tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTopless in Jeans

Topless in Jeans


There's something about a topless woman wearing just a pair of jeans. Especially when you catch her from the side with just a hint of the curve of her breast. I'm not the only guy who thinks so; just Google "topless in jeans" for a good time.

(Top on and bottomless is kinda sexy too, but that's a whole other story.)

Somehow, it doesn't matter how she looks in those jeans all dressed up. You know how sometimes you wonder why someone with a skinny ass will wear some that are so loose there's room for a whole other person in the caboose? Or a wide load that rides down far enough she can never cover her crack? As soon as the shirt and bra come off, that girl looks way sexy you wanna rip them off and climb on top.

Patty dressed in blue jeans almost every day. And she couldn't understand why I would stay in the walk in closet while she was figuring out what bra to wear. She knew I liked ogling her pendulous boobs, but she was always naked around the apartment, and while I might give her a leer now and then, she'd get confused when I would casually hang around with a stupid grin.


"What what?"

"What do you want?"


"Well, get out of here and let me get dressed."

"Well, I..." and I'd go off on some useless topic of conversation to see her tatas zooming around. And as soon as she was dressed I'd be all over her trying to get her undressed.

"Stop it! We're going to be late." She was right, we were late to everything.

The real problem with the topless in jeans thing is almost like lingerie. I'd get all tight in *my* jeans, but, Patty willing, the jeans (or the underwear) come off and the fantasy has to move on. I mean, if we were into titty fucking, that would be one thing, but the first time after a few seconds we'd just found it ridiculous and my penis would drift down to where it belonged.

So this would happen. Lingering in the closet she'd be looking for a top. I'd start getting hard and start rubbing outside of my pants. Patty wouldn't notice for a few second, then...

"What are you doing?"


"No, you're jerking yourself while you're staring at my tits. Pervert."

I couldn't help myself. She looked so damned hot.

"Can't I just rub one out while you're dressing?"

"'Rub one out?!' You are gross. Go away."


"Hey pervert!"

I was walking in the door after a long day at work when I heard Patty.

"Hey perv," she called again. "Come here."

"Whoa!" She was standing in our bedroom in just her jeans. "What's up?" God, those boobs were standing at attention. Now, so was I.

"I was thinking how mean I was to you the other day. And how nice it is you still like to look at me." Her small smile was a bit shy, but a bit lecherous. "So when I heard you coming in I thought I could say I'm sorry. Sorry."

I reached out to hug her. "No apology necessary. I get it. You were busy."

She pushed me away. "No no, just ogle me pervert, I know you like that."

"But I like that so we can do more." My pants were already filling up.

"Don't worry, we can do more, the kids won't be back till later. But come on, let's play."

Women. They take their time when all we want to do is stick it in. "All right, what would you suggest?"

"Just do what you always do after work. Take a shower. I'll do the rest." Now Patty was starting to fondle her own breasts. "You seem to like me in my jeans, don't you? Topless, right, with my titties flying around?" She jiggled them a bit. "So, take your shower and you can just look at them."

This was going to be good. Patty had never been much for exhibiting herself to me, always a bit shy when I wanted her on top of me during sex, or when I asked her to wear sexy lingerie. I didn't really know what was going on, but I wasn't going to fight it either.

"Oh my, you really do like me this way, at least I see Mr. Richard does." She was right about that, he was standing straight at attention.

"Here let me turn on the water for you."

Her right breast glanced against me as she reached in. Our shower is one of those modern things with no door, an all tile bathroom where the water shot right out into the room. "There, that feels nice, the temperature's just right."

Her boob felt just right too. And her ass was strained against the denim, framed perfectly, which I think she was perfectly aware of. "Get in, perv, and let me turn *you* on too."

"You're doing a good job of it. What do you want me to do?"

"Well, why don't you bubble yourself up and think about doing what you wanted to do the other day."

"What was that?" I barely knew what she was talking about, and the blood rushing downward wasn't helping.

"You know, you said you wanted to stare at my titties while you 'rubbed one out' I think you so delicately put it. So do it, rub one out."

"But then it'll be all over. We can't have any fun later." I really wanted to fuck Patty now, not jerk off. "Come on."

"Come on yourself. Maybe you're not having fun, but I am. And don't fret, I know there'll be plenty more to come. Ahem."

"Very funny. OK, like this?" My dick was rock solid and sticking up and I wrapped my soapy hand around it. "You like my cock like this?" Only the head was visible.

"Oh yes, perv. I like it the way you like these." She was holding her girls in her palms and waving her nipples around slowly. "Or maybe you want to see a little more," she said as she started lowering the zipper on her jeans, and turning around. "I know you like my ass crack too, so here's some of that too," she swooned.

"No, no! Just your tits, please!" I was stroking a little faster. "I love seeing just your tits and your jeans."

"My pants aren't going anywhere, only showing off a little." With that she turned around and lowered them in front, exposing the top of her extremely hairy bush. "My furry twat is pretty nice too, looky here," she cooed. "Geez I sound like an idiot when I'm trying to sound sexy."

"Your pussy hair is plenty sexy, sweety. You're beyond sexy." I was begging. "Give me some more."

"Nuh-uh, pervert, no no. I'm not going to show you all of it. Yet."

Oh, I'm not sure how much more of this I could take. I'd completely forgotten about how tired I was after work, all I could concentrate on was how unbelievably aroused Patty was making me.

"What if I got a little closer you demented perv, would you like that?" She'd bent down on her knees, right in the shower spray and the water was bouncing off her nipples, droplets all over her head, her jeans getting soaked. "Would you like me to take your slippery cock in my mouth and pump like you're fucking my cunt? You want to shoot your stuff down my cunt-y throat?"

Oh jeez, not that. My balls were completely overflowing, my cockhead was purple. Her tits were dangling down, her mouth was beckoning. We were both soaked all over, and I started spurting, shoot white liquid all over her.

"That's right baby, shoot it out. Shoot your stuff all over me. Look at it all over my juggs, just like you wanted it, oh baby, it's hitting my mouth. Shoot it, you sex maniac! Come for me lover."

We'd never done that before, I'd never come on her tits or her face. I couldn't believe how hot it was to see my milk dripping down from her chin and her nipples. She'd always like sucking up my orgasm, but not like this.

"Pretty good, huh perv?" Patty was rolling off her jeans while cleaning my deflating hard on with her tongue. "Hmmm, good. I"m a pretty hot sex model for your jerk off time I think."

"That's for sure. Though I'm pretty spent right now."

"I bet I could surprise you again sometime." She licked up the last drop.

"That's what you think. I've gotta get mine too, don't I? And I know just how to get you ready again."

"That's what *you* think lady. There is no more, I can assure you of that."

Patty just bent over, putting her ass in my face.

"Oh yeah? How about I give you some of this?" Oh no, not ass. "Lick. Now, lick some more, make it nice and wet." She snaked her hand around and started moving her middle finger around her asshole, and then shoved it in deeply. "I know your secrets, my friend. You like the old dirt road."

She had that one right on, I fingered her back door anytime she'd let me. Which was not that often. "And I bet Mr. Richard would want to go down that road too, wouldn't he?" She thrust in further. "Wouldn't he?" She giggled. "Wouldn't he baby?"

The blood started flowing again. I guess topless in jeans isn't the only way to a man's heart.

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Great story

Married couples having fun together. I love it when my wife surprises me. She's full of surprises when she's horny. Can't help but love her. Since we've been married she has been with probably 40 to 45more...

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