To the Citadel Ch. 02


He laughed before turning away to bring them more ale. Garth said, "By Frist's teeth, you're a hell of an actress! I can't believe what you'll do to get some spunk."

Lena laughed, "I've done a lot worse, darling. Right, after we've finished let's go upstairs and fuck. Not only did the innkeeper's cock taste foul, his cum was as weak as his ale! I need some more from you."

Garth spent the afternoon taking Lena in various different positions, always carefully coming in her mouth, still amazed at how much spunk she was able to milk from him.

Evening came and with it the sound of many male voices downstairs in the common room. There was a knock at the door. The innkeeper spoke through the door. "Are you ready dear? I've got fifty men down here including the help. They've drawn lots for who goes first. You better get down here or there'll be a riot."

"I'll be down in a minute," Lena replied.

"Fifty! Are you going to be all right?" Garth asked aghast.

"Don't worry, darling. I can take care of myself. As I say I've had to do a lot worse in the past," she answered. "But thank you for your concern. I suggest you stay up here out of the way. I'll see you in a few hours." With a final check of her clothes Lena left.

Garth heard a roar of approval from the crowd downstairs before some cheering and chanting. He waited for a few minutes before his inquisitiveness triumphed. He opened the room door and slipped onto the landing.

Staying in the shadows he had an unobstructed view of the common room. Lena was already topless and on her knees once more, sucking off the innkeeper and surrounded by a baying crowd of men. She was obviously using all of her abilities because within a minute, he'd come in her mouth and within seconds of that another cock was thrust down her throat.

Garth watched in amazement as she reached out to take a penis in each hand, still maintaining an urgent rhythm with her head. Again the man in her mouth groaned and came quickly but was immediately replaced by the dick in her right hand.

Over the next twenty minutes he watched in wonder as she expertly fellated over half of the bar. One giant of a man who had drawn a later lot had been hectoring her for a while to allow him to fuck her. She'd been bantering with him, promising him that the wait for her mouth would be worth it but eventually his self-control was overcome by his drunkenness and he grabbed her from behind and ripped her breeches off.

Garth tensed but realised there was nothing he could do to help her so he sat back and watched as the crowd cheered on Lena's rape. Lena paused in her sucking and tossing to talk to the big man behind her, before seductively wiggling her perfect arse at him. He roared and pierced her with his enormous rod before savagely fucking her. Again Lena adjusted her tempo to continue satisfying all four men effectively. Very quickly the man fucking her pulled out and Lena turned her head to adroitly take his mouthful.

Realising that her pussy was now available, other men rushed to take her from behind and once more Lena began to efficiently satisfy the room full of men.

It was maybe four hours later that a dishevelled and nude Lena walked gingerly back into the room to find Garth lying on the bed, his erection in his hand.

"Are you OK?" he asked her.

"Oh, I'm fine," she answered. "My knees are sore and my arse hurts but I've had a couple of days' worth of cum. I must have had them all three times. I had to use a little enchantment to keep them from coming anywhere apart from my mouth but it was worth it."

She sat down with a wince at the end of the bed.

"Why does your arse hurt?" he answered naively.

"Well I planned to only give head tonight but after a while some of them started to get a bit rough so I decided to let them fuck me from behind. Some of the more drunk ones though decided to try my arsehole instead of my pussy. I don't really mind being fucked there but licking their cocks clean afterwards isn't exactly my favourite thing to do."

"Your arse!" Garth exclaimed. His cock gave a twitch at the thought of fucking Lena's sweet arse.

She noticed his interest. "Oh, you like the thought of that do you? Well come on then Garth. The innkeeper is getting a hot bath ready for me so we've only get a few minutes. If you want to fuck me up my bum, you're more than welcome." She bent over the end of the bed.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you," he asked.

"I'll be fine, darling."

Garth got up and positioned himself behind her; he carefully placed his erection at the sweet red-brown rosebud of her arsehole before slowly pushing himself in. He realised how much her butthole had been used as he slid in with relative ease. As he pulled out, she clenched her buttocks, tightly clasping his cock in her anus.

"Oh that's wonderful, Lena." He started to fuck her arse more forcefully.

"Go on, Garth fuck my bum. But remember to come in my mouth, darling."

It took no more than a minute before Garth dutifully pulled out and shoved his cock into Lena's mouth. If she was distressed at the taste she didn't show it and happily swallowed his cum.

They left the town of Serendip the next morning, after Lena had given the innkeeper a goodbye blowjob, and made good time. Over the next week they came across two more small towns where Lena once more played the role of a bar whore which satisfied her needs and kept her powers at a reasonable, if low, level.

Lena also let Garth fuck her a lot more, both in the pussy and arse, as long as he ended by coming in her mouth.

Eventually they came to the large town of Raspberry Magna which boasted a bridge across the Fanu. As soon as they were through the city walls, Lena gasped. "Come on, this way," she ordered before directing her horse down a back street to a grand looking inn.

They stabled their horses before making there way up to a second floor bedchamber.

"What are we doing here?" Garth asked. "Is Katryn here?"

"No, but one of my sisters is. I can sense her although I don't think she knows I'm here yet," she replied before knocking on the door.

A squeal from inside was followed by a shout of "Lena". The door slammed open and a naked woman flew into Lena's arms.

The two women hugged each other. "Oh, Deera, I'm so pleased to see you!" Lena cried.

Still naked, Deera pulled the two of them into her room to meet her Custodian, a heavily-built young blond man called Simlek, who was lying unclothed on the bed, idly playing with his colossal erection.

"I was a little distracted sucking Simlek when I felt your presence. How are you, my darling and where's Levan? Is he all right?"

"I think he is - we got split up. This is Garth; he's in training to be a Custodian but unfortunately his partner is with Levan."

Garth gave Deera a foolish grin, his eyes struggling to leave the young Craftswoman's long lithe body. She was dark-skinned like Levan but her skin was silky smooth, with long black hair and small but perfectly shaped breasts with dark nipples. A tiny wisp of black hair was visible above the joining of her lengthy legs.

"I'm glad you appreciate my body, Garth," Deera laughed at his awkwardness. She turned to Lena. "You must be desperate for some serious spunk. Would you like to try Simlek?"

"Oh, I never thought you'd ask. Can I?"

"Go ahead. Shall we sit down here together and watch, Garth?" Deera pulled Garth down next to her on the second bed while Lena crawled across to Simlek and enthusiastically began to bob her head up and down his impressively proportioned penis, her perfect arse high in the air.

"She's gorgeous isn't she?" Deera commented.

Garth was already aroused at the sight and grunted in response.

"Oh, darling. Here, let me help you with that," Deera offered noticing the bulge at Garth's crotch. To his delight she pulled his cock out and began to slowly toss him.

"So Garth, tell me about your voyage with the lovely Lena," Deera asked.

Despite Deera's right hand slowly sliding up and down his shaft, Garth managed to tell her all about the journey and their recent flight. Deera seemed particularly interested in the sexual details of the last few days, squealing with delight at Garth's stories of Lena's whoring at the inns.

"Oh, the dirty little slut! And you've even been taking her up her arse! I've never done that before. As you can see Simlek's cock is just too big to enter me. In fact it only just fits in my pussy so we hardly ever even fuck."

They watched as Simlek stood up and began thrusting his cock in and out of Lena's hungry mouth.

Deera continued, "You know Garth, I was just about to swallow Simlek's load when you arrived. Would you mind if I..." Her last words were lost as she bent down to suck on Garth's erection.

He sighed in pleasure as her unfamiliar mouth engulfed him. Her technique was different to both Lena's and Katryn's, with a lot more sucking and flickering of her tongue and less bobbing of her head, but no less enchanting.

Garth groaned as Deera stopped just before he was going to explode. "Please Garth, would you mind if we fucked a little. I'm feeling quite horny."

"Oh shit, yes please," he stammered. She bent over the bed and he positioned himself behind her before sliding into her hot wet pussy. As he began to fuck her, he looked up to see Simlek hammering into Lena's mouth until, with a curse, he ejaculated abundantly. Lena's reacted with unrestrained bliss, as she finally swallowed a fully potent mouthful of cum.

Garth couldn't believe that he was lucky enough to be fucking Deera doggy-style; as she grinded her hips back on his every thrust he, daringly, pushed a finger up her pretty brown arsehole.

"Garth!" she exclaimed but, judging from the reaction of her taut brown body, she was obviously pleased. In fact, after a minute or two of him fingering her butt, she looked back over her shoulder to breathlessly ask, "Would you like to try to fuck me there?"

In reply he pulled out of her pleasingly tight pussy and positioned his well-lubricated cock at the entrance to her bumhole. "Are your sure?" he breathed.

Deera nodded and Garth, with a violent push, thrust himself all the way up her. She screamed but continued to push her hips back against him as he continued to pound into her for another few minutes.

"I can't hold on any longer," Garth said before pulling out of her bum and turning her around so he could finish off in her willing mouth. Deera grimaced at the taste of her own arse but eagerly swallowed his cum, before both of them fell back onto the bed in shared satisfaction.

"Hmmm, lovely spunk, Garth," Deera said contentedly before they were startled at a round of applause from Lena and Simlek who had been watching in amazement.

Suddenly both Lena and Deera looked up out of the window.

"Did you feel that?" Deera asked.

"Yes, an outburst of the Craft, a few miles to the east. Come on, we have to get there quickly," Lena ordered.

"What was it?" Garth asked, getting himself dressed.

Deera answered, "It felt like a Craftswoman having an uncontrolled orgasm but there was definitely a lot of distress in there too."

Garth turned to Lena. "Was it...?"

"Yes, Garth. It's Katryn. She needs us. Let's go."

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