tagBDSMTogether Again

Together Again


She could see her own hand shaking as she reached for the car door handle. She was nervous, excited, aroused ... and so much more that she couldn't even put words to. Her black heels splashed in the puddle of rain next to the car. The cool droplets falling from above clung to her skirt and the sweater. Despite the cool temperature, she knew her cheeks were flushed when she opened the passenger door of His car.

Smiling, she slipped into the front seat, nervously crossing her legs and tugging down her skirt. He smiled at her and made her head spin. He leaned toward her and she took the cue and pressed close, hugging Him tight, somehow preventing herself from clinging. She was glad He couldn't see her close her eyes and that He couldn't hear her thoughts, the thoughts that spoke of her need for Him, for this connection, the physical connection that she often ached for.

As they pulled apart she looked up at Him and they softly kissed. She felt herself melt. A soft sigh escaped her lips. She had been thinking about this moment for two days. She cherished the moment, absorbing it, imprinting the feeling of His touch, His kiss, in her memory to be recalled later when she longed for His touch again.

She sat back in her seat, holding her own car key in her shaking hands, absently playing with the keyring. He teased her a bit about how pink her cheeks were, which of course, only made her blush another shade of red. They talked for a few minutes of seemingly trivial things and she knew He was waiting for her to relax just a bit.

"Do you like Your necklace?" He asked her with a smile.

She was wearing the gold chain He'd given her, something she treasured. Smiling, she said "i do."

And then He asked the question she'd been waiting for. "Did you wear panties?"

She looked over at Him and then lowered her eyes. "Of course not," she said quietly. He had told her one requirement of T/their meeting was that she should not wear panties ... and that she should be prepared to prove she hadn't. He stared at her until her eyes met His. He didn't say anything for a moment. She squirmed a bit in the seat and half whimpered "what?" knowing exactly what He wanted.

"You have two options little subbie. Either show Me or hand Me the panties."

"But i didn't bring them," she said, her hands still nervously toying with the keychain.

"Well then I guess 50 percent of your options just went away," He laughed.

She looked up at Him, took a deep breath, set the keys down on the console and shifted in her seat. She scooted her ass to the edge of the seat and turned herself toward her Master a bit as she pulled her skirt up around her hips and spread her legs. She felt the heat in her cheeks as she sat exposed to His gaze.

She gasped as His hand moved over her stockinged thigh and His finger pressed against her cunt. "Oh my you're wet little subbie," He said as His finger pressed between her already dripping lips and teased her. She didn't think she could blush anymore.

She tried to look up at Him but couldn't make herself. Something about being so exposed, knowing that He knew how it aroused her, knowing He could do anything to her, made her blush and tremble at the same time. She knew He sensed the struggle she was having between embarrassment and the need to please Him.

In that voice that made her world turn upside down He said her name and then "Who is your Master?"

Her eyes met His. "You are Sir," she said breathlessly as His finger continued to rub against her clit.

"Who owns you?" He asked.

"You do Sir," she whimpered as His finger pressed harder.

"Whose clit is this?" He asked as His finger flicked over her hard, aching clit.

"Yours," she whispered. His finger slid down a bit, making her breath catch and her body jolt.

"And whose cunt is this?" He asked her.

"Yours," she replied on a moan. His finger slid a bit lower still.

"And this ass, whose is it little subbie?" He asked her, watching her intently.

"Yours," she whimpered.

"And what are you willing to do for your Master?" He asked her, already knowing her reply. She didn't disappoint.

"Anything," came her whispered response.

"Are you sure little subbie? Anything? That's a big offer. What if I asked you to give me a blowjob right here in this parking lot?" He asked.

She looked up at Him. She bit back the reply she wanted to give. Her thoughts said "yes please, let me suck Your cock Master, let me taste You, let me please You." Instead, her eyes held His as she answered, "If that's what You want, yes."

"And if I wanted to count down and have you cum for Me?"

She quivered at the thought, the mere idea of His voice counting her down driving her close to climax. "If that's what You want, yes," she gasped.

He sensed her struggle to keep her eyes on His again, and told her to close them. She did so as His hand moved up and His fingers played with His clit and cunt. She began squirming in the seat as He played with her. He continued touching her, watching the need grow, fanning the flame. "5... 4..." She squirmed more with each number, her moans growing louder. "3... 2..." She could feel Him watching her even with her eyes closed. The closer He got to zero the tighter each muscle in her body got, aching for release. "3..." She whimpered as He teased her. "4..." She bit her lip to keep from pleading as His finger moved faster. "3...2" She held her breath, half expecting Him to go back up again. "1..." Her breathing became gasps as she struggled to hold on, as He tormented her by waiting. "0... cum," He commanded and she moaned and cried out, arching as she climaxed, calling His name.

His hand never stopped playing with her cunt and clit. "I want another," He told her. She obeyed and released again, offering the climax and herself to Him by calling out His name. And still He didn't stop. "Another," He commanded. He alternated between rubbing her clit and cunt and pinch her full cunt lips between His finger and thumb until she gasped. Her hips moved, pressing her against His fingers. "I want another ... now," He growled. She cried out, His name again the only word formed as she came for Him.

Just then another car pulled in the parking lot, and He asked her to sit up and open her eyes. She struggled to focus and breathe. She tugged her skirt down. As they talked and shared stories, laughing and just enjoying being together, she reached for His hand. She needed to touch, needed in some small way to share her love with Him in a tangible sense.

Just as she hadn't noticed the car arrive, she didn't notice the other car leaving because she was so focused on Him and the conversation, but He noticed. "They're gone," He said as He smiled over at her. She grinned and just looked back at Him. They waited each other out.

"And what does that mean?" she finally gave in and asked.

"I want you back the way you were and I want to continue what I was doing," He told her. She quickly slid back down in the seat, spreading her legs for Him, pulling up the skirt to display His cunt to Him.

"Who owns you little subbie?" He asked her again as His hand moved to dip into her wetness.

"You do Sir," she replied on a small sigh. He flicked a finger over her clit and then teased her cunt before His finger pressed against her ass.

"I was a bit surprised by some of the things you wrote in your email earlier this week. I didn't realize how much you enjoy this part of our play," He told her as His finger teased her ass.

She felt like she couldn't breath. Her entire body felt as if she'd shatter into a million pieces. There were no thoughts. All she heard was His voice and her own ragged breathing.

"Could you cum from this?" He asked her as His finger pressed just a bit harder.

"Yes," she quickly replied. She knew she'd even beg for it.

"Promise?" He teased her.

She was already so close to that blissful edge. "Yes," she groaned.

"Then cum," He commanded her.

She cried out, His name on her lips as her body tightened and exploded. Her hips pressing up just a bit, wiggling against His hand.

As she started to come back down, letting her breathing begin to return to normal, she felt Him shift in His seat. The moan caught in her throat as His fingers slid into her ass. She bit her lip to stifle a small scream of pleasure as He pressed them deeper and began fucking her. She had to consciously keep herself from pressing back against His hand, from fucking Him as much as He was fucking her. She writhed in the seat, whimpering as she struggled to hold back. Just when she thought she couldn't control her body any longer, He told her to cum. Her nails dug into her own palm as she came hard for Him, arching and moaning His name. He eased His fingers out as she tried to steady her breathing. "Keep your eyes closed," He told her as if reading her mind. She, of course, obeyed.

She didn't have to wait and wonder why for long. His fingers traced along her inner thigh. Gentle, soothing touches.

"Who's My little slut?" He whispered.

"i am," she sighed.

"Who's My good girl?" He asked.

"i am," she whispered.

"Yes, you are," He replied just before His open palm came down on her inner thigh. She gasped in shock and from the sting. Her body jolted. She loved that He understood how pain brought her such intense pleasure.

He alternated between gentle caresses and sharp, stinging slaps, keeping her guessing, her mind reeling. Then He moved to play with her nipple through the fabric. Pinching and tugging until she was moaning ... and then several successive slaps to her sensitive inner thigh. She wiggled in the seat, the burning sting of her thigh seemingly tied directly to the burning need in her cunt. His hand moved back to her hot, wet cunt and He commanded her to cum for Him for the final time. Her cry of "Master" seeming to echo in her own head as she released.

She slowly came back to her senses to hear Him whisper "Deep breath pet."

She sat up and pulled her skirt down, then brushed her hair from her cheeks while breathing deeply. She smiled at Him, wishing she had words to tell Him what this time together meant to her ... what He meant to her. He smiled, and she whispered the only words that mattered to her in that moment ... "i love You."

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