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Toilet Trio


In their college dorm the two teen sisters, presented a united front, standing up for each other. Both spectacularly beautiful, they triggered a lot of envy in less lovely girls, who often schemed to spite them. So they frequently needed to defend each other. But at home the sisters never ceased to bicker, always finding something to argue about, usually something petty. One morning Maggie, just out of bed and wearing panties and a little halter top, raced to the bathroom in desperate need to relieve herself. But storming in, she found her younger sister Karen seated on the toilet, her panties around her ankles, wearing a raggedy loose t-shirt.

"Hey!" Karen scowled. "Don't just barge in here. Can't you knock!"

"Hurry up, I gotta go so bad," Maggie said, clutching her lower tummy, biting her lip, hopping from one foot to the other, her need obviously very urgent, even desperate.

"Well I'm still peeing, and then I need to shit," Karen informed her sister.

"Let me just pee first when you're done peeing, then you can crap right after I finish taking a piss. I feel like I'm gonna burst."

Finished pissing, Maggie reached for some toilet paper.

"C'mon, sis, you can wipe later. Let me piss, okay? I'm dying over here."

"Oh, okay," Karen said, a little annoyed, getting up off the toilet, but not pulling her panties up, since she hadn't yet wiped her pussy dry and didn't want to soil and stain her panties.

In a flash, Maggie took her sister's place, pulling down her panties as she plopped down on the toilet seat, then immediately releasing a powerful stream. Karen stood there, watching her sister urinate.

"Wow, look at the way you're whizzing away. You're weren't kidding that you really needed to go," she said, chuckling.

"No shit," Maggie said, relieved, letting the powerful torrent turn into a stream and then a trickle. With Karen having peed, and then Maggie, without flushing between, the bathroom definitely exuded the unmistakable scent of urine. Though finished peeing, Maggie stayed seated on the toilet, straining a little now, grunting a bit.

"Hey, what are you doing! You're not trying to shit, are you? I was just about to shit. I let you pee, sis, but now you gotta give me back the toilet," Karen chided her older sister.

"Oh c'mon, Mags, I'm already on the toilet, let me crap too."

"No fucking way!" Maggie said fiercely, "that wasn't the deal. I'm sure I need to shit just as bad as you do. I let you pee, sis, but then you were supposed to let me get back on the toilet to finish up."

"Don't be a jerk, Karen, I'm already here, let me shit. It'll only take another minute," Maggie said, a little annoyed now.

"Uh uh! No way!" Karen whined, determined to reoccupy the toilet, "my turn now. First I finish what I started, and shit, then you can take your crap, Maggie."

An angry Karen reached down to grab her sister's wrist, trying to pull her up off the toilet.

"Get your hands off me, asshole!" Maggie shouted.

"You're the asshole, barging in here like you did. And I even stopped in the middle so you could whiz. And now you're trying to take advantage as usual. That's what you always do."

"Oh come on, sis, just let me crap, I'm sure you can hold it for another minute."

"If I can hold it in, then you can hold it," Karen said, tugging at her sister's wrist.

"STOP PULLING ME!" Maggie yelled.

"Then GET UP!" Karen yelled even louder.

Hearing the loud bickering, Ellen, the teens' mother soon appeared by the door. A sensual beauty of 40, it was easy to see where the two girls got their looks.

"What's going on here!?" she said sternly, "Are you two at it again?"

"She barged in, mom, while I was using the toilet"

"Well, I really needed to go so bad."

"Well so did I. I was just about shit, mom, and I was nice enough to get up so Maggie could pee first. She promised I could use it again right after she pee'd, so I could finish up and shit."

"I did not promise!"

"Liar! You did too! And then after she peed, she just stayed there and was going to take a crap before letting me take mine. I got to the toilet first."

"So what!"

"SHUT UP, you two! You can be such brats."

Then Ellen looked down at Karen.

"And what are you doing standing there with your panties around your ankles."

"Maggie didn't even let me finish wiping myself, so I didn't want to pull them up while my pussy was still wet, mom."

"I can't believe you two. It looks like I even have to supervise how you use the toilet, how you pee and shit. And you're both in college! I'd think you'd be able to develop some simple toilet habits by this time."

The two sisters looked at their mother, one standing with panties down, the other sitting on the toilet, both blushing, looking a little shame-faced.

Ellen looked her daughters over now, and had to admit to herself that they presented a rather provocative sight, young and sleek and lovely, their panties pulled down around their ankles.

"First of all, I want you to both take off your panties."

"But why, mom?" Maggie asked.

"Don't ask questions, just do what mother tells you to do," Ellen said sharply.

Both naked below the waist now, she looked them over 'down there.' Being teens, she hadn't seen them like that in a while and was pleased to discover that, like herself, they didn't shave their pubic mounds, unlike so many younger women, especially college-age girls, did these day. She was hoping that maybe they were following hers, mother's, example. But she also knew they always had an affinity for what was 'natural' so maybe that's why they, unlike their cohort, decided not to shave. In any case, and this was not so much following mother's example as taking after her genes, they both had thick, luxuriant pubic 'rugs' down there.

"So you both say you really, really need to shit. Well, let your mother determine that and see just how great your need is, or if you're just a pair of petulant whiners. I want you both to turn around and bend over, hands on your knees."

"But mom! We're not little girls anymore!" Karen balked, blushing.

"Please, just do what I ask you to do, okay!" Ellen snapped, her tone even harsher.

They did what she asked, exposing their perfect, trim, smootbottoms.

Ellen now wet a finger in her mouth, brought it between Karen's cheeks and slid the finger into her ass.

"Oh god, mom! What are you doing!" Karen squealed.

"Will you ever learn to just keep quiet and let mother do the work. You both claim you so badly need to shit. Well, I'm going in to see just how true that is."

Working her finger up through Karen's anal passage, she probed into her lower rectum. As soon as she got into the rectum itself her fingertip met resistance, a solid wall. Her daughter wasn't exaggerating, she was in fact packed inside.

"Well, honey, at least you were telling the truth," Ellen said

Now Ellen pulled out her finger to see a little brown clump on the fingertip.

"See," she said, holding up the finger, the two girls turning around, Karen blushing intensely when she saw her own crap on her mother's fingertip. But what Ellen did next truly shocked her two daughters. She was wearing an expensive couture silk blouse she had just bought, a soft vanilla color, and now she ran that shit-tipped finger across the blouse, leaving a vivid brown streak as she cleaned off her finger.

"Oh god, mom! Look what you're doing!" Maggie gasped as both hers and her sister's eyes went wide with astonishment.

Ellen said nothing, letting the girls wonder about their mother's strange proclivities.

"Now you, honey," Ellen said, wetting the finger again and this time sticking it up Maggie's ass. With Maggie she didn't even have to get as far as the rectum. An inch up into the anal passage her finger encountered the tip of a turd. She pushed the finger in further to find the tip was just the start of what seemed a large, bulky fecal mass.

"Mmmmmmh, it seems like you're even more full than your sister," Ellen purred, then pulled the finger out as the girls gazed, now fascinated by mother's outrages and happy, in a way, that her rectal probing had indeed confirmed their fullness, and their urgent need to defecate.

Ellen's finger was even dirtier than after she had pulled it out of Karen's ass, and, again, she wiped the finger off on her blouse, leaving a second, even more vivid streak, the blouse on its way to being thoroughly soiled and perhaps ruined.

"I guess you two girls really are – as you claimed - 'full of shit' " Ellen chuckled as the sisters looked at each other and blushed.

"And you, Maggie, seem to be even more full of shit that your sister. Isn't that true, dear?"

Maggie said nothing.

"I said, 'isn't that true, dear' " Ellen repeated.

"Yes, mom," Maggie whispered.

"Say it!" Ellen barked.

"I'm full of shit, mom, I'm even more full of shit than Karen."

Hearing her sister forced to mouth these words made Karen smile, then laugh, Maggie squirming in discomfort meanwhile.

Ellen now gave her younger daughter a sharp look.

"What are you laughing at? You're pretty full of shit yourself, right?"

"Right mom," Karen whispered, her voice suddenly meek.

"Right what!" Ellen demanded.

"I'm full of shit too," Karen whispered, barely audible.


Karen jumped at the tone of her mother's voice.


Ellen smiled contentedly. Her daughters had both been rather willful and even insolent lately and she liked to see them like this, humiliated into a meeker obedience, standing there like this, telling their mother how 'full of shit' they both were, in this case literally so.


Okay, Maggie, since we determined that you're more full of shit than your sister, you get to take a crap first," Ellen told her older daughter, pointing to the toilet.

Maggie shuffled to the toilet, and planted her pretty little rump on the seat as her mother and sister looked on.

"You're both going to stand there and watch me? Stare at me?"

"Of course we are, dear. I can't even add up the times I watched you shit when you were little and the number of times I wiped your dirty little ass clean. As for your sister, you were going to stay on the toilet just a few minutes ago and take your shit with her right there, isn't that correct? That's what all the ruckus was about."

"That's right," Karen added enthusiastically, "plus, sis, I wanna watch you crap. And see how much really comes out of you."

Now Maggie sat there, straining and grunting and grimacing, and then straining some more as her mother and sister awaited the results.

"God, I felt so full and really needing to go, and now I can't," Maggie confessed, looking frustrated and as though she were disappointing the onlookers.

"Oh, I thought you had to go 'so bad' sis," Karen said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Don't be mean! Be nice to your sister," Ellen chided her younger daughter. "Even though she's really full, she's having trouble getting it out. We all experience that problem sometimes."

"Thanks, mom," Maggie said, "maybe it's because you two are watching."

"Well why don't you take a break and let's see how your sister makes out."

So Maggie got up off the toilet and Karen took her place. She too grimaced and strained and grunted, but then, after a little while, there was a little 'plop.'

Karen continued to try to empty her bowels but after that initial 'plop' nothing more happened.

"I can't either, mom, just that little bit," Karen confessed, blushing.

Karen got up off the toilet and was joined by her mother and sister, all three peering into the bowl to have a look. A little brown turd sat there, looking forlorn.

"That one's about as big as your boyfriend's cock," Maggie said mockingly to her sister.

"You wish your boyfriend had a cock as big as Tommy's, creep!" Karen now snapped at her sister.

"Girls, girls! Stop it!" Ellen said, laying hands on her daughter's shoulders both, at least a half a head shorter than their tall, rather regal mother. "Please stop bickering. This all started, may I remind you, because you both badly needed to shit. So instead of continuing to behave like a pair of spiteful brats, let's see if we can make some progress. As you both just told me, you're both 'full of shit,' so our job now is to help get that shit out of you."

"God yes, I'm so full, too. I'd give anything to unload," Maggie said.

"Me too, sis," Karen added, clutching her tummy. "I wish I could shit and get all that crap out of me."

"Well, you both tried, girls. I watched as you tried. But sometimes one needs to find other solutions."

"Like what, mom?"

"I think what you girls could really use is a couple of nice, big enemas."

"Enemas, mom! Really?"

"Yes, an enema will definitely help flush you out. The both of you."

"But won't they make us feel even fuller inside?" Maggie queried.

"For a while, yes, maybe even uncomfortably so. But the problem you've having is not simple constipation, but blockage as a result of two unusually large fecal masses, big enough so you can't even get a start when you try to shit on your own."

"Well, you know best, mom," Maggie admitted.

"Yeah, I guess we need those enemas."

"Okay, well why don't you girls just sit on edge of the tub while I get everything ready and prepare your enemas."

They were about to sit when their mother stopped them.

"Wait. Let's do something else first," she said, as she opened the medicine cabinet, reaching back behind some band aids and finding what she was looking for, a box of glycerine suppositories.

"What are those?" Maggie asked.

"They're suppositories. They're inserted into the rectum and melt inside there, helping to loosen up the compacted shit. With the way you two girls are so heavily packed, suppositories themselves won't do the trick. But you might as well have them inserted while I prepare your enemas. Turn around again, girls, will you?

Obeying mother, they turned again and bent over as Ellen now inserted a suppository into each of her girl's assholes, again pulling out brown-smudged fingers, and again wiping them off on her blouse, which the girls now took rather matter-of-factly.

"Okay. sit and try to relax now as I get everything ready."

From her days working at a holistic health spa, Ellen had acquired quite a bit of enema equipment. So now she went to the chest just outside the bathroom where she kept towels and other bathroom goods, and retrieved from there two large-volume red rubber enema bags, hoses dangling from them. She hadn't used this equipment for years. She then dug deeper into the chest and found what else she was looking for, two long black rubber enema nozzles.

When she stepped back into the bathroom, the girls' eyes went wide as saucers as they gazed at the equipment their mother had brought in.

"Oh gosh, looks like we're in for quite an ordeal, mom," Maggie said.

"Yeah, but if it lets us shit out all the crap inside us, it'll be worth it."

"That's right, Karen, that's what enemas are for," Ellen said, smiling.

Next Ellen removed two towels from the hooks on which they were hanging, and hung the enema bags in their place. Then she attached the nozzles and made sure to clamp the hoses, as the sisters watched, intrigued, even a little spellbound.

Now Ellen pulled a large translucent measuring pitcher from under the sink. It had a one gallon capacity, marked off in quarts and half-quarts.

"I like to add a little of this to the water, it helps the enema have its full effect," Ellen said as she reached for the container of liquid peppermint soap and squeezed some into the pitcher. Then, testing the temperature of the water with a finger, she filled the pitcher to the 3 quart mark, shaking it a little so it would mix with the soap and turn a bit sudsy.

"Is that for both of us, mom?" Maggie asked.

"No, that's just for one of you, for one bag."

"Wow, it seems like a whole lot, how can someone take it."

"It is a lot, but you'll be surprised what your rectums, your bowels can accommodate. And Maggie, will you hold the top of the bag open so I can pour it in without spilling?"

Maggie pulled the rubber bag's mouth open as her mother carefully poured in the 3 quarts of soapy enema solution, the two sisters watching the bag bulge as it filled, amazed at how it swelled up.

Now Ellen repeated the process, adding another 3 quarts and some soap to the pitcher, and filling the second bag as Maggie held that one open.

"Ready for your enemas, girls? Ellen said with a bright smile.

The girls looked apprehensive, Karen biting her lip in a little-girl way.

"They look scary, mom," Maggie said.

"It will be something of an ordeal, girls, as I told you. But if you want to unclog all that shit that's making you feel so full and uncomfortable, then this is the best way to do it."

"Then I guess we're ready," Karen mumbled nervously, trying to sound brave.

"Okay girls, why don't you stand up and bend over, with your hands on your knees. Let me see those pretty asses," Ellen said as the sisters assumed the position.

"This is kinda embarrassing, mom," Maggie said.

"Yeah, sis, but mom said it's what we gotta do."

"That's right girls. So now let me lubricate you," Ellen said, getting a jar of petroleum jelly, scooping up a little dab with her finger, and then digging it in between Maggie's cheeks to smear over her anus and work some inside too. Then she dug in for another dab, this one for Karen's ass.

"Okay, girls, now you're ready for the nozzles and your enemas."

Then Ellen slid a nozzle into Maggie's ass, and the other into Karen's, nesting them securely in their two anal passages.

"Now I'm going to unclamp the hoses, so get ready."

She unclamped the two hoses and knew that at that moment the two enemas were beginning to gush into her two daughters' fecally clogged rectums.

"Oh god, it's really squirting inside hard, mom," Karen said.

"I can really feel it, Maggie added.

Ellen smiled to herself. If they were reacting like this already, she could only imagine how they'd react when each had taken her full three quarts. And then was told to retain and hold it inside!'.

As more and more of the enema drained down from the bags and into her daughters' clogged rectums, Ellen could see their reactions become more and more pronounced. A big enema will always do that, she knew, especially when the bowels into which it is injected are already themselves filled with a fecal mass, as were Maggie's and Karen's. The girls were breathing hard now, squirming, fine beads of sweat forming on their backs.

"God, mom, it's so intense, the way it's filling me up. I don't know how much more I can take! Maggie said.

"Me neither!" her sister retorted.

Looking up at the bag, Ellen could see that her daughters had taken maybe half of the bags, a quart and a half at most. There was at least that much still to go – for each of them.

"You're far from finished girls. If you take an enema, you need to take it properly. And I think that in this case, as in so many others, mother knows the proper way to go about it, don't you agree?"

"But we don't take enemas, we're not used to them," Maggie said, her voice a little broken.

"Oh mom, I'm starting to cramp inside!" Karen said, in a broken, breathless voice.

"Cramps are part of it, girls. I'm sure you'll survive. And remember, you not only need to take the rest of your enemas. But after you take them, you need to retain them, you need to hold them inside so they can do their work and loosen up all that crap that refuses to come out."

"Gosh, mom, I'm not sure we'll be able to."

"Of course you will, girls. Mother will insist."

"It seems impossible!" Karen added.

"Many things that seem impossible are possible, especially when they're necessary," Ellen said, "and taking your full enemas and holding them inside yourselves so they can do what they're supposed to do, is necessary."

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