Still, Sharon, dressed as she was, was a sight for wandering eyes. The soft material of her shirt barely hid the fullness of her DD cup breasts. She often didn’t wear a bra around the house – Tom liked to see her breasts moving beneath her clothing - and she hadn’t considered one before she left. Her long brown hair fell to her shoulders and framed a face as lovely as the picture Tom kept with him always. Long legs and full hips custom designed for love-making added to her beauty.

Two men were drinking in that beauty. ‘Sandy’ Saldovar and Ramon Martinez had been there since the bar opened that morning and, although well lubricated, they weren’t drunk.

“Look at that!” Sandy elbowed his friend who was studying a blonde nearby. Ramon turned just in time to see the flash of Sharon’s legs before she could pull them into the booth. Both men were staring at her from several tables distance and knew that she wasn’t aware of them or didn’t care. They watched as Hilda, the barmaid, took the brunette’s order. Ramon turned to his friend and laughed as he made the usual joke about how he wanted to put his face in between Hilda’s breasts and spend the night inhaling her, but Sandy had an idea that doing the same thing – and a lot more - to Sharon would be even more delightful.

As they watched, Sharon was approached by several men. She danced with some and smilingly turned down others. They watched her closely and noticed that some she allowed to hold her close, close enough that the movement of their hands over her breasts was not noticeable to some. Others got a hand beneath her short skirt and in one flashing moment Sandy saw she was either wearing nothing beneath her skirt or only the scantiest of almost transparent, flesh colored panties.

Hurriedly, he beckoned Hilda over and ordered a drink “for the lady over there in the booth,” motioning toward Sharon. He watched as it was delivered and Hilda bent forward to tell her by whom it had been sent. She smiled and lifted her glass, acknowledging Sandy’s beaming smile and own lifted glass, before turning back to watch the dance floor again.

“I’ve got to try for some of that,” Sandy told his friend, pushing his chair back and standing up. Lazily he sauntered over to the booth in which Sharon sat. She looked up as he approached.

“Would you mind if I joined you for a moment,” Sandy asked her politely. “I was hoping we could share a dance.”

Sharon eyed the tall, rangy frame of the man standing at the end of the table. He was good looking and she had seen him dancing with other women. He looked harmless, although she wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t. His were the classic Latino looks she found herself attracted to in Carlos. She accepted with alacrity.

“Sure, why not?” she replied and took Sandy’s offered hand to assist her from the booth. He didn’t drop it when she stood beside him, at least six inches shorter than he, and she liked that.

Sandy led her to the dance floor. The band was just starting a new Hank Williams tune that was perfect for what he had in mind. “It’s pretty crowded,” he said into her ear as he pulled her close, “Let’s get into the center where we won’t be jostled quite as much.”

The way he said it sounded sensible to Sharon. She wasn’t aware that more than one woman had lost her inhibitions and found true lust instead in that spot of dance floor, shielded from the view of other patrons by the milling crowd.

Sandy couldn’t believe his luck. This woman was build like a brick-shithouse, and she was all his in the middle of the throng. At first he played it cool, letting his hand move down to the swell of her good-looking ass while his other hand pressed against the swell of her breast. It got even more interesting almost immediately. He could feel her nipple beneath the back of his hand. Moving it from side to side to see what effect it would have on her, he saw no sign of resistance. In fact she looked up at him and smiled as if she too was enjoying his clandestine groping.

And Sharon was. From the very instant she had seen Sandy, she knew she wanted to fuck him. He got the message immediately as she pulled his left hand to her breast and didn’t say anything as his right went from around her waist to the curve of her ass. His eyes lit up like a pin-ball machine and she knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Sandy was in hog-heaven. Before the first song ended, he had his hand inside her shirt on a bare, hard-nippled breast, and his other hand beneath her skirt on the warm softness of her naked ass. He pulled her closer as the second song began and felt her thrusting her lower body against his crotch. The disparity in size prevented her from feeling more than the seven inches of hardness against her belly, but it didn’t slow down his exploration of that lovely chest and those thrusting nipples.

“I’m getting awfully warm,” Sharon said softly as Sandy’s explorations and kisses began getting even more explicit. “Why don’t we go outside for a while and cool off?” Cooling off was the last thing she really wanted, which was to get hotter as she felt this lovely cock pressed against her enter her pussy while she fed her tits to that warm mouth

Sandy almost ran from the club, as a laughing Sharon was almost dragged by her new friend to a car very near the woods and in one of the darkest parts of the parking lot. The lot was full, and this early in the evening there was very little foot traffic through the lot so, reluctantly she allowed Sandy to push her into the back seat and close the door. She usually didn’t like to fuck anyone in a car, especially when there were much more comfortable places to do it, but she also didn’t want to risk anyone seeing her at home with another man while Tom was gone. Carlos’ visits were okay. Everyone had seen Tom, she and Carlos together, but strange men are usually the source of gossip among wives.

Sandy had his pants down almost immediately and Sharon’s skirt up, baring that almost bare mound that was exuding the loveliest of aromas – a woman in heat! He began by opening her shirt and sucking on the full nipples that stood almost a half inch high from the fullness of her breasts. He felt her squirming as he sucked and squeezed the one held to his mouth by Sharon He lightly bit and tugged on the engorged nipples as he pulled at the breast teased by his hand and his suctioning mouth. His right hand cupped her pussy, as his fingers pushed slowly between her swollen, wet pussy lips, past the entrance to her vagina and deep into her cunt, stroking the spot where her ‘G’ spot waited for his touch as his thumb rolled her clit. He heard her gasp and felt her wetness increase as he gave her the orgasm she had needed ever since Tom left.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, reaching down to grasp Sandy’s cock which was leaving a trail of pre-cum on the inside of her thighs, rising and falling with his passions.

“Not yet,” he managed to say, kissing his way down her belly. His tongue reamed her belly button and lapped at her sparsely covered mound, but it was only when he got to her clit that he stopped. Lovingly he spread her cunt lips, and covered it with his mouth. At first he could only suck it until it reached its full half-inch length and was not longer protected by its tiny little hood. When it finally reached full engorgement though, it was a different story. Sandy treated it like a new toy, sucking and gently nipping it, pulling on it with pursed lips, running his lips up and down its length as though it was a miniature penis getting a blowjob. With one hand grasping her swollen boob, he used the other to run his long middle finger deep into Sharon’s tight love channel, adding another finger as soon as her pussy opened more.

Sharon went wild with uncontained lust. No one, not her college boyfriends, Tom or even Leif had ever eaten her pussy like this! She thought she would never stop cumming, but the after-shocks piled up, one after the other, driving her to the edge of consciousness as Sandy’s educated tongue and tight lips drove her from one to the other. Her hips pumped wildly, trying to drive his fingers further into her inflamed pussy while holding his head to that hungry twat.

The sound of the car door opening and the dome light coming on couldn’t distract her from Sandy’s ministrations. Above her own gasps and the squeaking seat springs, she recognized Ramon’s voice as he asked his friend if he could join them.

Sandy didn’t hesitate, inviting his buddy Ramon to add his own efforts to the bucking female beneath him. His face glistened from the copious cunt cream as he laughingly told Ramon to get his dick in her mouth while he fucked her. “This is some prime pussy, man!”

Ramon was quick to oblige. Unbuckling his belt and pulling his trousers and shorts down as a single garment, he steered his swollen cock down to the hungry woman’s mouth. Even he was surprised at how readily she inhaled his seven inch plus length, as though she had been sucking dick all her life. Immediately he was fucking that lovely face and hot mouth, holding his position by holding on to one of Sharon’s tits while his friend pulled Sharon’s legs apart and slid his own gift into her steaming pussy.

“Oh, damn” Sharon managed to gasp out around the dick filling her mouth and angling down now to press into her throat, “this feels so good! Fuck me hard, I want your cum in my pussy!” Her legs wrapped tightly around Sandy’s pistoning ass and she pulled him deeper with both hands as he bored his way to the deepest part of her vagina, triggering orgasm after orgasm, relentlessly pounding her crotch. She felt the bulging head of his cock pressed tightly against her cervix and knew he could be giving her a baby with this welcome tool of his, but she didn’t care right now. All she knew was that he was scratching the itch that had been festering ever since Leif had done the job the first time almost two years ago. It had been too long. All she wanted now was cock, lots of cock, and she didn’t care where her partners put it!

Ramon groaned with pleasure as the shapely brunette’s mouth and tongue struck the right chord and he felt the hot load of cum thrusting up through his rigid cock to blast her tonsils. He felt here suctioning mouth taking all he had and begging for more as she too fell into that marvelous pit of orgasmic bliss when Sandy, his lust peaked by the sight of Sharon swallowing Ramon’s hot cum, blew his own wad into the farthest reaches of her cunt.

“That was great,” Sharon managed to groan as her two partners’ cocks slowly diminished within her. The smiled as Sandy uncoupled from her. “I could go for a lot more of that.” She hinted.

“Sorry, babe,” Sandy replied earnestly, “but the pot is empty. Maybe if you come back tomorrow night we can do it again.”

Sharon giggled as she tried to pull her skirt back up around her waist and felt Ramon gratefully tucking her still swollen boobs back into her shirt almost worshipfully. “I’d love to,” she said, “but I never know what tomorrow will bring.”

“How about your phone number?” Sandy coaxed, not wanting to lose contact with this lovely piece of fluff.

“How about yours instead?” Sharon countered. “I don’t think my husband would like the idea of you calling me and telling him you wanted to come over and fuck me……regardless of how much I’d love for you to do it.”

“Me too?” Ramon asked, not wanting to be left out in the cold.

“Sure, honey, I’d love to gobble that sweet thing again.”

With the main event over, a refreshed and completely happy Sharon left her two partners standing in the parking lot as she drove away, headed for home. She was humming as she drove, thinking of the pleasure she had just found and wondering, idly, if it could be this good with all the guys she met. Her encounter with Leif had been the trigger to her reawakened interest in sex, and now these two…… She found her thoughts moving to Carlos and then considered it. After all, she couldn’t be doing anything too bad. Tom had wanted her to fuck other men and, even though he wasn’t around to approve, she had to practice, didn’t she? Her mouth curved in a smile as she realized that she was going to enjoy Carlos little petting sessions a lot more from now on, even if Tom was close.

Day Fifteen

“Hurry, honey, or we’re going to be late,” Tom chided her, looking at his watch for the fifth time in as many minutes. He knew that Sharon was putting on the last of her makeup and the result would be worth it, but he also knew that his friend Carlos would be champing at the bit. He had told Tom of his increasing success with Sharon and that he thought she was about to tumble, but Tom just laughed.

When he had told Carlos about the new place he had found, Carlos was all for it. He knew he was close and wanted badly to win this bet. Not for the money. No, it was much more than that. He had been wanting Sharon since the first time he saw her and now that she was in reach, with Tom’s blessing, he couldn’t wait!

That Night


“I wonder if he can get her. Damn, she’s looking good and HOT. I can’t believe that she hasn’t taken me up on the chance to fuck someone yet. What do I have to do, push their dick in her mouth?”

I watched as Carlos led her around the dance floor. “Look at all those other guys staring, they know she’s hot, and the way she’s pushing her cunt against his leg, Carlos has to be pushing his dick right up to her belly. There’s no way she can’t see that he wants her, and I think she wants him.” I watched as Carlos and Sharon disappeared into the middle of the melee on the floor, still thinking about what Carlos had told me.

“I’m going to get her this week,” he said smugly. “I can hardly wait to get her alone. I know she’ll do it, it’s just a matter of having her with me at the right time and place.”

I had laughed at that. So far Carlos had only managed to feel her up a little, nothing serious, and nothing like what I hoped would happen. Tonight could be different though, I thought to myself. That’s the shortest skirt she’s ever worn. I can damn near see her pussy when she sits down and he has his hands all over her ass. She doesn’t seem to be objecting, but I still think the only way he’ll get her will be alone and that means I won’t be able to see him do her.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t see the two of them leave through the back door of the club. It wasn’t until almost an hour later that I saw them coming back to the booth where we were sitting.

Carlos had a smug look on his face, so I knew I’d have to manufacture a reason for the two of us to be together long enough to talk about why he looked so much like the cat with a mouthful of canary feathers.

“Hey, Sandy, isn’t that Darlene over there at the bar?” I said, pointing to a woman we both knew who was reputed to be one of the biggest sluts in our neighborhood. “Didn’t you say you wanted to talk to her about our party next week?”

She turned her head and looked where I was pointing, nodded her head and told me that I was right, she needed to talk to her. She got up, taking her tiny handbag with her. I knew then that it would take her at least 20 minutes to come back. Women are like that. As soon as two of them get together and start talking, both invariably have to go to the bathroom together. Sharon was no exception.

I watched her as she slid out of the booth. So did Carlos and his gaze was more of a leer. The fabric of her blouse pulled tightly across those lovely DD jugs of hers and made her nipples press hard against the thin cloth. I could see the perfectly round smudge of darker flesh around them, even in this dim light before the strain on the blouse relaxed and hid them once again. I sighed, thinking about how lucky I was to have one of the sexiest women I’ve ever known as my wife. Now if I could just get her to enjoy fucking other men, I’d really have something going!

“Okay, spill it,” I told Carlos as we both watched Sharon ankling away, that cute little ass swinging from side to side like ….. I didn’t know how to describe it, but I saw it was attracting lots of male attention as usual. I sighed.

“I got her out in the parking lot in the car,” he told me, “and she sucked my dick while I finger fucked her.” He was grinning like a fox now, shaking his fingers in the Latino gesture of something sensational. “Damn, she’s even hotter than I thought. She has a mouth like a vacuum cleaner. She swallowed everything I gave her, took my hand and put it in her blouse so I could feel her tits while she sucked me off. She wanted to fuck, but I told her that we didn’t have time to have any real fun. That’s when she told me that I should come over tomorrow night while you’re at that meeting.”

“But you know the meeting was cancelled,” I reminded him. “I haven’t told her yet. I was planning on an early pussy party.” Carlos was well aware of my tendency to get home, take a shower, then pester her for some of that sweet pussy for hours before we went to sleep.

“Perfect,” Carlos said, leaning forward until he could talk in a whisper, even above the din in this place. “Why don’t you leave, like you were going to the meeting, and tell her that you’ll be gone for two or three hours. You can drive around the corner, come back to your house, come into the basement and listen to what goes on while you’re gone. I’ll bet you another twenty that she calls me before you’re gone for more than five minutes.

“I don’t think I’ll take that bet,” I laughed. “Judging from the way she was plastered all over you and what you just told me, I think I’m about to lose the first bet – at least I hope so.”

The Next Day

The next day was far too long to suit me. I came home just long enough to eat, then told Sharon I would be going to the meeting and expected to be home at about 9 or 10.

“Don’t wait up for me if you get sleepy,” I told her knowing her habit of watching TV while I was away and dozing on the couch. “Go on to bed, and we’ll have some fun when I get home.” I told her with a leer. I wanted her to have a reason to have the bed mussed, and that seemed like the perfect way for her to account for it.

I left her with a kiss, drove around the block and parked on the street. It didn’t take me more than five minutes to get back around to our house, go to the back and start into the basement. As I got to the entryway though, I noticed that there was a gap between the curtains in our bedroom that allowed me to see in yet be out of the light spilling out around one side. I could see Sharon, pacing back and forth, obviously waiting for Carlos to appear. We had barely had time to discuss the situation on the phone today, but he told me that the last time he and Sharon had danced together, she had told him to come over, not to wait for her to call. “If the car is gone,” she had said, “come on in. I’ll be waiting.”

And she was. My lovely bride was now adjusting the bustier she wore, pushing her tits up higher until I could see the top of her nipples standing high in the cups. One hand trailed lower, until her thumb was moving over the crotch fastening. I could see she was aroused and hoped Carlos would be there soon.

He didn’t disappoint her. I watched her leave the bedroom as the doorbell rang, announcing her lover’s arrival. I could feel my dick swelling as I realized I was about to see something I had wanted to happen for years through this vantage point. I only regretted not being able to hear what was being said. Then I realized that the intercom we had installed when we bought the house was just inside the door of the basement and that there was enough wire connecting it that I could bring it to me and listen too.

I ducked down into the basement and almost wrenched the speaker off the wall, turning it on and adjusting the volume before returning to my vantage point. At first all I could hear were muffled voices. I realized that they were still in the living room, but walking down the hall to our bedroom.

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