard, Jack checked his bride over. She'd have bruises from the restraints tomorrow. The cut wasn't deep, it would heal and the lump on the back of her head seemed to have gone down a bit. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out two gold wedding bands. He'd wanted her awake for this but in the current circumstances, he thought it best to get it over and done with. He stuffed the larger ring onto his own finger before gently slipping Beth's on. It fit perfectly. Leaning down, he kissed her wedding band before kissing his own – it would be a nice surprise for her when she woke up. He relished the piece and quiet while he got to work removing her clothes. He worked from the top down. Her white lacey bra accentuated her breasts beautifully and he decided to spare it from the knife. Cautiously he unlocked and released her wrists one at a time to slip her arms through the straps. The sight of her bare breasts caught his breath and he couldn't resist running his hands over them. Firm yet soft. Her nipples reacted to his finger tips and he watched in amazement as they puckered and extended almost as though they were reaching for his hand. He took a nipple into his mouth and swirled his warm tongue around it. She tasted and smelled so... feminine.

Jack removed her boots and socks noticing how small and delicate her feet were. She had painted her toenails – Jack had never seen nail polish and he studied it's smoothness for a few seconds. He carefully undid the button and zip on her jeans before pulling them down past her hips. Her legs were spread too far apart for them to go any further but after a quick glance at her face, he decided to take a chance and released her ankles. Now the jeans came off easily and Jack was faced with his stunning young wife in nothing but flimsy white underwear. This was what he'd been waiting for. He was so hard it was almost painful but he didn't have time to attend to his own needs – besides, that was what Beth was for. He slid his fingers into the waistband and slowly eased them down.

Jack was almost hyperventilating himself now! He reattached Beth's left ankle to the restraint and then lay down so that his face was above her pussy. He lifted Beth's right knee over his shoulder and noticed how her pussy lips peeked open when her legs were spread. Jack took a deep breath inhaling the heady aroma of a woman for the first time. Hesitantly, he parted her folds and explored. It felt so soft and warm. He found her hole and gently pushed a finger inside until he could feel the barrier. He would break that in the traditional way. He worked his way back up and found the small nub that he'd read so much about. This was supposed to be the most sensitive part of her so he was determined to be gentle. He began by blowing his warm breath directly onto it. Beth made a small sound and turned her head – interesting.

Next he traced his finger very lightly around the outside of it. Beth's hips moved a fraction and the sound she made was a little louder. The more Jack circled it, the heavier Beth's breathing became. Her head was turning from side to side frequently now and her hips seemed to follow his movements. Jack noticed her scent becoming stronger and there was a sort of dew forming around her hole. He brushed his finger over it and brought it to his nose – yes, this was the source of that delightful aroma. His tongue licked the tip of his finger and he smiled at the delicious taste.

Beth woke feeling like she was half way down a road. She could feel a soft warmth surrounding her pussy and looked down in confusion. Just at that moment, Jack's tongue lapped her clitoris and Beth cried out in dismay. She discovered that she had one leg free and put it to good use thrashing and kicking at him. Jack retreated quickly.

"Beth, Beth it's ok. Stop kicking, stop oooff!" Beth had connected with his jaw and his head had snapped to one side. She stopped and tried to pull herself up but her other leg held her firmly in place.

Jack stood with his hand to his cheek and tentatively moved his jaw from side to side. It was sore but not broken. He'd been extremely nice to this girl but his patience was about to run out. She needed to be tamed and he, her husband, was the man to do it. Without looking at her, he removed his clothes letting them fall to the ground. He could hear Beth twisting on the bed and trying to get free but he had no more soothing words for her. Catching her ankle in mid air, he strapped it down with force and then crawled onto the bed until he was on top of her. Only now did he raise his eyes to hers.

They were dark with lust and determination. There would be no stopping him this time. Beth's eyes filled with fear and tears when she felt him prodding at her entrance.

"Please, please Jack. Don't do this. Please..."

"I will tame you Beth. I will break you in and train you to be a good wife."

"Aaaahhhh!" He sank into her warm wetness in one vicious thrust. They both felt her hymen break and knew that neither of them were virgins any longer. Beth's blood mixed with her fluids helping to lubricate his movements. His earlier attention to her clit had her on the edge already. Jack watched her facial expressions. The shock and pain of his forced entry was fading from her face and now she didn't seem to know what to do or feel. He saw anger, fear, anguish..... embarrassment, shame, despair..... confusion, frustration, resignation.......panic........ pleasure. Yes, pleasure. He was sure of it. As his motions increased in speed, Beth's head tipped back and her eyes closed. Her jaw worked in time to his dance until he was going so fast she had to bite her lip. He was close now, very close and he felt his sack pull up towards his body.

Then something extraordinary happened. Beth's bottom lip trembled and she let out a shriek. The walls of her pussy tightened around him in a convulsing ripple. It was more than he could take and he exploded deep within her. Jack collapsed on top of her and tried to concentrate on regaining control of his breathing.

"Oh God Beth – that was amazing! I didn't know it would feel that good. I told you we'd be happy together. You could be pregnant – right now you could be carrying my child and I'm gonna give you so many babies Beth. We're gonna fill this house until I have to build more rooms and...."

He was talking to himself again. Beth had retreated into her mind long ago. She felt him roll off of her to release her ankles and join her right wrist to her left so she curled onto her side with her back to him. She blocked out the sound of his voice with her sobs and cried herself to sleep. Jack listened to her tears and tried to soothe her with talk of happier days to come. He'd tried to stroke her back but she had flinched away from him. Once she had finally exhausted herself, he pressed his body into hers and wrapped his right arm around her possessively until he could cup her breast in his big hand. Just before he drifted off, he felt her nipple stiffen beneath his fingers and smiled.

Jack woke to the sounds of Beth trying to pull herself free of the restraints around her wrists. She was off the bed and crouched down by the top right bedpost. Her hair was in her eyes again and she was beginning to sweat. Jack watched fondly as she blew upwards to try and clear her sight only for her fringe to flop back into position. She hadn't noticed he was awake yet so he lay still and studied her. There were two adorable little lines between her brows which were pushed together in concentration and every so often, her cute pink tongue would poke out from between her perfect white teeth. He could see dark shadows under her eyes – she hadn't slept enough and when she pulled herself up a bit, he noticed a small amount of dried blood on the inside of her thigh.

Jack felt a twinge of disappointment that she was trying to escape him again but his father had warned him that it could take months before she was properly broken. He remembered his grandfather telling the story of how he caught and tamed his first wife. Apparently she took 7 months to settle. His grandfather had had to get extremely tough with her in the end which resulted in a relationship built on pure terror. The story ended badly – a year into the marriage, the girl had taken it into her head to run. His grandfather had believed that she was finally domesticated and had left her unrestrained at home for increasingly longer periods of time. She took the opportunity to escape into the outback during a particularly nasty dry spell and his grandfather found her dead a week later.

The story had been drummed into him as he grew up as a cautionary tale. Granddad had been more careful with his second wife - his grandmother. He had tamed her quickly and harshly but had given her overdoses of pleasure as well. She became more and more dependant on him like he was a drug until the thought of leaving his side was too much to bear. He had died when Jack was 8, his grandmother following soon after. Jack had very few memories of her but in all of them she was staring adoringly at her husband as she fussed around him or knelt at his feet. It was a look he wished to see on Beth's face.

'Quickly, harshly, fairly, with an overdose of pleasure.' was the mantra that flitted through Jack's mind as he watched his wife try to squeeze her hands through the metal cuffs. Today would be their first full day as a married couple and he steeled himself to start as he meant to go on.

Beth's fearful eyes darted to his when he suddenly said -

"Good morning Mrs Walker. I see you're up and raring to go. I'm not sure those busy hands are occupied the right way though."

"They were hurting – I, I was trying to make them more comfortable..."

"More lies sweetheart? That wasn't a very good idea." The smile that was in Jack's eyes yesterday had been replaced with coolness. Maybe if she kept this up, he'd realize he doesn't want her and set her free? Deep down Beth knew this was a false hope but she was a fighter and would never give up trying to escape him.

Jack got to his feet and Beth couldn't help but stare at his firm naked body. She had seen naked men before and noticed that Jack was longer and thicker than most. Beth had been sexually active but had never taken the final step, preferring to save it for her wedding night. She knew it was an unusual decision to make in this day and age but it was the way she was raised – besides, it had given her an element of control in her past relationships. It was almost a weapon or a much desired prize to be won by a worthy champion. She never dreamt it would be taken from her as it had been last night.

Jack walked to the bottom of the bed and retrieved something wooden that was hanging on the bed post. He lifted it so that Beth could see what it was. Her heart stopped beating. It was a wooden paddle. The cruel looking implement had holes drilled through the plank so that it could move quickly through the air and leather wrapped around the handle to provide Jack with a good grip. Beth pushed herself deeper into the corner and looked away.

"It was my mothers." Jack said as though he'd just shown her a precious heirloom.

"My father tamed her with this in only 2 months. We're gonna beat that record though, aren't we Beth?!" he asked her seriously. He didn't relish the idea of hurting her but he was willing to do whatever it takes to conquer her wildness and the sooner he did it, the better it would be for both of them. He took a step towards her and she whimpered – the sound ripped at his heart.

"This has to be done Beth. I can't have you lying to me all the time." He sat on the edge of the bed near her.

"Come here." Beth shook her head.

"There's nowhere for you to go - you can't get away. So that leaves you with a choice, either come here by yourself, or I'll come and get you. If I have to do that Beth, I'll increase your punishment." He gave her a few seconds to think.

Beth knew the most sensible thing to do was to let him have his way. God knows how much damage that thing was going to do so why make it worse? Complying meant less pain and getting it over and done with quicker. She was already a shivering wreck and he hadn't even begun. 'Look what he's got me doing - cowering in a corner like a beaten woman! I hate this. I hate him. I'm not his toy or slave or whatever he thinks I am. I've got rights and I won't let him do this to me. If he wants to hurt me, I'm not going to make it easy.' she concluded.

"Come here." Jack watched as she gracefully got to her feet. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and then looked him square in the eye.


Jack loved her spirit – it was a shame he had to break it. She had opted for the hard way and now he had to make her regret it. Leaving the paddle on the bed, he stood and retrieved the ankle restraints from where they had fallen on the floor and put them on the bed ready. Beth fought the nausea and prepared herself for the fight ahead.

"Coward. Beating up women and raping them. Is this the only way you can get a woman – by force?"

"You know full well Beth that you are the only woman I've ever had. It's not rape because you are my wife and I'm punishing you because you deserve it..."

"NO! THIS IS CRAZY! JACK LISTEN TO ME! NO! GET OFF!" Jack had caught one of her feet as she kicked out at him. Beth fell to the floor wrenching her hands painfully in the metal restraints. She kicked wildly with her other leg all the while trying to explain that forced sex between husband and wife is rape and that they weren't properly married anyway because she hadn't given her consent. He wasn't listening. Faster than she thought possible, he had her face down on the bed with her legs spread obscenely wide. She'd got a couple of good kicks in and was pleased to see that he was limping slightly after a particularly heavy blow to one knee.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO TO ME JACK – I'LL NEVER LOVE YOU." This was her final comment before she put her head down and bit the pillow - it was the comment that hurt Jack the most.

'Quickly, harshly, fairly, with an overdose of pleasure' he repeated to himself.

THWACK! Beth bit the pillow harder.

THWACK! She could hear the air whistling through the holes in the paddle as it crashed down.

THWACK! Her backside felt like it was on fire and it stung like nothing she'd ever felt before.

THWACK! She took in a shuddering breath before sinking her teeth back into the covered feathers.

THWACK! Her eyes stung almost as much as her bottom as she tried and failed to blink back the tears.

Blow after blow rained down. Jack admired her courage. So far not a sound had escaped her lips despite the livid redness that covered her rear and upper thighs. He redoubled his efforts.

THWACK! "Hmmmmpphh!" Beth moaned into the pillow.

With each new slap her moans became louder and longer until she was screaming. Jack watched as Beth's body became covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Tears were streaming down her face, soaking the pillow. Jack knew it was time to stop when Beth's backside became more purple than red. He lay the paddle down and went to soothe her.

"Ssshhhh sweetheart, it's over, ssshhhh." he whispered as he pushed sweat soaked hair out of her face. She was still gripping the pillow with her teeth and sobbing. Her eyes were clamped tightly shut and her body was still rigid with tension. Jack rubbed her bottom, back and shoulders making soothing sounds. He worked his way up her arms and prised her fists open in an attempt to get her to relax.

"Good girl, it's over, ssshhhh Beth, it's alright.... Beth? Where's your ring?" Jack had reached her left hand and his heart had dropped like a stone when he noticed her naked finger. He stepped away from her and all sympathy left him.

"Where is it Beth? You better tell me right now or I swear to God you'll regret it." Beth kept her head down in the pillow refusing to acknowledge that he even existed.

"You WILL tell me Beth. I'm not gonna stop until you do." Jack was furious now and collected his leather belt from the drawer. Doubling it and holding the buckle in his hand, he brought it down hard on Beth's rump.



Beth screamed again. She couldn't believe he had found something that hurt worse than the paddle.



Jack could feel his blood boil. How dare she remove her wedding ring? It was their symbol of marriage and devotion. It marked her as unavailable to other men and he would make sure it never left her finger again.


Purple welts were blossoming all over Beth's backside and she was twisting in her bonds trying to evade each stinging blow. Finally she broke.

"AAAAHHH! PLEASE STOP! IT'S UNDER THE BEDSIDE TABLE, PLEASE STOP! PLEASE!" Jack dropped the belt onto the mattress beside her and searched. Sure enough the ring was near where she had been crouched earlier. He grabbed it and left the room. Beth could do nothing but lay still. She didn't even have the energy to cry any more. Her whole body was in pain but she was a rag doll and had to let it wash over her in waves. She heard Jack reenter the room and felt sick.

Jack had retrieved a tube of extra strength glue from the kitchen drawer. He grabbed Beth's left hand and drew a thin line of the glue around her ring finger. Then he pushed the wedding band into place over the glue and held it away from the bed while it dried.

"You will not do that again Beth. You're mine and the sooner you get your head around that the better. This ring does not leave your finger under any circumstances. What if another man had seen you without it? He would have thought you were ripe for taking and nothing you could have said would have stopped him. You're mine and don't you dare forget it."

Once he was sure the glue had set, Jack dressed and left the room. He needed to cool down and Beth was in no state to be moved at the moment. She hadn't moved at all since he had taken his belt to her and Jack couldn't fail to notice how her hand had fallen limply to the bed when he loosened his grip on it. Perhaps he had gone too far? He pushed the thought away – he had to be strong and she had to learn. Quickly, harshly, fairly. The pleasure would come later when he was calm enough.

Beth wasn't sure when she had fallen asleep or how long she'd been out but she woke to find Jack gently rubbing a cooling lotion into her backside and thighs. It was still stinging but Jacks ministrations were helping. She turned her head away from him.

"You know you deserved that Beth – there's no point being angry with me. You needed to learn not to lie and it was for your own safety that I punished you for taking off your ring. Imagine how upset we'd both be if someone took you away. In a minute I'm gonna take you to the bathroom to get cleaned up and then you can have something to eat. This is our first full day as husband and wife – let's try to make the most of it." Jack finished rubbing the lotion in and then carefully released her from her restraints. He was cautious when doing this in case she struggled and fought him again but the spanking seemed to have sapped all of her energy. It bothered Jack that she still wouldn't look at him but he thought maybe she was feeling ashamed of her behaviour. He helped her up and supported her as she made her way into the bathroom. Once inside, he stepped out to give her some privacy. The window was too small to fit through and he stood on the other side of the door so there was no chance for her to escape.

With the door firmly closed behind her, Beth took an inventory of her body. She had bruises around both of her wrists and it hurt to move them. She had matching bruises on her ankles too and one on the back of her head, although the lump had gone down. She noticed the blood on her thighs and touched herself carefully – she was a bit tender there but not too bad. She twisted her body to see her backside in the mirror and gasped – it was livid shades of red, purple and black. There was an intense heat radiating from it and Beth could see swollen lines where the belt had struck. She gingerly used the toilet and had a shower. Then she found a spare toothbrush and combed her hair which had become matted from her sweat, tears and struggles. She'd investigated the window of course but it was far too small for her and there was clearly no-one for miles around who would hear her screams. She mulled over her situation – she refused to submit to him but could she really take beatings like that every time he tried to touch her? She had to be clever – pick her battles.

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