Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 06


Tommy started to enjoy it. This was obviously for him. They didn't have time for sex in here, so Vicki was sucking him off. He felt like there was no need to hold back, he could concentrate on what she was doing, enjoy it, and just cum whenever he wanted, as soon as possible in fact, with no regard for her this time.

She was now sinking all the way to the base. The head of his cock was utilising several inches of her throat, and she'd had to shift her stance to allow it.

Every third or fourth stroke she held herself down, keeping his cock deep for a beat or two, swallowing and causing her throat to caress the inches lodged inside.

"Tommy?" his Mum asked. The shop assistant was nothing compared to this.

Unbelievably, Vicki just kept on sucking on his cock.

Remembering his troubled voice earlier, he struggled to clear his throat and try to sound normal and level this time, "Yes Mum?"

"Have you seen Mrs Cherry? I can't find her in the store."

'That's because she's in here going to town, sucking and slurping on my great big, hardened, pussy-pounder Mum,' was what he didn't say. He needed a reason for her to be gone.

"I think she said she was going to dick into another store for a moment," he said, hoping he sounded normal.

Did he just say 'dick into another store', Amy wondered to herself. Obviously he meant duck. Why would he casually swear like that? He'd never had a foul mouth before. She thought back to the morning she'd caught him jerking off, so long ago now. She found it was never too far from her mind. It had been so, so long since she'd seen one in the flesh, one that wasn't plastic or rubber, or a digital image anyway. Tommy sounded a little strained as well.

"Is everything alright honey?" she asked.

"I'm just getting changed Mum," he said, hoping that she'd leave him alone.

Vicki must have nipped out to visit another store quickly.

"Did Mrs Cherry say which store?" she asked.

'For crying out loud Mum, can't you leave me alone so I can shoot my load down Vicki's throat already,' was another thing Tommy decided not to say.

"No, but she said she'd be back soon," he said. He needed a reason for her to go, "I'll be out in a minute Mum."

"Okay then," she said, before he heard her walk away.

Tommy felt wired, thrilled, electrified. He'd nearly been caught twice.

He looked down at Vicki, who'd slowed her efforts and was now staring into his eyes.

He put his hands back on her head and started thrusting his hips, pulling on her head as well.

What he was doing was wrong, it was savage, too much, but he couldn't help it. He was skull fucking Vicki like there was no tomorrow. He needed to nut, shoot his load now, before any further interruptions or discoveries.

The danger of being caught had energised the whole situation, and before he knew it he was dumping his sizable load of batter down Vicki's throat.

He continued pumping his hips, filling Vicki's mouth with jizz, forcing her to swallow, loud enough that if the shop assistant or his Mum had been standing there, they'd had to have heard.

He didn't count his ejaculations, but there'd been at least half a dozen, maybe even double that.

He slowly sank down to the small bench and sat there.

"Sorry," he whispered, looking at the thin film of cum that covered her lips. She'd managed to swallow the majority of his cream, but there was a bit of residue around her lips and coating Tommy's tool.

Vicki remained on her knees in a bit of a daze. It wasn't the first time she'd been so savagely taken orally, but it had been a while. It had been her fault too. She'd come into the change room looking to do something dangerous and exciting, and she'd put Tommy in a position he wasn't prepared for. She licked her lips, cleaning them, and savouring the sweet taste of his cum. Youth and a clean diet were certainly doing wonders for the taste of his semen.

"That's ok," she whispered back, before leaning forward and making quick, efficient work of cleaning his cock.

Tommy watched her work, and thought to himself just how amazingly sexual she was.

Finishing, she told him quietly, "Ok, now go out there and lead your Mum to another store. I'll clean myself up and get out of here."


Tommy hurriedly pulled his clothes back on, struggling and fighting to do it quickly and effectively and then left the change rooms. His Mum was looking through some slacks.

"Okay, I'm done here Mum."

"What do you mean? You didn't even show us those last items?"

Damn. "Oh... ah... none of them really fit," he said. Stupid, she'll suggest other sizes. Think faster, better, don't be an idiot.

"Well, let's try another size then," she said, going back to the other racks.

He had to get them out of here to cover for Vicki.

"Nope, I'm going over to that store to have a look," he said before pointing and walking towards the door, hoping she'd follow.

"Tommy? What's wrong with you?" she asked, before following him out.

Success, he thought. Sure, he was being a bit rude, but he'd covered for Vicki.

There was something strange going on, Amy thought, Tommy was definitely acting weird. It was almost rude. He wasn't behaving like the boy she'd raised and loved every day for the last 19 years. She watched him march across to the other store and start looking through the racks. She took one last look back at the last store and then followed after Tommy.

Vicki straightened her clothes and flipped her hair around, trying to get it to hang naturally again. Quickly, she touched up her lip gloss using the mirror in the booth. She then left the booth and stood beside the entryway to the changing area, peeking out. She witnessed and heard the exchange between Tommy and his Mum, it wasn't perfect, but it got the job done. She had to duck back when she saw Amy look back. She waited a moment and was about to step out when the young shop assistant walked in, bumping into her.

"Oh! Sorry. I didn't know anyone was back here," she said. "I was just coming to check the stalls for clothes after..."

Vicki watched the girl's face slowly work through her thoughts before coming to the realisation that Vicki had been in there along with the young man she'd seen. She knew the girl had heard Tommy call Amy his Mum as well. Vicki's mind started to think of excuses, scenarios, potential escape routes, anything she could use to blackmail the girl or anything else that might help. It was all moot though as she watched a grin spread across the girl's face.

"Nice," she said nodding. "But you didn't make a mess in there did you?"

"No," Vicki answered smiling in reply.

"Then I won't tell 'Mum' what was going on in there then," she said continuing to grin. "Was it good?"

Vicki didn't like the idea of letting this girl know too much. She already knew too much really. It was time to leave, and possibly never return.

"Yum," she said, and then moved across to the store Tommy and Amy had gone to, narrowly avoiding knocking down a young girl.

* * *

Vicki, Tommy and his Mum continued to shop over the next few hours. Tommy soon relaxed as he realised they'd gotten away with it.

Shopping with his Mum and Vicki turned out to be fun. Shopping with his Mum in the past had always been boring, she'd always been trying to spend as little as possible, shopped in boring shops, and never ever modelled the clothing. Vicki changed that. She insisted they all try on and show the others the clothing.

The blowjob in the changing room had actually been very helpful to Tommy, providing a little extra control over inconvenient erections. Going store to store watching these two beautiful women try on clothes was proving to be very challenging.

He now had a bit of money to spend, not a huge amount, but some, and Vicki had managed to convince him to buy some clothes that he thought of as 'hip', nothing too 'trendy', but more current, stylish clothes.

His Mum had even splurged on a couple of items that both he and Vicki told her she had to get.

Vicki obviously loved to shop, and was soon carrying a multitude of bags around.

Amy watched her son moving around the stores, picking out clothes or being handed clothes by herself or Vicki and then modelling them. He was moving confidently, and relaxed. Much more so than in the first few stores. She was watching him closely, and he seemed to have a lot of attention for Vicki, listening to her suggestions, almost more so than her own. That was probably normal for a teenager, but she was becoming sure that something strange was going on.

Tommy stood in a shirt with a vest and a pair of slacks, something he wasn't overly comfortable wearing, showing Vicki and his Mum.

Amy looked at him, and suddenly it struck her. He looked so mature, grown up and confident. He had his licence and a car. He wasn't her baby any more, he was a man, or was well on the way there anyway. She couldn't help but think of all the time she'd spent raising him, laughing and crying with and for him, all his medical issues and social awkwardness. She felt the tears starting. She knew Tommy wouldn't want to see them, wouldn't want to be embarrassed by them, but she couldn't help it.

His Mum was crying. She must have known that he was having sex with Vicki and was crying in shame for him. He stood watching, feeling horrible, but not knowing what to do.

Vicki watched Tommy's face drop, becoming sad. He'd been smiling a moment ago at the compliment she'd given him. He was looking at his Mum. She looked at Amy and saw that she was crying. Why on Earth was she crying?

"Amy?" Vicki asked, moving to support her.

Amy waved her hands helplessly, as her expression started to follow the tears, screwing up in sadness.

Vicki moved to take Amy in her arms in a hug, "Amy what's wrong?"

Accepting the hug, Amy brokenly whispered to Vicki through her sobs, "He's... growing up... look at him."

Vicki smiled as they weren't truly tears of sadness, just melancholy.

Tommy watched them hug and stepped over to them.

"I'm sorry Mum," he said, apologising in his mind for all of the promiscuous sex he'd been having.

His Mum laughed a short spurt and then smiled over Vicki's shoulder at him.

"It's not your fault Tommy. It just happens. Really, I'm happy."

Well, mostly it wasn't his fault he guessed, but he'd certainly enjoyed it all and would do pretty much all of it all over again.

"I know Mum, but it's still partly my fault."

'What the hell is he talking about?' Vicki wondered.

"No, it's all just part of growing up," Amy said, "I guess I just thought, maybe hoped, it would never happen, and you'd be my baby forever."

His Mum didn't want him to ever have sex? That was mean, evil. How could she hope for that?

"Well it did happen Mum and I'd do it again. In fact I will the first chance I get. I enjoyed it." Tommy said, sternly.

Vicki was no-one's fool, and she realised Tommy and his Mum were talking about two very different things, with a huge risk that Tommy was about to put his foot in his mouth. She had to stop him. But how?

Amy disentangled herself from Vicki and rushed to her son to give him a big hug.

"I know honey, we all have to grow up, and of course I want you to grow up, find a girl, marry her and have lots of kids. I just didn't realise how close that was."

So marriage was fine, but not sex outside of marriage. As he recalled, she hadn't been married when she'd fallen pregnant with him.

He looked up and Vicki had turned towards him. She was waving her hands and making shushing motions. She wanted him to stop talking? He was very confused.

He enjoyed his Mum's hug though; it was warm, and comforting. Then he realised he was enjoying it too much. His Mum's soft breasts were pushed up against him, and she was hugging and squeezing him harder than he thought she ever had. It was causing a blood flow issue in his groin, at least, that was going to be his excuse for the boner he felt growing.

Amy wasn't really listening to Tommy, he was talking some nonsense about apologising for growing up, and that he'd do it again. She just wanted to hug her son, and assure herself that her son, the brightest, most important star in her life, was still her son.

She turned her face towards him, tears still streaking her eyes and said, "I love you Tommy. I'm so proud of you." Then she kissed him on the cheek.

'Now she's proud of the sex I'm getting?' he thought. I can't follow this conversation. He was about to question her and took a breath to speak, but Vicki was again waving at him to shut up.

"I love you too Mum," he said instead.

"Well, I better duck off to the ladies room and fix myself up. Sorry for getting all emotional on you Tommy, it's just happening so fast."

She was right, Tommy figured. He'd gone from no sex at all, to getting a bit of action at least a couple of times a week almost overnight.

His Mum ended the hug and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Okay, well I'll see you back at home then. Drive safe."

"Yes Mum, see you later."

"Bye Tommy," Vicki said.

"Bye Vicki," he replied.

Vicki and Amy left Tommy, heading for the ladies room. The movie would be finished soon, so Tommy headed for the cinema to meet up with Brian and his date.

When they came out, they greeted him, but talked animatedly about the movie. Tommy led Brian and Lissa to his car and then drove them home. They sat together in the back, still chatting away about the movie and holding hands, almost ignoring Tommy completely.

Lissa did thank him when she got out of the car and Brian walked her to the door.

Tommy thought he shouldn't watch, but he couldn't help it. In front of her door, Brian gave her a peck on the lips.

It turned out that Lissa wasn't satisfied by that though. She took hold of Brian's neck and pulled him in for a much bigger kiss. Tommy was very sure that there was tongue play in that kiss.

Lissa pulled back, then opened her door and disappeared inside.

Tommy watched, amused, as Brian stood in a daze for about ten seconds afterwards. Finally he touched his lips and seemed to come out of the haze. He looked at the front door, and then hurried back to Tommy's car.

Tommy then drove in virtual silence. Well he was silent, because he couldn't have fit a word in edgeways, as Brian ranted about Lissa. There were a couple of mentions of the movie, but mostly it was Lissa.

Tommy smiled after he dropped off his friend. He was happy for him. That, he thought, was a normal date, and a normal relationship, which his life decidedly did not have.

* * *

Meanwhile, Amy realised once she got her bags back to her bedroom after Vicki had dropped her off, that they were much fuller than when she left the stores.

She pulled out a few items and recognised that there were a lot of items there that she'd admired in the store, but hadn't purchased because they were too expensive. They definitely hadn't been there when she'd left the store.

It was too sneaky to be something that Tommy would have come up with. Vicki must have bought the items and snuck them into her bag.

She pulled out her phone and called Vicki, but it rang out and then went to voicemail.

"Hi Vicki, there must have been a mix up, I seem to have some of your clothes in my shopping bags, please give me a call to let me know when I can return them to you."

She spent a few minutes admiring some of it. It had been so, so long since she'd owned such nice, casual clothes.

Her phone beeped with a text.

'Got your msg. No, clothes are yours. No receipt so can't return. Enjoy them. Scumbag paid for them.'

She had been telling Amy how she was always looking for ways to spend a bit more of his money, but didn't like to feel like she was just wasting it.

She texted back.

'Thank you Vicki that is very kind. I am very grateful'

Accepting the gift was making her feel guilty though. She didn't want to feel guilty, it was just a gift.

Slowly she packed the clothes away, and hoped that she'd have the fortitude to actually wear them.

* * *

Amy heard a knock on the door, delighted to see Heather with a packet of chocolates.

"You make the coffee, I brought the sweets," she said in way of greeting.

"You're a gem," Amy said, leading Heather towards the kitchen, and leaving Heather to close the door.

After a little bit of idle chit chat, they started to gossip as they drank their coffee, along with a couple of chocolates.

"So how are you doing with the separation?" Amy asked.

"Separation nothing, divorce is already underway," Heather answered.

"Oh. I knew you were unhappy, but I didn't know you were ready to go that far already. There's really no chance of reconciliation?"

"Amy, honestly, I know he's unhappy right now, but I think in the long run, we'll both be much happier."

"You don't think he was happy either?"

"I know he wasn't, he just didn't have the balls to say or do anything about it."

Heather mostly kept her dominant tendencies under wraps when out and about. She was sure that everyone knew that she was a strong, wilful woman, and some, especially Amy, probably suspected more, but she'd been very careful not to let that side of her out to play when not in private. She hadn't come over to bitch about her soon-to-be-ex husband though. She'd come over to see if she could catch Tommy. She'd known Amy had plans this afternoon, and had come over early enough to be believable as a quick catch up for coffee, but late enough that she knew Amy would have to cut it short.

Amy looked her best friend in the eye. She knew there was something Heather wasn't telling her. Heather seriously was her best friend. She was forthright, strong-willed and called it how she saw it. She'd helped Amy out from time to time, but always spared Amy's feelings in the right way when she did need help, and helped only just enough. But, Amy had always known that there was something a bit strange about Heather that she kept a secret. Her relationship with her husband had always seemed a little unusual to Amy, but Amy had never been married, so knew she had no right to judge. Now that her marriage appeared to be over, Amy was interested to see how Heather might react. But she couldn't exactly come out and ask.

"What's new with you anyway? I saw a couple of shopping bags in the living room. Finally went out and splurged?" Heather asked, changing the subject.

"Sort of. Vicki Cherry, she's Brian's mother, you know Brian, Tommy's best friend?"

Heather nodded, taking another sip of coffee.

"She called me up." Amy took a moment to look towards the hallway to see if Tommy was coming. She lowered her voice a bit and continued, "It seems Brian had a date on Friday, and Tommy was chauffeuring them. Vicki found out and decided to take Tommy out shopping, trying to change his wardrobe a bit."

Heather made a confused face.

"I know, I thought it was a bit strange as well. But in the end, we all did some shopping and I actually enjoyed myself. But the sneaky tart bought a bunch of things that I'd liked but couldn't afford, then slipped them into my bags."

Heather looked at Amy. She'd often tried to take Amy out shopping in the early days, but it had been impossible. On the rare occasions she went, she tried on very little and bought even less. Now she found out that a virtual stranger had gotten her to loosen up? Perhaps it was time to try again.

"To top it off," Amy felt her eyes moisten with the beginnings of tears, "she got Tommy to buy a bunch of new clothes that made him look so grown up and handsome," the tears started to fall from her eyes, "and I realised that he really is grown up now and--"

Amy was cut off as Heather took her in a hug. Heather had no kids of her own, but she saw that the realisation of her son's maturity was affecting Amy. Not surprising, as her entire life revolved around that boy, and she was mentally unprepared for his eventual leaving of the nest. He was about to graduate as well. When Heather first moved in with her husband she'd known nobody in the neighbourhood. She'd been newlywed, and many of her friends abandoned her for turning her back on her old life to settle down with a more reliable, if boring husband. She'd soon met and befriended the single mother next door, and regaled her with tales of her adventures in college. Amy was so repressed and shut-in due to raising a child on her own from such a young age. Without realising it was happening, Heather eventually realised that she craved Amy's attention to her stories, and her thoughts on things in the neighbourhood. They often shared opinions, or wound up convincing each other to share the other's opinion. With her lack of friends, Amy was quickly her best, and Heather also realised, the most genuine one she'd ever had. As she hugged and consoled Amy, she realised just how low she was for seducing and dominating Amy's son. With a grin, she realised though that the devil on her shoulder would likely always win, as even now she was thinking of Tommy's long, hard cock, and how great it was going to be when Amy left and she got her greedy, long, manicured fingers on it. She was, she thought to herself, functionally and happily, evil.

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