This one is pure fiction for those who enjoy the pleasure of seeing their wife turned into a woman who once again enjoys sex as she had before becoming married. It’s based on the experiences of many of the men and women my wife and I came to know during our swinging days. It’s not uncommon, in fact if most husbands and wives weren’t afraid to communicate openly with each other, there would be many more tales like this – but they would be true stories just as ours were. - Earl, the oldfogey.

Seduction was Carlos Rivera’s game. He had been doing it ever since he had been old enough to realize the difference between girls and boys and enjoy the feeling of his sister’s mouth on his cock in the cramped bed they shared. She had been his first, but far from his last sexual partner. His education in the fine art of seduction hadn’t been harmed by his passage through high school when he succeeded not only in charming his female classmates with his good looks, but also some of the teachers who had then realized the hold he had on them and begged him not to tell anyone of their activities in empty classrooms.

Now, well into his twenties, and even more handsome than ever, he was certain that any female would fall victim to his charms as soon as he turned them on her. He was so sure of himself that he was beginning to be thought of as someone who was all talk by the men who surrounded him in his favorite watering hole at night. This was especially true of Tom, who had been regaled endlessly about Carlos’ conquests.

“Bullshit,” Tom exclaimed as he listened to Carlos story of his last seduction. “No one is that damn good, I don’t care how much of a cocksman he is.”

“Truth, my friend,” Carlos exclaimed, raising his right hand and looking skyward. He looked at Tom and flashed that smile that he said was his entrée into any woman’s heart –or at least her pussy, he claimed. “There isn’t any woman that can’t be had if you take your time and do it right.”

“And again I say ‘bullshit’, Carlos. I don’t think anyone is as good as you claim to be and I’m willing to put my money on it.” Reaching into his wallet, Tom pulled a twenty and slammed it down on the bar. “Put up or shut up,” he said, certain he had called Carlos’ bluff.

“And called,” Carlos laughed, matching his friend’s money. “Hey, Digger,” he called the barkeep over the din of the bar, “hold this for us, just a friendly little bet. One or the other of us will tell you to pay off in a….. month?” He looked questioningly at Tom, who smiled agreement. “Now, who’s it going to be?” he asked his buddy. “Obviously it has to be someone we both know and can get close enough to know it’s happening. How are we going to get around that?”

“I’ll make it easy for you,” Tom laughed. “Make it Sharon. She already knows you, and I don’t think any guy could fuck her in a thousand years unless she wanted them too. I doubt you’ll get to second base with her.”

Carlos gave his friend a worried look. “Fine by me, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship over a piece of ass. Are you sure you can handle me screwing her?”

“I don’t think I have a worry in the world,” Tom laughed again, then, lowering his voice so only Carlos could hear him, he continued, “but I hope you do, I’d love to know someone is fucking her on the side or that she cheats on me.”

Carlos, Tom and Sharon were a frequent threesome in the party crowd, but Carlos, respecting Tom, had never pushed Sharon. His mouth watered as he though of taking that luscious hunk of female to bed. It would be a challenge, but he knew he was up to it. He just hoped that Tom really meant what he said about wanting other men to fuck her. He knew several guys who would love to do just that. First though, he realized, he had to get her used to him as something other than a friend and he began laying his plans carefully.

Tom had agreed to give him a free hand as long as Carlos reported back to him, and to make it as easy as possible for Carlos to get next to her without raising suspicion about his intentions. So, the following Friday night when a threesome at the movies had already been planned, Carlos wasn’t surprised that Tom “didn’t feel well,” but insisted that Carlos and Sharon go ahead on their own.

Sharon agreed although a little reluctantly, just as Tom had expected. It was just the start Carlos had hoped for. The darkness of the movie theater couldn’t prevent Carlos from almost drooling as he studied Sharon from the corner of his eye. “What a set of knockers!” he though to himself. “I’ll bet she would love to have those lovelies sucked and squeezed.” Without even another thought he put his arm over Sharon’s seat back, but carefully avoiding touching her.

Sharon looked at her escort, a little surprised at the move. She was reassured by the fact Carlos wasn’t even looking at her, seemingly engrossed in the movie. She shut it out of her mind. Carlos had never made any advances on her and she always felt safe around him, despite his reputation as a ladies man other women giggled over at the club. Even a few moments later, when she felt the touch of his fingers on her shoulder, she didn’t fear anything. Looking over to him she saw he was no longer watching the movie. In fact, it looked like he was ASLEEP. She nudged him slightly with her elbow, but to no avail except that his head fell on her other shoulder. Sharon wasn’t surprised, both Tom and Carlos had told her that it had been a rough week and all the early mornings were catching up with them, but they had insisted that the movie Sharon wanted to see was still in their plans.

Nothing untoward happened during the rest of the movie, which Sharon really enjoyed. She made no move to wake Carlos although his hand kept sliding off the seat back and now rested on the swell of her breast. He woke as soon as the theme music reached a crescendo and came fully awake as the credits began rolling. He straightened up but didn’t move his hand. Sharon didn’t mind, she found it almost comforting.

“Sorry about that,” Carlos said ruefully as he stood up. “Guess I didn’t know how tired I was. I hope you enjoyed the movie, I’m sorry I was such a party pooper.”

Sharon laughed. “I really did, and you looked like you were enjoying yourself, so I thought I’d just let you sleep.”

“Thanks,” Carlos replied, giving her his 24 carat smile. “I was having some wonderful dreams.”

“Apparently,” Sharon smiled, remembering how at the very last she felt Carlos’ fingers pressing provocatively into the flesh of her breast, a feeling she enjoyed, although from an unusual source. Until now, and since the brief fling with the mailman before moving to this base, Tom had been the only one touching her breasts since her college days. She shuddered slightly as she thought of how that week of intense sex, while Tom was gone, had been with Leif. The memory of it caused that tingling in her pussy that told her she needed her man – now!

Little was said between them as Carlos drove Sharon home, but there was an unusual energy, almost a sexual heat in the car and Sharon found herself staring at Carlos profile as he drove the few miles back to the base. “No,” she kept saying to herself, realizing that she was beginning to think erotically again, the same thing that had gotten her bedded by Leif the first time and which she had sworn to herself she would never do again. But the fire was still there, banked but still capable of instant combustion. Carlos’ good looks didn’t help a bit, and it was almost a relief when they reached the doorway of Tom and Sharon’s home.

“Thanks for an enjoyable evening,” Sharon started, just before Carlos’ lips touched her cheek.

“No, thank you!” Carlos said. “Tom is really one lucky guy and it certainly was my pleasure to have you with me.” The 24 karat smile was working overtime as he backed away, took her hand, kissed it and started the short walk to his car.

Sharon was dumbfounded. With the touch of his lips and the pleasure of his company Carlos had wormed his way into her life as effectively as if he had intended it. She couldn’t believe how easily he had caused her to think of him as a sexual being. It wasn’t hard to understand why other women were giggling like school girls over him. She felt the warmth of the blush on her face as she considered what little had happened tonight, and the effect it had on her. She stood outside the door of their home longer than necessary, trying to rationalize her thoughts.

Carlos, on the other hand, knew exactly what he had done and the effect it had had on Sharon. “Um-m-m,” he thought to himself, “That’s going to be a great fuck!” Unlocking the door to his bachelor pad, he thought about calling Tom and telling him that the seduction of his wife was underway, but then halted his thoughts in that direction. “He’ll know soon enough,” he said aloud as he began taking off his clothes and preparing for his shower. He smiled as he caught a glimpse of his slightly swollen cock in the bathroom mirror. “Soon enough,” he laughed.

“Did you have fun?” Tom asked his wife as she prepared for bed. He was already tucked in, waiting for her to join him.

“Un hunh,” Sharon nodded, finishing the final strokes of the hair brush through her long brown locks. “Are you feeling better?”

“Much,” Tom smiled, sliding over closer to his side of the bed as his wife lowered herself to a reclining position next to him. His cock formed a tent beneath the covers. He suspected that his wife had more to tell him about tonight, but he didn’t intend to question her. Instead he pulled her next to him and began kissing her, letting his hands trail over her soft belly, caressing her gently, working his way to those lovely full breasts.

Sharon knew what to expect. It had been that way ever since her encounter with Leif, although she didn’t know Tom was aware of those incidents. He had become more interested in sex, wanting her often and sometimes taking her when she hadn’t even expected it. Tonight was going to be the same she realized as she kissed her husband and let her own hand drift down to his rampant hard-on. She wanted it tonight. Carlos warmth beside her all night and the lingering memory of his touch made her hungry for sex and that hunger was going to be her gift to Tom tonight.

Three hours later Tom arched his back and grunted as his wife clawed at him. In the midst of her own orgasm, she always welcomed the load of hot cum that poured into her now. He rolled off her belly and lay back with a sigh.

“That was great, honey,” he whispered in his wife’s ear. “I swear you get sexier every day.” His hand slowly moved to his wife’s crotch. He could feel the wetness of her slowly oozing from that beautiful pussy. He massaged the creamy smoothness of the still warm cum into her slight pussy pelt, wondering if tonight had been the night when Carlos fucked her. He didn’t think so, she hadn’t been as juicy as she had been when Leif had fucked her before, but she was obviously ready for him and had apparently enjoyed it as much as he.

“For me too,” she whispered back. And she meant it. Tom always satisfied her and she couldn’t understand his insistence that she have other men. Sharon lay basking in the afterglow of the sensual experience. Unbidden, the question crossed her mind about how it would have felt to have a load of Carlos’ cum in her satisfied cunt. Despite the fact that she had just been thoroughly fucked, she remembered that magic tingle that came when a stranger’s cock was giving her that satisfaction. It was then she realized that, as much as she protested not wanting another man to fuck her, she had enjoyed it. The thoughts were still flowing through her mind as she went to sleep.

Her dreams were filled with lust, the thoughts of the many men who had filled her cunt with their cum in college, and of Leif – of the magic mouth, who had demonstrated the satisfaction that mutual oral sex could provide. She dreamed of Carlos, and how she wanted to see his head between her thighs and feel his tongue entering her. It gave her the wet dream that ended her night of sleepy bliss.

Day Five

Sharon was face down on the blanket covered floor of their home, with Carlos sitting atop her, kneading the muscles of her back as Tom watched.

“I wish I knew how to do that,” Tom lied. “Sharon gets these kinks in her back and only a deep massage will get them out. I appreciate you doing it for her,” he said, watching Carlos’ hands moving slowly over Sharon’s body, creeping closer and close to the fullness of her breasts, flattened and spilling out the sides of her bikini top. He kept his legs crossed, hiding his erection, as he watched his friend continue his skillful seduction of his wife.

“I could teach you,” Carlos volunteered, knowing that Tom hadn’t the slightest interest in getting Carlos’ hands off his wife’s body.

Tom laughed, “No, I don’t think I could ever get it right, especially when I have a buddy who knows the technique that works every time. And look at Sharon, she loves it!”

His wife opened her eyes, smiled and stuck her tongue out at her husband whose nonchalant attitude about Carlos massaging her back in the skimpy bikini had been a factor in their friendship for almost as long as they had known him. It had started when they were at the pool. Tom had been swimming and Sharon had been sunbathing. She felt the heat increasing on her back and asked Tom to put some sun-tan lotion on her. He had been too far to hear her request, but Carlos, only a few feet away in a deck chair had volunteered. There had been nothing sexual about it – that time, but Sharon knew from the bulge in his briefs that he was enjoying it. Tom had never protested, only smiled and continued his own activities, leaving Carlos to enjoy the feeling of that soft, vulnerable body each time from then on. The backrubs were a new thing, beginning just a few weeks ago when she had pulled a muscle in her back while gardening. Carlos had volunteered to work the spasm out. Now, every time Sharon felt the twinge and complained, Tom called Carlos.

Carlos stroked her back with long, slow motions, working his way closer and closer to the flesh of Sharon’s breasts. “Just the way I’ll fuck her,” he thought to himself, “A nice, long, slow, screw, just like the others, but even more enjoyable.” His thoughts made him smile and he looked up to see Tom wink at him and nod when Sharon couldn’t see it. Tom knew he was going for those tits, and he was telling him to go for it, right here and right now, right in front of him.

Carlos obliged, his next full length stroke sliding over the sides of Sharon’s breasts then immediately retreating, only to be repeated several time.

“M-m-m, that was great!” Sharon said, pushing herself up and forcing Carlos to stand. It had been great, but Sharon realized that Carlos’ hands were getting too interested in her breasts and decided to end it before she succumbed to the fever building in her. She could already feel the dampness in her bikini bottoms caused by the erotic sensations Carlos stirred. She also could see the bulge building in his crotch and licked her lips as she though of what it would be like to feel that in her mouth and her pussy. She had been fighting the desire to have him unfasten her top, turn her over and stroke her breasts – but not with Tom watching. She still wasn’t sure that she would ever fuck another man outside of her marriage, despite Tom’s consistent encouragement to do so. The parting with Leif had been too hard, and she didn’t want Tom to know of that affair. She was still afraid that would strain their marriage to the point she could lose him and she didn’t want that. And now this – She knew Carlos would have her if he could, and she even thought frequently about how it would feel to have his thick cock in her pussy, but she had resisted it so far and intended to continue to do so.

Day Twelve

Avoiding Carlos was becoming more difficult than Sharon has expected, for two very good reasons. Tom was gone on one of his usual trips and not due back for three more days. The second was even more disturbing. She was horny.

Sharon had always needed sex. It was one of the prime reasons she had married. Tom kept the fires burning more so than most of the husband’s whose wives’ stories she had to endure at the beauty shop. She gathered that anything more than five minutes once a week would have been a surprise to most of those women. It was no wonder that they were ripe for a man who took his time, arousing them mentally as well as physically, could have any of them he wanted.

That wasn’t her problem though, she mused. Regardless of how good Tom was as a lover, she was in a state of constant arousal. She had been since she was old enough to experience her first orgasm with her fingers twisting and stroking in her pussy and over her clit. She remembered her first time, in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car and smiled to herself as she thought of how easily all the old wives’ tales had been wiped out with that first skinny dick punching its way through her hymen. The experience after that – ah, that’s what she remembered most. College had been a sexual smorgasbord and she had sampled as many as she could, as often as she could.

“Damn!” she said to herself. This wasn’t helping a bit. Housecleaning had been done over and over. There wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. She had mended everything with even a loose thread and read until her eyes couldn’t take it anymore. She jumped up and began pacing. “Got to get out of this place,” she said grabbing her keys and heading out the door.

Where she was going, she really didn’t know. She knew she couldn’t go far, since one of the things she intended to do was have a few drinks. She hoped that would help her forget the loneliness. She almost missed the low-slung bar room with its back parking lot full of cars. There were almost no lights showing. It looked like just the kind of place she had been hunting – busy, out of the way and nice and dark. She pulled in and parked with the other hundred plus cars in the back.

Walking in, she had been surprised by the din and the cloud of smoke that almost engulfed her. She waved her hand from side to side, trying to see through the mix of smoke and overcome the smell of stale beer. It was standing room only at the bar, so she took one of the few booths left at the back flowed by a trail of wolf whistles and a couple of reaching hands.. A waitress clad in only the scantiest of outfits sauntered over, laughing as she ducked the groping hands and leers of at least ten single guys with twists of her body a quarterback would have envied, and asked what she would have.

“Vodka collins,“ Sharon managed to make the waitress understand over the sound of the country and western band that was busy belting out the old belly rubbing tunes that were the perpetual favorites in places like this. She looked around the dimly lit room as she waited for her drink. It looked like it was about four to one odds of men to women. Even at that the small dance floor was crowded with slowly moving couples. It was a noisy but apparently fun-loving crowd. As she continued her inspection the waitress brought her drink and leaning forward said, “Be careful, honey. These guys are only hunting for one thing and I can tell you, you look like a steak to a starving man to them.” The low cut top she wore gave Sharon a good view of breasts that would have been a favorite on some TV show. Her gaze was understood by the waitress too, who seemed to spend a little longer than normal in a position that exposed the warm flesh almost to the aurealas. She could see Sharon staring before she winked and sauntered off, still easily fending off the greedily reaching hands.

Sharon let her eyes continue to roam as she nursed her drink. She thought about what the waitress had said, but didn’t consider it threatening. She didn’t think she was dressed too provocatively, just the outfit she usually wore when she and Tom were out together, consisting of a soft silk shirt and mid-thigh length skirt. She hadn’t taken the time to put on nylons, although she had on her high-heeled pumps. All in all, she felt quite conservatively dressed considering what the other women here wore or didn’t wear. She smiled as she watched three men a few tables away playing ‘keep away’ with a laughing woman industriously trying to recover her pink panties they were tossing back and forth among them. Sharon knew she was in the right place and, after all, she was only going out long enough to get rid of the cabin fever that was starting to close in on her, she told herself.

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