tagGay MaleTony, Me and Richard

Tony, Me and Richard


Tony had something special in mind when he phoned me to say for me to be at his place at ten.

I could tell, it was something about the tone of his voice.

Ever since we met he has been a darling. He is forever pampering and complimenting me, saying things like; "You are the best thing since sliced bread" and I have to admit that is nice.

I usually reply to the tune that I only like whole meal bread and that is when he gets terribly nitty-gritty.

It is our banter with each other that usually starts the ball rolling, especially his when he replies; "I love the way you make a whole meal of me!"

He is as much to me as I guess I am to him and even if he is a little perverted in his method sometimes I go along with it and usually find in the end I enjoy it.

I've gotten used to his surprises; it is part of what Tony is all about.

I guess because we are that close that being together is enjoying each other's company to the full, so if he enjoys something new, that usually arises when we are in the midst of deep bonding, I aim to let him fulfill his enjoyment and know that eventually I will come around to it.

Like now I am what he calls, a fully-fledged servant in the mode of a particular role- play exercise when he is the master and I the servant, and woe betide me if I am naughty.

The first time I received my punishment for being subordinate attracted three lashes of a cane across my buttocks, me placed neatly over his lap presenting myself in the way he loves, and feeling the consequence of that painful sting.

But with what followed it was well worth the soreness and I guess I grew accustomed to the occasional spanking when he was in that mood.

As much as I liked to be tied like a prize turkey ready for stuffing, it was all part of the wonderful sensations we shared.

So when he phoned with that certain lustful tone in his voice I was prepared for anything. And that is what made it so very exciting and thrilling knowing Tony, because he was always unpredictable and never boring,

But over the three months we had been fucking it was always on a one to one sharing basis, with a slight variation the second time we met, he had a notion about how it may be to have a woman join us. I had never been a bisexual guy but when he phoned me first as he always did, making an arrangement for us to meet and shag, he sort of hinted there may be a girl, so I went along with it on the premise that maybe I may just adapt to a threesome of that kind, that is could be a learning curve and so I went for i

Trust Tony to have a laugh at my expense. Meeting me at the door he invited me in as always, giving me the welcome hug and squeeze in the Netherlands and guiding me into the lounge to meet sweet Cynthia.

There was I all perked up and ready for anything. Guess what? -well this was the time I discovered that Tony had a weird sense of humour when he introduced me to 'Cynthia' perched seductively and quite naked on the settee.

"You fucking pervert! I yelled when he prompted me to shake hands with a blow up doll and we both shook with raucous laughter.

"You'd better expect anything of me" Tony said with a very mischievous look. "I thought you would enjoy, don't worry though, I'm not bi. Not even with dolls so any suggestions what we could do with Cynthia?"

We tried strange things that would never work, seeing Tony masturbate into a gross looking dolls mouth did nothing for me and, as it turned out, for him neither.

I guess I should have known then Tony was looking for a third party to enhance our relationship.

"Forget the doll and let me do that" I interrupted snatching his ripe cock from Cynthia's synthetic mouth.

"This is for real" I purred placing myself comfortably to take his splendour fully into my mouth. As always it felt good and I so loved to enjoy Tony in this way. It was always the perfect prelim to our sensual extravaganza's and when we both enjoyed mutual sucking I felt the soothing of sucking and being sucked. It felt like luxury being with Tony and he never failed to please. I adored his little habits like the way he teased my balls when prizing my foreskin away from my plum, the way he slapped me on each thigh as he worked my cock for the best oral insertion, then the way he beckoned me to open my thighs when I felt the delicious sensation of his fingertips teasing along the stretch of skin between my balls and asshole, as he still fully sucked me to oblivion, giving me the most rapturous sensations as he began to rim and stretch me in preparation for the entry of that wonderful heavenly length of masculinity probing deep into my mouth.

I'd mastered the art of 'deep throat' which took some clever maneuvering, bending and stretching and eventually, when it happened, holding my breath to enjoy the sensation - and then in having to take a breather and pushing it out, I heard his joy and when he yelled; 'again' I gave him what he wanted,

As I sucked his delicious cock tasting of sea salt and feeling so gorgeously flexible as I worked it in my mouth and throat, I imagined that soon it would be thrusting into me like a piston engine. His stiffness was constant like his fuck and I felt it belonged there inside me. The way he stopped and paused awhile to let us both feel the throb of our fuck, the way he whispered dirty in my ear as he started to fully fuck me again on all fours briskly and deeply, and always managing to give me an extra thrill by stiff wanking me until I yelled with absolute gusto, feeling like I was exploding like a volcano as he finished his fuck of me with a final deep and herd thrust, that felt he was going right through me.

But back to the present I drove to Tony's place wondering what prompted that certain sound I sensed when he phoned me. It was like when he surprised me with the blow up doll which, by the way ended up in the dustbin marked recyclable. We both laughed when we saw the refuge collector wrapping it up and putting it into a plastic carrier bag with a certain lusty look on his face.

I could only conclude that Tony had something up his sleeve or wherever to make our session together more thrilling, although it was never boring, quite the contrary, but Tony's unpredictable ways had become standard, but I never would have imagined that I would meet another guy on arrival, when I expected there would be just the two of us to indulge into our sexual encounters, when he would greet mean after serving coffee would unzip my jeans, open me up and get down to the business he performed so well, with me being simply all cock, balls and ass for his indulgence.

We had never ever discussed threesomes so what was Tony up to? I was quite happy with our twosome but suddenly I was thinking that Tony wasn't and he wanted more.

He obviously saw the confusion in my expression and after introducing me to Richard, who was quite nice I guess, he said that Richard would just like to watch.

I was flabbergasted. More flabbered than ghasted I can tell you hearing Tony say that. I steered him into the kitchen away from Richard's ears.

"I know you like kinky occasionally" I told Tony. "But this - I can go along with most things we do and I have to admit that usually I take to a new venture - which is always exciting with you but this?"

"Look Alex, just pretend he is not there that's all. I owe him one for saving my life, you remember when I told you about the time I nearly drowned and this guy saved me? Well it was Richard. We just happened to get talking about our lifestyles, and you came into the picture - the rest is history."

"And still history in the making!" I retaliated still not certain I liked the idea of someone gawping over us as we fucked.

But just one deep kiss form Tony with me leaning against the kitchen sink did it and I was all his, That's the effect he had on me,

"Just this once and if it doesn't work, that's it?" he said.

I could not refuse. I was aching for him as it was. I knew I would be in a terrible state if we did not fuck, having built up to it on the drive over, that is always how it was, longing for the day to come when once again Tony and I would be together in our wonderful sensual private world. Our heaven!

I would just pretend it was business as normal, closed my eyes in the direction Richard sat, although I did notice his abundant swelling he was masturbating over his jeans..

Anyway Tony and I began to enjoy each other regardless and as we stripped each other it did seem different with another being there, like it was a secret coming out. But whilst we indulged in the charisma of eroticism we seemed oblivious to Richard's presence. Well that is to say I did, but I did realise that as our encounter grew more involved, positions in which Richard liked to enjoy me were slightly different. Like when - having indulged in a long and very satisfying mutual sucking, he prompted me to bend over the arm of the settee - it was so my hind was facing Richard. He found a couple of firm cushions to place beneath me, to present my nether regions more prominently to the utter delight of Richard who said it was the most beautiful example of tight young ass he had ever seen or imagined,

And as Tony enjoyed me there, doing what he always liked to do - the licking sucking and teasing, the rimming and slapping, I knew then Tony wanted to show off and display the best of me for Richard's pleasure.

Primarily I was just a trifle uncomfortable with that, I guess because I had gotten used to a one to one encounter. Yet oddly it did seem wonderfully different and I realised there was something else in me that I had never known about before.

I guessed then that Tony knew exactly what he was doing, As with anything new he wanted to try with me this was just another element of that

I found myself curving and swaying for both Tony and Richard's enjoyment.

"Beautiful!" I heard Richard say.

"Look at this then" Tony whispered and I felt him stretch open the middle crevice of my ass to it's full advantage. Twisting my head to glance behind me whilst Tony started to insert two fingers into me after dipping them into a pot of cream, I realised that Richard had a full heat on, he was standing and grasping it over me, and then wanking himself briskly.

"It is so good huh?" Tony announced with pride, want to try it for size?"

What did he mean, try it for size?. I thought Richard was there just to watch!

I asked what was going on - already feeling Tony's presence prodding into the crevice of my ass.

Richard commented he wished he was Tony,

Tony replied; "would you like to?"

I gasped, he could ask me first.

But he slapped me and said to do as I was told. It was a repeat of the master -servant role-play.

":Look Alex, it is bigger than mine, a larger fit, you might enjoy - he is a good friend and I owe him okay?"

I felt obliged to go along with it, closed my eyes and prepared myself, Richard certainly had a whopper - I was wondering if he could get it all up inside me.

But in the meantime I heard Tony whisper that there are certain other things to do to make the fuck more gratifying, I felt him stretch me again and soon he was enjoying me with his tongue and mouth again. Then he gave me a working out with this hollow Perspex dildo he used to widen me.

"There you are Richard, this is great because you can see just how wide it is between, but perhaps you would like something else first?"

Now the feeling was really coming on and again it seemed Tony was right. I would never have agreed to a threesome before but now, enjoying the feel and tease of both of them sucking my ass and all that goes with that is absolutely wonderful.

Tony suggested to Richard to try me this way and then another way and my ass was being lurched forward and back and sideways as they each in turn enjoyed me orally and with the clear Perspex dildo, and hearing their response was wonderful.

And when I had both guys sucking me together,; one arranging his head so he could suck up my asshole to his hearts contents and Tony sucking my cock.

The feeling was absolutely riveting and electric and I was aching for their fuck, eager to feel those two hurly-burly firm cocks inside me,

But Tony ensued that he was the first to fuck me stretched over the edge of the settee once more, which was one of his favourite positions enabling a real good deep penetrating fuck. He let Richard see my asshole take it in and next I knew I had Richard's cock in my mouth after he had positioned himself at my face end and for the first time ever I was enjoying the luxury of serving two cocks.

To taste Richard was a joy, not quite so salty as Tony and more to take in, its earthiness and bulk bulging my cheeks as he twisted its knob-end around the inside of my mouth. I closed my eyes feeling the both of them take me alternatively and it was a sheer delight just to feel the slight differences in the way each guy fucked, of course I had been well indulged by Tony but now the feeling inside was more tight, especially as Richard gradually worked his full length up into me, grasping my ass so tight to manipulate me with each move and thrust, his balls slapping against my inner thighs during full insertion and all the time, my mouth filled with Tony's cock.

I just cant tell you what a wonderful delight it was to share this experience with two great guys who enjoyed their sex as much as did I. And after the mutual fucking they didn't just leave it there, Tony showed his friend just how really intimate it was for us all to indulge in deep sucking and to feel each guy taking full advantage of my very well stretched and fucked asshole, so numb and sensitive, was heaven. And then sharing each other's deep French kisses to taste the combination of our fuck juices was the waterloo.

This is the most thrilling thing that had ever happened to me. Mind you I have had to resort to some non-active periods between with both gorgeous guys taking their time to enjoy my ass to the full, but the onus is on Richard who likes to pull his cock right out of me with each thrust, which makes it sore after a while. But Richard, being a male nurse knows how to comfort and treat me with the application of soothing ointments and creams, well that's his excuse! But he does me well and just lying there on the bench, my thighs opened and knees bent, he applies some plaster to keep my ass cheeks apart whilst treating me and of course, there are lots of delicious licking treats between which he enjoys as much as I and this also gives us both the opportunity to get to know each other on a one to one basis which is nice.

So Tony was right to introduce a third party and now I am truly reaping the benefit.

And it seems Tony is not the only one who likes to give surprises. Richard is talking about getting some new type condoms on the net with special sensitivity appeals - designed to enhance fucking to the foremost. During the times my hole is waiting to be ready for action once more I am at least able to help Richard to a climax because he says after treating me he just cannot help but get the urge, which I notice every time he treats me.

He stands beside me as I lay on the bench still outstretched and feeling the soothing of the ointment and ligament he has gently applied.

He opens his trouser clip and presents that gorgeous cock just asking for attention, this guy is circumcised unlike Tony whom makes for a variation but is equally as exiting and thrilling to slowly suck until he reaches his waterloo. Spurting his cum cream over my hole which makes up for the temporary absence of fucking.

I guess this new notion of Tony's works so beautifully in creating the most near to perfect fucking for all of us and it was certainly a recipe for repeating,

From now on it was no longer just Tony and me, it was Richard as well.

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