tagFetishTom's Adventures Dating Hairy Women

Tom's Adventures Dating Hairy Women


It had been a couple of wet, dreary days and Tom was at home feeling bored. Several weeks had passed since the break-up of his last relationship and he was surfing on the internet to pass time. He started looking at some instagram pages when one image stopped him in his tracks. There in front of him was this beautiful young woman, raising her slender arms and revealing a thick dark patch of hair in her pits.

Given the "norm" of women generally being hairless apart from maybe a pubic triangle or some fuzz on their arms, Tom just wasn't used to seeing such a flagrant display of female body hair and especially on one who was both young and beautiful. But, he was hooked! This one image was like a drug; he felt hot and sweaty, slightly dizzy with excitement and one hell of an erection uncomfortably trapped in his pants. Needs must and he leapt back onto his sofa, pulling down his zip and extracting his badly leaking and fully erect dick, whacking it for dear life!

Tom had had a few sexual encounters with women since his late teens (he was now 23); a couple that lasted a few months and a handful of brief one night stands/flings and though he enjoyed sex,' loved exploring their bodies and having them pleasure his, nothing had excited him like this image of the pretty woman with the thick furry pits. There was something wild, untamed; something extraordinarily erotic about this wild display of female body hair.

This was a totally new experience for Tom. All the young women he had been with either had shaved pussies or a neat triangle of pubes and the only other fuzz was one who had lightly haired arms. No pit hair, no bikini line hair and certainly no leg hair.

Having cleaned himself up, Tom was straight back on his PC, drooling over this hirsute beauty. He soon found other shots showing the woman of his dreams. Using the "hairy pits" and related hashtags a whole new erotic world was revealing itself to a stunned and very excited Tom. Here was a whole diverse selection of women of different ages, sizes, race and sexuality, all proudly displaying their body fur for the world to admire (or in a few cases rude comments from brainless trolls!). From fresh stubble to trimmed pits and many in their full natural glory, even hairier than his! And not just pits- hairy arms, legs; though pubes were not allowed to be shown.

After wanking himself off again at his newly discovered "fetish", Tom knew he wanted a woman who was more natural than those of his past. But where to find a natural hairy woman? He had never seen one in his town and he was afraid to ask one to grow out her hair at the thought of being perceived weird, some sort of pervert!

Giving it some serious thought, Tom realised if he could see the hundreds of hairy women on-line then that was perhaps the route to actually meeting one in the flesh. After doing a bit of research he placed an ad to meet up with such a woman for the usual friendship and hope of romance and love. He included some of the usual cliches about humour, intelligence and caring, but what set his ad apart from the others there he said he would love to meet a natural, hairy woman.

Tom didn't have high expectations and thought he might receive a couple of cranky replies, so was pleasantly surprised when he received no fewer than six responses to his ad.

All had enclosed a photo- some just a head shot and others full body, but clothed. From these he couldn't see how hairy they were and whether they were hairy in some places but maybe depilated in others. Anyway he wasn't necessarily after the hairiest, just one who didn't shave- especially the pits, one whom he generally found physically attractive and could blend over interests and personality. From the original photos, he dismissed two; one was very overweight and another just seemed far too old for him.

Tom was feeling a heightened sense of anticipation about meeting the remaining four women. First up he contacted Sam who had a mess of shoulder length dark blonde hair, darker eyebrows and a warm friendly face with a slightly prominent nose. After chatting on-line with her ,they decided to meet up in a park in a nearby town the following Saturday when the forecast looked good.

So it was with a certain degree of nerves that Tom drove down to the park to meet Sam near the pond. As he strolled down to the bench where they had arranged to meet he couldn't see anyone resembling Sam. A long ten minutes ensued and just as he was wondering whether he would be stood up, a woman fitting the description walked towards him. Wearing a plain short-sleeved top, jeans and open sandals, she smiled as she approached Tom.

"Hi, you must be Tom?" she asked while smiling.

"Sure am! So good to meet you and you look even better than in the photo," gushed Tom, his nerves showing slightly.

After a slightly embarrassing hand-shake, they both laughed and hugged, as both were novel to the world of online dating.

Sam had a fresh, outdoorsy complexion and her arms were lightly tanned, but what really delighted Tom was the fact they had quite a dense covering of fine, long blonde hairs, thickest towards the elbows. In the sunshine they glimmered like gold and to Tom were equally precious and exciting. He was trying not to stare too much at them and looked into her beautiful brown eyes as they conversed about their jobs and interests. He did notice as she bent over to flick off a fly on her foot and her shirt lifted a little, some dense fair fuzz at the base of her back, which looked so soft and would be a delight to stroke gently. After dislodging the unwanted insect she raised her jean clad leg up onto the bench and though normally he probably wouldn't have noticed it, the shining sun illuminated a handful of long hairs on her big toe.

Sam had a very easy manner, she worked as teaching assistant and they were discussing places they had visited, favourite films and music. Tom was relieved they had so much in common. After an hour or so of excited conversation their hands met up and started holding each other.

"You like my hairy arms don't you?" giggled Sam, who noticed where Tom's eyes kept looking.

"Oh sorry, i didn't mean to keep staring at them, but yes I think they are so beautiful. I just love the pattern of the hairs, so golden and love the way they shine in the light. I bet they feel so nice to stroke?" gushed a blushing Tom.

Squeezing Tom's hand Sam responded, "That's fine, I find it flattering. Quite a few guys have been very complimentary about them! I don't mind if you want to stroke them- I find it quite sensual to have them caressed!"

This was an offer Tom couldn't refuse and started to gently run his fingers through the long blonde hairs that felt so soft and silky to his touch. Both of them were enjoying this and they moved towards each other, their lips locking for a lingering kiss.

Tom couldn't believe his luck!

As he came up for air he said, "Your hairy arms are so gorgeous, I've never felt hair so lovely and soft and they look so good too! If you don't mind me asking are you pretty hairy elsewhere too?"

Sam chuckled. "You don't think a lady is going to reveal all her secrets on a first date, do you? I'm not going to say more at the moment but if you're good you might find out on a later occasion!"

Feeling more confident Tom exclaimed, " I can wait; all good things are worth waiting for! You are so gorgeous, I can't believe it!" before they started hugging and kissing again.

Soon they decided to leave each other, both happy to meet up again the following weekend. Tom was already excited but also a little unsettled as he had a different date the next day.

Amanda was his next date, an artist with wild auburn hair according to her photo. She had already explained she was keen to meet but only had an hour to spare as she had to go on a work related trip for a couple of weeks, but wanted to see if they had any chemistry before she went off.

As the good weather persisted they decided to meet at a quiet outside cafe. There was no doubting who it was as she approached the seat where Tom was. Just like her photo her long unruly mane was flowing and she had that "arty look" about her with a nose piercing, sleeveless tie dyed top and she had on walking boots on with shortish socks and a below knee length hippyish skirt. The front of her pale skinned legs were also visibly hairy with long, dark and rather coarse hairs, though by contrast the backs were fairly devoid of hair.

Tom liked what he saw. In truth he'd never seen a woman in the flesh before with hairy legs; only in those instagram images that started his hairy odyssey. They exchanged hugs and Amanda chatted away talking about her passions.

While Tom listened with great interest he noticed that unlike Sam, Amanda had little in the way of visible arm hair, but he was then dumbstruck as she raised her arm to play with her thick auburn tresses and revealed the thickest dark pit hair he'd ever seen. Fortunately Tom was able to hide his erection under the table while he exchanged small talk. It also did nothing to dampen his arousal as Amanda unconsciously stroked the hairs on her raised right leg as she animatedly chatted.

Tom had never felt such an animalistic attraction to a woman before. Not only was she red hot in his eyes, she was also intelligent and funny. Never had an hour passed so rapidly for Tom. Fortunately Amanda seemed keen too and they promised to touch base again in a couple of weeks time when she returned.

It was such a relief for Tom to get back home. His loins were aching with lust, his pants soiled where his spunk had oozed out and he just took his excited todger and wanked himself silly. He was totally inebriated by this wild, hairy woman and just fantasised about fucking her. No sooner had he come, he was preparing for the next one, so aroused was he by Amanda.

Tuesday evening Tom was ready to meet Casey, his third date. By contrast she was slightly bigger built but quite curvy with shortish dark brown hair and wearing glasses. Unlike the previous two dates they met after he finished work at a bar. She worked as a social worker in town and she recognised Tom as soon as she saw him. Her dark hair was tied up in a small bunch and was wearing a skirt with dark leggings and a fleece.

Alcohol encouraged both of them to be pretty flirty rather quickly. Tom was attracted to Casey's round gentle features and liked her thick dark eyebrows with a few sparse hairs linking them in the middle. Her spectacles gave an intellectual air but she was also very funny, regaling anecdotes about her work.

As the evening slipped away Tom was surprised by Casey inviting him back to her nearby room. The alcohol consumed didn't allow for any inhibitions so he avidly agreed.

Once they got there there were no pretensions about coffee as they fell onto her bed passionately snogging and cuddling. Casey took the lead and lifted up Tom's shirt and played with his hairy belly working her hands up to his equally furry chest.

"You like hairy too?", laughed Tom.

Casey responded, "You bet; nothing sexier than a sexy hairy torso on a guy. Don't understand this trend for manscaping. Not sexy to me at all!"

"Better see how hairy you are then!" Tom replied as he lifted off Casey's layers.

.Again he was mesmerised by the full dense pit fur and his nose sensed the musty aroma from them which activated his passions and for the first time in his life was able to experience the wonderful earthy properties of a natural unshaven pit, beginning to lick and nuzzle furiously. He then removed her top totally leaving her bra covering her ample breasts. Now he could see not only the long, dense pit hair which stuck out when her arms were down but also her arms were covered with a fine dense dark down. They were previously hidden by her sleeves so he was delighted to see this. Another bonus was the fact that Casey had a dense trail of dark hairs to her navel and then a much finer line extending higher. Heavenly!

Casey realising how excited Tom was she yanked down his pants and grabbed his aching dick, running her tongue expertly over it while caressing his balls. Before he came she vigorously thrust it so he exploded over her skirt.

Sighing with relief Tom uttered, "That was so good! Amazing!"

Casey smiled with a big grin on her face. Tom then removed Casey's skirt and began to remove her leggings, Thick dark hair sprouted above her pantie line, so it was no surprise, but a real pleasure, to see equally dense growth lower on her inner thighs that extended further down. The rest of her thighs had a coating of fine dark hair not dissimilar to that on her arms. As Tom continued to pull down her leggings, even in his semi-inebriated state, he notice her legs were covered in long bristles, about 1.5 cm long. He was a little surprised not to see full growth hair as the rest of Casey was so wildly untamed.

"You shave your legs then?"

Laughing she replied, "Not that often as you can see! They're still pretty hairy though!" as she ran her hands up them. "If we'd met about eight months ago you'd have seen them in their full hairy glory!".

Curious, Tom responded, "Why did you shave them then?" as he stretched forward running his hands up the plentiful full-on stubble. "Nice, nonetheless!"

"Long story," said Sam. "I didn't shave them for several years and as you can imagine they are really hairy full grown. I was quite proud of them. Anyway I dated this guy for a few months and like you, he said he loved body hair on women. It's true he was really turned on my by very hairy pits and loved my wild pussy and even liked petting my arms but after a couple of weeks he said although he didn't mind a bit of hair on a woman's legs, he thought I'd be better if I shaved them. I was really annoyed with him and we had a big argument. I refused to give in and the relationship never really recovered after that.

Anyway a month after we split I was stuck in a slow queue in the local store and there beside me were all these razors and hair removal items. I looked at them, looked away and thought about it. It was like a subliminal message and almost involuntarily picked up some blades and shaving cream. I surprised myself as I thought I'd never shave again! And I didn't for at least a couple more weeks!

Then on a wet day off I was on the sofa watching some rubbish on the TV and on came the ads and there were a couple for razors with women shaving their already hairless legs. This reminded me of my impromptu purchases a couple of weeks earlier and I lifted up my dressing gown, looking at my hirsute limbs and ran my fingers through my furriness.

I just remember getting up as though under some sort of external control, running a bath, getting in, again taking stock of my hairy legs. I then started feeling a sense of excitement. Though I liked my hairy legs it was like the very first time I ever shaved them at the age of 13 when I was then grossed out by them. With keen anticipation I avidly soaped them up, ruffling the dense hairs into an untidy tangle. I'm not that girly, but all of a sudden I felt so excited to start running the sharp blade through the hair and admired the first stretch of bare hairless skin while looking at my hairy tangle lodged in the blade. It was all so surreal but I don't think I'd enjoyed shaving my legs as much as i did on that day- it was fun, it was sensual. I loved them before, I loved the whole process and the novelty of smooth hair free calves contrasting with my fuzzy thighs and wild bush seemed novel and exciting.

When I was a teenager the novelty of shaving soon wore off and I grew to hate it as the hair grew back so quickly but had to wait to college before I decided no more. Now it felt like a choice and to enjoy it was a treat. In fact after my recent shaving I thought it might be a one off!

Anyway about three weeks later I dated this guy and my legs were very bristly as the hair grows back so fast. He was a nice guy and also loved my general furriness but was sexually intrigued by the leg stubble. If they were clean shaven i don't think he'd have thought about it. Similarly if they were fully hairy he would have just accepted that as my choice and probably enjoyed them. But being stubbly it drew attention to the fact that I shaved at least occasionally and he loved stroking them but kept asking questions about shaving and when I'd shaved. When I said I was probably going to shave them in a day or so he was so excited and begged to be present when I shaved. Anyway when it came to it he was so turned on and I was quite aroused seeing him so excited as I began soaping my stubble. It was strangely erotic watching him jerk off as I shaved the first leg and amazed when he gently shaved the other for me. We did this every 2 or 3 weeks for a while until he moved away with work .I keep thinking I'll let the hair grow back but seem to find guys who don't mind the leg hair but get a real fetish for the shaving thing."

"Wow that's some story," moaned Tom excitedly. It's not something I'd have thought about, but the way you tell it turns me on for sure!"

At this point Tom excitedly started licking and stroking Casey's long stubble and yanked down her undies to reveal an amazing untamed bush. Burying his head in the jungle, Tom was overcome with the rich aromas and licked sensitively in all the right places to get Casey moaning with pleasure.

As Casey regained her composure Tom placed her on all fours and inspected her very hairy ass crack and ran his tongue along the great divide before inserting his excited cock in the rear and pounding Casey for dear life. As he expired they fell into each others arms and fell contentedly to sleep.

As they stirred late the next morning Tom started nuzzling into Casey's warm furry pits and imbibing the warm sweaty aromas while playing with the long hairs by her nipples which he hadn't seen the previous night. These were very sensitive and Casey was soon moaning as they were like little sensory radars that reached deep into her.

After a bit of breakfast Casey said she was going to take a bath. Ten minutes later she called Tom to her.

As he went in her wet hairy legs were stretched up on the edge of the bath.

Looking at Tom in the eyes with a passionate look she rhetorically asked, "Do you think they need a shave?"

She wasn't going to wait for an answer but she saw Tom's dick stand to attention as she asked without him uttering a word. She had learnt that guys she met were always incredibly aroused by this and she loved to tease them.

Tom dropped his pants and Casey grabbed his erection between her wet feet and then slid her bristly legs up and down it. The hair was at that length that it wasn't too scratchy but not fully soft either, but quite arousing. She then jerked him off over her legs and then running fresh water he then soaped her legs as she lay back enjoying the lavish attention. After this she put the razor in Tom's hand and held his hand, initially guiding the blade along her hairy curves before leaving him to finish on his own. After completion he rinsed off the dense collection of hairs and admired her clean white calves while loving her wet bush and the fine hairs covering her thighs for contrast.

Towelling off, Tom said, "That was awesome, so sexy. Amazing, I want a hairy woman and here I am shaving her legs. The irony- but so sexy!"

"Totally! I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to full hairy growth again, as I love being pampered like this and it excites the guys so much!"

Tom thought and said, "The days are getting longer now. I'd love to see what your legs are like fully hairy. I reckon it would be a sight to behold. And then we could have a marathon leg shaving season as the days get longer again?"

As they embraced Sam retorted, "Maybe- I'm sure you'll persuade me!" as she stroked his hairy thighs and gently played with his now exhausted cock. "There's something so sexy and sensual about hair that really turns me on. If I'm not enjoying my lover's fuzz, I enjoy playing with my own and masturbating!"

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