tagMatureTom's Treats Ch. 01

Tom's Treats Ch. 01


I have been married to my wife for thirty years and we have had a very good life together. Small quarrels of course, that’s normal, but nothing big that have threatened our marriage. And our sex life has been great. At the age of fifty-three we still have sex more or less every day and often several times at weekends and we both enjoy it very much.

Then one day the life changed. My wife had an accident and broke her hip badly. After surgery we found a private nursing home with good references for her. She had to stay there for a long time.

So besides for being sorry for my wife I also got frustrated. I visited my wife nearly every day at the nursing home. It was a good place with friendly and caring staff and they did everything they could to make it comfortable for my wife and also for me when visiting.

My frustration got worse though during my visits. The nurses looked very nice, even sexy and tempting in their fitted nurse dresses. Especially on nurses with big breasts the dress was very reveling and could be worn with much visible cleavage. And some of them really did. I got the feeling that a few nurses really liked to show off.

One evening a nurse bent over my wife’s bed to straighten the bedclothes. A button in her dress unbuttoned and her breasts nearly spilled out. She was wearing a low cut bra that really supported her big breasts and I got a good look. She didn’t notice what had happened but moved around in the room. It was nearly more than I could take in my already frustrated state. My wife was amused at first but then got a worried look.

When I turned to follow the nurse with my eyes I saw that Birgit, the chief nurse, watched us from the door way.

The nurses went out and I kissed my wife good-bye and left her room.

The next evening when I passed the nurses’ office on my way out Birgit, the head nurse called for me.

“Please come in,” she said. “I want to talk to you.”

I got scared that something was wrong with my wife when I went into her office. She closed the door behind me.

After some preliminary talk she said:

“We have found that the recovery of a patient not only depends on her own treatment. The patients are by themselves all day and they worry over their family. It is important that the whole family is feeling well. So we try to take care of the families as well. We have found that it pays off for the patient. So I would like to examine you and take some samples and then have a discussion about how we could help. What do you say?”

I hesitated for a moment, thinking about what she had said. But I couldn’t see any reason to object. What she had said sounded rational.

“Yes,” I said. “It’s fine with me. I will do anything that can help my wife to recover. So what samples and tests do you want to take?”

“Good,” Birgit said. ”Of course there is a fee for this. Would that be a problem for you?”

“Of course not,” I said. “It’s no problem. So what should I do and when?”

“Good,” Birgit smiled. “If you have the time we can make the examination right now and then have a talk in say three days time.” She was looking in her calendar. “I have just got off duty so I can do the examination myself and a nurse will take the samples. So, please follow me.”

We went into an examination room. It was not as clinical as in an ordinary clinic but more like a bedroom with curtains and prints on the walls. But the necessary equipment were there and an examination table.

“Undress please! You can leave your underwear on. I will be back shortly,” Birgit said and left.

I undressed and sat up on the table. Birgit came back with a trolley with equipment. She started to take my blood pressure and listened to my heart and all the other things done at a medical examination.

“Everything looks fine,” Birgit finally said. “But I also need to check your penis and prostate. OK?”

Before she moved on she again checked my blood pressure. Then she helped me take my shorts off. She put on latex gloves and sat down on a stool beside me.

She stroked along my cock with her finger and hooked it under my cock and lifted it up. She took the cock between her thumb and forefinger and pulled the skin back. She leaned forward and examined me so close that I could feel her breath on my bare cock head. “Looks fine to me and very nice,” she said making it sound very professional. Her latex clad fingers felt so nicely warm.

Next she moved down to my balls. She stroked the ball sack and searched it all over with her fingers. Then she took the balls one by one and examined each of them carefully. She hefted them in one hand and absent-mindedly just looked at me for a while gently rolling my balls in her hand. A smile spread over her face.

“They feel just fine. The testes are heavy though. And the epididymides are swollen. That’s where the sperms are stored. They are full of sperm. That’s very good. It means that you are not cheating on your wife.” She smiled again. “But of course that ought to be taken care of,” she continued vaguely.

“Well, we have to continue, don’t we? Turn on your side and draw your legs up, please.”

I did as she asked me and felt her finger probing my ass. My sphincter muscle contracted out of my control but she massaged around my butt hole and added some oil. She probed again and kept the pressure up and soon her finger got past my muscle. It was a bit unpleasant but then her finger reached my prostate gland and massaged it. It felt good and my penis stirred. She let her finger be inside for a while searching all around my canal and all the time stroking over my prostate. I couldn’t stop my penis from growing.

She withdrew her finger, took her time to clean up my backside from the oil before she told me to put my shorts back on. It was good of her, it gave me time to calm down and get rid of most of my hardness.

She again took my blood pressure.

“Now I want you to lie back and relax for fifteen minutes. Then I will come back and take your blood-pressure again and a nurse will take the samples,” Birgit said. “I put this blanket over you so you don’t get cold. It’s OK if you take a nap. See you soon.”

She smilingly put the blanket over me, doused the light and left. The examination table was comfortable enough and in fact I dozed off, dreaming of the nurses.

I slowly woke up and felt good and relaxed. Not long after Birgit came back in. She smiled at me.

“Did you have a good nap? I looked in on you but didn’t want to wake you up. You seemed to have good dreams. Now let me take your blood pressure and then we will have the nurse in to take the samples,” she said smiling.

She took the pressure and left the gauge on. She went to the door and called. The same busty nurse who had been in my wife’s room the day before came in. Her impressive bust line was protruding and her nipples were clearly visible.

“Hi, I am Lisa,” she said. “First I will take some blood samples. Give me your left arm please.”

She sat down on a stool on my side. She let my elbow rest in her lap. Her deep cleavage was close to my eyes.

She was very good with the needle and soon had blood pouring out from a vein into several test tubes.

“Good,” she said when she rose from the chair putting the tubes on the trolley. “That was easy. Now we want a sperm sample. Do you want to produce it yourself or do you want my help?” She smiled a very sweet smile but looked and sounded very professional.

I felt blood rush to my penis. I was speechless and just looked at Lisa. She must have taken that as a sign that I wanted her help because she started to unbutton her dress. She had a bra that lifted her breasts from underneath and left her nipples free. Her breasts were magnificent. I stared at them.

Suddenly I realized that she had unbuttoned her dress all the way down and let it hang open. Underneath she had nothing but her bra. She had a very curvy figure with big breasts and wide hips. Her belly was nicely rounded. Her pussy was covered by a golden bush, thick but well groomed. She had a very sexy body and knew how to show it. That she wasn’t shy added to her sexy appearance.

I still was speechless. She approached me and took the blanket off. I was naked but for my shorts. My cock was already partly erect and the head was visible under the waistband. Lisa stood at my feet and pulled my shorts down. Standing up she reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She held her dress completely free from her body adding light to give me a good look at her naked charms. She bent and moved up along the bed, letting her breasts slide over my legs and then rest on my cock.

She bent over me for a while and with small movements of her upper body had her breasts fondle my cock. It was by now as hard as it would get.

Lisa stood and stepped away from the bed. She smiled at me and took a jar from the table. She approached me again and took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. It felt heavenly. It had been a long time since I came.

“Hold it,” Birgit said gently at my side. I startled because I had completely forgotten her on the other side of the bed. “I need to take your blood-pressure. It will only take a minute then you can proceed.” She giggled.

She finished, took the gauge off and left the room. Lisa bent over me and let her marvelous breasts stroke over my body. This time she didn’t stop at my cock but caressed my upper body as well. She let her breasts brush over my face until I caught a nipple with my lips. She stopped moving, looked down at me smilingly and withdrew with a throaty laugh. I was now fully erect again. She licked my cock a few times especially on the sensitive spot under the head. My orgasm was building up which I told her. She laughed throatily and grabbed my shaft and started to jack me. After just a few strokes I came in the jar she had in her other hand.

She laughed again, took me into her mouth and sucked me until I was dry and my cock went limp. Then she stood up and let me admire her body for a short while before she sighed and buttoned up her dress. She got a rag and cleaned me up.

“Oh, that was quite a load,” she said smilingly, looking at the jar. “Well, we are finished. There are no more samples we need. Hope you enjoyed it. It’s always faster and perhaps also more enjoyable to get help with the sperm sample, don’t you think?” She giggled. “Now you can get dressed, see you.”

She left the room. I dressed and left as well. On my way out I saw that the staff had changed. No sign of Birgit or Lisa. For the first time in weeks I felt satisfied and at ease.

I didn’t see Birgit or Lisa the next two days when I visited my wife. They were on other shifts.

The third day Birgit was in my wife’s room when I came. She asked me to come and see her later. My wife looked more content than before and we had a good time talking.

I went to Birgit’s office. She was there and ready to talk to me.

“First I want you to know that what Lisa did was strictly for medical reasons, well almost anyway. I needed to take your pulse and blood pressure at different arousal levels and this is the best and fastest way to do it. And that goes for the sperm sample as well. I checked your pulse all the time, holding your wrist, but I don’t think you noticed.” Birgit giggled.

“We found nothing to worry about,” she continued. “You are very fit for a man of your age. A little overweight but it’s OK. The blood pressure was slightly high but it responded very well to your arousal. The top levels were well below the risk zone. Congratulations.” She looked at me for a while, collecting her thoughts.

“As I told you we want to take care of the whole family to make the patient feel well. We have a special program for spouses to those patients who are sick a long time but will recover. But before I tell you more about it I want to know if you think you want to participate. You can back out later but now you must sign a confidentiality paper. You are not allowed to tell anybody about this program. Do you agree?”

She gave me a paper to read. It was simple enough. She waited for my answer.

“Oh, I have nothing to lose, have I?” I said and signed the paper.

Birgit smiled.

“Good, she said. “I don’t think you will regret it. Nobody has so far. All spouses have expressed their gratitude.”

“We have found,” she continued after a pause, “that many spouses get very frustrated when their partner gets ill. They are used to a regular sex life and many also an active one. Their partner in the hospital knows it and worries for their spouse. They also worry about that the spouse will find another partner or go to prostitutes. That worry is no good for their recovery. So we have this special program to take care of the spouses needs. How does it sound to you?”

“Oh, I know the problem, really, and certainly want a solution. But if the partner finds out? Will that not make it even worse?” I asked.

“Good question,” Birgit said. “I didn’t mention that the patient must know about it and agree. In your case I have already talked to your wife and she wants you to take part in the program. In fact, it was she who first brought up her worries about your frustration three days ago. She wanted my advice so I told her briefly about the program. She immediately gave her written approval and wanted us to go on as fast as possible. So now it’s up to you.”

She watched me, waiting.

“Yes,” I said after a while. “I want to try it. I certainly am frustrated and the treatment you gave me the other night really felt good. Will Lisa be in on this, she is gorgeous?”

“Rule number one is that you should never find out who your sex-partner is. We don’t want to create future problems. You will meet anonymously and are not allowed to try to find out who your partner might be. Basically the participants are all spouses of our patients, males and females.” She looked sternly at me.

“Now, this is how the program works.” And she told me rather in detail about the program.

“One more thing,” she added after she had told me what I should do. “This is a voluntarily medical program and there is a moderate fee. We must finance the whole thing outside this nursing home. There can’t be any accounts, I think you agree. So you have to pay to me personally, preferably in cash and no receipt can be given. You don’t have to pay anything else. Any problem with that?”

“No,” I said. “That’s sounds fine to me. When can I have my first date?”

“I will let you know within the next couple of days,” Birgit said. “It takes that time to find you a partner and set up the meeting. You have to be patient.” She smiled.

Two days later my wife handed me an envelope with a smile. It told me the time and place for a meeting the following night. I guess my anticipation but also nervousness showed when I talked to my wife that night. She looked happy and wished me a good time when I left.

I was given an address to a flat in a suburb. I rang the bell and the door opened a fraction. I waited a little while before entering as instructed, to get the person inside time to withdraw. I took off my coat and put on a silk mask, which had been in the envelope. I went into the flat.

It had four or five rooms and was nicely furbished. The drawing room was big and with a great view. Three candles placed in the corners were the only light. I saw a person standing at the side of the window and went up to her. I was close to take her hand and formally introduce myself when she opened her arms and just hugged me.

“Remember, no names,” she giggled in my ear.

She was a little shorter than me and snuggled into my arms. Her body was supple and smelled good of perfume. She had on a robe so thin that I could feel the warmth of her body.

“Are you nervous?” She whispered. “I am. Come, let’s sit on the couch and talk a little.”

She led the way and we sat on the coach. She started talking, telling about herself in such terms that she didn’t reveal anything that could identify her. She put in questions to me and I soon found it easy to talk to this woman. She slowly steered the conversation to more intimate things and I found that I soon was telling her about my sex desires. She was clever but she also told me what she liked and disliked. She had me to take my jacket and tie off.

“Shall we put out some of the candles and take the masks off?” She suddenly asked. “I don’t like them.”

Without waiting for my answer she rose and put out a candle. When she moved to the next she let her robe drop to the floor. She was naked underneath. She stood silhouetted against the candlelight and she turned very slowly a full circle before putting out the second candle. She moved over to the third but let it burn. She moved slowly back to the coach lighted from behind and took her mask off. Her long hair flowed out and she raised her hands to put it right. That lifted and stretched her breasts. She looked marvelous.

The light was by now very faint and I took my mask off as well. When she came to the coach she held out her hands and had me stand before her. She undressed me slowly and with care. When we both were naked she took my hand and led me to a bedroom. She stopped short of the bed and with her back to me she pulled my arms around her and pressed herself back at me.

I stroked over her naked body. I cupped her lovely breasts. They were full and heavy in my hands. Her nipples were hard. I kissed her neck and let my hands wander down over her round belly. Her pubic hair was soft and curly. I wondered what color she had. I stroked over her pussy and down her crack. She shivered when my hand touched her erect clit. She was marvelous in the way she had guided us into this intimate situation without any embarrassment.

Then she got wild. She turned and pushed me down on the bed. She started to suck my cock that had been erect for some time. It had poked between her ass checks when we embraced. She got us into a sixty-nine with her on top. Her pussy smelled sweet and tasted good. She got her first orgasm from my tongue. She let herself fall at the side in the big bed. Now it was my turn to take the lead. She had told me what she liked. I stroked and licked her whole body starting from the toes and much later ending in her ears. I turned her over and licked my way down to her ass cheeks. I parted them and licked all the way from her pussy to her butt hole. She came again.

When she recovered she pushed me on my back and mounted me. She impaled herself on my cock and rode me forcefully. She stopped when she felt that I was near coming and calmed us down. Then she rode in gallop again. She did this several times before she let me have my release and come herself.

She rolled off me. We lay side by side happy and content and fell asleep.

She must have woken up during the night because when I woke up we had bedclothes over us. The room was dark due to dark shades that were close to the window. I could see though that it was light outside. I went up and found the bathroom. When I came back she put the bedclothes aside and was lying there naked and waiting.

“Do you have lust and strength for one more,” she asked shyly. “I really liked it last night. It was the best for a long time.”

“Yes, I would like to very much,” I said and started to caress her body.” You are wonderful.” I took my time stroking and fondling her body. She had told that she liked it. The feeling when her body started to tremble rewarded me. First, only a little then more and more. I went on, concentration on her breasts, belly, mons and upper thigh. Suddenly she raised her legs straight up in the air and parted her thighs. I got the message and dove into her pussy with my tongue. She came nearly instantly and clamped her thighs around my head.

I rolled her over and started on her buttocks and thighs. Soon she raised her backside more and more until she was standing on her knees, head down. I entered her from behind. We had a good long fuck. She used her cunt muscles to give us both pleasure and as before she monitored my arousal to prevent me from coming. She had us climb high several times before she let us come. She was exquisite.

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