tagSci-Fi & FantasyTo the Citadel Ch. 01

To the Citadel Ch. 01


Garth was determined to keep pace with the others, knowing that if he fell back they might just leave him behind. His pony, although blessed with prodigious stamina, had shorter legs than the others' horses and was beginning to struggle to maintain its canter.

He kept his eyes on the three figures ahead of him: Levan, a huge shape on his huge horse; Lena, her curvaceous figure, cloaked and hooded on top of her stallion. And of course, Katryn, the young woman whom he had always loved and the reason he was here in the middle of the night on the North Road, leaving the village in which he had lived his whole life.

It was maybe three months ago that some strange occurrences had begun to plague Fenceley Manor, Katryn's ancestral residence and Garth's home from his infancy. Garth had lived all of his eighteen years at Fenceley since he was orphaned as a baby, working the last ten as a stableboy. Katryn was the Baron and Lady Fenceley's youngest child, the same age as Garth, and the object of his wordless worship since his earliest memories.

So when random explosions had beset the Ladies' quarters, cooked chickens had flow off the platters at the annual Harvestswallow banquet and Lady Applefleck's hair had turned green while she was switching her maid, Garth had observed Katryn's suspicious behaviour. It was obvious to him that something was changing within her and that she was causing the sorcerous happenings, that she was blossoming into a practitioner of the Craft.

And it couldn't have escaped the notice of the Baron either because within a few weeks two unusual visitors came to the manor. Levan was a huge dark man in his fifties, muscled and scarred like the swordsman he patently was. Lena though was a breathtakingly attractive woman with honey-blonde hair, slightly above middling height but with a lush womanly body that begged for and received male attention. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties but her sparkling green eyes seemed older and wiser. In public, she treated Levan with a somewhat intimate fondness but still as her servant. Garth was certain that she was a Craftswoman.

He knew nothing of the Craft beyond what everyone knew. It was a type of sorcery, exclusive to women, which gave its users magical control over the natural world. When it was discussed by Garth's male colleagues, it was always in a spirit of mistrust although the legendary beauty of Craftswomen and their renowned yet fatal lust often featured in his fantasies.

And Lena fit his idea of a Craftswoman perfectly with her physical perfection and inviting attitude coupled to her confident controlling manner. Garth noted the time she spent with Katryn and reasoned that the guests were here to whisk her away to learn the Craft properly. He resolved to follow his love no matter where she went.

Which was why he had been waiting one Fannisday evening, saddlebags packed, when they had stolen into the stables at the dead of night.

"What do you want, boy?" Levan had challenged him once he was discovered.

"I saw you getting ready to go today. I, I want to come with you," he blurted out. "I want to protect you," he said more quietly, glancing up at a furious Katryn who was wearing practical and tight-fitting riding clothes which accentuated her slender frame and spectacular bosom.

Katryn's laugh was harsh and unkind. "And how exactly are you supposed to do that? You're nothing more than an ugly dirty stablehand with leering eyes. I've seen you watch me hungrily like a lecherous old man."

"It seems to me that you have a lot more than the Craft to learn, young woman," Lena firmly interposed. She looked up at Levan who, after a significant pause, nodded. "It's agreed, you will come with us," she said to Garth.

"What! No! He's just going to get in the way," Katryn hissed with passion, staring at Garth with hatred.

His feelings torn between joy that he would be going with Katryn and distress at her obvious contempt for him, he continued to saddle his pony.

And so now he followed his travelling companions as dusk arrived, his eyes fixed on Katryn's shapely arse although the disapproving set of her back made his cheeks burn with an indignant shame. He had loved Katryn from an early age, when they were still allowed to play together. And he had continued to love her from afar as she had grown into a beautiful young noblewoman, tall and full breasted with coppery ringlets of hair and limpid blue eyes. She had not shown any friendliness towards him for many years but then nor had she shown any of the loathing he could feel from her now. He knew that he wasn't an attractive young man, somewhat overweight, if still fit and strong, but it particularly hurt to be called ugly by the woman he loved.

As the sun started to crest the horizon, Levan pulled them off the road into a hidden clearing in a thick copse where they made a camp.

"Why are we travelling during the night? From whom are we hiding?" Garth asked Lena as Levan obscured their tracks and concealed the horses from the road.

"There are a cabal of sorcerers known as the Mannish Reapers who love nothing better than to capture and enslave potential young Craftswomen using a brutal sexual ritual. Levan and I are known to them as a recruiting team and so to avoid recognition, we will take back roads and travel by night until we reach our destination."

"Why can't we just use the Craft to hide ourselves or fight them if they attack us?" Katryn asked Lena respectfully.

"Excessive use of the Craft is like a beacon to them, child. You must learn that it is only to be used when necessary and there is always a price to play," she added cryptically.

"And where are we going?" Garth inquired.

"Why the hell did you come if you don't where the fuck we're going?" Katryn heatedly interrupted.

"There is no need for incivility, Katryn," Lena said, her calm voice still managing to be full of rebuke and disappointment for her ward. "Garth is with us for a very good reason. He has loyalty to you and friends one can trust are invaluable to all, Craftswomen included." She continued, "Also, Garth will be very useful as part of your training, as you will soon find out."

Katryn didn't say anything but looked up at Garth in disgust, her pretty face marred with barely controlled anger for the servant.

Lena turned to Garth, "We are going to Fanu Bataru, young man. This is the citadel where Katryn will learn the Craft and the spiritual home of my calling. It is four to five months' journey to the North-West of Fenceley in the land of Great Clench."

They prepared and ate a meal with nothing more than banalities despite the numerous questions Garth had; he rightly sensed that Katryn would explode at him again if he said anything and Lena wasn't in a particularly garrulous mood.

Eventually Lena stood up. "We will have to learn how to sleep during the day to make better speed at night. Get into your bedrolls and I will use a minor cantrip to aid your slumber."

As Garth waited for Lena to come to him he wondered what possible part he could play in Katryn's training. He also felt some apprehension about his first forthcoming brush with magic but when Lena came to him she sat down next to him smiling reassuringly.

"You mustn't worry about Katryn's hostility. She's very scared right now because of the changes happening to her. She will come to respect and care for you with time," she said. Garth gave a tight nod of thanks for her kind words. "And don't worry, this won't harm you at all," she reassured him. She bent over him, her impressive cleavage swelling from her riding top and lightly kissed him on the forehead. He fell asleep immediately with the view of Lena's perfect tanned bosom lingering in his mind

When he woke it was starting to darken again, although the campfire was throwing a flickering light around the clearing. He sat up, surprised that he had slept so long. There was no-one else there. For a second he thought his companions had abandoned him but their bedding and packs were still nearby and he could hear the horses whickering. He could also hear female voices through the trees. He stood up and made his way towards them.

Not wanting to interrupt the conversation, he carefully approached until he could see Katryn and Lena sitting side-by-side on a fallen log. There was no sign of Levan. He decided to remain concealed in the trees.

"So why did it come on me so suddenly?" Katryn was asking.

"When a young woman begins to feel lust between her legs, the Craft begins to manifest itself," Lena answered with a laugh. "Was it anyone in particular?"

Katryn blushed furiously. "Well there was someone," she replied coyly. Garth's heart was thudding in hopeful anticipation so it felt doubly cutting when she continued, "A few months ago Lord Oxcock came to visit papa for a few days to negotiate a land sale. He was so handsome and he flirted with me so wittily at his leaving banquet, that I couldn't help but touch myself between my legs that night in bed and rub myself gently; I must have got it just right because I climaxed ever so quickly considering it was my first time. But then I passed out and when I woke up the curtains were on fire!"

She continued on about other spontaneous outbursts of her power but Garth's mind had already wandered, torn between jealously of that stupid slimy tosspot Oxcock and the immediate lust that had evidenced itself in his breeches thinking of Katryn touching herself. He freed his cock and began to slowly masturbate while watching the two women.

"I remember when my powers came to me too," giggled Lena. "I'm not highborn like you; it was the baker's boy taking me from behind in our hayloft that got me started. I'd fucked a few of the boys in the village but he had a particularly large penis and he brought me to my first ever orgasm. I swear it felt even bigger after I came. He kept going and I came another three times and each time it felt vaster and vaster before I got so sore I had to make him stop. When I managed to extract his enormous cock and turned around, I realised that he'd turned into a Mountain Troll!"

"No! What happened?" Katryn laughed.

"When a Craftswoman orgasms without control she releases an irrepressible explosion of power. Unfortunately for the baker's boy the manifestation of this outburst channelled out of my pussy and into him so that each time I came I gradually turned him into a troll! He was enjoying himself so much he just kept going! I was terrified of his monstrous warty cock but he insisted I finish him off before I could go and get help so I used my hands on him. Luckily a Craftswoman lived in a nearby village and she returned him his form and of course took me to the citadel."

After some more laughing, Katryn eventually asked, "How do I get control of my powers, Lena?"

"Ah. This is where we Craftswomen need the help of the weaker sex." Lena put a sisterly arm around Katryn before continuing.

"If we leave a nascent Craftswoman to mature by herself she might very well kill herself or others around her particularly when she becomes sexually active. Also she will never reach her full sorcerous potential. She needs to take control of her power by regularly imbibing an accelerating agent."

"What does that mean?" Katryn asked as Garth continued his steady wank.

"Hmmm. Let me explain through my own experiences. When I was taken in by the Crafthood over thirty-five years ago I was paired with Levan who was still a young man then."

"What! How old are you? He's ancient!"

"Child, I'm a lot older than I look - another benefit of the Craft. Anyway, the sisters showed me that to get some control of the Craft I first needed to regularly sup of a man's seed. And Levan was that man. And he and I have kept our partnership going ever since."

"You have to do what?" Katryn asked incredulously.

"I see I shall have to be more graphic. Have you ever had any sort of sex with a man?"

"Well, no, not really. I mean I did let some of the kitchen boys feel my breasts on Needlenight last year but nothing beyond that although I do understand the mechanics." Garth almost groaned in envy as his masturbating got more frenetic.

"Good. Do you understand what oral sex is?" Lena asked. At Katryn's shake of the head she continued, "It is when one's sexual partner uses his or her tongue and mouth to give pleasure. Levan." At her last word the huge warrior stepped out into the clearing as if from nowhere, causing both Katryn and Garth to start. Luckily for Garth no-one noticed his movement.

Lena continued to talk as Levan walked to stand in front of her, his crotch at her face level. "Let me show you what I mean, dear."

Katryn looked on in a mix of horror and fascination as Katryn smoothly extracted Levan's enormous gnarled penis. With a few smooth adroit strokes of her hands she brought him to a raging erection. He grunted as she stretched her welcoming mouth over the brown glans of his hairy penis.

Katryn licked around the head of Levan's cock before starting up a rhythmic bobbing of her head. She paused to order, "Come quickly, Levan," before recommencing her urgent nodding.

In response Levan grabbed hold of Lena's hair and thrust his entire manhood down her willing throat. As he began to fuck Lena's mouth in earnest, Katryn gasped, "How on earth can you do that?"

Lena could do nothing more than grunt in response. After a few minutes, Levan groaned in satisfaction and came copiously in her mouth, much to Lena's obvious satisfaction. She carefully swallowed all of his sperm while making contented noises of delight, only stopping when a single drop of jism was left hanging from the tip of his cock.

"This is what it's all about, Katryn," Lena said as she held Levan's still impressively proportioned penis out to her as if it were a sweet ice-stick.

"Should I lick it?" breathed Katryn. Garth watched in wordless jealousy as her mouth parted and she leant forward towards Levan's monstrous cock.

"No, dear." Lena pulled it to her own mouth and licked it finally clean before allowing her protector to tidy himself up. "Even a drop of Levan's spunk would be way too powerful for you right now. Over his lifetime he has come in the mouths of many Craftswomen many thousands of time. A sympathetic resonance builds up over time until, for Levan and his fellow Custodians, only an experienced Craftswoman, or of course a mundane woman, can safely take his ejaculate into her mouth. For you, this is where Garth comes in."

Katryn gasped. "Of my god, you want me to put the stableboy's penis in my mouth?" she said with horror.

Lena replied, "He is perfect for you. His sperm will have little power to start with but will build over time the more you suck on him as will your own - you can learn together. Also he cares for you deeply."

Katryn shook her head. "But he's just a boy."

"He is the same age as you. I know he's not the most handsome of men but you could do much worse. And if you want to become a Craftswoman we need to train you during our journey. It is the only way you'll be able to get any control."

Katryn looked shocked but eventually, reluctantly nodded her head. Garth couldn't help but let out a tiny involuntary cry of triumph.

"Now go back to the camp with Levan and await us. I'll bring Garth to you and you can taste your first cum." Garth stood shock still, his hand on his cock, as they walked back unwittingly past his hiding place, leaving Lena still seated in the clearing.

"Garth, come here," Lena said looking straight up at him.

"Oh, shit," he replied in dismay. "I can't," he said looking down at his erection.

"I know what you have in your hand and it doesn't bother me. I'll be seeing a lot more of it over the next few months so don't be shy," she smiled breathtakingly to encourage him to come to her.

Garth came out to her his cock waving in front of him until he was standing facing her as Levan had done a few minutes before. He was trembling with excitement.

"What a beautiful cock," Lena breathed as she reached out a pretty hand to grasp him. Garth moaned in joy as she slowly, expertly started to toss him off, acutely conscious of his lack of cleanliness but not caring because of the extraordinary feelings of pleasure Lena's fingers were giving him.

"Oh fuck, yes, that's so good. I'm sorry I'm so dirty"

"It doesn't bother me, darling. I love the smell, and taste, of men no matter how pungent and grimy they may be! Did you enjoy the show?"

"Oh, oh, oh yes. That feels so wonderful. Oh, Lena, you looked so beautiful with Levan's cock down your throat.

"Really? Do you find me attractive, Garth?" Lena gently teased.

"Oh, oh, oh yes. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met; apart from Katryn," he added loyally knowing that it might not be fully true.

"That's nice; what do you like about me?" she continued.

"Oh shit, I can't believe this is really happening. You have gorgeous green eyes and a fantastic body, a great bum and lovely breasts."

"Do you like my breasts, sweetheart?" Lena pushed her chest out.

"Oh yes, they're lovely."

"Have you ever touched a woman's breasts before, Garth?"

"No," he moaned.

"Would you like to?"

"Oh fuck, yes please." Lena let go of his dick to seductively unlace the front of her top. Her unfettered breasts surged out; they were even larger than he'd expected with suprisingly small brown nipples, but shaped to perfection. His hands strayed automatically to cup their firmness and he rolled her hard nipples between his grateful fingers.

"Oh, how perfect," he murmured as Lena began to wank him slowly again.

"Will, will Katryn really be sucking me?" he managed to get out.

"Oh yes, my lovely young man. She will need to swallow your semen two or three times a day. She does have a pretty little mouth, doesn't she? Would you like me to show you nice it feels to have your dick sucked?"

"Please," he begged.

"I wanted to test out the potency of your spunk anyway - come here." Lena leant forward to take the ecstatic Garth into her generous mouth. She worked him closer and closer to orgasm but skilfully didn't allow him quite to come.

"Oh that feels so good, Lena. Oh you must have done this an awful lot," he added without thought.

Lena paused in her ministrations to laugh. "Yes I suppose I have! I must have sucked off hundreds of men, human and otherwise, although my preferred partner is of course Levan. Come, let me stop teasing you," with which she plunged her mouth forward and sucked him until he exploded uncontrollably into her mouth.

After his jerkings and shudderings had stopped, she leant back and rolled his spunk around her mouth, savouring its flavour.

"Hmmm, that's very nice. I can feel you have much potential young man. Katryn is a lucky young woman - you'll help make her very strong. Shall we go and see her?"

Having made themselves presentable, Lena led Garth to the clearing to find Katryn waiting for them.

"Levan is out scouting. Where were you?" she demanded of Garth.

Lena answered, "Garth was with me, young woman. I was testing whether his ejaculate has the required power. As I suspected, it has much latent intensity. It will be perfect for you."

"Oh goddess! You mean you've just sucked him off too?" Katryn exclaimed, aghast, glancing down the curve of Lena's bosom through her open riding top.

"Don't worry, Garth's cum will from now on be exclusively for your mouth, at least on this journey. I need significantly more of his semen than he could possibly produce to maintain my strength at combat levels."

Katryn didn't look any less horrified when her eyes were drawn from Lena's moist lips to the unmistakable bulge growing in Garth's breeches.

"By Belal's arse, you're disgusting, Garth, you're shameless!" she spluttered although her eyes didn't leave his swollen crotch.

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