tagSci-Fi & FantasyTo the Citadel Ch. 02

To the Citadel Ch. 02


Garth sighed in ecstasy as Katryn's hot mouth swallowed his cock. After some initial playful nibbling and licking, she moved to a steady assured rhythm, slowly sliding her tight lips up and down his shaft. He looked up catching the taciturn Levan's eye who was also getting his evening blowjob from Lena.

Lena was a Craftswoman, a sorceress as beautiful as those of legend - blonde, curvaceous with sparkling green eyes and a wicked smile. Levan was her Custodian, a huge dark muscled swordsman, scarred and gnarled. She enthusiastically swallowed Levan's enormous ugly penis with practised ease bringing him closer to the shared satisfaction of his orgasm.

Garth had been on the road with three companions now for over three months as they made there way towards their destination, the citadel of Fanu Bataru. He had seen cities and places of which he had never heard. He had been learning the use of the sword with Levan. And he had found all about the Craft, the fabled magic only accessible to women.

He now understood that Craftswomen needed to swallow a certain amount and quality of semen to maintain their powers; hence the three blowjobs that he and Levan received each day. And that when a Craftswoman consumed a mouthful of spunk, she had a type of magical orgasm; which was one of the reasons why Katryn had taken so enthusiastically to her knees in front of him despite her noble-born status and his lack of it.

He also now knew that every time a Craftswoman gave him head, his sperm became stronger, at least as far as its impact on her went. And that inexperienced Craftswomen had to be careful not to taste spunk that was too strong - Lena didn't let Katryn anywhere near the veteran Levan's cum for fear of what it would do to her.

He, however, was lucky enough to finish off in Lena's mouth every few days as she gauged how his jism was maturing, despite some resultant jealous sulking from Katryn.

Garth had never been so happy. Katryn, the girl who he had loved from afar, actually wanted to spend time with him. He was getting fitter every day of their journey, losing weight until, although still somewhat crooked of face, he was not quite as fat and ugly as he had been. And every day, he woke to the soft warmth of Katryn's mouth engulfing his penis as she hungrily gobbled him, desperate for his spunk.

His favourite times had been the evenings when Lena decided that she'd like to show Katryn some more oral techniques. The moment that he had orgasmed deep in Katryn's throat with Lena's nimble tongue agilely wiggling in his arsehole possibly rated as the best instant of his entire existence.

Katryn herself was an enthusiastic learner; she could now take his entire penis down her throat and there was now very little to call between her blowjob technique and that of the experienced Lena.

In short, Garth was having the time of his life. Katryn was absolutely stunning; she was tall with long legs and a perfect bottom. Her breasts looked enormous on her slender frame and her long burgundy hair framed an elfin face with vivid blue eyes, as clear as the morning sky.

He groaned a warning to Katryn who immediately squeezed his balls as he flooded her eager mouth with his seed. Katryn swallowed it excitedly, convulsing in pleasure with her mouth still firmly clamped to his cock.

"Hmmm! Thanks, Garth. That was delicious," she said.

"I'll never tire of this, Katryn. You're so gorgeous," he replied.

"Oh, Garth." Katryn cuddled up to him as they sat back to watch Levan forcefully fucking Lena's mouth, holding her by the hair, his balls slapping hard against her chin until he grunted and spurted down her throat.

Later that evening, Lena addressed the group. "We are now entering a more populous area of the land and from now onwards we will be travelling by daylight. Tomorrow we arrive at the town of Breed's Crossing, which marks the only bridge across the River Fanu for over a hundred leagues in either direction. Once we cross, we'll be on the home leg of our journey."

Garth looked across at Katryn to see her eyes shining in excitement at the prospect of finally arriving at their goal. He smiled back at her reassuringly but inside felt a current of disquiet. Once they arrived at the citadel, he knew that both he and Katryn would continue with their training, she to become a powerful sorceress and he to become a provider of power to Craftswomen. But he also knew that it was unlikely that she would then exclusively use him for sustenance and the thought of Katryn kneeling in front of another man with his cock in her mouth made him sick with envy. He realised that this was hypocritical - he had been luck enough to enjoy the beautiful Lena's mouth on several occasions - but couldn't help his jealousy.

They arrived the next evening at Breed's Crossing and made their way to an inn near the magnificent bridge, taking two rooms - one for the women and one for the men. After an enjoyable night in the common room, the four travellers went up to their rooms.

After a few minutes, Katryn, who had drunk a little too much ale, came to the men's room. "Levan, Lena wants you for her mouthful. I'm to take mine from Garth." Levan left and within minutes Garth once again found himself with her pretty mouth bobbing up and down his rigid shaft.

"Garth?" she asked as she paused her sucking.

"Yes, my darling," he replied, lying back contentedly on his bed.

"I'm feeling really horny. Would you like to fuck me a little bit?"

"Katryn! You know we can't!" he replied.

"Oh but I really want to feel your cock inside me, sweetheart. Please," she begged him as she opened her blouse to release her generous breasts.

Garth's hands sprang to fondle and squeeze her tits. "But Katryn, but you know you can't have an orgasm without losing control of your power or screaming like a banshee," he protested half-heartedly.

"It's all right. Lena has taught me how to keep control and be a lot quieter. I just want to test out what I've learnt and you can still pull out and come in my mouth. Come on Garth, we'll have to be quick before Levan comes back. Don't you want to stick your cock into this?" Katryn was now naked with one hand spreading her pink pussy lips in a lewd and inviting gesture.

"Oh, fuck, yes." All thought of any self-discipline left Garth as he pushed the laughing Katryn back onto the bed and, after two fumbling, attempts finally rammed himself into her. A little clumsily at first and then with some more confidence they fell into a rapid rhythm with Garth banging himself into Katryn as hard as he could.

"Yes, yes, yes," she chanted with each powerful thrust, her cries getting louder and shriller as Garth brought her closer to orgasm. Alarmed, Garth put one hand over mouth in an attempt to make her quieter but didn't slow down his urgent tempo.

"Oh yes!" Katryn screamed through his fingers as she came. Her shriek wasn't anywhere as loud as the last time she'd come but it was still magically enhanced and reverberated powerfully through the inn. The music downstairs from the common room went quiet.

"Oh shit," Garth pulled out of the almost comatose Katryn just as the door to the room slammed open and a furious and topless Lena came storming in.

"What the fuck are you doing, you stupid slut?" she hissed at Katryn.

"I'm sorry..."

"You're sorry? Have you any idea how loud that was both acoustically and magically? There might very well be Mannish Reapers in this town. If there are, they'll be on there way here right now." Garth knew that Lena was referring to a cult of mighty sorcerers who were the Craft's foes. "Levan, get her dressed and ready to leave."

Levan, smiling wryly, pulled the naked Katryn out of the door and into the other room despite her protests that she hadn't yet had her evening spunk.

"And you, I thought you had more sense!" Lena chastised, her large naked breasts heaving in anger. Garth stood in misery in front of the bed, his cock still erect.

Lena took a deep breath and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Come here, Katryn doesn't deserve any of this," she said as pulled Garth towards her by the cock. She began to flick her tongue across the head of his penis, readily licking up Katryn's pussy juices before placing his hands firmly on her boobs.

Within a minute Garth had emptied himself into her cultured mouth, realising that Katryn actually still had a long way to go before she could match Lena's consummate oral skills.

They dressed quickly before stealing out of the inn by the rear entrance and retrieving their horses from the stables.

Levan warned, "I can't see anyone out there but, if there is anyone they'll be on the bridge. If anything happens get across and keep heading north."

They led their horses out into the square in front of the inn before mounting them in the darkness.

"Now!" Levan said, before spurring his horse into a canter towards the bridge. Garth followed at the rear as they started to cross the wooden bridge, dimly lit in the mist by sparsely spaces torches.

Garth could never remember exactly what happened next. He did remember the sudden appearance of four or five hooded men all holding something green and glowing in their hands. He remembered Lena's cry as blue fire leapt from her hands to strike the two men in front of her and the sudden smell of roasting meat. He remembered drawing his sword and trying to stop his pony leaping over one of their blackened bodies to turn and help the screaming Katryn who was being pulled off her horse by one of the men. He remembered seeing Levan's charger come storming back across the bridge to help her but then there was an explosion and the bridge caught fire behind him.

"Katryn!" he screamed but he couldn't force his mount to turn towards the searing flames. Lena's stallion came dancing through the flames and she reached across to catch his reins and pulled him to the far bank. They looked back wordlessly as the bridge collapsed but they couldn't see through the smoke to the far side.

"Come on, Garth. We have to get away. I can sense Levan - as long as he's with Katryn he'll keep her safe." Eventually Garth assented and allowed himself to be led away.

Lena guided the traumatised Garth away up the North Road, keeping an eye open for any pursuit, until they found a site for a safe camp.

"We'll stay here until the morning," Lena said as they lay side by side by their fire. "We'll be safe as no-one will be able to cross the river to pursue us."

"How will we find them again?" Garth whispered to her.

"Levan will take Katryn west upriver. There's a bridge at Raspberry Magna. We'll meet them there."

Garth began sobbing, "Oh, Lena. I love her so much. If anything's happened to her..."

Lena pulled him towards her so that he his head snuggled into her shoulder. She held and rocked him until his crying subsided. "Garth, I miss Levan as much as you miss Katryn. I've also grown very fond of her, and you, and I gave her parents a promise that I would look after her. But I also have absolute faith in Levan. There is no-one whom I would trust more to look after Katryn. He'll keep her secure."

Eventually Garth fell asleep, enveloped in the warmth of Lena's ample bosom.

He woke to a familiar feeling of soft warm lips around his penis. He gasped as memories of the harrowing flight came flooding back and he looked down to see Lena slowly and expertly swallowing him. She was looking up at him with her bright green eyes. Garth maintained eye contact as she deliberately slid her mouth up from the very base of his penis to the very tip, laving it with her hot wet tongue. She repeated here slow slidings up and down until he grabbed her head and drained himself into her throat.

"Thanks, Garth," Lena said as she pulled herself up to lie beside him. Dawn was just beginning to break and the warble of a song-thrush was almost enough for Garth to forget the gnawing worry deep inside him for Katryn.

Lena went on, "I need your help, Garth. As you know, I've been swallowing Levan's seed at least twice a day to keep my powers at battle-ready levels. But you saw me use the Craft back at the bridge to combat the Reapers and I feel drained of strength. I desperately need your cum to rebuild my strength."

"Will my spunk be strong enough for you?" Garth enquired.

"Darling, I know you're nowhere near as potent as Levan yet but you really have come on a long way in the last three months. You must have come a hundred times in Katryn's mouth and this has gradually strengthened your seed."

"Even so, it will be uncertain as to whether you'll physically be able to supply me with what I need," she added fretfully.

They turned off the North Road and eventually joined the river again and made there way west for four days, without meeting anyone. They fell into a routine where Lena would suck Garth off every evening and wake him once during the night and every morning for more head. During the day they would make the best time they could but would stop three or four times for Lena to give Garth more blowjobs.

By the fourth night, Garth was exhausted. He was still ecstatic that such a beautiful woman was desperate to suck his cock but it was taking longer and longer each time to get him hard.

When Lena slid down his body that night, she was unable to elicit any rigidity.

"Please Garth. I'm a proud woman but I'm begging you. I need your cock and I need your spunk." She glanced up to her stallion which was picketed nearby. "The alternative is somewhat unpalatable," she added cryptically.

"What can I do for you?" she continued, "I'll do anything. Would you like to lick my breasts? I know how much you like them."

"Shit, yes," he answered and Lena exposed her fantastic tits for his enjoyment, slowly tossing him to semi-erection as he nibbled on her small tight nipples.

"What else, can I do? You've never seen my pussy, would you like to touch it?" she teased him.

Garth gasped in delight as she pulled down her breeches and knickers and slowly opened her legs for him. Her pussy lips were long, pink and wet with a well-tended thatch of dirty blond hair above them.

He played with her cunt, licking her clit and inserting two fingers to make her groan, while she worked on his cock, using all the wiles of her skilful tongue and warm sucking mouth to make him hard.

"Would you like to fuck me, Garth?" she asked as she swivelled around above him and gently rubbed her wet pussy up and down his now hard cock.

"Oh, yes!" he croaked.

She slid herself down his shaft until he was fully embedded in her twat which, surprisingly, felt as tight as Katryn's.

"How does that feel, darling?" she asked before kissing him deeply.

"Oh, Lena. It's so good," he replied, playing frantically with her big firm breasts, before she started to slide up and down him in earnest.

Her pussy muscles rippled up and down his dick as she rode him, bringing him closer and closer to his climax. "You mustn't come in my pussy," she warned as his breathing quickened. Her timing was perfect as she pulled him out and engulfed him with her mouth just as he began to spurt an astonishingly copious load into her eager mouth.

"Oh, thanks, Garth. I knew you could do it. It's absolutely delicious!"

Garth had a thought. "Will Katryn be as desperate for spunk as you are?"

Lena paused before answering. "She will have some need for sperm but not as much as me."

"Oh, shit," Garth swore jealously. "Do you think she'll be using Levan?"

"Not if she has any sense. A few drops of Levan's cum would be more than enough - and it could be dangerous if she accidentally swallows any more. If she's able, she should instead find some willing mundane men on her journey. She would perhaps need maybe seven or eight mouthfuls a day."

"What! Seven or eight!" Garth groaned. His lovely Katryn forced to suck off strangers like a whore!

He turned to Lena. "We have to hurry! I can't produce any more spunk than my current level and we're stopping so many times: it's really slowing us down. Where else can we get you some?"

Lena looked up at her horse once again. Garth blushed, at last realising the significance of her glance.

She cleared her throat. "I'd rather avoid that option. If we ride hard tonight, tomorrow we will come to the town of Serendip. I'll be able to sort something out there."

They rode through the night, stopping only twice for blowjobs, before they came to the walled town. Before they entered, Lena stopped to lead the horses into a hidden clearing in a wood. "We need to look poor," she said but wouldn't explain any more of her plan. They left the horses there and hid anything of ostensible value before walking into the town and into the single inn.

Garth sat wearily at a table and watched Lena walk across the tavern with an exaggerated sway to her hips, causing all male eyes in the room to follow her. She reached the innkeeper at the bar, a greying obese man with a sweaty red lumpy face and no teeth, and gave him a breathtaking smile. Garth couldn't hear what she was saying but the innkeeper was smiling back broadly as he leered at Lena's impressive cleavage.

He glanced across at Garth before nodding upstairs. Lena winked at him in return before walking back to Garth while the innkeeper huffed past the both of them and up the stairs, a rancid smell wafting off him as he passed.

"Right, I've got something to do. Stay down here and have a drink. You won't need to pay," she added before following the innkeeper up the steps. Garth watched as they entered bedchamber together, much to the interest of the other customers.

After a few minutes, Garth's curiosity got the better of him and slipped upstairs. He put his ear to the bedroom door but couldn't hear anything. He stole into the room next door and almost immediately found a hole in the wall's wattle.

Looking through, he wasn't in the least surprised to see Lena kneeling in front of the innkeeper as she bobbed her head up and down his foul cock. With a bark he came in Lena's mouth.

"Fucking hell, you dirty little slut," he exclaimed as wiped his cock on Lena's face. "I can't believe you did that. I can't even get my wife to touch me any more. You're such a whore."

"Was that nice, dear?" Lena replied to his abuse in a crude accent. "As I say I'll suck off as many of your customers as you want tonight, darling, if you give me and my friend a room and food."

"Fuck yes. I'll spread the word. We'll be packed tonight. Just blowjobs? No fucking? I bet you've got a lovely tight cunt."

"Yes, darling. I know you might think it's funny but blowjobs only. I'm good with my mouth though aren't I, dear?" she giggled.

"God, yes. In fact, I'm ready to go again," he said grabbing Lena by the hair and pulling her to him.

Garth sneaked downstairs in disbelief at what Lena was having to do to get enough sperm to rebuild her power.

Eventually Lena came back downstairs, followed by the beaming innkeeper. He waddled across to talk to his regular customers who immediately started to pay a lot of attention to Lena. She came down to sit next to Garth with a weary sigh.

"Quick, give me some of that ale," she ordered before taking a long draught. "I have rarely had something as disgusting as that in my mouth."

"Oh, you saw me then," Garth answered.

"I sensed you looking, Garth. You really are incorrigibly nosy. Anyway I don't want anyone to think I'm swallowing sperm from anything other than financial necessity."

The grinning innkeeper came across with some plates of food and, pausing to squeeze Lena's tits, said, "At the seventh bell tonight, love. We'll have a private party and you'll be the star act."

Lena pushed her bosom out at him before replying with a smile on her face, "Right, dear. I can't wait. I hope your friends are as big as you!"

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